I Tell Mum I am Now a Nudist Pt. 03

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I Tell Mum That I Am Now A Nudist Part 3

The sun was streaming through mum’s bedroom window.

She doesn’t close the blinds as there are no neighbours to see in. Outside her window was a beautiful camphor laurel tree, its fragrance was wafting into the room. A myriad of birds was hopping from branch to branch, sometimes looking towards the ground in anticipation of a worm poking its head above the grass.

I was lying on my back, the sheets kicked off as it was already hot. As usual, I was sporting morning wood. Mum was lying next to me, also on her back one arm draped across my chest.

I took her hand and moved it down to my hard cock. Instinctively, she took a grip on it. I could see that she was arousing from her sleep. Her eyes tried to open but the sunlight caused her close them again momentarily.

“Oh, good morning honey, what have we here?” she murmured languidly as she began to slowly stoke my cock.

“Good morning mum, I guess he just wanted to say hi,” was my pathetic response.

Mum chuckled at my feeble attempt at humour and rolled over and planted a lingering kiss on my lips. She lovingly caressed my dick, taking her time to allow me maximum pleasure. I reached across and gently massaged her breasts. The feeling was sublime, a perfect way to start the day.

Mum began to pump faster, her hand moving up and down the length of my hardened dick. I thought to myself how much better this was than relieving myself as I did most mornings.

It wasn’t long before I could feel an orgasm building in my balls. I didn’t want to delay it, I wanted to give myself over to immediate pleasure.

My cock throbbed in mum’s hand. She pointed it towards her stomach and a massive jet of cum exploded from me, covering her belly and tits.

“Mmmm Greg, that was fantastic, what a load that was,” said mum admiringly.

Thank you, mum,” I replied as I gave her another kiss on the lips.

She lay there for a minute, then said “I have to go to the loo.”

She got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. My eyes were glued to her as she sashayed away from me, her tight bum swaying as she went. I looked down to my dick as it began to soften, thinking how fortunate I was to have such a considerate mother, her only desire, to please her son.

I heard the toilet flush and expected mum to come back to bed. A minute or two later and she hadn’t returned. Perhaps she was in the kitchen getting herself a coffee, so as I was in the need of one too, I got up and headed there. I walked into the kitchen and she wasn’t there.

Hmm, I thought to myself, then it suddenly struck me. I bet Snooky is getting a wake up call, I thought to myself. I tip toed down the hall to Snooky’s bedroom and sure enough, there was mum sitting on the edge of his bed, his cock pointing skywards and mum’s hand wrapped around it.

Good old mum, making sure our guest is having a good time, of course, it’s entirely possible that she was having more fun than he was. I watched on in admiration as mum worked her magic.

“Yes Claire, ohh yesss, I’m cumming,” Snooky gasped.

With that mum wrapped her mouth around his throbbing member, as he dumped a load of jizz down her throat. She sucked him dry, not spilling a drop, as he lay there panting breathlessly.

“Good morning Snooky, I see you got your wake up call,” I joked which got a good laugh from both.

“Better than that crappy music on my phone,” Snooky replied with a smile.

“Now that you boys are awake, we should have some breakfast, Peter, what time are you heading off down the coast?” mum inquired.

“I’m in no great hurry, It’s only three hours from here,” Peter responded.

“Then why don’t we head to the beach for an hour or two, it’s going to be another lovely day,” mum suggested.

“Fine by me,” said Snooky. I nodded my agreement.

“Snooky might like to see your Wicked Weasel mum,” I said.

“Indeed he might, well let’s have breakfast and get on the road. I will pack plenty of water since you can’t drink if you are Magosa Escort driving later Peter,” mum wisely suggested. Breakfast done and the dishes washed we packed the car and headed out on the short drive to the beach.

When we arrived at the car pack, there was only one other car there, which wasn’t surprising as it was early and a weekday.

We walked down the track and turned left as usual, to go to our favoured part of the beach. We passed another couple, perhaps in their forties. The female was topless, her bikini bottom was tiny, and she had even pulled that up to get maximum exposure for her skin. The male was wearing Speedos, which he too had rolled up for the same effect. We nodded and simply said hi as we walked further up the beach to find our spot.

We found our spot, dropped our towels and the cooler with the drinks in it. Mum immediately lifted her sundress over her head, revealing the much anticipated swimwear.

Snooky threw her an admiring glance.

“Very, very nice Claire, you look fantastic, there certainly isn’t much of it is there,” he stated.

“Nope, just as I like it,” mum answered. “I’m going straight into the water, hurry up boys.”

Snooky and I quickly threw off our t shirts and shorts and followed mum down the sand to the water’s edge. We jumped over the small waves breaking on the shore and made our way out to deeper water. The water was absolutely fantastic, certainly not cold, but refreshing on this hot day.

We frolicked playfully like little children, splashing and dunking and generally being stupid. It was so much fun.

After a while, we headed back to our spot on the beach.

Mum got there first and in an instant, she had whipped of her bikini top and bottom. She then got her towel and dried herself off. Mum getting naked was of course our signal to do likewise. The sun felt so nice on our bare bodies.

“Time to put some sunblock on boys. Me first though, can you help me, one do the front and one do the back?’ mum suggested.

Naturally, Snooky and I thought that was a great idea, the only question being who would do what.

I sensed that Snooky would prefer the front, and as a guest, surely, he should get the privilege.

Mum stood motionless as Snooky took the sunblock and applied a generous amount to his hands and then passed the bottle to me and I did likewise.

Snooky started on mum’s shoulders and worked his way to her lovely breasts. He diligently applied the lotion to them, working in circles his hands moving across her nipples which stiffened accordingly. I was massaging the lotion into the soft golden skin of mum’s back, likewise working my way down to her beautiful firm buttocks.

Snooky had moved on, applying the lotion to her stomach and made his way down to her pussy. She parted her legs, so that he could more easily apply the lotion. Mum closed her eyes as she was clearly enjoying the extended attention that Snooky was giving that area.

I put some more lotion on my hands and rubbed it into mum’s legs, completing the job. We had undoubtedly savoured the task as our erect cocks testified.

Mum looked at them admiringly and without a word, took the sunblock, poured a good amount into both hands and took one cock in each and sensuously rubbed the lotion in. It seemed only fair that she returned the favour. She was certainly thorough, perhaps rubbing for longer than required, but who were we to complain.

That job done, mum laughed and said, “You boys can do the rest, I’m having a drink of water.”

No argument I suppose, so we sensibly covered the rest of our bodies with the sunblock.

“Here boys, have a drink of water, you have to keep hydrated,” said mum, being the responsible adult.

I looked up the beach and I noticed that the couple had obviously become emboldened by our decision to get naked and had followed suit. This certainly made me feel a bit more comfortable.

We sat and drank the water, looking out to sea and taking in the serenity. It Kıbrıs Escort was a picture perfect day, very warm but not oppressively so and just the slightest breeze blowing to make it pleasant.

Mum finished her water and said, “Peter, Greg, I have a favour to ask of you.”

“Ummm, sure,” I answered somewhat apprehensively, casting a glance t Snooky, who simply raised his eyebrows as a sign of acceptance.

“Could you get up off your towels and move over there and lie down side by side just a little apart,” mum ordered more than politely requested.

“Okayyyyy,’ Snooky nervously responded. We both got up and did as instructed.

“I have a fantasy that I want to fulfil, I want to give you a golden shower, please say that you will help me, it’s the perfect place for it. You can just wash off in the water if it freaks you out,” mum pleaded her case.

I felt an immediate surge of excitement flow through me. I was absolutely up for it as it was a fantasy that I harboured as well. I never had a girlfriend who would agree to it and I never thought that my mum would be the one to do it.

I had no idea how Snooky would react. Certainly, if he said no, then mum could still have her way with me. I looked across to him. His face had lit up in obvious agreement to the suggestion.

“I’m in mum,” I said enthusiastically,” what about you Snooky?”

Lets do it,” was his eager reply.

Mum moved over to us. She put on leg either side of me and immediately she let flow a strong stream of piss. It landed firstly on my chest, then mum directed it towards my face. I was keen to get some in my mouth, extremely curious to experience the taste. It was warm and salty, not particularly bitter as I might have thought. Also, it was not as yellow, most likely because mum had drunk a lot of water, In fact, she had drunk a large bottle of it, clearly in the hope of building a good supply to wash over us. I was also a little surprised at the force of the stream.

After about ten seconds, mum stepped over Snooky and repeated the process. He opened his mouth wide, keen to accept her piss. Mum swayed her hips, directing the flow up and down his body, making sure that she got plenty onto his face.

I was delighted when she returned to me to give me a second dose to finish off and empty her bladder.

She stood above me. I looked straight up into her pussy, her spread legs affording an unobstructed view of her gorgeous labia. I was rock hard from the experience as was Snooky.

“Oh thank you boys, that was soooo sensuous,” mum said as she gently stroked her pussy. She was clearly wet and hot.

“Mum. Let me suck you dry, I want the last of that piss. It tasted fantastic,” I said

Mum lowered her pussy onto my face. She was indeed soaking wet. It wasn’t just the piss that I was tasting but her juices, flowing freely. I licked and sucked for just a short while and then I said.

“Mum. I need to piss too. I want to piss all over you as well.” I virtually begged.

“I do too, ” Snooky added fervently, “lie down Claire.”

Mum needed no encouragement. She laid down on the sand and Snooky and I stood either side of her. We directed a steady flow of piss over her, working up and down her body, concentrating a stream on her face, breasts, and pussy. Mum was in seventh heaven. She opened her mouth to greedily accept our flood of piss. Her fingers moved to her pussy, and she rubbed herself as we drenched her.

“Oh yes,” she moaned softly, sensing that she would cum from the sheer exhilaration of having her fantasy fulfilled multiple times. Mum was wet from head to toe as she bucked wildly as an orgasm coursed through her body. Snooky and I watched on in awe, our cocks now drained of piss.

I glanced up the beach, and could see that the other couple had been watching our every move. This only made me more excited. The exhibitionist in me was exposed, and clearly that was a trait that I got from my mum.

I know mum had suggested that we could wash off Lefkoşa Escort in the water, but for my part, I was in no hurry to do so. The feeling of my mum’s piss all over me was so sensuous. Snooky and I sat down next to mum.

“Oh, I don’t know how to thank you two. That was just so hot. I have wanted to do that forever. I was happy just to give a golden shower, but to get one in return was beyond my wildest dreams,” she said warmly.

“Mum, I can’t believe it, either. I have wanted to do a golden shower myself for ages and couldn’t get anyone interested. It was everything I hope it would be, “I said enthusiastically.

“I loved it too,” said Snooky “though I admit I never had it on my to do list. I’m a convert now though.”

We went back to our towels and sunbaked for a bit longer, then decided to have one last swim before heading home. It did seem a shame to wash mum’s piss off me.

We dried off and thought it might be fun to walk back to the car naked. We gathered up our things and headed off. We walked past the other couple who were still sunbaking in the nude. They were both lying on their backs with their eyes closed, but I was unsure if they were asleep or just resting. If the man was sleeping, he was having an erotic dream as he was sporting a full erection, which did not escape mum’s attention.

We turned onto the track which went for about one hundred metres to the carpark. There was the risk of running into someone, but none of us could care less. As luck would have it, we did encounter a lone man walking to the beach. We just said a cheery hello and kept walking. He didn’t seem the least bit perturbed. More than likely, he would nude up himself once he found his spot.

It was certainly hot in the car, so we sat on our towels and mum turned the air con up full. Soon we were home, pulling into the driveway and walking straight to the front door, with little likelihood that any of the neighbours would see us.

“Greg, why don’t you have the first shower. I’ll get some cold drinks ready,” mum suggested.

“Fair enough,” I said as I disappeared into the bathroom.

“Quick Peter.” Mum grabbed Snooky and ushered him into her bedroom. She grabbed his cock and rubbed it until it was hard, which didn’t take long.

“I want a quick fuck before you go,” she said as she pushed Snooky onto the bed and climbed on top of his rigid prick.

Expertly she rode him, facing him as he placed his hands on her boobs. Up and down, she motioned, milking his cock with her tight pussy muscles. Snooky did little other than lie there letting mum do all the work.

“Cum inside my Peter,” she demanded, “fill me up.”

That was all the encouragement Snooky needed. He was ready to blow and gripping mum’s waist, he thrust his cock all the way up her vagina, releasing his seed deep inside her,

“Who’s next?” came the call from the bathroom.

“Thanks Peter, I’ll go next,” mum said with a smile “you just rest for a while.”

I walked past mum’s bedroom as she pushed past me on the way to the shower, to see Snooky lying there, a big smirk covering his face.

“You dirty dog, have you been fucking my mother again?” I jokingly remonstrated with him.

“It was her idea,” he said in his defence.

This cracked us up and I sat on the bed and threw a pillow at him.

“It was good to see you mate, I hope you have had a good time,” I said.

“Are you kidding? I’ve had a blast; your mum is a cracker. I wish I could stay longer but the family is expecting me this afternoon,” Snooky replied.

“Oh well. Who knows. Maybe we can do all this again another time,” I said honestly.

Mum walked back to her room after her shower and Snooky took his turn. He dressed rather reluctantly and gathered his bag.

“Thanks for putting me up Claire, I really have had a ball. You are so much fun, Greg is a lucky boy,” Snooky said with a tinge of envy to his voice.

“It was a pleasure Peter,” mum replied as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gave him a big sloppy kiss on his lips.

I gave my mate a big hug and we stood naked and waved him good bye.

“I approve of your friend Greg. He is fun,” I hope I can catch up with him again some day,” mum said as her voice trailled off.

I had a feeling that there was a big chance of that happening.

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