High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 02

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The two young delivery boys had hardly finished setting my new living room sectional in place and left when a soft knock on my door announced the arrival of their employer. Kay’s red hair was teased exactly as it had been the day before, perfectly framing her high cheek bones, sparkling blue-grey eyes and full pouty lips.

“Morning Allen.” She said as I stepped aside to allow her inside.

“Good morning to you Kay.” I replied breathing deeply to fill my sinuses’ with the aroma of her sensual perfume.

Kay was wearing a white cotton sundress that has an elastic neckline allowing her to wear it off the shoulders exposing her sexy neck and just a hint of succulent cleavage. A pair of heeled sandals completed her ensemble

As I closed the door and turned to Kay she was already admiring how perfectly the sectional looked in my living room.

“This is perfect Allen. I didn’t know these apartments had fireplaces.” Kay remarked.

“It’s actually a propane fireplace. There is a gas grill tank in the storage shed, but I think it’s empty. I was planning on taking it someplace to have it re-filled to see how the fireplace looks when lit Kay.” I replied.

“Well you’ll have to invite me over some evening Allen. It’s been years since I snuggled up with a man in front of a fireplace.” Kay said.

I smiled and said, “Well sweetheart that’s an incentive for me to get that tank filled.”

“Speaking of incentives,” Kay replied, “what kind does my sundress bring to mind Allen?” Her expression changed to an inquisitive look as I pondered her question.

As I approached her Kay’s expression changed again this time to that of a seductive passionate mature woman.

“The incentive I’m feeling is to see what’s beneath this sexy dress.” I said hooking a finger in the elastic on the outside of her arm.

“So you don’t think it’s to revealing for an old babe like me Allen?” She spoke.

“First of all Kay, you’re hardly an old babe.” I replied. “And second I think it reveals just enough to spark my interest especially after the little show you gave me last night.” I added as I let my finger linger just beneath the stretchy top of her dress. Had Kay not preformed her balcony masturbation show for me the evening before I would not have been so forward, but she had mouthed the words “Fuck me Allen” to me through my telescope and I was determined to see if she meant it.

“Allen, I turned fifty-seven three months ago, I think that qualifies me as an old babe.” Kay replied. “And as for that little show last night, distance may have been my best friend. You may not be as interested this close up.” Kay admitted.

Kay is sixteen years my elder, but the effect this sexy wench was having on me was no different than if she was sixteen minutes older than me. I wanted her, and I could have cared less if she was twenty-six years older than me.

“Why don’t you let me be the judge of how a close up view affects my interest Kay?” I said.

Kay smiled widely at me as she crossed her arms in front and slid her hands to the elastic holding her dress to her body. I pulled my finger out and watched as she slowly slid the cotton fabric down exposing even more of her succulent cleavage. Her breasts rose and fell slowly with each breath she took.

I dropped my eyes to admire the fullness of her heaving freckle covered tits and the hint of creamy white flesh below a very distinct tan line. I placed one hand on her hip and could only detect the thin fabric strip of a thong riding high over her nicely flaring hips. I wanted to lean in and kiss her full pouty lips, but resisted the urge waiting for Kay to slip her dress further down.

My wait was only a moment as Kay slid her fingers more to the front and lifted the elastic pulling it down over her breasts. She wore a nude colored strapless bra that held her full breasts firmly in place and accentuated her deep succulent cleavage.

My eyes were fixed to that lovely cleavage as she said, “My husband used to love fucking me between my tits Allen. He used to smear them with massage oil and mount me while I lay on the floor. He called it Rocky Mountain Fucking. We used to play this little game. He’d stroke his cock between my tits and see if he could shoot his cum in the cave across the mountain valley.” Kay giggled recalling what was apparently a rather open and kinky sex life with her deceased husband.

“I love the feel of a man’s hard cock between my tits and the taste of his cum in my mouth.” Kay added.

I took her hand in mine and moved it to my now completely erect cock. “Do you mean a hard cock like this Kay?” I asked.

“Ummmmmmmmmmm…. Exactly!” Kay replied a wide smile coming to her full pouty lips as she began stroking me slowly on the outside of my jeans.

I moved my other hand to her hip and slid both around to cup her ass cheeks and pull her toward me. She pressed her pelvis against my erect cock grinding slowly against me as I slid my hands up to topkapı escort slowly peel her sundress further down her sexy body.

“Allen should we?” Kay asked. “We hardly know each other.”

I paused for a moment looking into her passionate grey-blue eyes. I could tell from the movement of her eyes she was studying my face. The unmistakable look of an aroused but worried woman staring back at me.

“Kay I’ve wanted you since the first moment I laid eyes on you.” I said lying to her about that. I really only started thinking about fucking this mature tart since she performed her balcony masturbation show for me, but I still wanted her and I saw no reason not to tell her a little white lie about when I started wanting to fuck her.

“I haven’t been with a man since my husband passed away Allen. Are you sure you want to get involved with a woman my age?” Kay asked with a more worried expression on her face.

I didn’t respond instead I leaned forward and kissed her softly on the mouth. A somewhat tentative kiss at first that grew in its intensity as Kay melted into my arms and moaned deeply as I kissed her more passionately.

“Does that answer your question Kay?” I said as we broke our first kiss.

Oh god Allen I’ve missed that feeling so much.” She responded. “It feels so good having a man kiss me sexually again.” Kay added.

Kay’s lips are soft and full, and as I leaned forward again she parted them slightly offering me her tongue that I gladly accepted. Our mouths joined in a deeper searching kiss, tongues intertwining and dancing passionately over one another. Her deep throaty moan let me know she was feeling something else she’d been missing also.

Kay’s skin is incredibly soft, no doubt from countless applications of lotion, and my fingertips began exploring every inch of exposed flesh they could find. I moved my hands to her sundress and slid it the rest of the way down her sexy body. She stood before me and allowed my eyes to drink in the vision of her loveliness. Her nude colored thong and strapless bra the only things keeping me from enjoying every inch of her body. Kay’s full ripe breasts rose and fell within the confines of her bra with every breath she took. Her succulent cleavage begged to be kissed, her flat abdomen and petite belly button a sexy interlude between her ripe tits, flaring hips and soft thighs.

“Take your clothes off Allen.” Kay said.

I stepped back and pulled my sport shirt over my head tossing it aside. Kay let her eyes roam over my chest as my arms dropped again to my sides. She tentatively reached out and touched my naked chest, letting her fingertips drag down the center toward the clasp of my jeans.

Her free hand moved behind her to unclasp her bra and as the fabric lost its grip of her breasts she moved her other hand to hold it in place.

“My tits sag a little Allen.” She said almost as a warning that she thought I’d be disappointed in her breasts.

I reached out and softly grasped her wrist pulling it away from her chest. The bra fell to the floor as she looked deeply into my eyes searching for what I supposed would be an expression of disappointment.

Kay’s full tits do sag a little, but their fullness and the perfectly round areola and taut little nipples combined with the tri-angle of un-tanned freckled flesh create an incredibly sexy look.

“Absolutely beautiful Kay.” I said as I let my eyes explore her naked tits.

“You’re not disappointed Allen?” She asked needing me to re-affirm that I thought she was a very sexy woman.

“Disappointed? Kay I’m not the least bit disappointed. You have a sexy body and an even sexier mind. Now stop worrying about things and let me show you just how excited you have me.” I said.

As I spoke I slowly undid the clasp of my jeans and began sliding them down my legs. My hard cock strained to be released from the confines of my jockey shorts, and Kay’s eyes were instantly fixed on the bulge in my shorts.

I stepped out of my jeans and moved closer again to the sexy redhead standing all but naked in front of me. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled widely and then slowly closed as my hands moved to softly caress her full breasts.

Kay cooed softly, “Oh god Allen I’ve waited so long to have a man touch my tits like that again.”

I let my hands slowly move over every part of her tits. From the soft fleshy orbs to the taut little nipples my fingers explored her heaving breasts. Kay moaned over and over as my hands gently massaged her.

“Let’s get comfortable on my new couch Kay.” I suggested. I took her delicate hand in mine and lead her around to the front of the couch. I sat before her and let my hands return to her tits lifting one and then the other to suckle her tiny taut nipples between my lips.

“Oh Allen that feels so wonderful.” Kay exclaimed as her fingers ran through my hair guiding my lips to each nipple.

I let one hand slide down to her thong and slowly pealed fatih escort it from her body. Her curly red pubic hair is neatly trimmed and waxed so it does not show around the edges of her thong and I assumed her bikini.

“This is so sexy!” I said as her pussy came into view. Her fingers continued their slow movement through my hair and she leaned toward me offering her tits to my mouth once again.

“Please baby, suck my nipples again.” Kay pleaded.

Her hands slid from my scalp and she lifted her tits moving one nipple against my lips. I instantly sucked hard on it licking and flicking its taut surface with my tongue. My hands slid up and down the back of her soft thighs exploring between as they neared the top. Kay’s skin is incredibly soft and smooth. I circled my hands around to massage the front of her thighs as she continued moving her nipples to my mouth.

I slipped one finger between her thighs and then along her pussy lips. Kay groaned as I slid my finger front and curled it into the wet flesh just beyond her lips. As I withdrew my finger I kept the pressure up and dragged the length of my middle finger over her hard clit.

“Hmmmmmm don’t stop baby.” Kay pleaded.

Kay’s knees buckled a tiny bit as I dipped two fingers inside her hot slit and captured her clit between them pinching it as I slid them forward again.

Oh Allen that feels exquisite.” Kay cooed.

I continued delicately caressing her clit and suckling her luscious tits for the longest time letting the anticipation and passion build inside her. Her pussy got hotter and wetter with each passing moment. Her breathing started coming in shorter and shorter gasps as my lips worked their magic on her beautiful tits and I dipped my fingers inside her moist slit.

As her knees buckled a second time Kay released a deep throaty guttural moan before she exclaimed, “Oh please baby, give me your cock, please Allen fuck me.”

I released a rock hard nipple from my lips and looked up into her now passion filled eyes. The worried look she had displayed just as her removed her bra earlier was replaced with the look of a wanton woman. A sexy mature woman who was ready to begin a second sex life and my aching rock hard cock was ready to reintroduce her to the pleasures of that life.

I hooked two fingers in the waist band of my jockey shorts and slowly slid them down my legs. As I leaned back against the couch my rock hard erection stood at perfect attention from my loins. Kay’s eyes gazed down upon my hard on almost in amazement as it twitched and jumped begging to be fucked. The veins stood out distinctly along the shaft and the bulging head had turned a deep engorged blood red color.

I slid one hand to the shaft and looked up at Kay as I said, “Sit on it Kay. Ride it as slow or fast as you like baby.”

Kay moved forward and straddled my hips letting her tits make contact with my chest as she prepared to lower her pussy onto my pulsing cock. I held it only until her parted pussy lips touched the tip and the searing heat that escaped her began consuming me. She moaned deeply as her wet lips spread and slid easily over my cock head. But two years of abstinence while she mourned the loss of her long time lover had tightened the fuck flesh just inside. My cock shaft bent slightly as her pussy resisted the invasion of a man’s hard cock.

Lifting her hips slightly Kay reached behind and pressed her fingers against the shaft. This time as she lowered her soaking wet pussy my cock sank into her stretching the tight fuck sheath of her womanhood. She was searing hot and soaking wet, but tighter than any woman I’d ever impaled myself on before. God she was tight. Her pussy pulled at my flesh as she descended over me.

Kay leaned tightly against me and dug her chin into my neck as she settled down on me.

“Oh god that feels incredible Allen.” Kay squealed as her pussy lips pressed into my pelvic flesh having reached the bottom of her sensual descent on my raging cock. Kay didn’t move a muscle as her almost virginal tightness began to give way and her wanton lust for the feel of a raging cock gained control. The muscles inside her pussy slowly began contracting around my cock, then releasing my hardness as her searing hot fuck sheath convulsed on me.

I groaned loudly as she began a series of spasmodic wave like convulsions of her muscles surrounding my raging cock. She wasn’t fucking me by moving her hips up and down. She somehow could control each individual muscle along the length of her canal in a snake like movement that first tightened around my cock head deep inside and then down the length of my hard shaft until her pussy lips clamped tight around the very base of my shaft.

Kay was awakening a lust that had been moved into the deepest recesses of her sexual mind for two years, and I was the fortunate man to be buried inside her incredible body when that awakening occurred.

“God Kay, you have incredible muscular control.” I whispered eyüp escort almost unbelievingly. As her pussy convulsed once again around my surging cock Kay leaned back and with a somewhat devilish smile said, “I suppose that old adage about never forgetting how to ride a bicycle is true Allen.”

I could only smile and reply, “You can ride this bike anytime you like baby!” I grasped the opportunity to move my hands between us and began caressing and massaging her full ripe breasts, tweaking and pinching the taut nipples that tipped those lovely soft orbs of pleasure.

“Yes baby, play with my tits.” She squealed.

Very slowly Kay began to lift off me, her pussy tightening around me as she rose. Once she had reached the point that only my cock head remained inside her she plunged down on me surrounding my throbbing cock as tightly as a scabbard surrounds a swordsman weapon.

Time after time she sank her hot scabbard on my weapon, time after time my rock hard sword impaled her. I had offered her my cock to ride and she was giving it the most incredible ride of my life.

Several thoughts flooded my mind as I sat there with Kay bounced up and down on my pulsing cock. I quickly came to the realization that fucking a sexually mature woman actually did have the advantage of her experience, and I for one was reveling in Kay’s incredible experience. I wondered if her deceased husband might very well have been fucked to death by his sensuous wanton wife. What an awesome way to go to meet your maker I thought.

Bringing my mind back to the reality of what I was feeling I began lifting my hips from the couch to meet every one of Kay’s slow plunges onto my stiff cock. My fingers continued working feverishly over her soft tits until she cooed softly, “Allen, aren’t you going to kiss me?”

I smiled as my hands slid from her ripe breasts and up her back to gather handfuls of red locks between my fingers. She squealed “Awwwwwwww” as my fingers tightened and pulled her red hair tight at the scalp. Drawing her mouth to mine I parted my lips only as the miniscule distance between our mouths grew less and less until the heat of our breath mixed together, and our tongues met closing that minute separation of our mouths. What followed was almost like a minuet of oral passion, building from the classical dance of passion to a sixties dirty dancing lustful probing kiss. Our bodies became as one as we pleasured each other with our mouths as well as our loins.

Each time Kay reached maximum penetration she ground her clit against my pelvic bone. Her moans of pleasure became louder and louder as we scaled the mountain of ecstasy in unison, our hips in perfect rhythm grinding against one another with every stroke.

Kay was first to break our lustful kiss, leaning back and looking down into my eyes she said, “God Allen your cock feels so good. Fuck me baby! I want to cum all over that beautiful cock!”

I grabbed her hips and held on as she started humping my rock hard cock as fast as she could.

“Yeah baby, ride that fuckin cock!” I exclaimed as my loins started to tingle with the sensation of my own fast approaching climax.

Kay slid her hands to her ripe tits and rubbed them roughly as she bounced up and down on my swelling cock.

“That’s it Allen, give it to me babe, I’m gonna cummmmmmmm….” She squealed as her pussy convulsed and her orgasm built.

Kay and I clawed our way to the peak of sexual delight, her pussy flooding with orgasmic juices and bathing my cock just as my cock exploded and began pumping hot cock juice into her.

She screamed as the first searing load of hot cum shot into her.

“Oh fuck, oh god Allen, I’m cummingggggggggggggg…” Kay screamed.

I slammed my hips up at her as she pounded her hot flooding pussy down to meet my cum shooting cock.

Kay’s eyes closed and she leaned forward grasping at me and digging her chin into my shoulder. I circled her body with my arms and pulled her even tighter to me as our loins melted together in orgasmic bliss. As our incredible mutual climax began to subside Kay’s hips twitched involuntarily grinding her throbbing clit against me.

My pulsing cock buried deep inside her soaking in the passion pool of juices, we stayed coupled together like that for an eternity.

Kay’s sensual body dripping with sweat, and leaking our combined fluids felt so incredible. She turned her soft lips toward my ear, and after planting a gentle kiss she whispered, “Thank you baby for making me feel like a woman again.”

I turned my head toward her and kissed her deeply. Her soft lips responded instantly to my kiss. Since the first moment I watched her through my telescope the night before I knew she was full of passion, and our first lovemaking session only reinforced that idea.

Kay is an incredibly sexy passionate woman, and I knew we were only starting what would be a wonderful relationship.

Breaking our kiss Kay whispered again, “Allen I’m probably crushing you, let me slid off….” But before she could move I hugged her tightly letting her know I wanted to remain coupled together with her for as long as my cock remained erect inside her warm wet pussy.

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