Her Awakening

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Madge had been preparing for her special day for over a week now and a very special day it was going to be.

Madge had her needs and her husband of 12 years had been neglecting those needs for at least two years, preferring the company of the guys at the Golf Club to that of his sexy wife. Not that she was growing old in her mind and spirit; she knew that her looks and body matched that of many younger women in the neighborhood; but the desire to be wanted by men; to feel their eyes on her and thinking that they had to have her, was long gone. The problem was that her husband did little to re-assure her of her womanly charms so the sexual wants and needs of this woman were passing her by. Even masturbation wasn’t giving her the same satisfaction that it had done, even a year ago.

Aware of Madge’s ‘problem’ her best friend Brenda had talked Madge into letting her invite one of her ‘male friends’ to join them for a drink on their regular Thursday night get together. The evening had gone well, even though Tyrone was as black as the Ace of Spades and made no pretence at hiding his relationship with Brenda in the bar; putting his arm around Brenda’s shoulders, French-kissing her and openly playing with her tits even though other customers could see them. As the drinks went down very easily Tyrone had changed his attentions to Madge; flirting and flattering her. Constantly telling her how sexy she was and ‘if she had been his woman he would never leave her alone because every man he knew would want to fuck her!’ Before she knew it his big black hand was up her skirt and stroking the top of her silky white thighs under the table. Madge tried to push it away at first but he just flashed a big white toothed grin and moved his hand between her legs which were conveniently set apart. She couldn’t stop herself and giggled like a schoolgirl when he pulled her panties to one side and fingered her.

Madge knew that Brenda had been regularly fucking big black cocks for about 3 years now with her husband’s approval. Hell! He sometimes watched and took pictures.

Madge was a little bit jealous of Brenda’s open relationship with her husband but had always disapproved of her going so openly with black men. But, from what Brenda had told her on their girly nights in Frank’s Bar and Grill, black cock was the best. They tasted better and boy could black men fuck. Brenda never left out even the tiniest detail of her liaisons and Madge had regularly re-lived the images as she masturbated in bed next to her snoring husband on her return home.

After the second get together, Madge finally let Tyrone fuck her in the back of his Dodge Charger. That was it; she was now a confirmed white wife who loved to fuck black men.

During their slightly drunken chats, Brenda had confessed that many of her black lovers liked anal sex. Madge was horrified and even the thought was disgusting. Half joking and half serious she told Brenda that she thought her friend was a total slut. Although she loved Brenda dearly, and her ‘sex stories’ including tales of very rough anal sex turned her on; there was no way any guy was going to shove his dick up her ass, not any man on Earth.

Following that night in Tyrone’s Dodge Charger Madge’s life changed in so many ways. The extra-marital sex with Tyrone was better than she could ever have imagined and she began dressing sexier and sassier as the weeks went by (her husband never noticed) and Brenda even introduced her to some of her on-line internet lovers; which increased her masturbation levels too.

Last week she was contacted by a guy called Brent via e-mail. She wasn’t sure who he was, but he told her that Brenda had told him to e-mail her. There was something special about Brent and within two days Madge had confided most of her sexual likes, dislikes and even fantasies. After 6 or 7 days she even confided that Tyrone was pressurizing her to let him fuck her ass. Fascinated, Brent pressed her on this very personal subject and she told him that she was considering letting her black lover fuck her ass, but she was scared. She was scared of the pain, but most significantly, the stigma of doing something she genuinely considered abnormal.

Brent re-assured her that anal sex was actually quite normal; millions of people doing it and that if done right, the pain was minimal. Many women found that they actually enjoyed getting fucked up the ass buy their lovers. If nothing else, he told her, she would always be able to say she tried it once.

After a couple of e-mails on the subject he laid an idea in front of her that aroused her curiosity. What if she invited Brenda along for moral support? She could show Madge how to take it up the ass. At first she laughed at the idea, but the more he talked about it, the more she liked the idea.

She was not sure on how to approach Brenda but Brent said not to worry, he would broach the subject for her. He already knew Brenda would love the idea, because pendik escort she had already confided to him that she would love to make it with her best friend but did not want to offend her. What better way; they thought, than when Madge was already naked and getting her ass fucked by a dominant black stud, who had already fucked them both anyway?

Brent made the arrangements without telling Madge what Brenda really had planned for the following Thursday night.

Madge was nervous as she drove over to Brenda’s place. When she got there Brenda gave her a big hug, pressing Madge’s huge tits against her own smaller ones. The women were a contrast; Madge was tall, dark haired and had a voluptuous hourglass figure with 40DD tits. Brenda was a few yrs younger, pretty, blonde, petite, 32B tits but had an ass to die for. And she knew it.

Presuming Madge would be nervous, Brenda had pre-mixed a jug of strawberry mamosa’s for Dutch courage. As they drank them, the women chatted nervously about what Tyrone would say when they both showed up for what he was expecting his weekly fuck with only one of his submissive white slut wives. Finally the time came for them to leave and they climbed into Brenda’s escalade and drove across town.

Tyrone nearly shit his pants when he opened the door of his apartment and the two women yelled ‘surprise’.

After taking off their coats, Brenda was sent to the kitchen to make some drinks. As soon as they were alone on the sofa, Madge whispered in an excited voice that ‘he was about to have the honor of taking her virgin ass’ and Brenda was coming along to help out. At first Tyrone thought it was a joke, but when Brenda returned and confirmed the story he realized that they were deadly serious. He had a grin a mile wide as he sipped his whisky and Coke. He put an arm around each woman and grabbed their asses as they walked down the hall into his bedroom.

Tyrone knew exactly how to do this; he had been the Bull for quite a few white slutwives over the years and knew they loved to be told what do. The nastier he was with them the hornier the married sluts became.

Glass in hand he sat in the armchair in the corner and had the women slowly undress each other. Brenda’s eyes twinkled with excitement while Madge’s showed her nervousness. Brenda slowly pulled the straps of Madge’s dress over her shoulders, revealing her freckled breasts in a black bra. Brenda slowly dropped her head and kissed them; making Madge gasp. Not knowing that this was part of her best friend’s game plan she was surprised by how turned on it felt to have Brenda touching her. As the dress dropped to the floor she stepped out of it and turned to face the big black stud in her white bra, panties, matching garter belt and copper stockings. Brenda looked up from her friend’s luscious breasts and kissed Madge. Not just a peck, but she kissed her squarely on the mouth, letting her tongue glide past Madge’s full red lips; tasting her tongue, swirling it gently with her own. The fuller figured woman’s senses were now lost and she responded back, wanting to taste her best friend. Gently returning the kiss, she bit on Brenda’s lower lip until she pulled back. Nearly forgetting she had an audience Brenda guided her friend’s large hands up to her small breasts, letting her feel her firm tits through the silk of her figure hugging dress. Madge felt the little tits through the material, making the nipples on the braless tits grow increasingly stiff under her touch. She got lost in the moment and pulled and squeezed them; tugging on the rubbery nubs, wanting to make them even longer than they already were. Madge was amazed at her feelings, how natural all this was to her, wondering why she hadn’t experimented with a woman before.

At Tyrone’s command Madge reached down and grasped the hem of Brenda’s sundress and lifted it up in one fluent movement above her shoulders until it was in her hands. Brenda now stood before her best friend in just a tiny pair of black silk panties. The two women locked in an embrace, feeling the others body pressed against their own. Brenda obediently looked to Tyrone for guidance and, on his nod, reached behind Madge to unfasten her bra. As it fell to the floor she leaned over and lifted one breast taking the large flat nipple between her lips and tugging at it gently with her teeth. As it swelled up, she switched to the other melon and made that teat swell too. The women were now oblivious to Tyrone; and hadn’t noticed him removing his pants and shirt. As they remained locked together kissing and examining each other’s tits the black man was standing next to them with his massive cock swaying between his legs. Soft his cock hung a good 7 inches long, but hard was an impressive 11 ½ inches. Both women knew from experience they would be getting the whole thing, and Tyrone could fuck and fuck, over and over so both ladies would leave satisfied.

Without a word Tyrone pulled them apart by Brenda’s maltepe escort hair and kissed Madge full on her succulent lips then turned to Brenda and did the same. As his long pink tongue filled her mouth he slowly guided both women to their knees. Brenda knew exactly what was expected of her and she was looking forward to it.

She loved to suck cock, in fact it was her favorite thing to do and the idea of sucking Tyrone’s massive cock in front of her best friend made it even more special.

Madge was less sure. She too loved to suck Tyrone’s big black cock, but had never done anything with anyone watching before. Let alone sharing a cock at the same time.

Brenda lifted the cock and jerked the shaft slowly until she could feel it grow in her palm. She offered it to Madge; generously allowing her the first suck on the purple headed monster. As Madge’s quivering lips covered the wet cockhead, Brenda leaned forward and let her tongue glide up and down the side of the shaft. As Madge slowly and nervously took as much of it into her mouth as she could manage, their mouths touched it sent electric shocks through both married women. As their eyes met they both instinctively knew that this was what they had intended to do and that their friendship had gone to the next level and whatever happened now; would never to be the same again.

Madge removed her mouth and in turn offered it to her best friend. Brenda eagerly swallowed 4 or 5 inches. The smaller, dirtier woman noisily sucked on it; using all of the saliva she could muster to lubricate the monster between her lips. Madge now moved down and took Brenda’s position licking the shaft until she felt Tyrone guide her head even lower and she knew he wanted her to suck his balls.

She eagerly took one of his large nuts into her mouth and proceeded to bathe it with her tongue and chew on the wrinkled sack, then the other and back again for 3 or 4 minutes.

Then the first sign Tyrone’s power happened as he firmly pushed Madge away from his cock and began to thrust into Brenda’s mouth; using it as a cunt. He began to fuck her head, not caring if she gagged or not; knowing full well that Brenda loved being treated like this. At home with her office drone husband she was the sexually dominant one, but with her lovers she was a submissive slut, and she fucking loved it.

Madge curled up on the bed and could not help but be jealous as she watched her best friend get viciously face fucked by her own black lover. It was if a switch had been turned on and she wanted to be just like her friend – to be used as a fuck toy by the big black stud. Madge was in a world of her own watching her friend’s mouth being fucked when Tyrone suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her on her knees behind him. Not knowing what he wanted she pulled his ass cheeks apart and jiggled his hairy balls as Brenda slurped on the cock being forced into her throat.

Without saying a word Tyrone used his finger to show her where he wanted her tongue; on his asshole. Madge was hesitant but Tyrone reached behind him and pulled her head forward, not giving her the option. Tentatively she licked at the wrinkled bud, licking the edges but not wanting to venture to close to the hole. Worried about the taste, she thought if she just licked the edges he would be happy, but she was wrong.

Annoyed at Madge’s failure to please him he quit thrusting into Brenda’s mouth and withdrew his cock. He angrily told Madge she was about to become a real slut now and he would not take any crap or the word no from her…..or else.

Lifting both women to their feet by their hair, he dragged them to the king sized bed and got on all fours. As he parted his legs he firmly told Madge to tongue his ass. Not lick it to tongue it properly….to stick her tongue inside. Madge took a deep breath and leaned in, lightly licking the hole as he whispered something to Brenda. The next thing Madge knew Brenda had reached over and was spreading Tyrone’s ass cheeks; then her friend grabbed her hair and pulled her face in between the black cheeks, telling her to taste his ass….really taste it. With Brenda constantly talking dirty, Madge began to explore the cavity; her tongue slowly snaking its way in until she lost her inhibitions and she no longer cared what she did for her black Master. Soon; the more she licked and the worse Brenda verbally abused her; the more she liked what she was doing. The taste was musty and exhilarating, the smell nasty and exotic. The thought of tasting his dirty shit hole was making her wetter than ever and she could feel her pussy juices running down her legs.

Brenda began to play with her tits, milking them as if she was a cow. The harder Brenda abused Madge’s tits the deeper her tongue went into Tyrone’s ass. Brenda soon slipped behind Madge and rolled her panties down, leaving her only wearing her garter-belt, stockings and shoes. Brenda let her tongue snake over Madge’s kartal escort swollen labia, making her jolt forward, almost toppling Tyrone. Damn, she thought; it felt so good having a woman’s tongue down there.

Tyrone pulled away and rolled over, repositioning himself so he could enter Madge’s mouth with his big fat cock as Brenda licked her sopping cunt from behind. Madge greedily opened her mouth and sucked the bright purple knob as her best friend lapped and ate her wet cunt. Soon it was just a pile of grunts with Tyrone thrusting into her mouth and Madge rocking back against Brenda’s tongue. Soon Tyrone realized if he was going to fuck her ass he had better start otherwise he was going to blow his first and biggest load in her mouth.

As they separated, Brenda begged Tyrone to fuck her first as she was more experienced at ass fucking and they could show Madge what to expect and how to approach it.

Tyrone grinned and shrugged his shoulders as Brenda positioned herself on all fours. Madge watched intently as Tyrone generously applied lube to Brenda’s sexy brown hole, inserting his fingers, making sure that she was relaxed and opened up enough to take his 11 inches. Once she was lubed up, Tyrone took Madge’s hand and applied the lube to her palm and guided it to his massive cock, allowing her grease him up; making sure his shaft was liberally covered from top to bottom. Once it was coated in gunk he held her hand on his shaft and pointed it at the entrance of her bottom. The Big Black Bull wanted Madge to be a part of it as he kept one of her hands on his cock and the other tousled in Brenda’s hair, pulling her head back as he entered her.

He loved the submissiveness of both women. Brenda moaned as the head of his cock pushed past the ring, slowly filling her ass up. Tyrone did not slow down as he knew Brenda loved ass fucking as much as she did regular pussy fucking; in fact maybe more due to the nastiness of it. He began to thrust harder, almost lunging until he was forcing Brenda down to the mattress with every solid thrust forward. Brenda was bouncing off the bed as she received his long fat cock in her tight orifice.

Madge’s eyes had widened as she took it all in, and was soon fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Tyrone noticed Madge’s heightened sexual state and knew that this was the time was to push her over the edge. He took hold of Brenda’s hips and pulled her back into a kneeling position and then grabbed Madge by the hair, pulling her head until her face was resting on Brenda’s ass. The housewife instinctively knew what he wanted her to do and began to greedily lick his cock and her puckered rim as he fucked her ass.

Madge could taste the mixture on his cock; the lube and Brenda’s ass fluid. Suddenly conscious of what her ass might contain she tried to pull back; but Tyrone held her in place by a fistful of hair, telling her that a white slut will do as she is fucking instructed. So Madge obediently started to lap at his stiff cock and her friend’s asshole as Tyrone began stroking her hair, telling her what a good slut she was. Madge grudgingly began to enjoy it. She was now happy to be pleasing him.

As the assault continued on Brenda’s asshole, he instructed Madge to crawl underneath and lick Brenda’s pussy. Madge did as she was told and eagerly began lapping at Brenda’s clit and cunt. It didn’t take long for Brenda to start to moan as she was about to explode with an intense orgasm. Madge began licking the dripping cunt even faster until Brenda started to convulse and Tyrone tensed up, grunting that he was about to cum as well. Madge was so engrossed in licking her friend’s cunt she hardly noticed that the other two had stopped moving and were just vibrating as they were both in the grip of a mutual orgasm. Seconds later she could see cum starting to ooze out of Brenda’s asshole and it began slowly dripping down over the lips that she was licking.

Without a second thought the once modest housewife began eagerly lapping at the spunk as quickly as it dripped into her mouth. As Tyrone pulled back his cock made a loud pop as the head retracted from her ass and the excess fluid that had been trapped now flowed out of the stretched anus.

A mixture of whitish cum, lube with a light brownish streak throughout gushed out; Madge used her tongue to capture it all. For good measure Tyrone used two long black fingers to scoop out what was left in Brenda’s ass and fed it to her.

Once they’d all got their breath back, the three lovers retreated to the bathroom and Madge washed them all; making sure she cleaned every inch of Brenda and Tyrone’s genitals. After she’d rinsed off Tyrone’s cock she knelt before him in the shower and took it deep in her mouth, showing him that whatever he wanted now, she was his to do with as he pleased.

Once back in the bedroom Brenda told Madge she would experience some discomfort at first but if she relaxed, she would be okay and eventually enjoy it as much as she did. With that, the voluptuous housewife positioned herself on her hands and knees as Brenda applied the lube and used her tiny fingers to open and stretch her virgin asshole just like Tyrone had done to her earlier in the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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