High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 28

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Ginger slipped off the bed and headed for her play closet. “Pull up a chair.” Kay suggested as she turned and sat on the edge of the bed. I slid off the bed and pulled the same chair they had shared during their lusty webcam show to the foot of the bed then made myself comfortable as Ginger returned holding matching chrome vibrators in one hand and a monster eighteen inch dildo in the other.

My voyeuristic fetish kicked into overdrive as Ginger tossed the monster dildo toward the pillows then turned to Kay and said. “Wanna have a masturbation race?”

Smiling widely at the sexy woman, Kay reached for Ginger’s hand taking one of the shiny sex toys from her and asked. “What are the rules?”

Ginger giggled then lifted the shiny toy to her lips as she said. “There are no rules, but the first to cum loses.”

I leaned back in the chair and crossed my legs placing one ankle on the knee of other knowing I would enjoy watching them pleasure themselves immensely.

Ginger rounded the bottom of the bed, reached out tapped my knee with her toy as she asked. “You will let us know when you can replace one of these won’t you?”

I chuckled and replied. “You’ll be the first to know.” My answer promised that if she won she’d be enjoying my hard cock first.

Ginger crawled up on the satin sheet with her sexy ass pointed directly toward me. Kay who was still sitting on the edge of the bed lay down beside Ginger and drew her feet up bending her knees then slowly spread her legs apart. Kay lifted her dildo and placed it between her big soft tits then pressed the soft mounds of flesh inward to engulf her toy in the warm cleavage.

I stared at her swollen pussy, which still glistened with moisture from the awesome strap-on fucking Ginger had provided earlier, as Kay moved her tits over the lifeless metal toy between them. As she moved one fleshy mound up she pressed the other down then changed direction with her hands moving one tit up as the other went down.

“I wish this was your big hard cock.” Kay said as her hands repeated the whole process several times.

Ginger caught my attention as she rocked her hips back and forth a couple times holding her shiny toy between her delicate hands with the butt end against the bed and the point aimed at her mouth. She lowered her lips toward the toy then slowly sank down until it disappeared between her slippery lips. “I want your rock hard cock down my throat again.” She whispered as the tip slipped from her moist mouth.

Ginger sucked her dildo deep inside her mouth several times, her lips touching her fingers every time.

Kay’s hands slipped from her big tits letting them spread so the shiny toy just rested in her sensuous cleavage as her hands slid down across her stomach and pubic mound. She teased me as her fingers spread her pussy open even wider. “Look how wet and swollen my hot little cunt is.”

I uncrossed my legs and leaned forward in the chair to get a better look at the warm flesh she’d spread open. The pink flesh inside was very moist, every part glistening with juices. Her swollen lips reminded me of a prize fighter’s ears after a career spend in the squared circle.

“I think it needs a hard cock.” I commented as she dipped one index finger inside her wet slit.

Ginger let her toy slip from her mouth, its surface glistening with saliva, then dropped her shoulders to the mattress and slipped one hand between her shapely thighs. Her hand turned and with the blunt end pressed into her palm she lifted the point to her clit. As the tip circled her hard clit she took her turn to tease me saying. “I can’t wait to feel you suck my sensitive clit between your lips.”

I lifted my butt a little and yanked the chair forward until my knees were pressed against the footboard so I could be as close as possible to the sexy masturbation show the girls were getting into.

Ginger moved the pointy end of her toy up sliding it through the pink flesh of her pussy lips several times each time she moved it down she’d circle her clit once again. I heard her softly moan as her body began reacting to the sensual massage she was giving herself.

Not wanting to get too far ahead in their sexy race, Kay reached up and pulled her toy from between her soft tits. Using the tip she traced an invisible line down over her flat stomach and pubic mound a slow sensual slid toward her swollen pussy.

I chuckled wondering which of these two sultry vixens would give in first and slide their toy inside.

Ginger played with her pussy lips using just the pointy end while Kay slid the length of her toy between the swollen labia covering the entrance to her cunt.

Kay gave in first lifting the butt end and pressing her chrome dildo into the wet flesh of her pussy. A lustful moan escaped her throat as it sank deeper finally disappearing completely with the exception of the very end which she held with her sleek long fingernails.

Ginger whose head was turned Malatya Escort so she could watch Kay’s movements knew she had taken the lead in their race to orgasm. Not wanting to pull too far ahead she gave into her desire and pressed the length of her toy deep inside her tight wet pussy. A lusty moan through closed lips confirmed that she may not have actually taken the lead.

“It’s neck and neck girls.” I commented as they both wiggled their toys deep inside hot flesh caressing the sensitive spots the shiny toys reached.

Surprisingly Ginger was first to withdraw her toy, its length glistening with her moisture. She lifted the tip above her pussy and pressed it against her tight puckered sphincter. I watched intently as she spread her anus open with the pointy tip, slipping half the length of the dildo inside her tight asshole. Once embedded there she removed her fingers from the toy. With the silver dildo extending from her tight asshole, Ginger moved both hands down her ass cheeks until her hands reached her cunt. Using her slender fingers, she spread her pussy wide open and said. “I can’t wait for you to get hard again so you can fuck my hot wet cunt with your big cock and my tight ass with this shiny dildo.”

I felt a stirring in my loins as she slipped a finger between the wet lips of her cunt to offer me a glimpse of the flesh that awaited my cock once it was again erect.

While I watched Ginger continue toying with herself Kay was falling further and further behind her hand moving the hard shiny dildo in and out of her wet slit, its swollen lips sliding enticingly along the slippery length. Her breathing started becoming more rapid and her soft mounds of pleasure rose and fell on her chest with every breath.

I chuckled again and told her. “You’re gonna lose the race Kay.”

Kay arched her back, pressing her head harder against the slippery satin sheet, as she ground the hard toy deep inside her wet pussy she replied. “Fuck the race I wanna cum!”

Ginger giggled knowing she was going to win as Kay’s hand moved faster and faster, her hips lifting off the bed to meet every thrust her hand made toward her quivering cunt. Kay slid one hand up to pleasure her tits, groping at the heaving mounds and pinching each nipple in quick succession.

“Go for it Kay!” I exclaimed knowing her loins were on fire about now.

Her hand clamped down hard on the butt end and she ground the point deep inside as her gasps of pleasure intensified.

Ginger had two fingers buried in her wet slit and used her thumb to massage the quivering nub of hard flesh extending from its swollen hood.

Kay’s guttural groan acknowledge that she was rapidly approaching the finish line and her gasps for air became shorter as her hand pounded the hard silver dildo into her quaking body.

Ginger slipped her fingers from her wet pussy knowing she didn’t need to continue trying to lose this awesome sexual race as Kay stretched for the finish ribbon and the checkered flag of pleasure.

With a sinful groan Kay broke the ribbon as her hand drove the hard dildo deep inside her cunt and she began swirling it around as her orgasm washed over her. “Oh god yes!” She exclaimed loudly feeling the waves of pleasure spread through her body. As her incredible climax peaked Kay screamed, “I’m CUMMING!” admitting to Ginger and me that she had lost the race and couldn’t care less.

Her hand began moving the hard chrome sex toy in and out again as her pleasure began to subside. Each time a little more of her sweet warm juice flowed from her and ran down leaving a sexy wet spot on the satin sheet. Kay finally pulled the slippery toy from her slit and dropped it to the bed between her thighs, her wet slit oozing orgasmic fluid further marking the spot of her defeat.

“I’m the winner!” Ginger happily exclaimed as Kay’s senses began returning to normal.

Kay was smiling ear to ear as she continued basking in the glorious afterglow of ecstasy.

I leaned back in my chair my cock rising from my loins.

Ginger repeated her victory chant. “I won the masturbation race!”

With that Kay sat up on the bed and quickly flopped down over the bottom edge her head hovering just above my semi-erect cock.

She giggled the proclaimed. “You may have won the race, but I get the trophy.”

Her mouth opened and circled my cock head drawing the soft sensitive flesh between her moist pink lips. She began by softly sucking on just the head to entice me to a fully aroused state, her slippery tongue teasing the flaring corona.

Ginger spun around so she could watch as Kay pleasured her trophy then exclaimed. “That’s not fair I won the race but she gets to suck your cock first.”

I grinned at her and replied. “I’ll make sure you get a chance to savor the winner’s treat.”

I reached out and lifted Kay’s mouth from my cock. As I stood up I said. “Play nice now girls, there’s enough hard cock for both Malatya Escort Bayan of you.”

I stood before them, my cock now arching up from my loins, the two sexy mature vixens kneeling before me on all fours shoulder to shoulder. As I lightly placed a hand on their heads I said. “Now take turns sucking my hard cock.”

In unison a smile came across their lips and as promised I offered my cock head to Ginger first. Her soft moist lips surrounded my head then as I gave her a little more she sucked her cheeks in tightly and massaged the underside of my cock with her wet tongue.

“That’s a good little cock sucker.” I remarked as I moved my hand from her head and placed it on one hip.

Kay patiently waited her turn as I slowly poked at Ginger’s sexy wet mouth a few times.

I slowly pulled back watching Ginger’s glossy red lips slide along my cock until it slipped from her oral grasp with a distinct popping sound.

“Your turn Kay.” I said as I turned my hips enough so my cock was pointed at Kay’s face.

She opened her lips wide and extended her tongue offering the moist flesh for me to slide my cock along. I moved forward my cock head slipping along her talented tongue until my cock head wedged into the back of her throat.

“That’s it; you know how to pleasure my hard cock.” I said as Kay closed her lips around my throbbing shaft two thirds of the way down its length. I lifted my hand from her head and placed it on the opposite hip as I jabbed several times at the tight ring of flesh in the opening of Kay’s throat.

Ginger watched Kay’s technique intently knowing that she’d be expected to match Kay inch for inch until they could both lap at my balls with my cock extended down their soft wet throats. Kay moaned softly as my cock head massaged the entrance to her throat but as she pressed forward trying to swallow the head I pulled back withdrawing from her wet oral cavity. My cock flexed upwards as I clenched my muscles, the shaft glistening with Kay’s saliva from the tip to the spot where her soft lips had circled the pulsing shaft.

As I twisted my hips bringing my cock head toward Ginger’s mouth I challenged her. “Get a little more of the shaft wet.”

Ginger’s lips parted slightly as I moved my cock toward her awesome mouth the tip sliding between her glossy red lips. She kept her lips open only a little as I pressed my cock head between the soft shiny flesh first caressing my cock head, then the flaring corona followed by the rock hard shaft. I continued a slow sensual plunge into her mouth until the ring of glistening cock shaft was poised just outside her lips.

“Take a little more.” I suggested as Ginger’s tongue slithered side to side on the throbbing urethra of my cock shaft.

Ginger parted her lips a little more and moved her mouth forward taking another inch of my cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth a couple times marking my cock shaft with a new target ring for Kay to shoot for.

She pulled back letting my cock slip from her red lips then glanced at Kay as she said. “It’s your turn to tease his beautiful hard cock.”

For the next few minutes I continued enjoying their playful oral duet, each time I offered my hard cock another short length of shaft was coated with warm saliva from their talented mouths. Each time they got closer and closer to being able to extend their wet tongues over their bottom lips to lap at my scrotum and the heavy balls held inside.

Kay easily won this oral race, her wet mouth coating the final inch or so of my pulsing cock shaft as she swallowed the head and pressed her nose into my curly pubic hair. I moaned lustfully as her tongue lapped at my balls and her throat muscles massaged my cock head.

“God she swallows your cock so easily.” Ginger remarked as she watched Kay tease my balls with the tip of her tongue.

I glanced at Ginger and replied. “Years and years of practice.”

Kay’s eyes sparkled up at me as she acknowledged my comment by pressing her throat even deeper over my pulsing cock. I withdrew my cock now glistening completely with spit from Kay’s incredible throat, a long strand of saliva extending from the tip back across the open space to her lower lip. She gasped for air as she slurped the moisture back into her mouth.

Kay turned her head toward Ginger and offered a challenge. “Now you throat his big hard cock.”

Ginger grinned intrepidly as I moved my rock hard cock toward her lips. I moved my hips forward spearing her lips with the head then sliding my corona through the soft moist ring of glossy red flesh. Inch by inch my cock shaft disappeared inside the warm wet mouth until the tip wedged into the back of her throat. Her body involuntarily heaved as she gagged on the invading cock head. She pulled back a little then tried again to match Kay’s challenge, but the arch of my cock caused her to gag again as she tried to throat the head.

I knew that she wanted Escort Malatya it in her throat. I knew she wanted to feel the curly hair of my pubic mound tickle her nose so I moved my hands to her head and assisted her in her quest. Ginger gasped for air as I pulled her head toward me, my cock bursting through the tight ring of flesh that marked the entrance of her throat. Her body again heaved but her throat succumbed to the invading cock head and in an instant her nose was pressed into my pubic hair. I felt her throat muscles grasp at my cock head as her tongue slithered over her lower lips and lapped at my balls.

“Now you’re suckin’ cock!” I exclaimed as I held her head firmly and jabbed several times at her mouth. I pulled back letting Ginger fill her lungs with oxygen as I removed my hands from her head. She gasped a time or two then sucked my rock hard cock between her soft moist lips again. This time her throat easily accepted the invading cock, in fact she stopped just after my cock head speared her throat and bobbed back and forth several times letting the wide flaring corona stretch the opening to her throat, practicing the technique of relaxing the muscles so she could swallow any size cock.

Kay was watching from beside and remarked. “She’s a quick learner.”

Their playful oral duet was quickly drawing me closer to a serious climax which I didn’t want to happen just yet. I had other tight holes I wanted to fuck as well as two sloppy wet pussies to enjoy. I pulled back and moved one hand to Ginger’s chin lifting her face toward mine as I suggested as change of position. “Why don’t you spin around so I can fuck your tight puckered asshole?”

I looked toward Kay and gave her instructions also. “Lie down and dangle your head over the edge so I can fuck your throat too.”

As Ginger turned to offer me her ass and swollen wet pussy, Kay flipped over and moved between Ginger’s spread knees. They settled into a position where I had access to Ginger’s asshole and wet pussy with Kay’s incredible mouth and warm wet throat just below.

I watched as Ginger dipped her shoulders pressing her petite tits into Kay’s stomach lowering her mouth to Kay’s loins. “That’s it eat her wet cunt while I fuck your tight asshole.” I exclaimed as I moved forward my shimmery saliva coated cock firmly held in one hand.

Both mature vixens moaned soulfully in unison, Kay when Ginger’s lips clamped down on her throbbing clit and Ginger when my cock pressed into the puckered flesh of her sphincter. Since Ginger had ass fucked herself with the silver dildo earlier my cock easily slipped inside and I steadily thrust forward until my balls rested against her swollen pussy lips.

Kay lifted her head and licked at my scrotum and Ginger’s wet pussy as I began fucking Ginger’s asshole with long slow deliberate strokes. My hands rested on Ginger’s hips so I could hold her in place as I pounded her ass with my rock hard cock. I could hear slurping sounds coming from Kay’s loins as Ginger moved her mouth to lap at Kay’s sopping wet slit.

None of us bothered to speak, but the sounds of sex filled the air of Ginger’s bedroom. Her mouth slurping at Kay’s wet loins, Kay’s tongue lapping at Ginger’s pussy and my ball sack, and my hips slapping against Ginger’s spectacular ass. I fucked that tight asshole for a few minutes then pulled back and pressed my pulsing cock head against her wet swollen cunt lips.

Ginger lifted her mouth from Kay’s pussy to encourage me on. “Yes fuck my hot wet pussy!”

Kay lifted her hands and reached behind me grasping my ass and pulling me firmly against Ginger’s body. As my cock slipped inside, Kay’s tongue massaged my throbbing urethra as it disappeared into Ginger’s hot wet cunt. Kay held firmly to my ass not allowing me to pull back, giving her time to lick my balls, kiss my scrotum and gently suck one than the other ball into her mouth, her awesome oral technique telling me that she wanted my cock buried in the warmth of her throat next.

“That feels so fuckin’ good Kay!” I exclaimed as she rolled each heavy testicle around in her incredible mouth.

Her oral treat caused my cock to lurch rubbing the tip against Ginger’s cervix and causing her to moan as she continued eating Kay’s very wet pussy. Kay released my ball from her lips and removed her hands from my ass allowing me to withdraw from Ginger’s swollen slit. As I thrust in again Kay’s tongue teased my cock from below and this time when my cock head bumped into Ginger’s cervix I stopped and allowed Kay to again slurp at my balls from below. Again and again I repeated the entire process thrusting deep inside Ginger’s tight cunt and giving the lusty redhead reclined below time to pleasure my balls with her lips, tongue and mouth.

Ginger’s oral talents were having the desired effect on Kay and she began to moan softly as her loins responded to her lover’s mouth. I decided her pleasure would be enhanced by offering her a hard cock to suck on as Ginger sucked her cunt. Pulling back from Ginger’s loins I pressed my cock head against Kay’s soft lips. She instantly dropped her head further over the edge of the bed straightening her neck and mouth for my first plunge into the warm wet flesh of her throat.

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