His Women (3)

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Actually Ryan was ecstatic, Kim and now Annie pregnant with his offspring, he’d dreamed about a family of his own, a large family, he wanted to celebrate, he considered a party at home but that didn’t seem fair, Annie wasn’t available so he decided it would be just him and another person.

“Wanta go out and play Sweetie?”

“What are you trying to get?” Ursula asked.

“Would ‘into your panties’ be a sufficient answer?”

“You know that’s an offer I’ll never turn down, what do you wanta do?

“I want to party ’til we puke, get a room, fuck you silly and sleep to noon, sound good?”

“And what are we celebrating?”

“I’m gonna have two kids, Annie, Jada’s mom, I knocked her up, too.”

“No shit, Jesus bro, you’re firing some potent pellets.”

“Year and a half and you’ll know how potent,”

“I can’t wait.”

“Yeah you can, now go put a little overnight kit together, I want a filet and a lobster, some nice wine and some pretty pink pussy,” he patted her ample bottom and said, “go.”

God, she got wet just thinking about it, her big brother chose her to celebrate with, she quickly showered, put on minimal make-up, dressed to the nines and was out as quickly as possible, it took an hour and a half, she looked like a well fed porn star, he gave her a little wold whistle and a light kiss on the lips, they set off.

The dinner was fantastic, Ryan had the filet and lobster, she cheated, normally vegetarian she had four ounces of Kobe beef, pan seared rare, seared sea scallops with a devilish delicious sauce, an arugula salad blessed with avocado quarters and a raspberry vinaigrette and, a serving of roasted asparagus spears with a topping of sesame oil, butter and balsamic, a pear tart and, they shared a bottle of Dom.

She was giggly as he took her up the elevator to their room, “Did you enjoy dinner?”

She said, “Oh my God Ryan, I ate like a pig, didn’t I.”

“Well, did you enjoy it?”

“I think it’s the best I’ve ever had.”

“Wanta go down to the lounge and, maybe dance a little?” She asked.

“Sure, sounds like fun Sis.”

Her moves out stripped anything he could do outside of a dojo, Ryan watched, eyes were welded to his sister’s ass, men, sure, but it was the women that amused him, damn, Ursula could have bedded twenty guys and an equal number of females had she chosen, it was time to go. As they walked out he patted his Sister’s ass for everyone’s entertainment and amusement. There were a few catcalls and light applause as they departed.

“Bet you could have made ten grand tonight with that money maker,” he chided her.

“Ten grand or ten inches, I want the inches,” she said as she stroked his cock through his slacks.

In the room he treated her like a date, he kissed her neck, nibbled her ear lobes, took her down onto the bed, crushed her lips and sucked the breath from her open mouth. His hand caressed her fine breasts.

Hot breath was at her ear, he whispered, “I’m gonna fuck you like I own you, I’m gonna go down on your sweet, sweet pussy and I’m gonna go up your big ass.”

“Go away you don’t own me damnit,” she spat, she didn’t like how he’d talked to her.

“Settle down Sis, I’m just messin’ with you, but, let me tell you some truths. There are two times in her life that a man owns her, when he takes her virginity. She thinks they’ve created an unbreakable bond, she gets clingy, she’s his. He thinks, hey, I’ve harvested my first cherry. Move on.”

“You got my cherry, is that how you felt?”

“No, I didn’t harvest it, did I? You gave it to me, hunh?”

“I guess.”

“No, that wasn’t intimate as the first time I sodomized you, was it? Tell me how that feels.”

The big girl started to tremble, Ryan held her as her body shook, that memory, Oh God, that memory, she’d never forget, maybe never want to. Her on her belly, his weight on her back, his fingers, lubricant laden fingers between her legs, the coolness as he used the lubricant on her, he slid higher on her thighs, she felt the pressure, he had her, he told her what to do.

“Deep breath and push out,” he’d said. She did, just before she screamed. He was in her, and he owned her, she couldn’t argue, anal sex staked a claim on a woman’s body and her soul, she managed to rasp out, “Yes Ryan.”

Now he had her again, he stood and turned her, her back was against his chest, slowly he began to undress her. She was wearing her nicest clothing, her top fell away then her skirt, she’d worn a brassiere, now it fell to the floor, she still had her shoes, thigh highs and panties, he stroked her femininity through the thin silk, izmir escort bayan she knew he was feeling her wetness, she moaned.

“That’s my girl,” he said as he bent her. Her hands supported her, he lowered her underwear and entered her from behind. She gasped then settled back into his arms as he fucked her hungry cunt. He walked her to the bed, she was on hands and knees as he pummeled her. She arched her back, his big cock was powering deeply, she cried out, moaned, panted and prayed for more, she heard him.

“You didn’t do as I told you, you deserve a spanking.”

“Whyyyyyyy,” she gasped.

“”I can smell your ass.”

Oh Christ, he’d told her to give Kim an enema and have one herself, she did Kim’s but forgot her own.

Ryan was fucking with her, in fact he reveled in her fragrance, deep forest mossiness, a richness that only Mother Nature could duplicate, he reached for the Swiss Navy Silicone lubricant and laid the bottle on the bed.

He gave another little chuckle then fingered her tight round brown circle, “Yep, I can smell you,” he teased.”

“She was embarrassed, she didn’t want to stink, she pled, “I’m sorry.”

He chuckled again, “You’re Ok, better than Ok, you’re wonderful Sis,” she heard as his cock came out of her cunt and his tongue tasted her nether hole, she fell to the mattress as he gave her analingus until she clawed at the sheets as she came. The lubricant was there beside her, Ryan used it then mounted her superb posterior, flat on her tummy Ursula felt her big brother slide into her, she caught her breath as he began to stroke her.

And then pain, unimaginable pain, as though she was a victim of Vlad Dracul, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, he’d taken her quickly and at the extreme of his length, she screamed then tried to push him off, he slammed her and forced her down.

“Get your ass up, get your fucking ass up,” he snarled.

She raised herself to accept his onslaught and he pounded her. Ursula was wailing, the pain was intense but even worse this was Ryan doing this to her, he flipped her onto her side, she looked over her shoulder to see her brother taking her like she was a slut.

“Pull your legs up, pull your fucking legs up, show me that asshole. She pulled herself into the fetal position as he pistoned into her, she buried her head in the pillow and sobbed. Why, Oh God, why was he doing this to her? She didn’t understand.

He turned her again, now he had her on her forearms on the mattress and her ass way up in the air, he was riding her hard, it was like he was pulling her guts out with each back stroke, and on the last one more came out than cock. He had his hands on her abdomen, he felt the disturbance building in her gut, Ursula felt it, too, she was going to shit, she lurched forward as he pulled out, flat on her belly, there was an explosive fart followed by diarrhea like crap oozing out like lava from Vesuvius, she broke into tears, she’d never been so humiliated in her young life.

Ryan had avoided the shit storm, he looked at his Sister, fecal matter was on the backs of her thighs, her ass and the sheet under her, fortunately there was a rubber sheet under the top sheet.

“Go get yourself cleaned up, I’ll take care of this,” he told her.

Still sobbing she negotiated her way to the bathroom. Ryan gathered up the sheet and took it down to the laundry room, he started the washer then went back up, got a fresh sheet and made the bed, he also sprayed the room with Fabreze and opened a window, her ass was near perfect but her shit stunk.

She was in the bathroom for nearly an hour, not so much from necessity but from her shame, finally she slunk out, with head down she mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

“Close the window and come to me Ursula.”

He waited until she’d complied then he took his lovely sister onto his lap.

“Know why this happened?” He asked.

“Cause you were fucking the shit outta me in the most literal sense,” she suggested.

He smiled at her attempt at humor then said, “There’d have no shit to fuck out of you if you’d followed my instructions and had an enema, would there?”

Her lips were pouty as she acknowledged, “No.”

“No, there wouldn’t, you should have done as I instructed.”

“What are you going to do Ryan?” She fearfully asked.

“What should I do?”

“Did you finish your bowel movement in the bathroom?”

“I don’t know, I was so distraught that I just kinda lost it.”

“Ok, let’s deal with that first, we’ll use suppositories, go get two, they’re in the little fridge in the downstairs bedroom.”

When she went in Tina was buca escort still awake, “What are you doing awake Gram?” Ursula asked.

“Kinda hard to sleep with all the noise, what happened?”

In abject embarrassment Ursula confessed, “I pooped in the bed.”

“Oh My, how in the world did that happen?”

“Ryan was in me and when he pulled out I pooped and he wasn’t finished.”

“What is that you need in here?”

“He’s going to give me two suppositories to be sure I’m cleaned out then he’s going to finish.”

“Well, I guess all’s well that ends well,” Tina said.

“I don’t think it’s going to end well at all, I think I’m going to get a spanking,” Ursula mumbled.

“That doesn’t sound fair, pooping is a normal bodily function and having him in you is what caused the accident, I’m going to talk to him.”

“No Gram, please don’t,” Ursula asked.

“I most certainly am,” Tina retorted, “Come on,” as she marched up the staircase.

“Ryan, Ursula thinks she’s going to get a spanking for what happened, is that so?”

“My Sister is an astute girl.”

“Because she pooped? You’re the one that stirred up her bowels, that hardly seems fair.”

“Somehow it seems there might be a short circuit in your information, her spanking won’t be for the poop episode.”

“So tell me, what happened?”

“Let’s have Ursula give you all the information,” he said. She’d hung back, she was outside the bedroom door. “Come in her Sis, tell Tina why you’re gonna get spanked.”

She dragged herself forward, “Sit down Gram,” Ursula said to her.. “It’s my fault what happened, I disobeyed him. He told me to give Mom an enema and to take one myself, I gave one to her but didn’t take one myself.”

All Tina said was, “Oh.”

Ryan said, “Let’s get started then, Sis, come over my lap for the suppositories.”

After she’d gotten into position he lowered her panties just far enough that he could expose her anus, he parted her tanned cheeks and fingered in the first glycerin bullet. As he did he pushed it well into her rectum then kept his finger in her until her muscles contracted around the pellet then pushed in the second, again, his finger stayed implanted until her body took control, he pulled her panties back up.

“Lie here on the bed until they work,” he told her.

It may seem strange that three people could hold a normal conversation when one was laying on the bed while two suppositories did their work but that’s what occurred, until finally Ryan said, “Tina, you may want to leave, what we’re going to do won’t be pretty.”

Ursula said, “You can stay if your want to Gram.”

Tina elected to stay and see her granddaughter punished.

Ursula got up and traipsed to the bathroom. Normally Ryan would have her bathe but he wouldn’t be using his mouth on her. They heard the flush and she returned.

Ryan gave her a little smile, he wasn’t gonna burn her up, the embarrassment and humiliation she’d endured was nearly sufficient but he felt obligated to get a few tears, he said, “Take off your top and come over my lap.”

Now topless he laid her down, her breasts hung freely beyond his left thigh, he began to spank. She took twenty strokes, her butt was hot, burning when he said, “Lift your hips, the warm-up’s done,”lid her panties off.

She knew that the thin cotton panties offered scant protection but she also understood his psychology, taking her panties, baring her added to her humiliation. He returned to the task at hand, so to speak.

Ursula had sense enough to soon begin sobbing, she knew that was what he wanted to hear. Ryan looked at her pretty, firm buttocks, she was barely pink but that was Ok, he slipped a hand between her legs and stroked her until she was cooing.

“Punishment’s hell, isn’t it?” He teased her.

She answered with an orgasm.

“Your pussy’s nice and wet, now let’s get the rest of you slick so we can finish what you so abruptly terminated.”

“Tina, since you’re here why don’t you help, take off your clothes and come over here. That’s my girl, now get comfortable, I want you sitting up, put a pillow against the headboard for your back. Spread your legs, come on, show me that pretty pussy.” “Ursula, I want you on hands and knees, now crawl up between Tina’s legs and rest your head in her lap, that’s right, now ass up and head down.”

“Tina, reach back and spread her cheeks for me.” “Ursula, I’m going to take things slowly to begin, pay attention.”

“If you’re going to take a woman anally you need to relax her mind and body. Make love to her, stroke her, kiss her, get her aroused, I like to izmir escort give her an orgasm or two before you begin to prepare her.”

“Add lubricant to your finger and gently rub her anus, talk to her softly as you do this until you feel her outer sphincter relax, add more lube to your finger and insert it into her anus, you’ll meet some resistance from her second sphincter, press gently until it yields, pass through it, your finger is now in her rectum, encourage her, ask her, doesn’t that feel nice, leave your finger in her, it will help her inner sphincter to relax. Now you need to lubricate her heavily, once she’s ready move up and press against her then tell her, we’re ready, take a deep breath and push like you’re trying to poop, then tell her, push. As she does, gently but firmly press into her, congratulate her on doing a good job. Once you’re in her slowly begin to pump her, she’s now fucked.”

“Why are you telling me this stuff Ryan?” Ursula asked.

“So you’ll know exactly what I’m doing; now push Sweetheart,” he told her, and his cock was in her.

“I’m going to go all the way into you before I start to fuck you.”

As his cock filled her Ursula uttered a low moan, as he began to fuck her she softly chugged.

“Tina held her, stroking her face, rubbing her shoulders and back, crooning, “It’s Ok Baby, just relax it’ll be all right, I’m here for you.”

Ursula realized her bare face was against her grandmother’s groin, the young woman could smell the older woman’s vulva, Tina spread her legs wider exposing her pink inner core.

Ryan continued to slowly thrust, he said, “She’s magnificent, isn’t she Tina?”

Tina was stroking Ursula’s hair, as she answered she drew her granddaughter’s face closer, she answered, “She’s absolutely beautiful,” then gasped, “Yes Baby, Oh God Yes,” as she felt warm breath then a hot tongue.

Ryan smiled as he watched his Sister’s chestnut hair bob. He thrust a little harder a couple of times then released. As he pulled out he watched as semen oozed from her distended anus.

Ryan got up, went to the bathroom, washed his cock, came back and retrieved a gift wrapped parcel from the closet then sat down to watch.

Tina shuddered then moaned as she came, Ursula stayed on her feasting on her lovely ejaculate before sliding up her body, she kissed the older woman with the passion of a lover.

“Ladies, that was beautiful, now break it up. Tina, could I ask you to go in and gossip with Kim, I’d like to speak to Ursula privately.”

Tina donned her scant clothing and departed, Ryan closed the door.

He smiled at his Sister. “Did you like that?” He asked.

She smiled back at him, “It was nice.”

“How about when I was in you?”

“It still hurts a little when you go in but I liked how you were gentle with me.”

“And that Dear Sister is how I want to be with her.”

“Wha…wha…what do you mean, with her?”

“Ursula, don’t try to deny, I know, you want to fuck her just like I did.”

Ursula trembled, she’d said it to her Mother but how did her brother know, yes, she wanted to fuck her Mom, but how did he know?

“Here’s the rules, until it’s confirmed that she’s pregnant her pussy is off limits, once she’s pregnant you give her daily vaginal massages and begin fisting her, she’s in her forties, she needs to be prepared to deliver and that will help and, she kinda likes anal sex so her tight little bootie is yours, fair enough?”

“Ryan, what in the hell are you talking about?”

“You want her, I’m giving you limited access, and here’s a gift.”

He handed her the gaily wrapped box, “Open it Sis, I think you’ll like it.”

Ryan left the room and the house after he’d given her gift, she tore off the bow, ripped the gold paper and opened the gift. She first saw the leather, she thought it was a belt until she pulled it out, not a belt although it would fit around her waist, under it was a faux phallus, when the two items were paired it became a strap on dildo. She wondered if he had the house bugged, she’d whispered to her mother that she wanted to fuck her and Ryan knew. She climbed into the rigging.

A few beers, a dozen garlic hot wings, a lost bet on the damned game and Ryan went home. He peeked into Kim’s room, curled up around each other like two kittens were his Mother and Sister, Mom’s panties were off and Sis was still sporting her artificial wood, someone had gotten fucked and someone else had fucked for the first time, the aroma told him it had been anal; good girl, she’d listened.

Tina was downstairs, she was sleeping until she felt his fingers spread her labia, he was behind her spooning, she sighed as he took her. His semen was like a sleeping potion, he was still in her when the arms of Morpheus reached out for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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