It Could be Worse

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Kelly Lewis closed the door to her classroom on Friday evening, and walked down the hallway of Littleton Sr High. The petite blonde had a been an English teacher here for the past 10 years, ever since graduating from the university. She had been grading papers since the end of the school day and the hallways were now long deserted. She headed towards the older of the two gymnasiums at the school, which was now used for PE classes. She always parked her car on this end of the building as it was closer to her classroom than the lot reserved for teachers.

As she neared the boys’ locker room door, she could hear giggling coming from inside; several girls were apparently having some fun exploring the forbidden turf, or vandalizing or whatever else teenage girls might be up to in boys locker room. Kelly silently cursed to herself. After a really long week, she was not up to dealing with this right now. She was looking forward to getting a quick workout in before relaxing for the evening. She took pride in her appearance, and put in the work to make sure her body stayed toned. She also had standing appointments at her salon, where she spared no expense to look nice. She had broken up with a long-term boyfriend a couple months ago and was hoping to attract the attention of someone nice to settle down with. She opened the door to the locker room and yelled, “hey what’s going on in here?”

She heard some commotion from deeper inside the locker room and a girl’s voice, “shit, lets get the hell out of here” and the sound of running footsteps toward the other entrance to the locker room that lead to the back parking lot.

Kelly walked toward the back door, needing to make sure that it locked behind the trespassers, but going slow enough so as not to have to see who the girls were. Littleton was not a big school; odds are she would have had several of the escaping students in her class either currently or in the past. Kelly didn’t want to have to be the heavy and write up a discipline report on the girls; it was probably just a bit of harmless fun to see what a boys locker room was all about. Better to just let them escape…

The back locker room door had indeed closed and latched itself upon the girls exit, so Kelly headed back through the room, intending to exit the locker room via the door she had come into so as to be on the side of the school where her car konya escort was located. As she walked by, she thought she heard a sound from the middle of the room. She stopped and listened… After a bit, she heard a faint mmmmmph sound. She walked toward the sound and rounded a corner of lockers to head into the middle aisle. What she saw nearly took her breath away…

Laying on the wooden bench between the lockers was a naked young man! He was both blindfolded and gagged. Laying was the wrong word… he was taped to the bench with several loops of athletic tape around has chest. His hands were tied to the sturdy metal leg of the bench near the floor, tight enough that his arms could not be moved. His ankles were tied to another bench leg, drawing them together. A rope was tied to each of his knees and tied tightly to a hook in an open locker on either side of him. This left his cock and balls fully exposed. And what a cock it was!! It had to be at least ten inches long and was very thick. It was the hardest cock she had ever seen! Upon closer examination, she saw what was making this beautiful cock so hard. These girls knew what they were doing…An elastic hair tie had been looped around the base of his cock and was cinched up tightly, trapping the blood in his cock. His balls likewise had a hair tie around each of them, separating it from its mate and the final tie was tightly wrapped around the ball sack at the base of the huge cock. The veins were very prominent and the cockhead itself was so hard and skin stretched so tightly, it looked like it might burst.

Trailing from his cockhead was a long slender stream of precum leading to a quite sizeable pool on this stomach… it was apparent that the girls had been teasing this poor guy for a long while, probably since school had let out several hours ago. Scattered on the floor, around the bench were four pointed feathers, each about a foot long. The fronds were a bit matted, as if they were glued together. Precum, Kelly thought to herself. This was beyond teasing, the girls had been slowly torturing this poor boy, dragging the feathers slowly along that magnificent dripping head. How long might they have continued if she hadn’t heard the giggles?

Finally Kelly focused on his face… It was hard to be certain with the blindfold, but it sure looked like Derek Brown. She had Derek in her class three konyaaltı escort years ago, and he was the stereotypical class clown. Always looking for a laugh from his classmates and usually getting it at her expense. She suspected that he had a crush on her and was acting out as young boys often do when they don’t know how to behave around women. She had noticed him staring at her ass several times and he also seemed to really appreciate her toes if she wore sandals. He would always quickly look away when he noticed that she had caught him staring.

“Derek, is that you?” His head snapped toward her voice, not seeing her, but both happy and terrified that someone had found him to end his ordeal. “Derek?” He nodded his head… she was correct, it was indeed her nemesis. “Do you recognize my voice, Derek?” He shook his head no. Dang; this is oddly exciting, she thought. He doesn’t even know who I am. She remembered his smirking face after he embarrassed her in front of an entire English classroom. She remembers how she wished she could have wiped that look off his face. Then she thought of what must have been happening ten minutes ago as several young girls teased the hard cock of the bound teen. I bet he was not smirking then…

“Have you been tied like this since right after school?” He nodded

“And the girls have been teasing you the entire time?” Another nod.

“How many girls, Derek? Were there two girls who did this to you?” He shook his head no.

“More than two?” Head nodding.

“Three?” He again shook his head again.

“Four girls???” Derek nodded his head. “And they kept you blindfolded and gagged that entire time?” Derek shook his head no.

“Oh, good lord, Derek… Did one of the girls play with herself while the others teased you? Sitting on your chest and playing with her clit right in front of you? And then they switched places, I bet. That must have been torture” Vigorous nodding.

“You’re just lucky I found you. Think how much worse it could have been for you Derek… The girls would have kept teasing you for who knows how long.

“The good news is that eventually you would have cum… the pressure would have built up enough and the girls would not know when to stop, so you would have cum. They probably would have untied you and it would have ended there. It could have konyaaltı eve gelen escort been worse honestly…”

Kelly reached down to slide the blindfold off of Derek’s eyes. He blinked several times to focus, both because the light was so bright due to having the blindfold on for such a time and because he didn’t believe what he was seeing. Standing over him, Miss Lewis was totally naked, hands behind her back pushing her firm, long nippled tits to stand straight out.. Her crotch was shaved completely hairless; how many times had he pondered what she would look like naked? How many times had he masturbated while thinking of her? She was more perfect than he could have imagined. Involuntarily his right hand tried to move to his cock to beat off, the dream now alive in front of him. He grunted when the bindings did not allow any movement.

“It could have been worse Derek. It could have been an experienced woman tease torturing you. One who would know all the signs of an impending orgasm and would back off just in time. Who could keep you on the edge of orgasm for hours. Who would make you lick her clit, while she got off on your torment. It could have been much worse Derek…”

She put her hands on her hips and lifted one foot to rest on this chest. He stared wide eyed at the beautifully manicured toes, French tips glistening in the light, as she gently flexed them.

“And what if this mature woman, who could keep you on the edge of cumming for hours… What if this woman knew of your little fetishes?” Her index finger moved toward his cock. He shook when he saw that beautiful long nail inching toward his cock… finally reaching it. And gently, slowly tickling over the tip of his cock, which somehow got even harder.

“I bet that would be worse..”

An hour later, he was sobbing, so in need of shooting, but unable to. Each time he felt that finally, finally he would have his orgasm, she snatched it away from him. She grabbed a chair from across the room, carried it next to his bench and sat on it. Her pussy lips were still wet from his licking; how many times had she gotten off while staring into his teary eyes, and focusing on his need? She reached into her purse and removed a bottle of hand lotion and squeezed a generous amount onto her perfect little toes. She rested her heels on his thigh and slowly moved her toes toward the head of his cock.

She seductively licked her lips and said, “You always liked my feet, didn’t your Derek? He shook violently as her toes gently wriggled on his mushroom head and a feather held by long nailed fingers slowly tickled his balls… “I think it’s about to get much worse for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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