Horizons Ch. 09: New Beginnings Pt. 02

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This is the latest chapter in a multi-part story. Please check out what came before.

I may be done with Jody and Ellie. There wasn’t much in the way of reader comments from the last chapter so I feel like maybe they’ve run their course.


I got to work the next day and everything was normal. Same desk, same co-workers same everything. I didn’t feel the same though. Jody and I had discussed this outing of our relationship and had decided there would be no grand proclamations. If someone asked, we would answer. Neither of us were big on PDA so that shouldn’t be an issue. I wasn’t 16, I didn’t need to make out with her in public, so everyone knew she was mine.

We had gone from not being in each other’s lives because we didn’t know each other, to being together all the time to spending nearly a year not speaking. I was certain people would be confused. Sometimes I was still confused. Jody was so much better at not overthinking this than I was.

My day went as every first day on campus had. Then I went home, cooked dinner for Timmy and I. Talked to Jody and went to bed. The next few days repeated more or less the same way.

“Timmy lets GO! I do not want to be late.”

“TIM mom. No more Timmy.” He yelled from the bathroom. He had informed me he was a Junior now and didn’t want to be called Timmy anymore. He was finally ready, and we left. I couldn’t wait until he got his license and a vehicle. The plan for him to use Jessie’s while she was gone went down the tube when her’s broke down for good three days before she left.

I got into my office and my phone went off.

Jody- have a great first day with students ?? you

Me- thanks hun. Love you too

Jody- see you after work

Me- ??

We were going out for a movie and dinner. We hadn’t spent much time together in the last few days, so I really needed this.

I was more than a little anxious about how the day with students would go. Timmy. Tim has no apparent issues with our relationship, but I wasn’t sure how his peers would be. When they found out. Or my co-workers. Or the parents. I heard my phone vibrate and checked it.

Jody- deep breaths

Seriously, it was like she was magic.

Me- I know I’m trying

Jody- no trying. Just do it El

Me- I’ve gotta go. The kids are starting to arrive.

Jody- let me know how it goes. I’ll pick you up at 5:15

I didn’t get to reply before I had to get to welcoming the students back and the rest of the day’s activities. It was 2:45 and the day was over, and I was packing up my stuff before I thought of Jody and our night again. Even that got interrupted by Tim. “I’m going to Kyle’s. Take my bag?”

“Okay. I’m not going to be home until later tonight.”

“Right, I remember. Have fun. Tell Jody hey if I am not home before you leave.”

“Tim?” He was already heading out of my office, I had to call him back in.

He peeked his head back in,” yeah?”

“How was your day?”

“It was fine mom. Nothing from anyone. It was fine. Bye. Love you!”

I let out an audible sigh. I wasn’t sure if ‘nothing from anyone’ meant no one said anything, or no one said anything negative. There wasn’t time to ponder that long when there was a knock on my doorjamb. It was Tina.

“How’s Jessie liking college? I already miss seeing her around here.”

“She’s loving it so far. But it’s only been a few days.” I chuckled.

She laughed a little too. “A couple of us are going for drinks to celebrate surviving the first day. Any interest?”

I smiled at her then told her no, “Sorry I already have plans with Jody. Have fun.” I added the ‘with Jody’ to start to normalize us again.

She smiled back. I couldn’t tell if there was more to the smile than normal. I knew I needed to not worry about it, but I still did. “Have a good night. See ya tomorrow.”

I finished gathering my stuff and Tim’s bag and headed to the lot. I made it to my suv without being stopped, a rare event. I was home by 3:30 and enjoyed a long hot shower. We weren’t going anywhere fancy, but I did my hair and makeup anyways. I slipped on my favorite pair of jeans and a shirt that made my blue eyes pop, or at least that’s what Jessie told me. I was just about to pull on my boots when I heard my front door opened, I had given her a key when we got back together.


My heart jumped.

“Upstairs.” I yelled to her.

I had both boots on when she arrived in my bedroom doorway. She had straightened her hair. I loved her waves, but the straight hair was sexy as hell. I stared at her in the doorway before I walked over and kissed her. I didn’t want to let go. Her back was up against the doorframe as we kissed. Her leg moved to my hip; my hand had already claimed her breast.

“El.” She panted out. I silenced her with a deeper kiss.

“Shhhh.” My lips were on her neck now. God, she smelled so good.

“Ellie. We have a reservation.” I didn’t currently care and kept my mouth and hands moving. One was making canlı bahis its way down to the top of her jeans and started unbuttoning them. She moaned into my mouth as my fingers moved lower.

“Mom, Jody. I’m home.”

“Fuck.” I slapped the doorframe in frustration. Jody slipped around me and fixed her jeans.

“Ellie, dinner.” She gave me a quick kiss, took my hand and headed downstairs, pulling me along with her. I wiped the pout off my face as we got to the landing.

“What’s for dinner.” Tim asked when we walked into the kitchen.

I put $20 on the island. “Whatever you get yourself kiddo, we are going out.”

“Oh, I see how it is now. You two make it official and mom you stop even trying to raise me anymore. Poor Tim has to make it on his own now.” He gave me his best puppy dog pitiful eyes.

I rolled my own eyes at him. “That’s exactly how it is. You’re 16, you can take care of yourself. I’ll take the money back in fact.” I went to reach for the cash, and he grabbed it.

“Kidding mom. Jeez. You two kids go have a good night. Be home before curfew!” He walked out of the kitchen laughing.

Jody was giggling right along with him. I wondered how long it was going to take me to get used to the kids knowing. As usual I pondered why she was always so much better at this stuff than I was. I let out a sigh.

“What’s up hun?” Jody asked me.

I shook myself out of my thoughts, “Nothing. Ready? Who’s driving?”

“I’ll drive.” She gave me one last kiss before we left the house. I let go of her hand as we hit the front door. She took it back. “El.” She gave me a look.

“Sorry.” It was going to take me awhile to get used to this.


Dinner was nice. I still couldn’t get Jody to order a beer. I hated that she had made such a huge change because of me, but I also loved her for it. We talked about nothing and everything. I hadn’t asked her how Kevin was doing since the night we told them about us. We ordered a piece of cheesecake to share and I brought up the subject.

“He’s still fine. Really. He actually wanted me to ask you if you would take him up to campus before orientation and show him around and introduce him to the people you know.”

I smiled, “really?”

“Yep. I’ll warn ya, I think he wants to meet every person you know there.”

I laughed. “Orientation is Wednesday right?”


“Okay I’ll take a half day Tuesday and bring him up. Tell him to print up his schedule and we can find all his classrooms too. Maybe we will hit a movie after.” I loved that he wanted me to do that with him.

“I think he would love that El.” She took my hand as she said it.

The waitress was coming over with our cheesecake and I almost released her hand. I caught myself though and held it as we shared the cheesecake. I leaned in a little, “I love you.”

She smiled, “Love you more.”

That wasn’t possible. I stared at her as she took another bite. I remembered the first time I had ever seen her in that desolate mall. I didn’t want to go to that race. I didn’t want to be in that mall. I didn’t want to be anywhere with Evan. Sometimes it really got to me how much a small change of direction can totally alter a life. I couldn’t imagine never meeting her or meeting her at a different time when our lives wouldn’t have lined up. Even with all the hell I had put us through. I could feel myself smiling. I squeezed her hand.

She looked at me with a hint of worry. “Everything okay?”

“Everything is perfect. You are perfect.” I pulled her hand up to my mouth and kissed it. She flashed her sheepish grin. I loved that grin.

We paid the bill and headed out hand in hand. We were a few steps from the Jeep when I heard my name.

“Ellie!” I turned and it was Tina and a couple other women from school. My heart started beating fast.

“Hey ladies!” I could hear my voice tremble a little. They all had met Jody long ago. “You all remember Jody right?”

There was a round of ‘hello’ and ‘nice to see you again’ then some polite small talk before they said goodbye and headed in the restaurant. Jody and I turned back towards the Jeep and each got in. I was about to put my seatbelt on when Jody leaned over and kissed me, hard. She left me nearly breathless.

“Damn.” I caught my breath, “what was that for?”

She ginned. “You never let go of my hand when your co-workers came over. That’s what that was for.”

I just looked at her. I hadn’t even realized that.

“I know.” Again, she knew my mind better than me sometimes. “You let go of it at your own house El, but didn’t in a bright parking lot around women you work with. “

I smiled, “progress.” Then laughed a little. She started the Jeep, put it in gear and took my hand. I sat back in the seat; I wasn’t ready for the night to be over. I closed my eyes as we headed back to my house. When I opened them again we were not at my house, we were at Jody’s. I turned to look at her. She was already getting out. I didn’t waste time joining bahis siteleri her. I was ready to finished what I had started in my room.

She unlocked the front door and stepped inside. I followed. She shut and locked the door and I closed the distance between us. I just stared at her, how had I gotten so lucky? Before I could finish formulating the question, her lips were on mine. I started to speak, to ask her something when she said, “With Joe’s parents for a few days.”

The kissing increased in pace, our hands all over each other. I wanted to take time to soak in her warmth and scent, but she had other plans. Her mouth was everywhere, her hands pulling my shirt then my bra off, landing far away from each other. She had me at the couch, I wasn’t even sure how we got there. I was pushed into the cushions, she climbed on my lap, straddling my hips. I was hardly able to catch my breath.

She devoured each breast like they were her last meal. My back arched; my head reared with every touch. She was in my ear, telling me how much she loved me. I moved her hair out of her eyes, stared into them as her hands moved south and her mouth found mine again. My own hands were playing with her through her top. I went to remove it, she told me no.

Her mouth followed her hands. She unbuttoned and tugged on my jeans. I lifted off the couch a little to make it easier for her. I was throbbing with need. She kissed and teased me through my panties. I could feel myself soaking them with each touch. I wanted them off. I needed her full warmth on and in me.

She moved from my mound and kissed and ran her tongue along my inner thighs. Her hands were on my hips then my ass then under it. She pulled me down further. She was back on my lap kissing me. I swirled my finger around her nipples, pinched and rolled. She was slowly rocking on my lap, one hand reaching behind her, rubbing me, more of my juices soaking my panties. I ran my fingers through her hair, my other hand rubbing her core through her jeans. She filled her mouth with my breast again. “Fuck Jody. Fuck”. I could feel the fire starting to burn deep.

She lowered herself down my body again, kissing every inch of skin as she went. She removed my soaked panties. Trailed a finger up and down my slit. My head went back into the couch as her feather light touches sent electricity everywhere. Slowly the finger delved into each fold then in to find my gspot. She pulled it out and it made its way back up and in and down and deep. Over and over again. I was moving my hips to meet her everytime she went deep. A second finger joined, massaged and tickled everywhere. Her mouth nipped at the skin on my inner thighs. She was driving me wild and she knew it.

She put her other hand on my stomach as she put her mouth on me. Her fingers stayed on their slow in and out, in and out path. Her tongue tracing every warm place between my legs. Flicking and licking everything. The fire burning at my core was getting hotter. I laced my fingers through her hand, my other going to her head, holding her there as she began slowly sucking every piece of sensitive skin. She took my swollen clit between her teeth just a little, her tongue flicked and added pressure. She alternated that and sucking. I was losing control of myself.

Her pace became faster and firmer. My body was pulsing and quaking then exploding. She stayed holding me in her mouth, her tongue lapping up every drop as my body quieted. I was still trying to recover when she came up and sat next to me. We kissed. “I fucking love you.” I told her.

“I know.”

We were still kissing. I moved my hand to the top of her jeans and unbuttoned them. Slipped my fingers between the fabric and her. She was wet. Very wet. “Take them off.” She did. I could smell her as she removed her panties. I needed to taste her. Fill my mouth with all of her. My hand went up her shirt first. This time she didn’t tell me no when I went to remove it. I nibbled on her nipples through the blue lacy bra. Fuck I loved everything about her. I could barely control myself. I claimed her mouth with mine as I removed the bra. I kneaded and squeezed her perfect boobs. Licked and flicked her nipples, took my fill of them in my mouth. My hand was rubbing her very wet slit.

The need to taste her was starting to overwhelm me. I laid her down more and dove between her legs. My first lick gave me the taste I wanted so badly. I needed more. I thrust my tongue into her, licking every fold, more of her flowed into my mouth. I inserted two fingers and began thrusting as my tongue took care of her clit. I stopped and went back to her boobs and mouth. She licked herself off my fingers in between kisses. I ground on her, our juices mixing. The scent we created pushed me over the edge.

I buried my face again and brought her to the edge repeatedly before I finally let her tumble over. My face was soaked with her. I licked my lips, kissed my way back up to her mouth. Our tongues danced again for an eternity as we held each other.

I pulled the bahis şirketleri blanket from the back of the couch over us. It wasn’t cold. I spied the time. It was after 10. Fuck. We both had work in the morning. “I don’t want to leave.” I put my head down on her.

“I hate that you have to.” She kissed my head and moved my wild hair out of my eyes. If Tim wasn’t home I wouldn’t leave. We both knew this. But he was. I sighed. I knew he wasn’t going to be with Evan anytime soon. He was livid at his father for his behavior the other day. He had told him not to bother coming to any of the upcoming races. We laid there like that a little while longer before we both got moving. I found the scattered pieces of my clothing and began getting dressed, Jody did the same. My shirt was by the front door. I laughed.

“What’s funny?”

“Us. We are like hormonal teenagers.” She was next to me as I put my shirt on. I reached for her and kissed her. “See. I can’t keep my hands off you.” I ran my hand down her face. “I love you.” I felt like I didn’t tell her that enough. I double checked that I had everything. “I’m sorry you have to drive me across town.”

“I’m not. It’s more time with you.” One last kiss and we left for my house.


I sent off a few emails at work to people I knew at the college. By the end of the day I had Kevin’s day all planned out. I opted to take the whole day off so we wouldn’t be in any rush. I knew how detail specific Kevin was and I didn’t want to rush him through any of this. I shot a quick text off to Jody to let her know.

Me- I set everything up for Kevin at the college Tuesday.

I was heading out the door as I sent the text. Tim was waiting for me in the parking lot. He had practice and was anxious to get home. Joe was grabbing him. Filling in yet again for Evan. I bit my tongue as we drove home. He was hungry and I got together some food for him so he could eat before he left. I heard Joe’s truck in the driveway and watched as Tim got in next to Madi. Joe waved to me as he backed out. I waved back.

I went back into the kitchen and rummaged for my phone in my bag. I found it and saw Jody had messaged me back. A few times. I chuckled.

Jody- excellent

Jody- do you mind if I go too? I’d like to see the campus

Jody- El?

Me- Sorry wasn’t ignoring you was just getting Tim ready for Joe. Of course, I don’t mind!

Mind? It would make the day even more perfect if she came too.

Jody- good! We will make a day of it. Lunch and a movie?

Me- sure. I figured we would start around 9am. I’ll grab you two at 8:45 that day?

Jody- perfect. Now go work on your thesis!

I laughed. I had been dragging my feet on it bad. I couldn’t wait to finish this program in December. What was supposed to fill time when we weren’t good was now taking up time I wanted to be spending with her. I was missing Tim’s race this weekend to put the finishing touches on a project. I promised him it would be the only one I missed of the fall series.

The next few days were just work and schoolwork. Tim went with Joe to the race the night. Jody and Kevin went, and she kept me in the loop all weekend. I checked in with Jessie, it seemed she was settling in nicely to campus life. All the little pieces were falling into place around me.

I went for a long hike Sunday morning. Tim was due to be home around 3. They were camping at the venue and wanted to get some trail riding in before they came back. Jody and Kevin were stopping for a movie before they came back. I had a lot of hours to fill.

I was at the top of Mount Greylock, had started the hike at the very bottom. I took in the view then made my way down the side a little, a place I loved to sit and read with all the sky surrounding me. I texted Jody so she knew I was safe at the top. I settled in and passed the time inside the pages of a good book.

I read for a while then made my way back down the mountain. I texted Jody so she knew and went home. I spent the next few cleaning up and cooking. Tim was happy for the hot food when he got home. We were eating when my phone went off.

Jody- miss you.

I sighed. I missed her too.

Me- miss you more

Jody- we will be home around 7. Any chance you’d come over for a few?

I asked Tim what his plans were, he said showering and sleeping. He was exhausted from the busy weekend.

Me- of course. Just text me when you want me

Jody- I want you

Me- ha ha. Text me when you’re home and I’ll come over. ?? you

Jody- love you too. I’ll text ya later.

A few hours later she texted again, and I headed over to see her. The first thing I noticed was ‘sale pending’ on the realtor sign. I knew it was reality, but I hated seeing it. I heard a knocking at my window and looked. It was Jody. She didn’t move to open my door. I unbuckled and opened the door. She was looking at me like I was about to break. I was confused. I had just gotten there.

I stepped out and shut the door. Before I could ask her what was wrong she was hugging me. “Are you okay?” I was still confused.

“Yeah, why? I just got here.”

She broke away a little and looked at me, “you’ve been sitting out here for 10 minutes hun.”

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