Her Nasty Side Ch. 02

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The final chapter of introducing my sub to anal play


The first reaction he noticed from Sophia was her soft moan and it was instantly followed by delight; “oh Sir, that feels so good. Please don’t stop.” By the way her pussy was contracting around his finger; he could tell she was close to climax. For the next few minutes he focused on her most taboo spot; kissing, licking, gentle probing; the intensity was building. Knowing he was the first to do this to her was making it so much better. Every time she was close, his finger would stop and his mouth moved and he lightly bit her ass cheeks.

With one final kiss, he stepped back. Her breathing was rapid and he stood behind her for a moment. Legs spread, bound and on fire, he wanted her. The zipper made a distinct sound as he stepped to her. “Why did you stop? I’m very close to cumming, Sir.” The feeling he got as he slid his cock in her was pure ecstasy. Long deep strokes, he could feel the head of his shaft in the depths of her pussy. She was soaked and it felt like her pussy was sucking him inside. “Ohhhhh, fuck me, please.” With his cock completely in her, he stopped. The lube puddle was now body temperature and he dipped his thumb inside.

Massaging Kütahya Escort her ass slowly with firm pressure was the best way to start. With his thumb flat, he started playing again. Slow, deep strokes in her pussy kept her aroused. He could feel her ass start to open; each time he applied a bit more pressure. She was ready for him to slide it in. “Sophia, are you my nasty girl?”

He felt her hole relax. “Yes Sir, I am.” Each stroke of his cock was longer and slower. Every time he pulled it out and let her pussy close a bit before sliding it in fully again. By now her sweet starfish was almost sucking his thumb inside. Her moaning was soft and delightful, so very delicious. He enjoyed bringing her to this place, the edge, the cliff.

“Ask me Sophia; ask me to make you nasty.” He leaned forward, moved his hand, filled his mouth with saliva and dropped it directly on her hole. The combination of circular motions and long strokes were working; her hips matched his rhythm. The restraints limited her movements. “Let me hear you baby girl.”

At that moment he felt her magic, her special ability to free herself and transport him to nirvana; “Sir, please make me your nasty girl. I need Kütahya Escort Bayan to feel you take my virgin ass. Please, Sir.” The pressure needed to slip his thumb in was almost gone and she was ready; her ass was ready. He wrapped his hand around his cock and placed the end of his thumb against her opening.

“Baby girl, push back slowly.” The restraints gave her enough freedom to move toward him. He was surprised at how quickly she backed into him; his thumb disappeared and he loved being her first. Special care was taken to make sure she didn’t feel pain or discomfort so he held still. “How does it feel Sophia? Tell me sweetie.” The thin sheath of skin that separated his cock and thumb was smooth and warm. A small amount of pressure on top of his cock made the head ride on her G spot. She rocked back and forth taking him deeper on each pass.

“It feels so good Sir; it feels so good being your nasty girl.” As the air rushed in to fill her lungs, she became more relaxed. “What are you doing to me Sir?” He massaged the outside of her pussy while she increased her rhythm. With his free hand, he grabbed the first orb and pulled his thumb out enough to slip it into her ass. It had a smaller Escort Kütahya diameter than his thumb and it went in without notice. One by one, her ass accepted each sphere and all five were inside. The ass play made him very hard and it felt good to push deep into her pussy.

He paused for a moment; “I want you to watch me.”

It didn’t take him long to remove the restraints and get her on her back. The blindfold came off and he got comfortable between her legs. He started with a very light kiss on her clit and her sweet smile made everything feel so right. His finger parted her lips and he gently rubbed the outer portion of her opening. Slowly he increased the pressure on her clit and his fingers penetrated her quim. Swollen and sodden, he stroked her G spot and watched as her eyes widen, his mouth and tongue focused on her button.

He pulled the string taut and as the first bead touched her breach when the wave hit. “Sirrrrrrrr, ohhhhh fuckk meeeeee…sirrr…” he popped the bead out. If the amount of shaking was any indication of intensity, Sophia was erupting. Just as it started to diminish and the shaking relaxed, Sir chambered another orb. “Sirrrrrrr…sirrrrrrrr…” another wave, another bead; he continued until all the beads were out.

Sir looked at Sophia, their eyes locked. He reached for her hands and held them while he gently kissed her pussy and her shaking stopped. Moving up her body, he kissed her; sharing her wetness. “I like being your nasty girl, Sir…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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