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Big Tits

After I retired, I moved to a resort town near a large military base. A lifelong bachelor, I enjoyed the good life, and always had a good time. Although I was 60 years old, my weight was still about 180, distributed nicely on my 6′ 1″ frame.

Shortly after I moved to my neighborhood, a new family moved in. It was a military family, a major Jake, and his wife Bev and their two children Amos and Baxter. The boys were just toddlers, Amos about 16 months, and Baxter almost four years old.

I invited the family over to my pool and soon we became good friends, especially Jake and I. Jake was a good-looking guy, dark hair like mine had been before the gray set in, and tall. Bev, as Jake had told me on more than one occasion had been a petite girl, but after the births of the two boys she had let herself go and was now overweight. She was about 4’10 inches tall, but weighed about 150 pounds. I will have to admit, 40 of those were in tits, as she had a nice pair.

Sometimes after Bev and the boys went home from swimming, Jake would tell me the only reason he stayed with Bev was that he wanted more children by her because she was smart, and had once been a beautiful girl. He confided that he was fucking a couple of women on the base when their enlisted husbands deployed and they were lonely.

In fact, I soon learned that I did not really like Jake too much because he just took it for granted that everybody would do his bidding. I really was glad when he was deployed for a six-month tour to an isolated part of the world.

The day prior to his deployment, he came over and asked if I would watch over the boys and Bev and that he looked upon me as a father figure to both he and Bev. I told him I would. He then said “well, old man, I’ve got to go home and try to knock Bev up again. It is close to her fertile şişli escort time, and I’m hoping to get another boy. When I fuck her, I will imagine it is Angel “(another of his married girlfriends).

That afternoon Bev called and asked if she and the boys could come over. I told her sure, come on. It was a hot afternoon in August, so we lounged around the pool. Then Bev said, “Bill, I want to ask you something. Do you think Jake is playing around?’ I told her I did not want to get involved–then she started to cry.

“Now, now, don’t cry” I told her as I wrapped my arms around her. She looked up and said she just knew he had another girlfriend. I told her he’s a fool if he does. She began to cry again and went into detail on their love life. She told me he used to do oral intercourse at least once a week, now he never does. The total of their sex is that he only has intercourse when he thinks she is fertile, and it is never tender or loving, just ram it in, cum, and go to sleep.

All he talks of sex caused me to get a hard on, which if she looked at my swim trunks, she could see my tent, all six inches of it.

One of the boys cried out from his crib in the sunroom, and Bev got up to check. I took this opportunity to get up and try to hide my hard on.

As I walked past her, I said, “going to get us a drink” and went into the kitchen and mixed a rum and coke. As I came out of the kitchen, she was leaning into the crib, adjusting the now once again asleep baby’s blanket. Her bikini top was loose, and I could clearly see her tits. I once again had a hard-on, and this time she looked up and saw me looking–then she looked at my shorts and blushed.

I went to her, saying “I am so sorry, I should not have been watching you.” She told me it was o.k., and then started crying again. She sobbed that she knew Jake had another girlfriend. I took her in my arms and pulled me to her. She looked up at me with tear-stained eyes, and I kissed her. At first she did not respond, then she darted her tongue into my mouth and our tongues locked. I reached down and picked her up, carried her to my bedroom, and placed her on my bed.

She had stopped crying and said, “I want to get even, Bill, help me get even”. I agreed to, and removed her top and swim suit bottom. I took my shorts down and crawled up on the bed, looking at her big tits and chubby stomach. I kissed the tits, then began to move down her belly, kissing her tenderly. I reached the top of her slit, then darted my tongue into her cunt. She reacted with apparent great satisfaction.

I turned on my back and pulled Bev onto me. She wasted no time in putting her pussy over my face, and I quickly began to lick her clit and pussy lips. Then she took my cock in her mouth, and I lubed a finger with pussy juice and pushed it up her ass. She began to slap her cunt on my face and then had a massive orgasm. I pulled my cock from her mouth, and placed her on her back, and crawled on her, placing my throbbing cock at the head of her pussy.

We were kissing frantically, and then she told me she wanted to be on top. I rolled her and this little girl firmly planted her cunt on my cock, and drove it in. She began to fuck me harder, and I was afraid the sound of flesh slapping flesh would awaken the babies.

I mumbled to her that I should get a condom, and she told me “fuck no, I want all of you”

Once again I put a finger in her ass, and she began to drive her cunt onto my cock. She was moaning that she was cumming and then I shot a massive wad deep into her. Sweaty, exhausted, we continued to gently kiss. Finally both of us drifted off to sleep, awakened by Baxter tugging at his Mommy telling her to get up. Quickly we covered up, and Bev grabbed her top and shorts that were on the floor by the bed. She got up and attended to Baxter, and then put him back to bed.

We slept for two hours, she told me. “God, it was wonderful” and she bent over and took my limp cock between her lips and began to gently massage it. I told her I did not think I could go again until tomorrow, but she persisted and finally I was hard again.

Once again, she was on me, saying “Jake, two can play this game, plus I can one up you by giving you another man’s baby.” After a few minutes I once again emptied into her, but she did not orgasm. So I pulled her by her hips so that her cunt was inches from my chin, and she did the rest by putting her pussy on my face. I licked, sucked, and kissed all over her cunt. Then I put my finger on her ass bud, and she pushed back until my middle finger was all the way in. She began to grunt, moan, and slam her cunt into my face until she shot a great wave of pussy juice all over me.

We fucked about every other day, or more if I could get it up, for the next month. She came over one day, with a big smile on her face saying “hello, papa, your seed has germinated.” She sent Jake an email and told him his last fuck had impregnated her, and his response was sheer joy.

By the time Jake returned, Bev was showing, and to my great surprise, she was as good a fuck pregnant as she had ever been.

After our baby was born (she had a dna test done and it showed the baby was mine) we continued to fuck every chance. Jake was still fucking around, oblivious that his wife was my fuck toy. We had three more babies, and Jake thought all were his, before they resettled several hundred miles away.

We still get together occasionally and fuck like wild animals, but we both agreed no more babies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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