House Hunting with Mary

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House hunting with Mary had been relatively easy. She was easy on the eyes for a 40 something realtor. Blonde hair, I suspected from a bottle, but none the less, blond. Nice blue eyes. Big tits, which definitely made touring homes more pleasant. She knew me and my, now ex-wife. She told me she was divorced too. I hadn’t known. Mary knew her real estate and made the transaction go smoothly. A pleasure after dealing with my ex and her snarling lesbian of a lawyer. Fortunately, I had my own snarling lesbian of a lawyer too. In the end, I came out with what I wanted. And a nice new crib to boot. And, no more snarling wife to deal with. Which made certain other activities much more fun!

During the house hunt, Mary had flirted with me, but I figured that was just her way of selling a house. Of course, I could be wrong. One evening, I was sitting at one of my favorite haunts in downtown Durham. Nursing a beer after work, and contemplating the wisdom of ordering bar food, or going home. The kids were with their ex, so the field was clear, but so far nothing had come up. Amber, the chick who sometimes hooked up with me, who sometimes worked at the bar, was nowhere in sight. But, the beer was good and I didn’t really have to be home at any particular time. No after work commitments. Then Mary walked in. She was looking good, for a short chick. White blouse that barely covered her big tits, a pair of gray pants that hugged her curves. Damn, I was beyoğlu escort glad I’d hit the gym more lately. I waived. She is probably meeting someone else here, I thought.

But no, she walked over and slid in the bench next to me. “It’s good to see a familiar face.” she said. “I’m celebrating, by the way.”

“Cool, it’s good to see you too. What are we celebrating?”

“I’m a free woman.”

“But not easy?”

She laughed, “Probably pretty easy. Buy me a drink and find out.” She ran her hand over my thigh and pressed her big tits into my shoulder. Which elicited the expected result. I waived over Nancy, the big titted, big butted waitress and ordered Mary a hard cider, which I knew made her horny from a previous conversation. “You remembered, hard cider makes me horny.”

“Oh I definitely want to make you horny.” I said. The conversation progressed with sexual innuendo to outright invitation. “My place, or yours?”

“Your place is too far away and my kids are at home. I don’t want them to see their mother acting like a bitch in heat. I can get us a comp room at the Marriott.” Which was not a long walk at all. I paid the bar tab and got up. We made the short walk to the hotel holding hands and stopping a couple of times to kiss. At the Marriott, we got a king room on the sixth floor. Riding up the elevator, Mary was kissing me and rubbing her hand on my now very hard cock! I played with her bra encased tits. We sarıyer escort stopped and got ourselves under some measure of control to get off the elevator. Fortunately, no one was in the hall as we looked like a couple headed for a one night stand. Which we were, and I didn’t care.

In the room, Mary didn’t wait long, she grabbed me and we kissed deeply in the hallway leading to the bedroom. Tongue fucking her mouth, I lead her to the couch and pulled her down on top of me as I sat down. I reached around and unsnapped her beautiful shimmering gold 34DD bra. Her well enhanced breasts now pressed into my chest. I grabbed a tit and fed it into my mouth. Licking and sucking, her nipple got hard and very red. She was groaning and grabbing at my cock like a schoolgirl in lust. She unbuckled my belt. I opened her pants and pushed them down. More kissing and I turned my attention back to her boobs.

“God, I hope you’ve got a condom, I really don’t want to take your dick up my ass.” I fished a condom out of my trouser pocket. Trousers that were down around my ankles at this point. Mary went down on my now rock hard cock. Licking it from the base to the tip. Taking it in her mouth and then popping it back out. She licked my balls and scrotum. “Damn, you taste good.”

I opened up the condom and started to put it on my hard cock. Slowly I rolled it down as she kept licking my balls. “Oh you didn’t need a lubed one. I’m wet as hell baby.” maslak escort She said. I pulled her up and took down her panties. She was wet as hell. She straddled me on the couch and took my cock straight up into her wet, waiting cunt. As she ground away, I grabbed her big tits and sucked hard on her nipples Those tasted so good. As Mary started to cum from her grinding, I started to suck harder on her nipple. “Harder baby, suck that nipple – bite it you fucker, bite it!”

Of course, I did bite her oh so tasty nipple and I squeezed her tits in my hands. That sent her over the edge as I thrust deep into her hot wet pussy. She screamed, “Ohhhhh yessssss,…more, more baby, more…ohhhhHHHHHHHH YESSSSS! More! More! More!” And I thrust deeper into her and bit down on her nipple. Then I changed nipples, sucking the other nipple deep into my mouth as I fucked deep into her cunt and she ground away. “Ohhhh MMMMMYYYYY God baby, fuck me, bite me, fuck me!!” She came, collapsing onto my chest.

I continued to thrust into her hot wet cunt. I grabbed her fine big titties and squeezed as I too came inside her. “Ohhhhhh, yeah… Mary. We gotta do this again.”

“Damn, we didn’t even close the blinds.” She kissed me deeply on the lips. It was like tongue fucking. My cock slipped out of her cunt. We sat on the couch breathing heavily and cuddling close. We never did close the blinds. After a few minutes to catch our breath, Mary got up and folded her clothes neatly on the dresser while I watched her appreciatively. The woman did look good naked. I gathered my clothes up and laid them on the bed and then took her by the hand to the shower.

To be continued…

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