In Confidence

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I worry sometimes about the things I have said to you in confidence, but the spoken word comes not back, and I can only hope my trust has not been misplaced.

You are here now, just outside my door. You’ve already informed me that you’ll be my Master today.

I’ve played with words, teased, shared my fantasies and played along with yours. There is proof. Whatever happens I know I will deserve it.

I stand inside the door that I have already unlocked. I’m wearing a simple green halter dress that ties around my neck. It’s loose fitting, and flows down to my mid thighs. I have nothing underneath.

You rap once, turn the knob and enter. I back up just a little to let you in. I wait in apprehension for what may come, and know that I’ve asked for it.

You close the door behind you. I haven’t dared to look at you, keeping my eyes turned carefully, respectfully down. I think it’s what I’m supposed to do. You unclip your myriad of phones, keys, wallet etc, and place them on the table nearby. I can feel you looking at me.

My wait is not long. You pull my chin up with your hand, tilting my head back and pull me closer to you. You clear the back of your throat loudly, while reaching for the back of my head with one hand to hold me in place, and using the fingers of the other to open my mouth. I hear the sound I expected, and immediately feel and taste the mucus you’ve spat inside my mouth.

‘Swallow,’ you tell me, your voice a low, harshly whispered command.

I obey.

You push me to my knees there.


Your belt is loosened, pants unzipped, cock freed. The head is brushed over my lips, and they open for you, but you hold yourself away from me. My mouth follows in the direction you dictate for a while, and you laugh.

‘Want to suck, slut?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, eyes fixed on my target.

You begin to jerk off in front of me, watching me follow your every move, mouth hanging open slightly in a silent plea. You rub it all around my lips, over my eye, up into my nose, finally plunge into my open mouth.

I can hear the groans of pleasure as you stroke my throat and I swirl my tongue over you the way I know you like it. I apply the right amount of pressure with my mouth, cup your balls with my hands. You hold my head, guiding my speed. Sloppy wet noises join your groans, and soon you begin to stiffen and shudder for me. Your cock swells in my throat, jerks and then I can feel the creamy, bitter liquid filling my mouth as you continue to stroke. Some spills out the corner of my mouth and runs down onto my chin, and I gulp to swallow as much as I can.

You pull me to my feet after, and kiss me. A deep sensual kiss, tasting the traces of your cum in my mouth.

Your hands are running up my legs, and when you get to my inner thighs you find that the juices from my naked pussy have already leaked there. Evidence of how much your slut enjoys servicing you.

You slide your fingers over my slippery sex, diddling the clit a little, then slip two fingers up me. I’m tight with excitement. You groan in response when you realize.

There is a rap on the door, and I startle and stare, wondering who could be interrupting us.

It’s a man I’ve never seen before, and he’s already inside. I wonder how long he’s been there.

You are unperturbed and continue stroking me.

‘It’s open,’ you respond with a snigger to the company you are apparently expecting.

‘Thought I’d better join you now, or miss out completely.’ He says, watching us.

‘Yeah,’ you tell him with a smile, but you’re looking at me, and thrusting your fingers into me harder now.

I know he can see your hand disappearing and twisting back and forth under my dress, and see my hips responding.

He comes over and stands beside us, just as you bring your mouth back to mine, and kiss me again.

Your other hand is pinching hard at my left nipple and I groan with the pleasure and pain of it, forgetting him for a second.

My respite is not longer because he reaches his hand to my free breast and feels me up through the cloth of izmit escort bayan my dress.

A flash of fear and confusion returns to my mind as I realize this is actually happening to me.

I can hear and smell my juices slicking onto your hand.

Taking your hand from my crotch you break our kiss to shove your fingers into my mouth right in front of his face. I suck them greedily.

He has pulled the cloth of my halter out of the way, and is now feeling my breast with his hand. He holds it in place, and lowers his lips onto it, then slips his hand down to my crotch, replacing yours. Now he knows exactly how aroused I am. He rubs my clit with all his fingers flat against me, then dips the tips into my pussy, and tracks back up again. So different from the way you do it…. But oooh! Yes, it feels good.

I look at you to see your reaction to what’s happening.

You’re watching the place where his hand is covered by my dress, then looking into my eyes. You lean to me and kiss me, deeply, with your tongue dancing over the inside of my mouth.

I think I know what will happen if I don’t do anything about this, but I can’t be sure. Then I realize as I try to speak that my mouth is full of your tongue, and what I’m saying sounds like a murmur of pleasure.

My confusion mounts as my breasts are mauled simultaneously by very different techniques.

The fingers you had placed in my mouth are gone, and I feel them reaching behind me. One of them works its way into my ass, then two.

The murmur has turned to the low grunts I usually make when my ass is penetrated.

He has his fingers up me now, so I know he can feel what you’re doing to me. His lips have claimed my neck, and he’s sucking on it in a way I know will show for days to come.

You release me from the kiss we shared, move to suck at my breast. Fingers move and wriggle in my pussy and ass while I gasp and struggle to stand.

When you feel me collapsing you say ‘Lets take her in the bedroom.’

Just like that everything stops moving inside me, but nothing is taken out.

You lead me that way… with my legs slightly straddled and your fingers and his still inside me. I’m guided to the bed. Finally, I’m empty, and you tell me to lie down on my back. I do, and simultaneously open my legs like a good little slut.

In an instant you are both beside me again, and your fingers find their way back into my puss and ass. I moan as you both slip third fingers into my holes.

You are taking turns kissing me, moving down to my neck and breasts, then back up and to my ears, as I moan and shiver in response.

I know that while one of you is kissing me the other is sometimes sitting up and looking at what’s happening between my legs.

My hands have run over your chests, down your bellies. I reach for your cocks, both of which I can feel are hard. I wonder at the differences in shape… he is harder than you and a little more curved. But think you’re both about the same size.

The thrusting fingers are so insistent now that I’m squealing, feeling like I’m going to rip open from the merciless pounding and friction. I paw at you both, but I can’t do anything that makes sense.

My back is arching.

I can feel the tingling from my groin spreading through my body, to my back, down my legs, into my toes.

The spasms start in my groin, jerking my clit.

My pussy grabs, my ass farts.

I can hear sounds half-way between gasp and grunt coming from my throat as the spasms hit here too.

As I’m coming down I feel the fingers being drawn out of me.

He follows your example and slips the fingers from my puss into my mouth for me to suck, and kisses me over them. He lets the kiss deepen as he takes his fingers away.

I wonder vaguely if he can taste you on my lips as well as my puss. I hear the creak of zippers and the rustle of moving cloth, but I can’t see beyond his face when I open my eyes to try to peak at what’s happening.

He stops kissing and nuzzles around my face, an odd intimacy from someone I don’t know. ‘What are izmit eve gelen escort you peeking at? Hmmmm?’ He opens his mouth over mine, teasing, licking at my top lip and the tip of my nose, then at the corners of my mouth.

While I’m still looking into his eyes I feel something warm and thick rubbing back and forth between my still-open slit. I gasp as it presses over my clit, and he sinks his tongue into my waiting mouth. I feel your hands on my hips, adjusting my position. The thick thing is pressing at the opening of my vagina now, pressing deeper and deeper into my stretched wetness. I groan into his mouth as your cock begins to thrust inside of me.

Unh, yeah, stroke me.

You keep at me, holding my hips to you, my head rocking to your rhythm.

He breaks the kiss, but he doesn’t look at you, he looks at me, and at his own crotch. I see now that he’s taken out his cock, and he’s rubbing it right in front of me. Moving onto the bed fully he sits beside my face, turning his hips to me.

I’m mesmerized by the sight of his hand moving slowly, smoothly back and forth. His tip is slick and oozing slightly. He brings it to my lips, lets the juice smear over them and my nose as your thrusts move me. I lick my lips and reach for him with my tongue but he keeps it out of reach, still stroking.

You have noticed his little game. You lean down on top of me, and lick my exposed ear.

‘Want him?’ you whisper loudly.


‘What you want from him?’

You feel so hard inside of me, pushing my legs back, grinding deeper.

‘Nunnnngh! (gasp) unnngh!’

‘Hmmm? What you need?’

You lick my ear and I shiver.

‘Cc…cc….co… Oh! ….co…ock!’ I manage to gasp and groan out.

‘You… already… getting….. cock!’ you tell me.

‘Unh, huh,’ I’m still staring at him. One of my arms has wrapped around you. The other is reaching for him, but he slaps my hand away.

You… need…. more…. cock?’

Unh, yeah….’ I tell you.

‘His… cock?’

‘Yeah, uuungh, yeah,’

‘Tell him,’ you insist, grinding me even harder, nipping at my ear.

‘I… want…your…cock,’

He feigns a look of surprise, and holds up the thick shaft slightly, teasing me even more.

‘This?’ he says, still stroking. ‘Where? Where you want it?’

‘Mu….. mouth, AHHH!’

You’re biting hard at the back of my neck, making me scream, as my head snaps back in reflex, unable to stop you.

He swiftly ends the discussion, moving forward and cutting off my scream with the thrust of his cock down my throat. Unprepared, I gag on it but he is merciless. He pushes hard again, I gag more, and my eyes water.

‘Yeah, take it,’ he tells me, but after a few more thrusts he eases back, and lets me work on him, taking him back in and then out, and gagging and swallowing around him.

I can tell from his jerks and grunts that he likes it, the nipping around his shaft, the swirling tongue around his head.

You are moving back down my body now, sucking on one breast while he releases some of his tension by squeezing the other so hard I cry out, but I’m muffled by his cock.

You’ve pulled back to my pussy’s entrance, and you pause there while my body begs for you, then you slam into me again and come up close, grunting and thrusting.

Watching him fuck my mouth is too much for you.

You shudder and I feel the pumping, unh, yeah, inside me. You’re still hard when the pumping stops, but you take it out anyway.

There’s a pause, but then I feel you sliding up and down my slit again, except now you’re sliding into my ass. I groan around him and clutch at him.


He hardens in my throat, his grasp tightens on my head and breast. The warm spurting comes, and then the taste of him. He’s slimier than you, a little less bitter, more salty. I drink him down as he speaks his encouragement to me.

As he subsides you draw my attention by pressing my clit, so the last dribbles of him trail on my cheek as I turn to face izmit otele gelen escort you. Some of his cum is still visible in my mouth. I run my tongue on my lips, teasing you. Caught up, you bend to me and kiss me, tasting him.

‘Slut, you’re going to pay for that,’ you say gruffly when the kiss breaks.

You pull out of me, but keep at my clit. I want you back there and reach for you. You comply, and immediately the strokes into my ass are harder and deeper than they were before, but very soon you deprive me again.

When I feel the shifting and I open my eyes this time he’s replaced you between my legs. I start in fear, and I try to struggle away, not wanting to give my most tender hole to him but you hold me in place.

He slides into my pussy then lays himself flat on top of me, kissing me, holding me tightly to him and stroking me deeply.

I let myself go to enjoy the sensation his curved cock gives rubbing the side and front of my pussy.

When I am most engrossed and least expect it he holds tight to my body, rolls us both over and locks his forearms over my hips trapping me as I start to lurch upright on top of him. I feel the bed shift as you come up behind me and the scents of my pussy and ass fill my nostrils as one of your hands covers my mouth.

He angles his hips so that my ass is further exposed, and yes, there you are, feeding your cock back into my asshole. My attempts to struggle only speed your penetration of my ass and increase the pleasure for both of you.

Soon the two of you’ve gotten a rhythm going, one surging in while the other is pulling out, so that you are rubbing each other through me and tearing me apart.

My body is shaking, hips swaying with the pleasure.

You push my head around and kiss me, your other hand teasing one breast.

He has come up to suck on the other breast, and I lose it completely, cumming and squirting over him, shitting and farting around you.

I feel the effects of my orgasm on both of you. The rhythm is lost, and each of you is satisfying himself in his own hole, twisting, thrashing, pounding mercilessly until I could feel the warmth pumping in both my battered holes.

My body is spasming still, riding the high from both of your actions.

When it’s over you pull out, and lie on the bed, and he turns us (me and him) onto our sides, so that I end up on the bed between both of you. I drift off into unconsciousness, my body still having little spasms of pleasure.

I am roused some time later by a thick pressure on my ass. I am on my belly, slightly turned to one side. My eyes open to see you sitting on a chair in front of me, so I know it’s him. I didn’t want him there. Both of you knew.

‘Next time don’t let guys play with your ass in front of each other, if you don’t want both of them to fuck it,’ he whispers harshly in my ear, and continues his thrusts into me.

I try to move but find that I am pinned by his body. My ass is sore, and the pressure burns now, so I try raising my body again and open my mouth to protest.

You’re kneeling on the bed in front of me immediately, your semi-hard cock hanging there.

I can smell the trace of my ass-juices on it. I try to turn away, but his head is blocking that move.

One of your hands grabs my nose, pinches it shut.

I struggle, mouth shut, eyes tearing, delaying my humiliation, but it is inevitable. I need air, and when I finally gasp you stuff your soiled cock down my throat, making me clean all my ass-juice off you and swallow it down along with anything I’ve wretched up from my churning stomach in the process.

In this time he has penetrated my ass, and is now stroking in it. It’s feeling good now, and I’m grunting around your cock, bringing you back to a full erection.

You’ve both cum several times already, so it takes a while to be over.

By the time it is the pain has come back into the pleasure in my sore ass and his spurts burn inside me.

My jaws have tired, and my mouth is slack and drooling when you trickle the last cum in your balls onto my tongue.

‘This is what you wanted? Hmmm?’

You’re the one asking.

My mouth can’t move to answer. I can only lie there on the stained sheets dazed, spent, drooling, and draining semen from my holes.

I am only vaguely aware of the two of you showering and leaving. I brought this on myself.

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