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I left the office very early today. I was out of there at 11am, I must be crazy!

Why did I leave so early? I’m not feeling sick, hung-over or anything like that. But I had an irresistible reason for playing hookie today.

While I was enjoying my first steaming hot cup of coffee this morning I received a very exciting sms from my naughtiest secret. His message was very straightforward, he was horny and he wanted to fix the problem as soon as possible. This suited me very well as I had been thinking the same thing only a moment earlier.

I finished off my urgent work, packed up my bag, made a poor excuse and left the office, heading off to my house for a little bit of morning loving!

Now I must point out that this is NOT something I would normally do! In fact, nothing about meeting this man for mid-morning sex fits in with what I always thought were my basic set of morals.

When I arrived at home I quickly tidied the house, and put a pot of coffee on to brew, the warm chocolate aroma of the coffee filled the house within minutes. I put an album of our favorite rock ‘n roll into the CD player and sat down on the couch to await his arrival.

When the doorbell finally rang I grabbed my keys and opened the gate for him; he parked on the driveway in front of the garage and as soon as I laid eyes on him I felt my stomach muscles tighten. He is not much taller than me, but then I am only just short of six feet myself; he has broad shoulders and a strong chest with wonderfully powerful arms. He wrapped those arms around me now as we greeted each other with an embrace bursa escort and a warm, passionate kiss. He must have showered just before coming to visit me because I could smell the fresh soap on his body. I closed my eyes as I breathed in the warm, clean scent of his body, a glorious mix of wild flowers and strong man. Mmmmm!

I took him into the house and made us each a cup of the hot coffee, we sat talking for a few minutes. I drank in the sight of him sitting in my lounge, it almost seemed normal. Except for the wedding ring on his finger.

When he emptied his coffee mug I stood and walked over to him. I slowly pulled my red blouse over my head and then I unzipped my jeans and let them fall to the floor. I stood in front of him wearing only a black lace bra and matching g-string. His eyes lit up and he could not resist me.

He reached out with his left arm and pulled me onto his lap, I straddled him and kissed him, exploring him with my lips and my tongue. I kissed his eyes, his lips, his chin and his jaw, then I kissed down his neck while deftly unbuttoning his shirt. I ran my hands along those strong shoulders and slipped his shirt from his arms. Now that his chest was bear I traced my tongue down to his nipples and sucked each one in turn.

All the while his hands were touching my body. Caressing my breasts and running the length of my thighs, then his hand brushed against the lace of my panties and I gasped with pleasure as I felt him touching me through the thin fabric. My excitement was building and I soon unzipped his jeans, releasing the erection from within.

“Look bursa escort bayan what you bought me, I am a lucky girl,” I teased him with a naughty grin on my face. I stood in front of him again and slid the g-string to the floor. I straddled him once more and this time I took him inside of me. I did it slowly, riding each inch of him, feeling the head of his cock spreading my lips and running up inside of me each time. Then I had to have all of him and I sat down fully on him, feeling his wonderful head reach right up to the top of me.

I tilted my hips towards him slightly as he grabbed my arse and pushed me up and down the length of his shaft, each stroke filled my body with an electric tingling which quickly overwhelmed me as I came forcefully, screaming his name with pleasure.

As soon as I was finished convulsing from the orgasm he told me he would like to move.

“Do you remember that photo you sent me on my mobile yesterday? You were bent forward over that counter,” he gestured towards the kitchen. “I want to have you there now.”

I stood up and walked on shaky knees to the kitchen counter, he was right behind me and as I bent over the counter he entered me from behind. He thrust himself deep into my slit. The wetness from my first orgasm started running down our legs as we moved to the rhythm of our lust. Soon the moans of pleasure were pouring from me and I could hear him joining in on the chorus. Moments before I reached another orgasm he pulled out of me and before I could protest he swept me into his arms and took me into the bedroom.

He laid me escort bursa on the bed, kneeled in front of me and spread my legs. I felt his hot tongue run between my folds and around the pearl of my clit.

“You taste like honey and wine my angel.” He looked into my eyes as he licked my juice from his lips and then he inserted a broad finger into me. His tongue continued to dance around my clit and between my lips as he bent his finger up in a “come hither” motion and brushed my g-spot. As I felt my inner walls tighten he hitched my feet over his shoulders and penetrated me again. We reached an amazing climax together then and lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes.

A refreshing shower was in order after all this exercise and I took his hand and led him to the bathroom, by the time the water was warm enough to get into the shower he was hard again and we fucked in the shower with the water running over our bodies. First facing each other, then he turned me around and took me from behind, then facing each other again.

By this stage my knees were getting weak and I turned off the water, we got out of the shower and I reached for my towel. I carefully dried the water from him, then he took the towel from me and returned the favor.

Once again we went to the bedroom.

“Choose a position,” he told me, “the one that feels best for you and gives you maximum pleasure.”

I smiled naughtily at him and kneeled on the bed, presenting myself to him. He slid himself into me and we fucked like horny animals. Harder and faster than anything I had experienced with him before. I had one, two orgasms before I finally felt him explode into me.

We collapsed onto the bed in a sweaty, quivering mound of sexually exhausted bliss. Now I know why I left the office early today; THIS MAN IS AMAZING!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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