His Delicious Student

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*Author’s Note: This is erotic fantasy. It involves sexual situations between consenting adults, all of whom are over 18 years of age. Since it is fantasy and it’s my fantasy, I presume a world free of STDs. I hope you enjoy the story; if not, such is life. Comments are always appreciated.


Zoe was very pleased that she had managed to make it into the exclusive class of seniors for a special class that Noah Grimes had been hired away from his previous high school for a hefty sum to teach. Even though he had a reputation as a demanding teacher who was very tough when it came to grading, over a 27-year career he seemed to have developed the knack of turning out students who went on to excel in various fields, having received the foundational building blocks of good educational tools from him.

Zoe knew that she was bright, but just being smart wasn’t enough to have been selected for Noah’s class, or so they had been told, and seeing a couple of the students who had been selected, she tended to believe that. In a million years, she would never have expected to see them in this class.

An only child, Zoe was the apple of her parents’ eye and the three of them were excited at the prospect of her going to college next year. A slight girl standing 5’6″ with long, wavy brunette hair, widely-spaced smoky grey eyes, a small button of a nose, and a wide smile, she wasn’t what you would call beautiful so much as arrestingly attractive. She had a singularly unique face.

As she watched Noah — already she was fantasizing in her head that they were on a first-name basis — introducing himself and explaining what the class was going to be about, she inwardly sighed as she took in his curly black hair and light-blue eyes. He was a tall man and seemed to be powerfully built, his long sleeves rolled up to his elbows to reveal sinewy arms. She realized that he was actually quite sexy, especially for being such an older guy.

Zoe was fairly attractive, always having a date for Friday and Saturday nights. When she had turned 18 a couple of months into her senior year, she had also relaxed her behavioral standards on dates somewhat, allowing the boys who tried to have access to her breasts, smaller in size but topped by thick chocolate nipples that were extremely sensitive, something that she already knew from pinching and pulling on them herself when she’d want to excite herself, but even more so when someone would suck on them and chew on them, though not too hard. Her pussy would get so wet. She quickly stopped wearing a bra on dates, hoping that things would progress quicker when her date would realize that his access to her breasts was going to be that much easier without a bra in the way.

The first time that she had allowed a boy to slide his hand down into her panties had been a life-changing experience as far as she was concerned. His finger had slid down over her clit, which she thought was extremely big, sticking out from between her outer pussy lips, causing her to have the strongest orgasm of her life. Even though she had been playing with herself for quite a while, it was a totally different experience when it was someone else’s finger touching her. Even though she knew that most of her friends had lost their virginity, she was holding out, at least technically. She had been using carrots and cucumbers to fuck herself, as well as sneaking her mother’s big black dildo whenever she thought that she could get away with it, but she had never had the real thing, a cock.

She could still remember the date when Billy Sims had been sucking on her nipples while at the same time playing with her pussy beneath her skirt, she having conveniently not worn any panties to slow things down. It was their second date and he hadn’t wasted any time, pulling her T-shirt up to get to her hard chocolate nipples, looking up with total delight on his face when his hand beneath her skirt had encountered naked wet pussy instead of panties.

When he had asked her if she wanted to suck his cock, she had had to control herself not to tear his clothes off of him, for she had been dying to try it to see what it was like, the stories her friends told her piquing her interest, but she had been too shy to initiate anything of the sort, having only touched a boy’s cock when he had placed her hand on it himself.

She remembered how excited she had been, extracting it from his zipper, feeling it in her hand, so warm, so hard. Having only a vague idea of what to do, she began licking it like an ice cream cone, then took the head between her lips, tasting him, the pointed tip of her long tongue stabbing into the slit where she tasted the pre-cum that was forming, immediately liking the taste. She had just started to take a bit more of it into her mouth, when without any warning it exploded and cum began spewing into her mouth, coating her tongue and sliding down her throat, causing her to involuntarily gulp, swallowing rus escort it. Not knowing what to do and not wanting to make a big mess, she had continued to suck on Billy’s cock until no more cum was leaking from it. She remembered how proud she had felt when she sat up and saw him sitting back, his mouth hanging open, his face registering total shock.

She also remembered loving the taste of his cum. After that, there was no way she would miss out on sucking the cock of her date before the evening was out, though she steadfastly refused to let any of them fuck her, not feeling like any of them were the right one for the first time.

She was sitting in class reminiscing about that first time, watching Noah dreamily, though not really paying any attention to what he was saying, when she suddenly realized that she wanted him to be the first one to fuck her. She had to suppress a moan, some of her classmates glancing over at her wondering what was going on, as she realized that what she wanted to do, what she intended to do, was not only totally crazy, it was dangerous. But as she sat there thinking of all of the things that she wanted Noah to do to her, she realized that nothing was going to stand in her way.

Noah Grimes was 51, and as far as he was concerned, he was in the best shape of his life. He was just arrogant enough to know that women couldn’t help finding him attractive and he had spent his life taking advantage of that fact. He had early on discovered that he had the gift of explanation, which boiled down to he had a knack for being able to explain anything that he himself understood in such terms that anyone he was explaining it to could also understand. He was a natural teacher.

He also had a thing for just-legal young girls, the ones who had just turned 18. Something about their fresh nubile flesh brought out the most depraved, lustful thoughts in him. He had always had an eye out for the right girl in his classes, only teaching seniors. When he spotted the right one, he knew exactly how to play her, slowly leading her along until it was she that begged him to help her, to give her what she wanted.

It was a dangerous game. Not only could he lose his teaching license, but there were legal ramifications related to his being a teacher and the girls his students. He also had to consider the psychological makeup of each girl. It was far too common for girls of that age to become emotionally attached based upon a sexual relationship. They hadn’t yet learned that the two didn’t necessarily go together, that they could be mutually exclusive. That was something that he had to take pains to teach while at the same time maintaining the relationship. The most likely way for him to be discovered would be because of an unhappy, vengeful young girl reacting badly to the idea of the relationship ending, though that usually happened at the end of the school year anyway and nature took its course.

Of course, it was also an impetus for Noah to move on from school to school every 3-5 years, always using the excuse that he wanted to share his gift as widely as possible, in as many parts of the country as possible, as each area had its own societal pressures and influences which always had to be taken into account when teaching. It wasn’t just teaching knowledge, it was also frequently countering local mythology, superstition, and prejudice, each of which was present in some form everywhere that he had ever been.

Having just finished four years at one school and successfully finding and grooming a lollipop each year, as he thought of them, he was more than ready to move on to a new place where the only thing that people knew about him was his reputation as a brilliant educator. The 25% increase in salary that Memory High had offered had made everything even easier and more plausible.

The 25 students for his special class had been selected by the school, much to his dislike. He would have preferred to pick the students himself. Right away he had noticed Zoe. Her face fascinated him. He had to consciously control himself when teaching the class not to continually stare at her. Her smoky-grey eyes and sultry voice always made his cock twitch and he dreamed of filling that wide mouth of hers with his cock, wanting to hear her gurgling as she gulped down his cum.

He decided to see if he could make Zoe his next conquest and set about his well-tried routine. The first thing that he did was explain to the class that he wanted their attention on him, not each other, and that to that end he was going to arbitrarily assign seating, changing it every month. It was easy enough to manipulate the results so that Zoe was in the front row, and even though she might change seats each month, she would remain in the front row until Noah decided that it was no longer necessary.

The next thing that he did was to write comments on all of her work, of which there was a lot. Noah required a lot of extra reading yenimahalle escort and problem solving exercises with each day’s homework. Normally, Noah would only include comments that he felt just had to be made on a student’s work, but with Zoe’s work he commented on everything, the good and the bad, though always honestly and constructively. He was first and foremost an educator and very proud of the results that he got in that regard.

Standing in front of the class as he taught, always facing them, whatever he might want to write on the blackboard already there, ready for him to point to, his eyes were constantly flicking to Zoe, her long slender legs sticking out from beneath the short skirts that she wore. Just once Noah yearned for a good enough look to see whether she wore panties or not. Her thick chocolate nipples drove him crazy, especially when he’d see them hard and poking out against whatever T-shirt she was wearing that day. He’d feel a tightness in his crotch as he imagined sucking and chewing on them.

Noah also gave a pop quiz each day at the end of the class and it could be about anything that they had covered to that point in the school year, so staying on top of the material that he gave out was imperative to getting a good grade. It drove him crazy sitting behind his desk to see most of one of Zoe’s inner thighs as she sat at her desk, never sitting with her knees pressed together. He imagined what it would be like to taste her pussy, to feel her cum on his tongue as he ate her to orgasm after orgasm, her virginal flow a veritable ambrosia, a nectar of the gods.

Shaking himself out of yet another reverie caused by his growing infatuation with Zoe, Noah saw that the class was ending and that they were getting ready to leave. He sighed inwardly when Zoe twisted to the side and then bent over to retrieve her books from the floor, her short skirt pulling up enough so that Noah was treated to a view of most of her slender ass cheek. He found himself alone in the classroom wishing that it hadn’t ended, that it would go on forever so that he could continue feasting his eyes on Zoe.

Zoe was going crazy with her now obsession about fucking Noah. She was making her pussy sore, masturbating so much, picturing his cock plunging in and out of her desperately hungry pussy. She wondered if he’d find her sexually attractive. She knew that she didn’t have very big breasts, not like some of the other girls. He was so handsome that he must have had lots of girls, she figured. Why would he be interested in her? Would he fuck her in the ass if she asked him to, she wondered, pumping a carrot and a cucumber in and out of her ass and pussy at the same time, or would that disgust him?

When she went out on a date, she’d practically destroy the boy’s pants to get to his cock, almost manically sucking on him, desperate for that magical feeling of a cock exploding in her mouth followed by the feeling of hot cum coating her mouth and tongue. It was all she could do not to succumb to her desires, not to mention the boy’s, to feel a real live cock throbbing in her pussy.

Zoe was standing outside of Noah’s classroom with a few of her friends before class started one day.

“Zoe, you’ve got a crush on someone, don’t you?” Maisie asked just as Noah walked up. “You’ve been so earth to Zoe lately. Only a boy can do that. Who is it, Zoe? Are you sucking him, fucking him? You can tell us?”

“I-I can’t tell you,” Zoe stammered, embarrassed, knowing that Noah was hearing every word that they were saying.

“Do you like sucking him or fucking him the most?” Maisie persisted, the other two girls laughing.

“I-I can’t tell you,” Zoe insisted, refusing to give in to their peer pressure. “It’s personal, private.”

Zoe felt mortified sitting in front of Noah during that class, knowing that he had overheard every word that they had said and wondering if she had ruined any chance that she might have had to get close to him so that he’d fuck her. Even though she hadn’t answered Maisie’s questions, they had been asked and they implied that she either had or was considering having a boyfriend. What would Noah think of her if he thought that she had a boyfriend or was fucking some boy?

Zoe felt very self-conscious during class, imagining that Noah was constantly looking at her, which he was. She knew that she was being a silly little girl, having the hots for her teacher, especially in light of the fact that he was more than 30 years older than her. She couldn’t help wondering if he found girls her age attractive.

“Zoe, what are you doing?” Maisie hissed at her during class and she realized that she had once again been daydreaming about Noah, imagining his big cock — it just had to be big — in her mouth blasting a huge load of cum down her throat.

But what had attracted Maisie’s attention was the fact that she had been absent-mindedly pinching and pulling on one of her large chocolate nipples, which was easily visible through the thin material of her T-shirt. Blushing, she looked up and saw that Noah was looking her as he sat at his desk while they were supposedly working on the assignment that he had just given them.

Without making it seem obvious, she slowly let her short skirt hike up on her thighs, also letting her legs spread further apart. Seeming to be concentrating on the assignment, she continued to pinch and pull on her hard nipple, feeling her pussy getting increasingly wetter as she did so. Watching Noah out of the corner of her eye, she could see that he was watching her. She wondered if he could see her panties, knowing that they were soaked with her juices.

“Zoe, what on earth were you thinking of?” Maisie asked after school that day when they were at her house, purportedly studying together in her bedroom, sprawled on her bed. “Mr. Grimes was watching you. He could see you playing with yourself.”

“I wasn’t doing anything of the sort,” Zoe replied, her face flushing.

“Zoe, you were playing with your nipples,” Maisie said in disbelief. “If I could see it, then Mr. Grimes could see it. He was watching you.”

“It’s all in your imagination,” Zoe insisted, feeling her pussy getting wet again at the thought of Noah watching her playing with herself.

“Were you thinking of that special guy you won’t tell us about?” Maisie asked. “I just know that you’re fucking him. Why won’t you tell me who it is?”

“It’s nothing,” Zoe said, blushing as she pictured Noah’s big cock sliding into her pussy, shuddering as a mini-orgasm rippled through her body at the thought.

“Zoe! Did you just cum?” Maisie gasped in astonishment.

“Don’t be silly,” Zoe replied, flushed, still feeling the lingering effect of her orgasm.

“I’ll bet your panties are absolutely soaked right now,” Maisie laughed. “God, you just came! Who is he, Zoe? Please tell me. I’m just dying to know.”

“I-I can’t say,” Zoe replied.

“Oh, Zoe, why are you being so difficult?” Maisie asked in exasperation. “Your horniness is catching. My pussy is totally soaked, too.”

“Really?” Zoe asked, astonished. “But why?”

“Just the thought of you fucking some boy,” Maisie replied, laying back and pulling her skirt up, rubbing her finger furiously on her pussy over her clearly wet panties. “You’ve always been such a quiet one. Are you also that quiet when you’re fucking?”

“Don’t be silly,” Zoe replied, blushing when she recalled the fact that she mewled like a kitten when she’d play with herself.

“Maybe we could double date,” Maisie suggested. “You can watch me and I’ll watch you.”

“What do you mean?” Zoe asked.

“I want to see you fucking,” Maisie replied, “and I want you to see me. Wouldn’t that be fun? Maybe we could even trade boyfriends for a fuck.”

“Now you’re being totally ridiculous,” Zoe said, unable to move her eyes from Maisie’s finger sliding up and down in the wet furrow of her panties, shuddering as she came again as she wished that it was Noah’s finger sliding up and down her own pussy.

Noah was totally distracted for the rest of his day, the sight of Zoe’s wet panties filling his mind with ravenous thoughts of what he’d like to do to her. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop on her conversation with her friends, but they hadn’t been taking any pains to make sure that nobody heard them. He became enraged at the thought of Zoe fucking some boy, sucking his cock. He wanted her for himself and he knew that if she was interested in a boy her own age, that he’d have no chance of implementing his plan to make her his sex toy for the current school year.

He couldn’t help wondering about who had captured Zoe’s interest and found the fact that she wouldn’t even tell her best friend who it was intriguing. When he thought about her behavior in class, seemingly absent-mindedly playing with her nipples — they were gorgeous, so nice and thick, and the way they stuck out like chocolate candies made his cock twitch in his trousers — he entertained the thought that perhaps she was interested in him.

It wouldn’t be the first time in his teaching career that one of his students had come on to him, but knowing a bit about Zoe’s personality, it gave him pause. Normally a shy, quiet girl, never speaking up in class unless called upon, he thought that perhaps she was just too shy to let him know directly. Maybe she was afraid of being spurned. The fact that she had been playing with her nipples, combined with the way her skirt had worked its way up her slender thighs to finally reveal her panties, gave him hope. The idea of bringing out and releasing her latent sexuality filled him with trembling lust.

It was the end of the school day and Noah was sitting at his desk grading papers when Zoe entered his office, to his great surprise.

“Hello, Zoe,” Noah said, smiling at the beautiful young woman. “How can I help you?”

“I-I was wondering how I was doing in your class, Mr. Grimes,” Zoe said, standing in front of his desk.

“Well, let’s see,” he said. “Why don’t you come around here and we’ll check,” he said, bringing out his students’ leger and opening it as Zoe moved around the desk to stand nervously next to him.

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