High School Life Ch. 02

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Authors Note: All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older. This story builds on situations and characters developed in chapter 1. It is suggested you read chapter 1 before continuing with this submission.


Trina treated me much better at school, smiling at me in the hallways and even sitting next to me in physics class. Over the next two weeks I helped her with her homework five more times, each time the homework session turning into a hot sex session. In those sessions she taught me a lot, but as all good things have to come to an end, Jimmy zeroed in on me.

It was a dark stairwell, well after dinner hour, after getting back from a track meet. I had to run up to my locker and pick up a book I forgot. I was heading back down the stairs when Jimmy and two of his linemen friends found me half way between the first and second floors.

“Hey Jackass!” Jimmy growled at me, grabbing me by an arm and pinning me to the wall with his other arm across my neck. “What’s this shit I hear about you being at my girl’s house?”

“I…uh…” I started to stumble, trying to figure out what the hell to say to keep me from getting creamed.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. That’s MY girl! I don’t want to see your skinny ugly ass around her, EVER!” He shouted at me.

“Uh. Yeah.” I groaned, barely able to breath as he pressed his arm harder across my neck.

“I don’t care if it was homework. If I find out you touched her, even with a little finger, I’m gonna pound you into the ground so far that you’ll need a god damn ladder to get back to the surface!”

“JIMMY!” a female voice called from down the stairs. “JIMMY MORGAN! Let him go! NOW!” Shelly Mason, another of the cheerleaders shouted from the bottom of the stairs. “Let him go NOW or so help me I’ll tell the coach. You know how he feels about fighting!”

Jimmy pushed off the wall hard, well, actually off my neck, driving his arm into my neck hard before releasing me. “You remember what I said. I don’t want to see you anywhere near her! GET IT!”

“Yeah. Got it.” I answered hoarsely, rubbing my neck.

Jimmy walked down the stairs and past Shelly, turning to glare at me again before walking down the hall. Shelly walked up as I sagged to the floor on the stair case landing, quite sure that I had just avoided a painful and untimely death.

“You okay?” she asked as she stepped next to me and knelt down.

“Yeah.” I answered quietly, feeling a bit embarrassed at the situation, and getting rescued by a girl on top of it all.

She helped me to my feet and wrapped an arm around my waist to steady me. “You better find a better place to do Trina, or he’ll break you in half.” She whispered.

“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked defensively, suddenly afraid of who exactly knew what she and I did instead of studying.

“Honey. It’s okay. I know. But he’s gonna be watching and you might not be so lucky next time.” She said quietly.

“You know? I mean. That Trina and I…”

“Yeah. I know. I was surprised, but I guess if she wants to.”

“I better say something to her.” I said nervously. “I don’t want her to think I’d ducking her or anything.”

“But you’re ducking her because her boyfriend threatened to stuff you under the sod? I don’t blame you. I’ll talk to her.” She said as we stepped off the last step. “For now. GO home. I’ll talk to her. I promise.”

“Okay. Thanks.” I mumbled. “Hey, one question.” I asked her as she slipped from next to me to start walking away.


“Why? I mean I’m not popular or anything. Why stick up to him for me?”

She waked the few steps back toward me and leaned close. She whispered in my ear. “I was in gym class, wasn’t I?” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and then turned to walk away with a smile on her face.

I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but I didn’t waste much more time getting to the parking lot and getting out of Dodge. I didn’t have a fancy car, only a sixty-six F-85 four door. But it got me around. I pulled out of the lot and saw Shelly walking along the sidewalk headed away from school. I pulled over and honked at her.

She walked over to the car and opened the passenger door. “Yeah?”

“You want a ride? I mean it’s the least I can do.” I said to her as she leaned down and stuck her head in the door.

“Sure. If you don’t mind.” She said with a smile, getting into the passenger side and pulling the door closed.

“Where to?” I said as we pulled away from the curb.

“Down on Teagarden,” she said with a smile.

“Consider it done.” I said as I turned onto Ironwood and headed south. “By the way. Thanks.”

“For what?”

“For stopping him.”

“Yeah, well, try not to give him a reason to come back and finish the job. I mean Trina isn’t going to tell, but someone saw you going to her house. If you’re still going to shag her, you need to find someplace safer.”

“I hope she wouldn’t tell him.”

“She won’t.”

“She told you.”

“Yeah, pendik escort but that’s girl talk.” She said with a smile. “And from what I heard, you’ve learned a hell of a lot in a few weeks.” I blushed at the thought of the two of them talking about us having sex, which drew a laugh from Shelly. “You’re so cute. I mean in a nerdy sort of way, but still cute.”

“Gee thanks.”

“I mean that. I didn’t see what she saw in doing you like she did, but after she told me how damn good she gets it from you, I kinda understand.”

“I’m glad.” I answered for a lack of anything better to say.

“Down here.” She said pointing to the turn on to Teagarden. I turned the corner and drove the next dozen or so blocks in silence until she pointed to the house that was hers. “Thanks for the ride!” She said with a grin, opening the door and stepping out. She turned around and stuck her head back in. “Hey. You know. I wouldn’t mind going to see Star Wars again. If you want to take me tomorrow night that is.”

“Yeah. Sure!” I said in surprise. “Okay. Pick me up at six thirty!” she said before closing the door. The only thing I saw of Trina the following day was in class. She passed me a note saying that she was sorry Jimmy was being a jerk, and she’d think of someplace better for us to get together. I was good with that for the moment. At lunch time I was more surprised than anything else when Shelly came over and sat next to me in the lunch room.

“Didn’t figure you’d want to be seen in public with me.” I said quietly to her.

“Don’t worry. I got this all taken care of. I don’t think Jimmy or any of his friends will be beating you down any time soon.” She said as another good looking girl sat down next to me. Before long half of the cheerleading team was sitting around and across from me, all of them clearly making the statement to their friends that they were united, and choosing to include me in their “protected” class of friends. The guys all knew that if they wanted to still have their cheerleader girlfriends that they better damn well leave me alone. The last to join me was Trina. One of the girls slid over leaving a spot next to me for her. She sat so close to me her hip was touching mine, making my cock almost instantly grow in my pants. She looked at me and grinned, knowing darn well what was happening under the table. It was probably the most exciting and uncomfortable lunch in my entire life.

“See you tonight.” Shelly said with a grin as she left, leaving me finally alone at the table. A few guys walked past me, glaring, but clearly the score was settled…for now.

Doing Trina at her house was one thing. Taking a real live cheerleader on a date was another. Taking Shelly…well, that was beyond comprehension. Shelly was by anyone’s estimation, bitchin foxy! I had no doubt she could easily fill a playboy centerfold. Smooth flowing hips, skinny waist, long legs, awesome pretty face and oh don’t forget the thirty-eight D boobs. Hell, I think every guy in school knew that dimension. Anyway, I was nervous as hell when I pulled up in front of her house. I didn’t even have a chance to get out of the car and she was running down the steps, headed to my car. She had on pair of white bell bottoms and long white button down shirt. She opened the door and jumped in with a huge smile on her face.

“Hey hunk! Ready to go?”

“Yeah. Sure!” I answered, trying to pull my eyes from how full she filled out the shirt. I dropped the car in gear and we took off, heading across town to the mall and the theater. As I drove she unbuttoned the shirt and pulled it off, nearly making me drive off the road at the sight of the tiny little white crop top. I nearly hit a parked car as she wiggled and pulled a white lace bra off from under the crop top, leaving the snug material barely long enough to cover the bottom of her tits, the only thing between her nipples and my eyes.

“You like?”

“Mondo Cool!” I said with grin, barely able to rip my eyes from her barely contained in the crop top, bare skin showing from just below her tits to well below her waist in the hip hugger bell bottoms.

“Glad you think so. Sorry about the quick change. My daddy’d shoot me if he saw me going out like this. He says a good girl doesn’t wear clothes like this.”


“But I’m NOT planning on being a good girl tonight. So if you think you wanna be a bad boy, well, I’m your girl!” She said, sliding across the bench seat to sit next to me. Her hand was almost immediately on mine, pulling it into her lap. “Much better.” She said as she pulled my hand between her legs. “You know what else I’m not wearing, besides my bra?”

“No. what?”

“I’ll leave that for you to find out on your own.” She giggled, “But let’s just say you’re real warm right now.”

“Oh yeah? Cool!” I answered with a grin. “I’m pretty sure I know what you’re missing.”

“Good. Hopefully you’ll find a way to take advantage of that a little later.”

We were at the movies before maltepe escort long, sitting toward the back of the sparsely attended movie. Star Wars had been out for months already, but it had been such a huge hit that some of the theaters were running it a second time. We were enjoying the movie, my hand on her thigh and hers on mine for most of the movie. As the Luke tried to rescue the princess, Shelly slouched down in the seat next to me and pulled my hand from her thigh to her lap, coaxing me to unsnap the front of her pants. I wasn’t at all sure what she wanted, and was both shocked and excited when she wiggled her pants down far enough to slide my hand down between her legs and stroke her pussy.

Unlike Trina, Shelly’s pussy lips were full and round with almost none of her inner lips protruding, her dark brown curls tightly curled and trimmed short around her full pussy. My finger easily slipped between her very wet slick lips, the excitement growing for both of us as I stroked up and down, dragging my finger across her clit. I heard her moan softly as she shifted her weight, reaching into my lap and using one hand to undo my belt and the front of my jeans. I was surprised at how adept she was at getting my dick out where she could stroke it, quickly wrapping her hand around my already hard cock. She stroked me slowly, following my own strokes up and down her wet slit.

“Damn, that feels good,” she whispered softly. “Movie wasn’t this good last time I saw it.”

“Did you have someone else’s fingers in you last time?”

“Nope.” She said with a grin. “Never did this before.”

“Never with anyone else?”

“Uh uh. Well not like this anyway. I did let Ronnie put his hand under my skirt once, but I still had my undies on. Like I said, first time.” She said with a giggle.

“So why me?”

“Easy. Anyone brave enough to jump Jimmy’s girl’s bones is brave enough to try this with.”

“Why does it take someone brave?” I asked her quietly as Luke went looking for his wayward droid.

“You don’t know my papa. If he caught any boy doing anything with me, he’d be reamed big time!”

“Oh shit.”

“It’s casual. As long as he doesn’t find out!” she said with a grin. “and I don’t intend on him finding out, about this or about what we’re gonna do later.”

“What are we gonna do later?”

“I think you can guess. Your car has a nice big back seat, right?” She whispered, giving my cock a squeeze.

We watched the rest of the movie, teasing each other unmercifully. As the credits rolled we put our clothes back together and went out arm in arm. We climbed into my car and drove down to the park, a popular hangout for all the local kids. We drove around looking for a quiet place to get it on, and finally decided on the parking area for a quiet little pavilion. It was mid-October and way too cold to be outside, so the two of us climbed into the back of my car. Shelly climbed in first and pulled me in on top of her, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me down against her body.

“I’ve been waiting for this for hours.” She said softly, pulling my face to hers. She softly kissed my lips, taking her time and teasing my lips with her lips and tongue. As we lay there kissing, she worked her hands down from my neck to the waist of my pants, and worming her hands between us, undid the front of my pants. “If you don’t take off my pants, we can’t do it, now can we?” She whispered breathlessly.

“Uh huh.” I grunted as she pushed my jeans and briefs down over my ass and down my legs, freeing my dick. Her hands moved to my shirt and pulled it up and over my head, leaving me naked on top of her from my thighs up.

I worked my hands between us, bumping into my own rigid shaft as I undid her pants. It took some help from her to get the white hip huggers down over her ass and pushed down her legs, bunching up around her knee length boots. She spread her knees apart and let me slide down between them, resting my shaft on her wet pussy. She pulled the bottom of the crop top up over her tits, exposing them to my bare chest.

“Suck my tits.” She moaned softly, pushing me down a little. I scooted down her body as well as the confines of the car would allow, and got a good look in the dim light at her fantastic tits. They were large by my standards, well anyone’s standards I guess. I cupped one with one hand, barely able to cover half of the large creamy globe as she pulled my face down toward it. Her nipple was rock hard and protruding from the center of a large brownish areola that was puckered with excitement. “Ohhhh shit yes.” She moaned as I closed my mouth around her nipple and sucked it into my mouth. I teased and stroked her hard nub with my tongue, drawing moans that grew louder with each passing moment. Her hips began to rock, grinding her pussy and clit against my shaft, her wet lips spreading around the bottom of my shaft as she worked against me. “You better have a fucking rubber in here.” She moaned. “Because I want you kartal escort in me.”

“Uh huh.” I grunted, pushing myself up off of her. Not that I’d ever really had a chance to use one in my car, but like all good boys hoping to get screwed, I kept a few condoms in my glove box. I half climbed over the seat, reaching for the glove box from the back seat. It was an awkward position, but I finally managed to get the rubber from the front then twisted and pushed myself back down on her.

“Here. Let me.” She whispered, taking the package from me and ripping it open. She carefully rolled it down my dick, pushing the thin rubber cover over the full length of my shaft, and then pushing my head down toward her pussy. “Come on. Straight in.” She coaxed me, rubbing my latex covered head up and down between her lips. “Ohhhhhh shit yes!” she moaned as I pushed my lubricated dick into her, driving all the way into her until my head pressed against the end of her tunnel.

“Ohhhh damn yes.” I groaned as I started sliding in and out of her, pushing my fat shaft in and out rhythmically. Her hips rocked in time with my strokes, tilting up with my stroke into her and rocking down as I pulled back. I held myself over her, one hand on the arm rest and the other on the seat back, looking down at her sexy tits rolling and moving almost in circled as we pumped into and onto each other. The car rocked and bounced as I plunged myself into her over and over, driving both of us toward the climax we were teasing each other toward in the theater.

“SHIT SHIT SHIT!” she cried loudly, echoing in the tight confines of the car as her tunnel clamped around me, her legs and arms shaking as she came around me. I felt her pussy clamping and releasing around me, the extra tightness sending me over the top as well. My body bucked and jerked, filling the condom with my cum inside her as we both climaxed together.

“Oh god that was good.” I groaned softly, lying down on top of her bare body, her arms wrapping around me and her lips moving toward mine for more soft kisses.

“Yeah. That was tripping!” she panted. “I wish we had more time. But my papa’s probably already pacing.”

“Yeah.” I answered in disappointment. I’d kind of come to expect more than once, after being with Trina. I let my softening cock pull from her and then slipped the cum filled condom off, dropping it on the floor as we both tried to fix our clothes up. She grinned at me and sat next to me, taking her top all the way off, so she was almost completely naked, only her pants and boots low on her legs. She slowly put the bra on, finally covering her sexy tits and then put the crop top and shirt back on, still bare from the waist down.

“Last look.” She said with a grin before working her pants up her legs, finally covering her pussy and curls.

“Nice look too. Too bad it’s so darn dark,” I muttered as she snapped her hip huggers. We climbed out of the car and then back into the front seat. I turned on the engine and then waited for the fogged windows to clear, the engine idling quietly as we sat. “Thank you. That was way primo!”

“Yeah. I can see why Trina wanted you so many times. She says you’re bigger than Jimmy down there.”

“I didn’t know.”

“Yeah. Well, don’t be surprised if she still wants to get screwed by you.”

“What about you? Or was this a onetime date?”

“Oh baby. It was SO not a onetime date!” She said with a grin. “But it might be if we don’t get home. Daddy might shoot you.”

“Yeah, we’d better go.” I answered, dropping my car in reverse and backing out.

“You coming to the game Friday?”

“Yeah. I suppose.” I answered as I drove us across town.

“Well. I’m cheering. Maybe you want to give me a ride home after the game?’

“Yeah. That’d be cool.” I answered.

Thursday and Friday were pretty much normal. At least as normal as life was at this point. Trina slipped me a note in class that she still wanted to see me if she could find a safe place to do it, and that she knew I was going out with Shelly, but that was fine too. Friday night was the football game, and we won, which was nice. I waited around after the game for Shelly, as she had asked.

“Hey there!” She said as she walked up to me in the parking lot where I was leaning against my car waiting for her.

“Hey.” I answered as she stepped right up to me, leaning herself against me and pressing her lips to mine. “You sure you want everyone to see you kissing me? I mean it’s not like I’m part of the cool club?”

“Yeah. So you’re a bit of a nerd. You’re also seriously good doing it.” She said with a giggle. “Hey. I left some stuff in my locker. Come on, we can go back in and get it before they lock the school!”

“Yeah. Cool.” I answered as she practically dragged me by the hand toward the school building. She pulled me along as she led me down the hall, but instead of going up to the second floor where our lockers were, she pulled me along the ground floor, toward the locker rooms. “Shelly!” I hissed quietly as she pulled me down the hall.

“Shhhhhh!” she hissed back before breaking into a huge grin. She pulled me down the hall past the boys’ locker room and then through the switchback entrance to the girls’ locker room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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