I’ll Fix That

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I was smiling as I left my flat for the party. Naomi was smirking and wishing me luck. Tonight, I had decided, was going to be the night. I was going to some sort of get together at my boyfriend’s house. I was also going to lose my virginity. Mikey didn’t know it yet, but he was going to seduce me.

I met Mikey for the first time on my eighteenth birthday and, as far as I was concerned, he was my present. He’s only a little older than me and normally I like boys who are several years older, even if they do tend to be a bit pushy, sex-wise. I’ve been going out with Mikey for several months now, and I really like him.

I’ve already met Andrew, his father, and he seems quite nice, if a bit rough around the edges. I’m not saying he was crude, or anything like that, but subtle he was not. He tended to just lay things on the line and if people didn’t like it, that was their problem, not his.

Mikey’s mother would probably be there also. His parents had been divorced for ages but apparently it was an amicable divorce and they still got on well together. This would be the first time I’d met his mother.

During our time together, my relationship with Mikey had been steadily getting more serious. We had progressed from kissing to touching to some quite heavy petting. Truth to tell, I’m not sure which of us backed off from going all the way last time we were out. I do know it’s not going to be me tonight. Fingers crossed.

We arrived at the party and a good time was had by all. It was a nice night and the get together was in the back yard. I’m not sure why the party, maybe a birthday or an anniversary or just a let’s have a party type party.

Evening passed and it was still quite warm and we all stayed out in the yard, drinking and talking and just enjoying ourselves. I didn’t drink much. Just a glass or two. I wanted to be fully aware of what was happening later on.

Eventually Mikey enticed me into the house and away from the crowd. By some odd chance we finished up in his room, sitting on the bed, kissing. It wasn’t all that long before Mikey’s hands started exploring and I didn’t do much in the way of resisting.

Mike was running his hand inside my bra, agitating my nipples, and that was fine by me. I liked having my breast touched. It feels good. His other hand had slid up under my skirt and was rubbing me through my panties, an occasional finger slipping under the panties to probe me more closely.

When Mikey insinuated that I should be touching him a bit more strongly I was quite happy to oblige, even though I put on a show of maidenly modesty. His cock was nicely swollen. I could feel it quite well through his pants, but not well enough. Mike looked a little startled when I eased down his zip and my hand wandered inside. Normally I wait until he unzips before I claim my toy.

As far as I could tell, things were going well. The only thing that surprised me was that my panties were still on. I’d been positive that Mikey would take advantage of my lack of resistance to remove them, but he didn’t.

Things were getting hot and heavy. Or at least, I was getting hot, wet and expectant. Lust was rearing its ugly head, but lust looked just fine from my viewpoint. I was breathing hard and Mikey was breathing hard and I expected panties and pants and other sundry items of clothing to be divested at any moment.

That’s when Mikey decided we’d better cool it. We were pushing things a bit far, he said. We really ought to get back to the party for a while.

For crying out loud, what’s a girl supposed to do? I’d have thought having me practically doing a handstand on his cock while waving my legs in the air should have been a pretty broad hint that I was giving a green light. The only way I could have been more obvious would to have been to strip off and scream, take me, I’m yours.

“You go back to the party, Mikey,” I said. “I think Şerifali Escort I’d better just stay here for a few moments and cool off.” (Hint, hint. I’m hot.)

The idiot agreed and shot through. Was he scared of having sex? I just flung myself back on the bed and groaned.

I’d only been lying there a minute or so when Mikey’s father, Andrew, came in. He closed the door behind him and sat on the bed looking down at me. I suppose I should have sat up, but I wasn’t in the mood. I was just feeling somewhat frustrated, knowing I was going to have to lure Mikey aside and start all over again.

“Just saw Mike come out of the house. He was looking a little flustered. Are you doing the right thing by my boy?”

I reared up a little at that. Just what was he trying to imply.

“What are you implying?” I asked coldly.

“Are you sleeping with him,” he asked.

That was blunt, even for him.

“None of your business,” I said, trying to speak calmly.

“To a certain extent, you’re right. You’re both of age and free adults. But insofar as Mike’s my son, it’s my business. Are you?”

“Not yet,” I answered. He’d just keep pushing if I didn’t answer, so I might as well.

“Why not?”

Now he was going where he shouldn’t.

“None of your damn business,” I said, trying to put an emphasis on the words so that he knew I meant it.

“I know he wants to,” said Andrew musingly, “and I could have sworn that you wanted to as well. So what’s gone wrong? Did you have a fight?”

“No, we didn’t. Nothing went wrong.”

Andrew seemed to nod thoughtfully, still looking at. Then, would you believe it, he put his hand inside my top and cupped my breast, thumb rubbing my nipple. I couldn’t believe he’d do such a thing. I just sort of stared at him, mouth gaping.

“Your nipples are erect and the way you press your breasts against my hand shows you like being touched,” he murmured. “Actually, your nipples were already erect so I’d say you and Mike have been doing some serious necking.”

I didn’t say anything. I just snapped my mouth closed and kept it shut. If I’d tried to speak I think I’d have sworn at him. Not that my silence worried him. He just casually took his hand out of my top, flipped the front of my skirt up and clamped his great paw over my pussy. I mean, really. My mouth just fell open all over again from the shock of it.

Andrew squeezed my pussy a couple of times and then started commenting again.

“Your panties are wet so it looks like you and Mike have been doing some fairly hot and heavy touching, but I somehow suspect that your panties haven’t come off tonight, and I don’t think that was you choice.”

“How could you possibly know that?” I demanded.

He looked amused, the swine.

“If your panties had come off they would probably still be off. You would want to wait until you calmed down before putting them back on. Let’s get rid of them for a moment.”

“Say, what?”

He did it. He just took hold of my panties and slid them down. Down, hell. He took them right off, leaving me lying there with my skirt lifted up to my waist, me naked from the waist down.

I have to admit that the next thing he did didn’t really surprise me. It was all on a piece with the rest of his scandalous behaviour. He cupped my pussy and worked a finger inside, probing me. Then he nodded.

“Hot and wet and virginal,” he said blandly. “Do you think that could be the problem?”

I’m like, “What?” I had no idea of what he was talking about.

“You’re a virgin,” pointed out Andrew. “I suspect that you didn’t call a halt tonight, and that means Mike did. Probably knows you’re a virgin and is afraid of hurting you when he takes you. I assume that he knows you’re a virgin?”

I nodded, blushing.

“Well the problem the pair of you are having is easily fixed. Sit up.”

I Göztepe Escort automatically sat up, wondering just how he meant to resolve what he called our problem. Next thing I knew he’d lifted my top off and over my head and, apart from the skirt bunched around my waist, I was naked. Andrew pushed me back to a lying position. Not by pressing against my shoulders. Oh, no. He placed both hands on my breasts and pushed me flat, grinning like a fiend while he did so.

Then he unhooked my skirt and I was completely naked.

“I suppose you’re going to send Mikey in now,” I said in a very small voice.

“Don’t be silly,” he told me. “If Mike wants you he will have to do his own seduction. All I’m going to do is get rid of your virginity for you.”

Say what? I seem to remember saying that already. What did he mean get rid of my virginity?

“Precisely what do you mean by that?” I asked, belligerently.

“Exactly what I said,” Andrew replied. “I don’t beat about the bush. I say what I mean.”

I’d already got the idea of what he meant because his trousers had already headed south. His erection was standing out proudly, and it seemed to have quite a bit to be proud of. He might be twice Mikey’s age but he wasn’t old. He was a mature man with a mature man’s added beef. And it appeared that some of that beef was added to certain appendages.

OK. Question without notice. Your boyfriend’s father has stripped you naked and said that he’s going to take your virginity. What do you do? You don’t know? Neither did I.

Obviously the first thing to do is not panic and try to talk him out of it. I took a deep breath and said, “Ah, er, um, I, that is. . .”

The trouble is I was too busy looking at that erection and wondering what it would be like inside me. And this insidious little voice was whispering in my ear, “You did come out tonight intending to get laid, you know.”

I was still trying to get coherent thoughts and speech together when Andrew got on the bed. Ah, yes, I can hear you thinking. He gently spreads the virgin’s thighs and makes his way gently into her, full of romance and consideration. May I refer you to the library Dewey system, section 382.2? That’s where the fairy tales are.

Andrew just grabbed my ankles and heaved them high and wide. I had to turn my head to look from one to the other, or I would have if that was what I was watching. Rather than looking at my ankles I was looking at my love mound, now on full display in front of me. And just on the other side of it was Andrew’s cock, lining up to dive in.

And that’s precisely what it did. It was a damned good thing that I was already hot and wet because Andrew didn’t even hesitate. He drove down. I felt him pressing against my hymen for a fraction of a second then it yielded, and I squealed in shock and excitement as his cock continued to plummet home.

Andrew was in me, all the way, and I wasn’t a virgin and was waiting expectantly for what would happen now.

Andrew just pressed heavily against me. I swear my whole body was tingling, right down to my toes. I couldn’t wait to get started properly.

“That’s your virginity attended to,” Andrew said calmly. “We can let it go at that if you like.”

Let it go at that if I like. He’d just lifted my legs and punched home, popping my cherry, and was now offering to let it go at that. My face must have reflected my thoughts on that idea because he laughed.

“I didn’t think so,” he murmured. “Anyway, it’s only good manners to finish what you start.”

He let go of my ankles and stretched out on top of me, his hands landing unerringly on my breasts. My legs descended and wrapped around him. Don’t ask me why. It just seemed the thing to do. I felt his cock dragging against my passage as he started moving inside me.

Andrew just pulled back until I thought he was Ümraniye Escort going to pop out again. Just when I was starting to worry he stopped and came back in, a damn sight faster than his withdrawal. It was fantastic. I could feel him crashing into me and I loved it. After he’d done this a couple of time it belatedly dawned on me that I was supposed to be helping, not just lying there taking it.

The next time Andrew drove into me I pushed up to meet me. He grinned and winked at me, making me feel as pleased as Punch, and the sensations of his cock rubbing against me seemed to be intensified. How can a girl not respond when it feels like that?

From that point on things just kept getting better. Every time Andrew came charging into me I was feeling it tearing through my body, little shivers of delight pleasuring me, and each one left me expectant of more. It wasn’t a case of each little ripple being complete in itself. It was more as if every time I felt him drive home a little bit of the delight lingered, adding itself to the next thrust, making it that much more exciting.

I could hear myself muttering and squeaking in delight, begging him not to stop, not to ever stop. I was humping my hips, driving up to meet his every movement, desperate to get every last bit of pleasure from this wonderful experience. And it was all going faster and faster. I was panting, my heart absolutely racing. I’ve never exercised so hard in my life and I wasn’t stopping for anything.

Then there was this subtle change to the way Andrew was coming into me. He seemed to be coming faster and faster, almost out of control but hanging on. Then he blasted in and I felt him ejaculate deep inside me, and keep on doing it.

I’m not a complete ninny. I’ve actually made Mikey blow, laughing at the look on his face as he squirted, but I’d never even considered what it would feel like when it was exploding inside you.

It was like being splashed with hot sticky jelly. It absolutely splashed against me, inside me, and that whole build-up of rising tension took a direct hit and exploded.

I shrieked and my legs just seemed to shoot into the air, back to the position they were in when Andrew was holding them at the start. At the same time I seemed to just grab hold of his cock and hold it inside me, wanting all of his seed.

I think at some stage there I might have actually passed out for a minute. When I was finally able to make sense of the world again I was lying on the bed with Andrew sitting next to me, playing with my breasts.

He grinned when he saw I was watching him.

“You have very nice breasts,” he said, casually rolling a nipple around with the palm of his hand. “However, enough dalliance. You should get dressed and join the party. You may want to take a shower first. Use Mike’s en suite, but don’t be too long or Mike will come looking for you.”

Damn right I needed a shower. I was sweaty and sticky, and I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess at what some of the stickiness was. I had my shower and dressed quickly. I also realised what Andrew meant about how I wouldn’t have put my panties back on if Mikey had had them down. They were damp and sticky and would have been uncomfortable, which is why I’d thoughtfully stowed a spare thong in my handbag. I’d anticipated a need for fresh ones.

I met Mikey as I was heading out the back door.

“I was just coming to see where you were,” he said. “You weren’t sulking were you? I thought it better to cry off for a while before I went further than you’d be ready for. I’ll make it up to you another time.”

I smiled and nodded.

Andrew may have decided to solve one problem for me, but he’s left me with several others. How do I tell Mikey I’m not a virgin and how that came about? Do I tell him or let him find out naturally? Do I want to sleep with him? I’d have to consider that one very carefully now. And finally, how the hell do I get Andrew to repeat that little effort?

Oh, yes, one other. When I get home Naomi is going to want to know if I got laid and how was it. How the hell do I say, “Yes, I got laid but Mikey chickened out, so his father did the job for him.”

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