Happy New Year Darling..

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It was an hour til midnight and almost a New Year. I have been watching you for a while, and I can tell that you noticed me too. You looked me up and down, slowly examining every inch of me like I was a prime piece for your consumption. I have to admit, though, I did the same to you. I can see appreciation in your eyes. So, I slide one leg up on a stool allowing the slit of my long black velvet dress to move on up over my thigh and open in the front a little so you can see that I only have a garter and nothing else under there except my thigh highs. (They are black lace of course, French, with a seam in the back.)

I have exceptionally high arches and tiny feet and ankles. I am wearing my stiletto black velvet ankle strap heels. I can tell that you really appreciate the look of my ankles and feet. I have dynamite calves, too, because of wearing these kind of heels. It tones them to perfection.

You smile at my little trick with the slit of my dress. I guess that you have been flashed before, but not by anyone like me. You probably think I am just throwing myself at you. Not, so. I am only tempting fate. I can tell that you can almost read my mind as you slowly make your way through the dancing couples over to where I am, maintaining eye contact with me all the way. You are on a mission and Van Escort I know what it is.

I just love to play with little boys like you who think they can have any woman they want. They think that we all are just here for the taking. All they have to do is flash their baby blues, smile, wink and we will fall right into their arms to do with as they please. Boy, have I got a surprise for you. I just keep smiling and looking directly at you. You are thinking “She really wants me!”.

You finally sidle up to me, slide onto the stool next to me and place your hand on my thigh slightly above my knee. You say “I have been watching you. You are really hot. Do you know that?”

I murmur “You must be kidding, is that the best you can do?”

I start to turn around toward you and your hand slips under my skirt through the slit barely touching the moist hair of my hot womanhood. I am startled by your forwardness. You withdraw your hand rapidly apologizing. I recover quickly and say “No apology necessary, maybe we do have a lot in common after all.”

I turn back around but I can see you out of the corner of my eye. I see you furtively raise your fingers to your nose to inhale my sweet scent. That gesture makes me smile. I just can’t help it, I like you more with every moment. Van Escort Bayan You are seated by my side looking at me and smiling. I just wonder what is really on that sensual erotic mind of yours.

I can’t keep myself from turning around, putting both hands on the sides of your face and leaning into you for a slow sensual wet kiss. I rim your tongue with mine, and end up sucking on your lower lip. You respond by placing your hands around my waist and lifting me off the stool. I wind up in between your knees. By this time I am breathless and leaning into you. I feel your hard cock forming a pyramid within your loose pants and realize that by the size of it, you probably are getting light headed from the rush of blood to your cock from your brain, hah!

You pull me closer and closer, forcing open my lips with your tongue, and stroking my tongue with yours. It is darting in and out as if you were in fact fucking my mouth. What a fertile imagination I have. I can just almost taste your essence. I want to bob my head down and suck the pre-cum from the top of your cock and make love to it. And, in the process feel its soft velvety head.

My tongue aches to taste you. It is restless and arches in my mouth making my saliva flow just like the hot wet juices of my pussy are Escort Van flowing. And, the way my pussy is throbbing, it is just begging to be licked and stroked with fingers and your hard throbbing cock.

It is almost midnight. My how time flies when you are having fun! You stand up and turn, gently pulling me towards the dance floor. You put your arms around me, pull me close and we begin to dance a slow sensuous dance moving towards the corner of the big dance floor. It is darker over there.

You slide your hand down to the slit in my skirt over my left thigh. Upon finding the slit, you slowly move your hand to where you can feel my moist hair again. This time I inhale sharply at your touch. What a pleasure it is to be touched by you at last.

You continue on until I feel your fingers touch my clit. It is already hot, erect and wet. I moan as you touch it and my knees buckle slightly. I feel as if my heart and head will burst with the emotion and feelings that are coursing through my nervous system. You continue to hold me close with the other arm while massaging my clit until I can no longer contain my orgasm.

Just at that moment, it is midnight and there is all the noise that is associated with it. What perfect timing, as I fall backwards into your encircling arms and express my total delight at the wonderful orgasm you have given me.

You kiss me deeply on the lips, say “Happy New Year Darling” as you turn, walk away and are lost in the crowd of people, streamers and balloons.

And, I don’t even know your name!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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