In the Dark

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I woke up and it was dark all around me. It took me a while to realize that I was lying on a huge pile of pillows, of all different shapes and sizes, in the middle of a big, luxuriously carpeted room. I couldn’t see what I was wearing, but I could tell from the feel of it that it was a sheer nightie. It cupped my breasts and flowed down over my stomach, my crotch and my upper thighs. That was it. No panties, nothing else.

I was positioned so that my upper body was on an incline, with my head above the rest of me, and my legs were apart, dangling off the edge of the mound of pillows. It was a very relaxing position.

I knew someone was coming even though the pitch-black room was blanketed in silence. A door opened across the room, somewhere far in front of me. No light crept through the open doorway, but there was a gentle breeze. I heard the click! of the latch as the door closed again, and I imagined my lover padding over to me in the darkness. There was a rustling on the floor in front of the mound of pillows.

Suddenly, gentle hands were lifting my left foot, and soft lips met my toes. I gasped- my feet are very, very ticklish- but pretty soon a tongue joined the lips in their conquest and my sighs became those of passion. Butterfly kisses landed on the top of my foot, my ankle. The other foot got grup sex porno the same treatment and then the lips were moving up my shins, my knees, and then my legs were lifted and kisses were planted on my calves and the backs of my knees. I wanted to melt into the pillows. The kisses moved to my inner thighs, the tongue joined in again, and just as I was getting all riled up… they were gone.

Disappointment threatened to consume me until I vaguely felt hot breath flow over the mound at my center. A tingling sensation shot through my body. The gentle hands from before spread my legs a bit wider and suddenly my clit was exposed. The hot breath made it shrink back under its hood. I quivered with anticipation.

In one quick move the strong hands (which had to have been connected to strong arms) lifted my buttocks and separated the cheeks, and a hot, invasive tongue ran a slimy trail from the top of my crack to the tiny little bud of nerves connected to my center. I screamed. The mouth only grew hotter, pressed harder. It wasn’t just a mouth now but a face, the tongue wriggling around inside my love canal and the lips pressed to the entrance, trapping it there. The nose was almost flat up against my tiny bud, moving slowly back and forth in an effort to coax it out of its hiding place. Eyelashes latina fuck tour porno fluttered against my skin. I began to writhe uncontrollably as the face totally consumed my sex.

Just as quickly as it struck, it pulled back. There was no more waiting with breathless anticipation, however; the hands immediately and gracefully flipped me onto my stomach and dragged me backwards a bit, so that I was kneeling, bent over the pillow pile. One of the hands went under my chin and turned my face to the right, bringing it cheek-to-cheek with my lover’s, and the other went between my legs to make sure I was ready.

I was. When my lover’s mouth pulled away from mine, the hand between my legs was gone and two fingers were placed gently on my lips, and being that they were under my nose I could smell the scent- my scent- on them. They were dripping with sex, and I willingly brought them into my mouth and sucked them clean. My lover inhaled sharply, and at the same time his enormous cock slid securely into my hot tunnel. He filled me completely.

I cried out at the wonderful sensation of being filled, and we stayed like that for a moment: the tops of his thighs pressed against the backs of mine, his balls resting against my slit, his hands gripping my waist. Finally he leaned lezbiyen porno over until his chest was flat against my back, wrapped his arms around me and grasped my breasts in his enormous hands, and began thrusting furiously.

I had been needing release from the moment he began to kiss my feet, and so I bucked right back against him, begging for it. He squeezed my nipples between his thumb and pointer fingers and then used one hand to reach down and tease my clit. Since my torso was resting against the pillows and I didn’t need my arms to support me, I easily reached back between my legs and cupped his balls as he drove into me.

I had been ready to come for a while but I wanted to wait until my lover was ready. I knew he was on the verge as his leg muscles tensed against mine and I turned my head to the side and circled his ear with my tongue before darting it inside. That was the last straw. His balls tightened to his body and he drove into me one final time, spilling his seed deep within me. I squeezed his member tightly inside me, and that was all it took to set off my own orgasm. My head flew backwards, coming to rest on his shoulder and I reached behind myself and scraped my nails down his sides. He moaned and shot another load into me, then collapsed on top of me.

After a few minutes of silence and stillness, he leaned back. His now-flaccid cock came out of me with a soft pop!, and in one fluid motion, he rolled me over onto my back again, pulled down my nightie, kissed my forehead, and was gone.

… I woke up in my dorm room, dripping with sweat. Wow. That dream was HOT.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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