He’ll Never Forget It

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So there I was. I’m not sure how it came to this point or how my friend Josh calling me a little bitch pissed me off so much but it did. It almost drove me insane. People sometimes disrespect me or interrupt me and think I had just had enough.

There he was completely naked save for his black socks. His legs handcuffed together, his hands taped to his chest and bent over my kitchen counter he wasn’t going anywhere, he was mine. He was pissed too, I mean after all neither one of were gay. He couldn’t say anything, the duct tape made sure of that, but he was breathing pretty hard and trying to fight but he couldn’t move.

Where was I? Standing right behind him gently stroking my dick and lubing up his ass with my finger that I’d spit on and contemplating actually going through with it. There was already no going back, I mean, I wasn’t going to kill him and he could easily have me arrested at this point. So, fuck it. I decided to take him.

I spit on the casino siteleri head of my dick and moved in for the kill. I spread his ass cheeks and put my hard cock at his opening, it was a little harder than usual for some reason. I started to push slowly and firmly but I couldn’t get it in very far. All the while he is still breathing hard and struggling to get free. I punched him really fucking hard in the side of the head and he relaxed a little. I spit on my dick again and started to push some more and all of a sudden his tight warm little asshole gave way and allowed my hard dick to sink inside.

I started to fuck him hard thrusting violently until I was about to cum. I slowed down and pumped him steadily while I stuck my tongue in his ear. I nibbled his ear lobes while I rubbed his nipples. I sat down in the chair I had placed behind us and pulled him back on top of my raging hard shit covered dick. He was sobbing and still wanting to fight me. I put my hands on canlı casino his hips and guided him up and down on my cock faster and faster until I was about to cum and be done with him.

I would have let my seed fly up his tight hot ass but I noticed he was hard, I mean he was standing at a-fucking-ttention. So, I thought what the hell and I pushed him up off of me, stood up and set him back in the chair. I gave him about a 30 second break, then while he was in that chair with that cock of his hard I walked over to him turned around and eased myself down onto his manly cock.

I bobbed up and down steadily until noticed him fucking me back. I decided at this point it was the least I could do for him and turned around and sat on his dick facing him, I swayed my hips back and forth with great vigor and lust, feeling every inch of him penetrate my depths. I then told him not to cum, that Daddy gets to cum first and if he came then he would be beaten.

I rode kaçak casino him and rode him and slapped the shit out of him whenever I thought he might be about to cum. While I was riding him I pulled the tape from his mouth and we began making out while we fucked.

I thought now was the time to finish him off so I pulled him off of the chair, freed his arms and legs and laid him on my bed flat on his back and tore his ass apart with my dick until my hot white seed were unleashed inside his depths.

I thought it only fair that I get him off too so I pulled my shit covered dick out of him and started suck him deep and fast until he filled my mouth with his hot, juicy, cum. I brought my mouth to his and we started French kissing and swishing his cum back and forth between our mouths. I stopped kissing him and lied down next to him, he put his arms across my chest as a woman would. We lied there, our cocks softening, naked and breathing heavily from the monster fuck session we just completed. He reaches over and places his hand gently on my softening dick, kisses my nipple and says “Thank You, Just, Thank You. I never would’ve believed how much I needed to be fucked that hard!”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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