Her Daughter’s Private Tuition Pt. 03

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I was taking Tess, Megan’s daughter, for twice weekly revision sessions.

Megan, a lawyer, and myself, had become involved with Tom, a barrister friend, and his young friend Susie, who both threw ‘sex game’ parties.


Megan left my house very early on the Sunday morning.

We had made love slowly, twice before dawn, both times, our orgasms producing quiet satisfaction.

“Paul, I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I would love to stay, but Tess has been on her own all night, I’m afraid I’ve not been a very good mother. I must get home to her. I’ve also got a lot of court work to read up on, so I’ll see you on Monday for Tess’s lesson.”

As soon as we’d kissed goodbye, I fell asleep, I was shattered.

How long it was, I wasn’t sure, but I heard the my mobile’s familiar ring.

“So sorry to ring you Paul, but I just had to.” It was Megan.

“What’s up Megan, are you ok?”

“Yes I’m ok, it’s just that I got back, and I found Tess in bed with a boy. I wasn’t expecting it…god, I shouldn’t have left her on her own, I blame myself.”

I could tell that Megan was beating herself up, and I was guessing that Tess had found herself in deep trouble.

“Look Megan, I know you’re disappointed, but teenagers experiment. Just make sure she’s safe, and taking precautions. Maybe your ex needs to have ‘words’ with her.”

Surprisingly Megan thought that a good idea, and she thanked me for my support, and I told her that I’d see her on Monday.

Monday evening, of course, arrived, and immediately I sensed a tension between Tess and her mum. I thought it best to be totally professional, and get straight into our revision.

Tess was relaxed with me, but then halfway through she blurted out, “You’re fucking my mum aren’t you Paul?”

My heart missed a beat, I coughed and said, “Look Tess, we are seeing each other, but I can’t discuss stuff like that with you here, now, you need to chat with your mum.”

I decided the session had to end, and asking Tess to join me and Megan, I went into the lounge where she was working on her laptop.

Tess followed me as I was saying to Megan, “I know Tess and you have issues, but I’ve cut short our session, because I can’t discuss stuff like that with her, not while we’re alone.”

“Oh Tess, please, you know Paul can’t talk about that. I’m sorry Paul, it’s something Tess, and myself will sort out, her dad is coming round tomorrow to discuss it.”

Tess just snorted, and stormed out, up to her room, shouting as she went, “It’s ok for you two to fuck, but not me!”

Megan looked at me in silence.

“Tell me Megan, did you know that Tess was serious about this lad? What’s he like?”

“His name is Billy, she met him online, he’s local, I guess he’s about nineteen. The only positive thing was that I found two used condoms under the bed when he’d gone.”

Megan looked as though her world had fallen in.

“Will she try and see him again?”

“I’m not sure, he got out of the house like a scalded cat, when I appeared. Tess was mortified I’d caught them.”

I put my arm around Megan, and hugged her.

“Look I’m going now, I hope your ex can help you with Tess when he comes round. Let me know if you want to cancel Thursday’s session, and just let me know how you get on.”

As it happened Megan did cancel, but she told me, on the phone, that Tess had discussed it all with her and her ex, and that Tess was so regretting it, she was devastated, because the guy had removed all contact from social media, blocked her phone, and messages, and was non contactable.

Megan felt relieved, and so I turned up for my normal session on the following Monday, as usual.

Tess seemed to have got over her trauma, and that was helped by her good results in the ‘mock’ exam that she had taken two weeks before. There was another six weeks before the real thing, and I was sure we could do well with our current progress.

Megan seemed more chilled out too, and after Tess had gone up to her room, she mentioned that ‘Billy’ seemed to have been put aside, assigned to history. She also mentioned that she’d seen Tom in court, and that he was planning another party, once more with a ‘game’ theme.

When Megan saw me smile she added that I was likely to get an invite.

For the next week life went on, I visited Tess, and Megan seemed to be snowed under with work. Spirits were raised though, when I got my email invitation to Tom’s next party.

I got a text message from Megan asking if I’d got my invitation, and hers had asked if we could both go as a couple.

At Tess’s next session, I questioned Megan about the title of the party, which was called ‘A Generation Game.’

“I ataşehir escort don’t know anything,” she replied. “Since the last one, it seems that Tom has got his creative party juices going. I expect there will be rules, and he will enjoy explaining them all on the night.”

It sounded like another exciting night of fun, and, certainly, Megan added that she needed something to forget about the pressures of work.

The week before the party brought another email, with further instructions. It said, ‘All guests will be asked to wear attractive underwear/lingerie because your outerwear will be discarded on entry. If you’re unhappy to show off your bodies, then please reply by return. This will be a small, intimate gathering of sixteen people, and you will be expected to arrive promptly at 9pm. Drinks will be served but there will be no food.”

When I visited Megan’s on the Thursday before the party, we were both speculating on what sort of game we would be playing.

“I haven’t a clue, but I’m sure it won’t be any tv game show!” she giggled.

As before, I collected Megan in my taxi at around 8.45pm. Tess had been sent to her dad’s for the weekend, so that there could be no repeat of the last time we left her alone.

Megan seemed relaxed, and unusually we kissed in the back seat, which started to make me hard.

When we arrived Tom ushered us into the study, where we discarded our clothes, leaving us in our respective underwear. Megan looked incredible in a cerise bra and lacy panties. I, of course, was in my sensible ‘Paisley’ patterned boxers. We were also given a mask each, rather like the ones worn in Venice for the carnival. Mine portrayed a jester, Megan a Greek goddess.

Leaving the study, we joined several others in the lounge.

It became obvious that the guests were couples. There were two older couples in their fifties, and a young couple, barely in their twenties. Then within a short while the rest of the guests arrived.

Everyone was drinking wine, and the masks were both stunning, and intriguing.

My eyes were drawn to a short, black girl, with the biggest breasts I think I’d ever seen. She wore white lingerie, so that her dark nipples stuck out through the lacy fabric. Her partner was a slim, white, broad shouldered boy. Their masks were of a lioness, and lion respectively.

There was also a stunning redhead, tall, slim waisted, and perfectly formed, with a mask of a devil woman. Her partner was a well built Indian boy.

Amongst the older couples was a stunning blonde, large breasted, with her partner, a small, retiring man, with a grey ponytail.

The general chatter, and the nervous laughter was interrupted by Tom entering the lounge, and announcing the start of the evening’s game. Unusually there was no sign of Susie, Tom’s muse, although

I learned later that the younger couples there were friends of hers.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the game we play tonight is called ‘A Generation Game.’ I am handing each of you men, a black blindfold, and you will swap it for your partner’s mask. Will you do that now please.”

Megan was giggling as she turned away from me, so that I could blindfold her. As soon as all the women could no longer see, Tom continued.

“Gentlemen, you may remove your masks, along with your underwear. And then, please, you need to take off your partner’s lingerie.”

Some of the younger girls shrieked, but not being able to see helped their reticence. In a few awkward moments everyone was naked.

“And now the final instructions. I have two sets of four cards here, both sets are numbered one to four. Each of you younger couples will pick a card, as will each of you older couples. You will pick from the other set.”

The room buzzed with muttered conversation, as it became clear where the game was going.

“The matching pairs of numbers will be the two couples that go upstairs to the appropriate numbered bedroom. The rest is entirely up to you!” Tom’s smile told it all, as he let all of us select a card.

“Who are we with? who are we with?” the question was being asked by the blindfolded women all around the room.

I was scanning the room, and to my heart stopping delight, I saw that we were paired with the black girl, and her huge tits, and her well built partner.

“We’re with the black girl and her tall boyfriend, is that ok?” I whispered to Megan, as I saw them approaching us.

Megan couldn’t see how close they were, when she said, “The girl with the big tits, I hope he has a big dick to match.”

I almost choked as the young lad smiled, and as far as I could see, so did the girl beneath her blindfold.

“Looks like it’s the four of us, we’re in bedroom four, I’m Billy, avcılar escort I’ll lead the way, take it slowly.”

The boy took Megan’s hand, and gently led her towards the stairs, with me leading the black girl behind. I found it difficult to take my eyes away from her, because every step caused her breasts to flow from side to side across her chest. Her short body seemed to cry out to be touched, ravished, used.

“Go slowly daddy, I don’t want to trip,” the girl giggled, as we made our way to the bedroom.

The room was quite large, with an en suite, and a super, kingsize bed. The covers were completely pulled back, and Megan was led to the foot of the bed, and gently laid backwards. I could see the boy had an erection, and I knew that Megan wouldn’t be disappointed.

Immediately he knelt down, and I saw his head plunge between Megan’s thighs, hearing her characteristic “Oh yes,” of pleasure.

“Now daddy, let’s see what you’ve got.”

Daisy, she told me that was her name, grasped my cock, and I felt it stiffen.

“Hmmmmmm, nice, now is daddy gonna fuck this black bitch?”

Daisy’s use of language took me aback, but it was clear that it was going to be a colourful interaction, and I was going to be her ‘daddy!’

I laid her backwards on the bed beside Megan, and was fascinated by her huge breasts splaying out under their own weight. I lowered myself down, and I wanted to take one of those nipples between my lips.

“Oh yes daddy, suck it, bite it, take mummy’s milk.” Daisy teased.

The nipple was the size of an olive, and as I sucked, and nibbled, her body became more animated.

I swapped nipples.

“Harder, go on, harder,” she cried.

Alongside us I could hear Megan’s rhythmic “Oh…oh…oh…oh…oh…oh,” a sure sign of an approaching orgasm.

Using my knees I slid down Daisy’s body, replacing my mouth with my fingers, which continued to pinch her nipples.

“That’s it daddy, eat me, drink my juice,” was her response. And was she right!

Daisy’s pussy was sumptuous. Soft, delicious, soaking wet.

As soon as my tongue sank between her plump labia, her hips rose up, wanting me to go deeper. But there was another surprise to come.

My tongue was lapping her pussy juices, and tasting the sweetness. It travelled upwards, seeking out her clit. There was no need to ‘seek,’ my tongue ran over a swollen, erect, well developed clitoris. Like a tiny, budlike penis, my lips closed over it, and I had Daisy crying out.

“Fuck, that’s it daddy, that’s it, fucking eat it.”

At that moment Megan came. I felt the mattress beside me tremble, and she uttered a stifled cry. It was joined by Daisy’s cries of encouragement.

“Daddy, daddy, bite it, suck it, tug my nipples, harder, please harder.”

My mouth, my tongue, my teeth were relentless. Daisy’s words had turned to expletives of pleasure, “Fuck, fucking fuck, oh god, oh god, oh god.”

I was conscious of more movement beside me, as I deduced that Megan’s young lover was now inside her, and pounding her with his cock.

“Fuck…daddy…I’m cumming.”

Daisy’s clit seemed to swell between my lips, her hips bucked, and suddenly her pussy was pumping love juices over my face.

“Goodddddddddd!…oh fuckkkkkkk,” she moaned, “fuck daddy, you definitely know what you’re doing.”

I raised my head, my jaws were aching. Megan was arched backwards, her legs wrapped around Archie’s buttocks, her mouth open, almost gasping with each thrust.

Suddenly, I was being turned bodily onto my back, and Daisy was above me, her breasts hanging so low onto my stomach as she straddled my thighs. My cock was erect, hidden by her tits, my buttocks were pressed down into the wet patch caused by Daisy’s eruption.

I looked up as she decided to remove her blindfold. She rubbed her eyes, as she became acclimatised to the light, and then, looking down she said, “So daddy, let’s fuck you.”

When she slid forwards my cock was suddenly enveloped by her soaking wet pussy. Her eyes closed momentarily as I entered her, and she sighed.

As I felt the pleasure of being inside Daisy, my hand was grasped by another hand. Megan was cumming again, as Archie continued to fuck her, and she gripped me, shouting, “oh fuck Paul, I can’t stop cumming.”

“Your woman sure likes to be fucked daddy.” Daisy watched my reaction. She was astride me, not moving, just using her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock.

Then, again seeking a response she added, “So does daddy want to fuck his black bitch’s ass?”

I must have looked surprised, or shocked, but I didn’t reply. Daisy lifted herself up and sat back on my thighs. “I want daddy to cream my ass.”

My cock was covered ataşehir escort bayan in pussy juice, but despite that, with a gutteral snort, she spat a wadge of saliva into the palm of her hand, and smoothed it up and down the length of my shaft.

Leaning forward again, I felt the head of my cock being positioned against the ‘other’ opening to her body.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum again.” Megan sounded almost desperate. The bed was still shaking from her body being fucked and fucked again. With the background noise of their lust, I felt my cock opening up Daisy’s ass.

A long groan came from Daisy, and the head of my cock eased into her. When she gasped, “Oh fuck daddy.” her body lowered slowly, and I was totally inside. It felt so tight, and gradually Daisy started to move.

“Oh Daddy, fuck my ass, I want your spunk in it.”

The bed was no longer moving, and I heard Archie say, “I fancy your ass too.” I wondered if I’d heard correctly.

Glancing sideways I saw him lift Megan’s legs over his shoulders, and spit saliva into his hand, the way Daisy had done, he then lubricated his cock. I was fully expecting to hear Megan’s cry of, “No,” or, “Stop,” so when she whispered, “Go gently, please, very slowly,” I was gobsmacked. I couldn’t believe that she was going to have anal sex, however, this boy had already made her cum several times, so maybe she was being carried along with a hidden desire.

My cock was being tightly gripped, and massaged by Daisy as she moved just slightly upwards and forwards. Her breasts swung slowly, and the temptation to play with them was too much, those nipples just had to be tugged and stimulated.

Both Daisy and Megan seemed to say, ” Oh god,” at the same time, but more noticeable was Archie breathing more loudly and grunting quietly. I was very close to the edge now, and what with playing with Daisy’s boobs, and glancing over at Archie’s face, the whole room was emanating sex.

“God, I’m going to cum,” he gasped aloud.

I heard Megan just say, “Go on, don’t worry.”

With a long groan, Archie’s buttocks pressed down, his cock was deep inside Megan’s ass, his lower body shaking as he emptied himself inside her.

“C’mon daddy, your turn, let me have your spunk,”

Daisy seemed to squeeze my cock, and I was taken over the edge.

“Oh fuck, I can’t stop,” was all I muttered. My cock jerked, and my balls emptied in a series of convulsions inside her.

“That’s it daddy, let your black bitch have it all,… mmmmmmm…yes, yes…oh yes.”

After a few moments Archie withdrew his cock from Megan, and Daisy lifted herself slowly off me. The room went quiet for a few seconds, before I heard Megan say, ” Let me get rid of this fucking blindfold.”

I’d tied it quite tightly around her head in a knot, and after struggling for a few seconds, she finally pulled it free. I looked over at her, as she blinked in the half light, and then lots of stuff seemed to happen in slow motion.

The look of horror was joined by an ear piercing scream.

“Oh fucking god, Paul!…Paul…it’s him…it’s Tess’s boy. Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh god…what have I done.”

The reality seemed astonishing, Archie was ‘Billy,’ the boy Megan had caught in bed with Tess.

Whether Archie knew he’d been fucking Tess’s mum, I’m not sure, in retrospect I suspected he did, and had somehow manipulated the situation to get a party invite through Susie.

“C’mon Daisy, let’s go.”

Archie, (or Billy), pulled Daisy off the bed, and dragged her from the room, just as Tom appeared in the doorway.

“What the fuck’s going on, Megan, are you ok, what on earth has happened?”

I replied, “It’s ok Tom, I’ll explain later, just leave us alone, we’ll be ok.”

Megan had rolled towards me on the bed, and was sobbing uncontrollably into my shoulder. I put my arms around her, and realised how she must be feeling.

She’d been totally used, having given herself to this duplicitous boy who’d fucked her daughter, and now her. Her body ached from his constant fucking, and his semen was now seeping from her ass.

“Oh god Paul, what am I going to do, what will I say to Tess, oh my god, what a mess.”

Slowly her sobbing became less, and I tried to inject some logic.

“Look, he’s not in touch with her, he’s cut her off, I doubt whether he will put it out there because he knows you’re a criminal lawyer, he won’t want to risk anything.”

That seemed to calm her a little, and I suggested she go into the en suite and take a shower., which she did, if nothing else, but just to wash him off her body.

While Megan showered I retrieved our clothing, and briefly explained to Tom what had happened. He totally understood, and he was going to find out from Susie how Billy came to be invited.

By the time we were in the taxi going home, Megan was just silent, and subdued.

I was hoping there wouldn’t be any further fallout, but I wasn’t holding my breath.

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