House Boy Loses Control

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Casey had played with his ass lots of times. He loved waking up and sliding his finger in and out. Teasing himself. Even just rubbing his hole made his cock stick straight up.

But Casey hadn’t never taken a real cock before. He had played with a hairbrush and a sharpie. He even had a dildo under his bed at home. But Daddy’s cock was completely different.

When Daddy was holding him in the shower, Casey felt like there were two beer cans being pressed between his buttcheeks.

Casey wanted it so bad. He wanted to lick up and down Daddy’s dick until it was covered in his saliva. He wanted to choke on it until he couldn’t breathe. He wanted to ride it until Daddy filled him up like a good boy.

Goosebumps broke out over Casey’s ass as he heard Daddy’s footsteps coming down the hall. He stuck his ass even higher up in the air, giving Daddy a perfect view of his round ass.

Casey did more yoga and squats than any Instagram model. His stomach was tight and thin but his perky ass stole the show. It was round and delicious and his cute balls hung perfectly in the gap between his thighs.

Daddy lingered by the doorway, staring at the boy. Casey’s perfect little pink asshole was on display between his round asscheeks and the boy was slowly rocking his hips side to side.

Daddy walked towards the dresser, removing a camera and a small glass buttplug. He angled the camera at the bed and then hit the red record button.

Daddy’s tongue started just under Casey’s ass and then worked it’s way up to his tight little hole. Casey let out a soft moan in delight as Daddy swirled his tongue around Casey’s cherry. Then Daddy worked his big, manly hand up the insides of Casey’s thighs.

The boy squirmed as the man shoved his tongue between the boy’s big, round asscheeks. Casey giggled as he felt a hand massage his balls and then wrap around his cock.

Daddy’s tongue lapped at Casey’s hole, eating up the boy’s pretty little ass.

“Get it all wet Daddy. Lick that yummy little hole.”

Casey now pressed his open ass onto Daddy’s tongue, the boy’s cock leaking precum into a small wetspot on the bed.

“Eat my little candy hole, Daddy.”

“I’m going to do way more than eat it.” Daddy grumbled, Ataköy Escort spitting on the boy’s ass.

Casey felt cold, hard glass on his ass. Slowly, Daddy pressed the plug into Casey’s boypussy until the widest section slipped inside. Casey’s ass hungrily swallowed the rest of the plug and Daddy pushed it in until the only portion that remained visible was the pink, heart-shaped gem on the end.

Spit dripped from Casey’s plugged ass down his balls. Daddy released the boy’s cock, leaving it swollen and pulsing just like he had done in the shower.

Daddy walked around the edge of the bed, running his hand over the boy’s back. He positioned himself in front of Casey.

“Open wide, slut.”

Daddy smacked Casey’s cheek with his cock then grabbed Casey’s hair.

“Let’s see what you can do with that hot little mouth.”

Casey opened wide and stuck out his tongue. He felt the swollen tip rub against his lips, then tasted dribbles of precum. He licked it all up. Getting Daddy’s big, fat tip nice and wet.

“What a hungry boy. You want that big dick down your pretty little throat?”

Casey nodded.

“I’m going to make you choke on this dick all night long.”

He grabbed Casey’s hair and plunged his cock into the boy’s mouth. Casey gasped, the tip penetrating deep into his throat.

The boy tried not to choke but it was too much. He couldn’t see but his face began to feel hot and time seemed to slow down until finally Daddy pulled his cock out of Casey’s throat.

Casey panted, strings of spit dangling from his glistening lips. He was out of breath and needed a break but Daddy wanted more.

“Don’t stop now, slut. Get that cock back in your pretty little mouth.”

Casey obediently began sucking. Bobbing his up and down, caressing the underside of Daddy’s shaft with his tongue.

Daddy held the boy’s throat, nearly getting 3/4 of his enormous dick into the boy’s mouth.

Casey started to wiggle his little booty back and forth, the gem on the end of the plug sparkling under the soft bedroom lights. Daddy watched his new boy’s perfect ass in the mirror as he filled the little slut’s mouth full of cock.

He felt his balls start to tighten and he Ataköy Escort Bayan pulled out of Casey’s mouth.

“Mmm but Daddy, it’s so yummy. I want it.”

Daddy rubbed his cock on Casey’s face, spreading saliva and precum over the boy’s lips and chin. The boy anxiously licked, trying to get it back in his mouth.

Casey felt Daddy’s hands rolling him over, guiding him onto his back. Daddy grabbed his ankles and spread him open, testing his flexibility, pushing Casey’s feet closer to his head.

Grabbing his sock-covered feet, Casey held himself open wide. All that yoga had finally paid off.

“Is this what you want Daddy? Your flexible little boy open wide, ready to be fucked?”

Daddy grunted and Casey felt something wrap around his left wrist, binding it to his ankle, then the same on the right. He pulled his hands but it was too tight. There was no getting away.

Then the blindfold was off and Casey could see Daddy towering over him. His barrel shaped cock was pointing right at Casey’s hole and he was holding a camera.

Daddy brought the lens closer to Casey’s face.

“Why don’t you tell us what happened today?”

“Umm. I came to meet Daddy because he needed someone to watch his house.”

A red light blinked on the front of the camera as Casey stared back into the lens.

“And he caught me playing with myself. And now I’m tied up in Daddy’s bed and I want his cock so badly.”

The camera panned over Casey’s fit, petite body then Daddy set it down on the bed, pointed at them.

He reached between Casey’s legs and began to pull the plug out of the boy’s ass. After a few seconds, with a soft pop, he pulled out the dripping piece of glass.

Daddy grabbed the base of his cock and directed it towards Casey’s open hole. Casey felt the tip rubbing against his ass, pressing softly against his opening.

Daddy leaned forward and dangled the plug above Casey’s mouth. Casey opened wide but Daddy tossed the plug aside.

“Maybe next time. I want to hear every sound you make while I take that boypussy.”

Casey gulped as Daddy pressed the tip more firmly. Suddenly, Casey’s ass relented and the massive head slipped inside him. The boy winced as Escort Silivri he felt Daddy’s cock began to fill him.

Slowly, Daddy worked his cock deeper into the boy. It took all his patience not to plunge his shaft deep into him. But he didn’t want to hurt the boy. Not yet.

Casey’s cock had never been this hard before and it dribbled precum all over his perfectly flat stomach.

“What a cute boy, open wide, taking Daddy’s cock nice and deep. You are doing so good.”

Casey let out a soft cry as Daddy pushed in deeper. His hole felt like it couldn’t take any more but he wanted so badly to make Daddy happy.

The boy bit his lip and opened his eyes. Daddy’s hands were holding his waist and he was slowly pushing his cock in and out.

Casey squirmed and finally started to relax. The pain slowly resided into tightness. Daddy’s entire cock was almost inside him when he felt a tingling deep inside his ass.

“Oh my god, Daddy.”

Another push sent electricity through Casey’s entire body. Casey’s nipples stood on end and his cock leapt with every deep, hard thrust.

“Your big Daddy dick feels so good in my tight boypussy. Pound me, Daddy. I want you to use my little ass.”

Daddy started to move quicker, taking deeper thrusts into the boy’s ass, bottoming his cock out in the little slut. Casey’s ass hurt but the pleasure shooting through his cock and the rest of his body only made him want it more.

“Fuck me Daddy. Don’t stop. I’ll be a good boy. I’ll be a good boy. I’ll do anything you say.”

Daddy grabbed the ribbon from earlier and stretched it between his hands. He pressed the fabric into Casey’s mouth and then tied it behind the boy’s head.

“How about you shut that whiny mouth, and take this dick.”

Casey tried to speak but he couldn’t. The ribbon was tied too tight. He started to drool and his cock began to tingle.

“That’s it. Good boy. Take that cock. Daddy is going to fill you up. This little ass is all mine now.”

Suddenly, Casey’s cock began to spasm. Daddy bottomed out in his boypussy, holding him down on his massive dick. The boy’s cock started to spray cum all over. The thick white ropes landed on the boy’s face and his chest.

Daddy slammed back into him, prompting another shot of cum from Casey’s desperate cock.

“Good little cumslut.”

Daddy pulled the soaked ribbon out of the boy’s mouth so he could lick the cum off his lips.

“You’re learning fast, Casey.”

“You’re a good teacher, Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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