It Started Off Innocent

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I never knew her real name. It started off innocently enough.

I have a blog that I use to write fiction stories, and I noticed that someone who I had never met added me to their friend list. So I did a little bit of investigating, and tracked her down on her blog.

She was just looking for someone to talk to, and so I figured, “What the hell”. I was recently divorced, but not quite ready to move on to another woman because the hurt was just too strong. It had been a bitter affair and I had lost almost everything. All I had left was my business and apartment. She took my son and most of my money.

I was a bit nervous about it at first. I had been with my ex-wife for just over 15 years and in my late thirties. When she said she was only 27, I felt like the police were going to bust through my door any minute now and inform me that I had been chatting with a 48 year old cop with a 56 inch waist and a really bad comb over.

It started with just simple small talk. Getting to know each other better and see what interests we shared. To keep a form of distance, I told her that we should stick with our screen names and she didn’t seem to mind. She too was just out of a bitter relationship, but it was only an asshole of a boyfriend.

We shared a lot of the same interests including music, movies, and oddly enough she admitted to being a bit of a sci-fi fan before I did. She was really nice. We continued our online conversations for a couple of months, but she said that the reason she didn’t send me a picture of herself was because she didn’t like any of the pictures of her that she had. I didn’t really care because I was looking for a friend, and had never been hung up on looks any how.

Finally, I decided to invite her out for coffee. She actually laughed when I offered to meet close to her place so she could bolt from neutral territory if she decided to make an escape. We set a time and place and I was actually looking forward to it.

I made an effort to look good, but not over do it. With a plain black t-shirt, leather blazer and pair of black jeans, I figured it was nice without going overboard. I had been waiting for about 10 minutes when she walked in the door. She too had decided on something simple but good.

She was about my height and was nicely built. She was no waif, but was curvy and it showed. My slight pudge was making me feel a little self concerned, but I continued to look at her. Her black tank top was free of any logos and showed off a nice hint of cleavage. Not overly large breasts, but Samsun Escort the kind you know might make your wrist hurt if you got to play with them. Her tight blue jeans hid nothing and what they showed off appealed to me.

Her hair was just past her shoulders and was not sure what colour it wanted to be. In certain light it looked blondish red, and in other light, it seemed purely blond. Two of my favourite colours. She knew what I looked like because I had posted an honest picture of me on my blog and had also told her what I would be wearing. I could almost hear the collective sigh from a few of the men in the shop as she sat down across from me after getting a coffee.

We had agreed that we would not give our real names until after 2 or 3 meetings so that if we didn’t feel the connection, then there would be no harm done. Her pleasant smile helped light up the room and I was tempted to offer to buy her a car right there and then.

After about 45 minutes she asked me, “So Dirk (no, not as in Dirk Diggler. As in a Scottish knife), do you like what you see now that we have met face to face?”

I told her that I did, and she leaned closer to me. “Why don’t we go back to my place? If you feel more comfortable, I can pretend you are not even there so that you can see what I would do if we went our separate ways.”

The way she said this caused an appealing suspicion within me, so I said sure. She had brought her car and so we climbed in and headed back to her place. On the way she told me, “I am going to be completely oblivious to your presence and do what I was planning on doing today even if you didn’t come back with me, so to make it fun, don’t react to anything I say or do, ok? But other than the bathroom, stay in whatever room I am in.”

She really had my curiosity peaked so I figured what the hell and told her that from this point on, until this little game was over, I would not say a word.”

When we got back to her place she tossed her coat on the couch and she picked up the phone.

“Hey Mags, it’s me. Yeah, just got back from my coffee date. Guess what, he wasn’t a liar. He looked like his picture, and all the quote unquote flaws were exactly what he said they were. It is nice to meet someone who is actually honest and doesn’t bull shit you. (Pause) I didn’t really see anything wrong with him. Kind of cute and wasn’t trolling for pussy. He actually blushed and got a little nervous when I suggested coming back to my place. (Pause) Oh, yeah, just like I said I would. I would gladly meet Samsun Escort Bayan him again. Anyway sweetie, I promised to call and let you know if he was a scum or a stalker, but I really have nothing bad to report. It was a nice time and he was a good guy. Catch you later.”

It was actually kind of nice to see her act like I wasn’t there. I had told her that psychology was a hobby of mine and would love to see what happens with the other person after a situation like ours. It would take away the whole “god-I-hope-I-didn’t-act-like-a-total-ass” feeling we all get sometimes. She had agreed, and I figured that was the reason for her suggestion of coming back here.

She got up and headed to her bedroom. I was surprised when she started to take her top off. I wasn’t sure what to do here. I started to ask if she wanted me to leave her alone while she changed, but I only got the first syllable out when she snapped her head back to me and put a finger to her lips. Looking at me with a smile, she then took her pants off and walked over to the full length mirror she had and admired her own body.

She was now standing in front of me wearing nothing more than a powder blue silk bra, and matching thong panties. Her breasts were full and the hint of cleavage that had been showing earlier was now in its full glory. Her build was that of a woman who was thick, but not fat. She was indeed curvy and had no fat on her at all. Sure there was some meat on her bones, but it was all properly placed and she could have easily been a model. The only reason she would not have been hired is because she was not just skin and bones.

We left the bedroom and headed into the kitchen, but only to get a bottle of water out of the fridge and took it back into the bedroom.

She laid her self out on her bed and I was pleasantly pleased to watch as she suddenly slid her hand between her legs and started to massage herself.

Leaving her bra on, she started to cup her breast and pushed the hand between her thighs a little harder, and a soft moan escaped her lips. Gently, the hand on her undies started to massage the outside of her thong on both sides of her hidden lips. She was clearly enjoying herself, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

She lowered one of the cups of her bra to expose her very full breasts and started pinching her nipple. As she did this, she moved her hand from the outside of her underwear directly inside and I could see that she had started to rub her cit. The desire to pull myself out and have Escort Samsun a wank was hard to control, but I was getting into the game just as much as she was. She was in complete control as she stimulated her little button until; through the wet fabric I could see her place a finger or two inside of her self.

She whimpered with pleasure as she slid her fingers in and I could not hide the erection that had been pushing on my boxers anymore. Sensing my arousal, she pulled her hands away from herself and sat up.

Was I about to be acknowledged?

No. Instead she took off her bra and panties and lay there on the bed with all her natural self exposed. She leaned away from me and I finally go a full view of one of the most gorgeous set of buttocks I had ever seen. When she rolled over on to her back again, I was excited as she was holding her vibrator.

She stopped for a second as if in thought, then sat up and repositioned herself so that she was in the doggy style position. I could feel the blood in my cock throbbing as I watched that bit of plastic come up from between her legs and spread her labia. She was gasping as she slid it up and down her pussy, spreading the lips as her ass moved up and down. I was even more excited as she called out my name. I so wanted to walk up to her and push it in for her, but remembered that I was supposed to be nothing more than a ghost. She still acted completely unaware of my existence as she tickled her clit with the buzzer

Happily, I wasn’t waiting long as she placed the tip of the vibrator in the middle of her wetness and watched it slide into home. The grunt that escaped her mouth as she pushed it into herself almost made me explode all over myself. I could hardly contain myself as I watched her slide that plastic toy in and out of her glistening mound. Her moans and gasps of pleasure were building in volume and I could see her juices start to drip out of her.

She rolled back over onto her back and pushed it all the way in. As she continued to pump herself, she pulled one of her tits to her mouth and her moaning became more muffled as she sucked her own nipple while her clit became more and more engorged with her ecstasy.

The moistness between her legs was almost to the point of flowing like a river when she closed her eyes tight and suddenly let out a loud yell of pleasure and her body went limp. She slid the vibrator out of herself and then got redressed. As per the arrangement, I followed her and watched as she re-dressed herself including the coat she had left in the living room.

We stepped out into the hallway and she finally turned to me. “That is what would have happened if you had not brought me home. Would you like to see what would happen if you did?”

I smiled at her and told her, “I think I might be curious.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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