Imprinted Ch. 08

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I awoke the next day sore. All over. My muscles ached like I’d been through a grueling obstacle course. Nothing much was said when I left the Dean’s house, I think maybe we were all a little shell shocked. No date was made for a repeat performance, I hadn’t asked and neither had they. It was the best sex of my life. I loved it and at the time I wasn’t sure if I wanted anything more. If I could stand it again. The intensity.

Oddly as I lay in bed that night I didn’t think of what we’d done. I thought about Mary-Jane. Specifically what Mrs. D had said. I didn’t want to imprint her negatively. I knew there was no future with her—we weren’t going to live happily ever after. Even if I hadn’t been going back to college in a couple of weeks there was no way I would’ve stayed with Mary-Jane.

I wanted what the Deans had.

I wanted a partner to test my boundaries. To challenge me. To explore. I wasn’t going to get that from Mary-Jane. She was too submissive.

That night when I picked her up I took her straight out to the lake. It was a perfect Georgia summer night. The sky was bright and clear, the scent of pine in the air and the moon full enough that it was easy to see.

I got out of the truck and went around to her side. She looked surprised when I opened her door and held out my hand. It was such a date thing to do and I realized then as she stared at my hand that we’d never had an ordinary date. I led her over to a soft patch of clover. I spread the blanket and lay down, patting beside me I said, “Come lay with me.”

She lay down without a word. I could hear her breath. She was nervous. It was coming hard and fast.

“Are you OK Mary-Jane?”


“About what we’ve done. About what I’ve done to you.”


I turned on my side to face her and propped my head up on one hand. I ran my other hand through the soft tresses of her blond hair. She seemed to like that because I saw her smile.

“You didn’t answer me honey.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. Tell me. Are you OK?”

She rolled on her side to face me, so that we were eye to eye. “Honestly Jake, I’m a little scared.”

“About what?”

“How much I liked it. How much I want it.”

I understood her completely, more than she could ever know. She closed her eyes. I could see Escort bayan how the honesty pained her. I reached over, cupped her chin and stroked a thumb across her lips. She trembled and I worried that maybe I’d already done too much that would imprint badly, “You don’t need to be scared of me.”

Her eyes flashed open. “I’m not Jake. I’m not scared of you. I’m scared of me. Of how much I need this. What you’ve shown me.”

“You’ll find someone honey. Someone to share this with.”

She sighed. “I will?”

“Yes. I’m sure of it. Now you know what you want you just need someone to fill that need.”

“It won’t be you?” she asked softly, even though she knew the answer.

I shook my head. “No honey. It won’t be me.”

The breeze picked up and whipped her hair across her face. I pushed it back. She grabbed my hand and pressed a kiss into my palm. Her words vibrated against my skin as she said, “I’m glad it was you who showed me.”

“Me too.” My throat felt tight. My heart huge at the trust she’d shown me. Letting go of my hand she pulled herself up to sit. “Can you show me some more? Please. Until you leave?”

“Are you wearing panties Mary-Jane?”

She shook her head. In the bright glow of moonlight I saw the quick flash of heat in her eyes.

“Did I tell you to do that?”


“On your knees.”

Her breath faltered in that sweet little hitch I loved to hear and she said softly, “What?”

I sat up and adjusted my cock which was now pushing hard against the button fly of my jeans. “You heard me.”

She got on all fours, her head hanging low and her ass up in the air. I flipped back the filmy floral skirt she was wearing. It fluttered in the breeze. Now bare, the ass that pointed up at me was milky white, smooth and soft. Down lower between her legs her pussy glistened clamshell pink and wet.

I moved behind her, the coarse fabric of my jeans pressed up against her supple thighs. I stroked a hand across the curve of her ass, loving the feel of that warm soft skin against my work roughened hands.

“You’ve been naughty haven’t you?”

She gave a little shudder at my words. “Yes Jake.”

I didn’t tell her what I was going to do. I wanted an honest reaction. I wanted to see her true response as my palm hit her flesh.


She Bayan Escort cried out—in shock and lust.

In the moonlight my hand print shone red on her ass. I ran my fingertips across the hot patch of glowing skin and lifted my hand once more. This time she knew what was coming and she tensed in anticipation. My hand came down, swooping through the air to connect with a crack. Again and again I spanked. First in even beats and then erratically so she wouldn’t know when the next slap would come. She rocked back on her knees and lifted her ass up to meet each slap.

Moans vibrated deep in her throat.

Her ass shone mottled pink and deep red. It became hot to the touch as her pussy below grew wetter. Without warning I thrust into her. Having opened my jeans and donned a condom while she’d been lost in the pleasure of her spanking.

She cried out my name over and over. I didn’t even have to touch her clit to make her come. Her pussy was like a vice, clamping down hard on my cock.

After she’d finished coming I grabbed her hips. Fucked her hard. Harder than I’d ever fucked a woman. She went slack against me. Her elbows buckled and she fell forward, her forehead hitting the blanket. I had to hook my arms around her waist to hold her up.

“Take it! Take it!” I cried out over and over until my cum filled the condom and I pulled out, collapsing back onto the blanket.

I was laying flat on the ground, limbs starfish when she crawled on top of me and nestled her face into my neck. I felt wetness and realized she was crying.

“Did I hurt you?” I felt sick at the thought.

“Not bad. A good hurt.”

“You’re crying.” I still didn’t quite believe her—I moved my head and tipped back her chin so I could see her eyes.

“I know I am. It was just intense. That’s why. Too intense. That’s why I’m crying. Do you understand?”

I thought back to the pool lounge, the feel of Mr. D inside me and I nodded. “Yeah—I do.”

When I took her home Mary-Jane thanked me. She looked almost relieved. Her honest thanks and her understanding of what she really wanted made me wonder if I should thank Mr. and Mrs. D.

I was no longer scared of the intensity of the feelings I’d discovered with them, I was grateful for them. Mary-Jane had shown me. I was grateful Escort to her too.

I decided that the next time I saw Mr. and Mrs. D I’d ask them for more.

* * * *

I went to the house early again, hoping to catch Mrs. D alone. She wasn’t in her robe when she answered the door this time and she looked surprised to see me. I wondered if I’d done the right thing and then she smiled, grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house. She didn’t let go of me once I was inside, instead she wrapped her arms around my waist and laid her head on my chest. She hugged me and let out a loud sigh. When I too sighed she pulled back and looked up at me.

“Jacob. I’m so glad to see you. I wasn’t sure I’d see you again. You looked rattled when you left us last time.”

She was wearing a dress that tied up in a bow at her waist. Her hair wasn’t down, but pinned in a loose kind of curly bun. She looked younger. Sweet.

“I was rattled. I needed to do some thinking.”

She took my hand and led me out back to the kitchen. “And did you? Think that is.”

I took the same stool I did last time. She went to the fridge and got me a drink, sitting the glass on the bench in front of me.

“Yeah. I thought, and I went to see Mary-Jane. The girl I told you about.” She nodded, said nothing. So I went on, “I asked her how she felt. We talked and then she thanked me. Told me she was grateful to me, and that she wanted me to show her more.”

“How did that make you feel?”

I swallowed, suddenly nervous. What if I asked for more and she said no. What if they didn’t want anymore from me? What if once was enough for them? I had to know, even if there was the risk of being rejected, so I said quickly, “I realized that I was thankful to you and that I wanted more. From you. From Mr. D.”

I closed my eyes—too frightened to meet her gaze in case I saw the rejection I feared so much. Her cool fingers cupped my face. I looked up to see her eyes shining with unshed tears. “Oh Jacob you are the sweetest boy. Lucas and I were so worried that we’d broken you. Shown you too much too soon. I’m so glad you came back.”

“Will you show me more?” I asked.

She kissed me for the first time, her tongue meeting mine. Heat shot through my body and I realized I wanted her as much as I wanted Mr. D. She pulled back from the kiss still cupping my face in her hands. “Yes. I’ll show you more. We’ll show you more.”

She stepped back and held out her hand. I stood up from the stool and placed my hand in hers, ready to follow her, wherever she wanted me.

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