Her First Time with Another Man

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Big Tits

We have been waiting to tell this story for some time and decided now is the time to share this with you.

First let me tell you a little about my lovely wife. She is 44 years old stands just over 5 foot tall, has dark shoulder length wavy hair is a size 10 with a breast size 32C. With her lovely brown eyes and toned skin I have often said she would easily pass as being French.

We met as virgin teenagers and along with all the ups and downs we are happy and content in our relationship and with family life.

This story goes back just over three years ago (how time goes by!) but the fantasy went back many years before that. We had often fantasised about what it would be like for Carole to let another man have her and although she said she really enjoyed the thought she had insisted that it would always remain as a fantasy.

As the years passed and the family grew up we began fantasising more often about the idea and she said to me one night that she would consider it if the situation was right and only if we were certain and she was happy about it.

Months went by and nothing more was said. One evening Carole got back from work and told me of a female friends 40th that was taking place in a few weeks and as it was someone from work who I had never met I asked if she would be happy to go alone and she said no problem. That night in bed I said that it might be the chance for her to act out our fantasy and at first she laughed it off but once she realised how turned on I was she got really wet and said that she might if she met someone she liked.

The weeks passed and the night of the party arrived, Carole was in the bedroom getting ready so I took out a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and made my way upstairs. On the bed she had laid out her dress along with some plain panties and tights after a couple a glasses I was beginning to get aroused so I went over to her knickers draw and pulled out some sexy black knickers, bra, stockings and suspenders.

“No way” she said “they are just for your enjoyment and besides Cebeci Escort it was just a bit of fun wasn’t it?” She looked at the smile on my face and said “you really are serious about this aren’t you?” She went very quite and continued with her make up and I thought I had gone too far but after another glass of wine she got up, gave me a little smile and picked up her dress and all the sexy underwear and headed into the bathroom. I thought the zip on my trousers was about to burst I was so excited. Eventually she came back into the bedroom and looked stunning. “Before I get a taxi let’s have a chat” she said. “You know how I always get some attention when I’m out without you and I have always been polite and turned them down? Well what if I did meet someone I liked and decided not to tonight and I let him have me. Are you sure you would be alright with that?” I pulled her to me and when she felt how excited I was she gave a little giggle and said she took that as yes.

After she left I still wasn’t certain that even if she met someone she fancied she would go through with even letting him fondle her breasts let alone put his cock inside her. Pretty soon I was about to find out.

The evening was long and after enough wine I headed to bed expecting the door to open any time. The later it got I began getting really turned on again and by the early hours my excitement was almost unbearable.

I hear the sound of the taxi pulling up outside the drive. I listen as the key turns the door, my heart pounding as I heard Carole’s footsteps on the stairs and the bedroom door open, I turned and in the doorway there she stood and in the dim light and she gave me a knowing smile.

Carole stepped into the room and said in a soft voice “you know that fantasy we had? it’s now reality.”

She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor and even though the light was dim I could still make out a ladder up the inside of one of her stockings and knew she had been given a good time.

Carole Çıtır Escort climbed into bed and we began to kiss passionately. Normally we spend a good deal of time pleasuring one another orally but we were both so turned on I moved onto her and slid my cock into her wet pussy with ease. I whispered to her to tell me and she did.

As she had expected some younger guy had made a move when she was waiting at the bar to be served. She said she was about to do the polite thing but thought okay let’s have a drink. She said his name was Chris and although she had had better looking guys try to chat her up in the past, she found him cute and thought he had a good body and a nice bum.

As the hours past Carole said she was tipsy and said she was thinking about leaving for home. Chris asked her if she wanted to go back with him and she said “I am not sure let’s have another drink and I will think about it”

While he was at the bar she told me that she thought to herself either do it now or not at all. She went up to the bar and told him it was time for them both to leave.

By this time I was harder than I ever thought I could get without shooting and Carole was really panting but I told her carry on I want to hear what he did.

She said they got back to his and as soon as they stepped through the door he put his hands on her waist and began kissing her. She said she was really nervous but excited as she felt his hand move down and then back up lifting her dress and then heard him groan as he reached the top of her stocking and suspender. He did the same with his other hand until her dress was around her waist and he had both hands rubbing her bottom through her knickers. She told me that he then rubbed his bulge up against her and this time it was her turn to groan as she unzipped his fly and worked her hand inside.

They went into the bedroom and soon Carole told me he had her dress and knickers on the floor and had her lay down on the bed whilst he worked his way down licking Demetevler Escort her nipples down her tummy and then worked his hungry tongue on her clit.

After a while she told him to get on his back and made her way down pulling his trousers off and moving her head into position. I asked her what his cock was like and she said it was about the same length as mine but a lot thicker. I nearly blew my load when she told me how small her hand looked around it and how she had to open a lot wider to get it into her mouth. However ,after years of mastering the art of giving a blow job on my cock and my ability to let her do this for a long time, this guy couldn’t and she said she had to keep stopping so that he didn’t empty his load down her throat. After a short while he told her to get on her back and mounted her. Carole said she felt his large end working around her and then a thrust as he slid his thick cock inside her. She told me how she gasped and then as he slid out another thrust this time even harder and then again.

After a few strokes Carole told me she felt him starting to twitch and she said that she thought to herself “great first time I let another guy other than my husband fuck me and he’s about to finish after a couple of thrusts!” She told him not to cum inside her.

By this time I was also holding on as best I could but managed to hear her tell me that after a short while he got into a good rhythm and managed to fuck her for a good deal of time and then she whispered down his ear how he was only the second cock she had ever had and how much thicker his was.

She said that he began to thrust into her with very fast and hard strokes until again she felt him start to twitch and knew this time there was no stopping him so she told him again not to cum inside her.

As he pulled his cock out she said she looked down and watched as his thick throbbing member started shooting out a very heavy load all over her stomach face and hair.

This was all I could take and held rigid before I started pumping my load knowing with a sense of excitement and satisfaction that she would not ask me to pull out as I filled her as much as I could.

I have always asked her since if she wants to do something like that again and we still talk about that night regularly but Carole insists it was a one off and she has no plans to repeat it. I might just keep asking though!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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