It Was Finally Time Ch. 02

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Well here I was. Lying in another man’s bed after I had just sucked his cock. I fluffed the pillow up and just lay there thinking of what I had just done. My cock stirred at my thoughts. I could still taste his cum in my mouth. Sucking his cock was everything I thought it would be. I loved the feel of his shaft in my mouth and the smoothness of the soft head. I even surprised myself with how much I could take in my mouth. I felt so nasty and yet so fuck’n good. I knew I would be getting more of that.

I heard a door open and shut and then water running. Martin was taking a shower. I imagined the water running down his chest and over his cock and balls. I pictured his sweet ass coated with water and suds. He did have a wonderful looking ass. My cock began to harden. God, it does not take much to get my cock jumping. My wife once said that if something didn’t move, I would paint it. If it moved, I would fuck it. She is not to off the mark. I do get sexually aroused very, very easily. I was brought back to the present with the water stopping and the door opening. Martin walked into the room with wet hair, a towel around his waist and a smile on his face. “I thought I would just take a quick shower.” He said walking towards the bed. He stood next to the bed and looked down at me. I reached out and ran my hand up his leg and then under his towel. I soon found is damp balls and cupped them. He sighed as I continued by grasping his large soft cock.

“I loved it when you sucked my cock.” He said letting the towel drop from his waist.

“Well, it was what I thought it would be like. When you came, it was a dream come true. No pun intended.” I said stroking his hardening cock.

He moved closer and I leaned up and kissed the end of his cock. I licked the head and let it slip between my lips. My tongue danced around the large smooth head and teased the small opening on the end. He pulled away and climbed over me and lay beside me. We rolled on our sides and he pulled my head to his. My mouth found his and I pushed my tongue between his lips. He was a good kisser. My cock rose to a full hardon and pressed against his cock. His damp chest felt good against me. My nipples were like small pebbles against his chest. We kissed and kissed and humped our cocks against each other. He moved to my neck and down to my nipples. He licked and sucked each one. He gave the same attention to each. Licking, kissing and then softly biting each one. I actually could have cum with him continuing to suck my nipples.

He left my nipples and moved south. I waited for the touch of his mouth on my cock. I felt his breath on the head of my cock as he moved to lick my balls. He ran his tongue over my balls and thigh. I pushed my hips up to meet his mouth. He made love to my balls. He drew one into his mouth and bathed it with his wet tongue. While sucking my balls, his hand caressed my cock. While I loved his slow lovemaking, I wanted my cock in his mouth. I didn’t have to wait long. He drew his tongue up my balls and along the shaft of my cock. Once at the head, he sucked it between his lips. Oh god, what a feeling. I think the thought of a man sucking my cock just added that extra sexual feeling. He was sucking izmit escort my cock. He pulled my cock deeper into his mouth and sucked it. His mouth made a sucking sound as he gave his first blowjob. I moved my hips up to meet his mouth.

Just as I was getting extremely hot and ready to burst, he let my cock slip from his mouth and he moved up and kissed me. He pulled me tight against his body and wrapped his leg over mine. My body was damp with perspiration, his from the shower he took. Our wet naked bodies were tangle together as we kissed. He bit my lips and sucked on my tongue. I was lost in the passion and the moment.

Breaking our kiss he said. “I want you to fuck me.”

I just looked into his eyes. I could see he was so hot. I leaned over and kissed him again. I ran my hand down his back and cupped his smooth tight ass.

“I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me.” He said again.

“I want to fuck you.” I said. “I am not sure how we go about this.”

“Maybe we should just start with me on my hands and knees and you fuck me from behind. We can work out other ways later.” He said rolling away and laying on his back.

I rolled over to him and kissed his nipples. I licked my way down to his cock and sucked him into my mouth. I sucked and licked him for a few minutes but soon knew where I wanted and needed to be. I rolled him over on his stomach and just looked down at his great looking body. He had great shoulders and solid back. But what a beautiful ass. Each cheek was like a smooth orb. Even his crack was perfect. I kissed his back and worked my way down until I was lying beside his ass. I kissed each cheek and licked up his crack. I pressed my tongue along his crack; taking time to flick my tongue along it. He was so smooth and smelled so clean. He slightly pushed his ass up against my mouth. I reached up and pulled his ass cheeks apart. There it was. His sweet looking asshole waiting for me. I pushed my tongue out and licked around it. His hips bucked up against my tongue.

I buried my face between his cheeks and began licking his asshole. My salvia made my tongue glide over his ass. I pressed my tongue against his hole trying to get inside him. While the thought was a good idea, the possibility was nil. I licked and sucked his hole. His ass was getting so wet from my spit and my tongue coating it. I hooked my thumbs further between his cheeks and pulled them further open. His asshole opened a little and I quickly pushed my tongue into it. He groaned and said. “Yes.” I pushed my tongue in as far as I could. Which was not much. But it was enough to get him pressing back against me. The musky smell just made it all the more exciting and my cock throbbed.

I pulled away from him and drew my finger into my mouth. Once wet, I pushed it against his light brown rosette and slowly it sank into his ass. He moaned again as I worked my one finger in and out and around in him. As I finger fucked his asshole, it began to relax a little. Not much, but a little. I spit on his asshole and moved a second finger in place. I pulled my one finger out, pushed the second one against it and then pushed them both against his hole. It was a little yahya kaptan escort tighter but gradually I worked the tips of both fingers into his hole. I waited a few seconds then pushed them slowly into him. His asshole grasped them like a glove. I waited and then pushed them past my last knuckle. “Are you ok?” I asked him.

“Oh god yes. I feels good. Put another finger in me.” He moaned back to me.

I withdrew my two fingers, again spit on his asshole and added a third finger to the others. I pushed them together in the shape of a funnel and pressed against his asshole. The ends opened his tight asshole. But it was very tight. “Wait!” he said quickly. I stopped pushing. Then he raised his hips and pressed against my hand. I let him take control of my fingers. He would pushed back a little, then stopped. As his ass adjusted the size of my fingers, he would push up a little more. Each time my fingers moved further into his warm ass. I felt his sphincter relax and my fingers moved a little easier into him. “Ok.” He said. I pushed my fingers and his ass accepted them. I slowly moved him in and out of this tight asshole. I turned my hand sideways to align it with his ass crack. I pushed and my three fingers slid all the way into him. “aaaahhhhh, yes.” He groaned loudly. I began to slowly fuck him with my fingers. His ass griped them tightly, but it became easier to get further into him. I needed his ass. NOW.

I pulled my fingers from his ass, leaned down and licked his hole and pushed a little more spit into him. “Slide down to the end of the bed.” I said to him. I got off the bed and he moved back and I pulled him up on his hands and knees. His ass was at the edge of my bed and his feet hung over the mattress. God what a sight. I was going to love fucking him. I spit in my hand and coated the end of my hard cock with my slimy spittle. I moved up behind him and teasingly, rubbed my cock over his ass cheeks and along his ass crack.

“Oh please, put it in me. ” he said pleadingly.

I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I moved up between his thighs and ass and rubbed the head of my cock back and forth over his ass hole. I pushed closed and pressed the head against it. I did not need to do much. He pressed back and the head slightly opened his ass. He waited a few seconds then pressed back again. His ass hole strained but the head of my cock slid into him. “Oh…wait. Wait a minute.” He mumbled. After a slight period, he said, “OK.” I pressed slightly forward and my cock moved into his hot ass. It was if it was actually pulling me inside. I paused and then pressed forward again. About half my cock was in his ass. I pulled back, waited, and then pushed forward again. I held onto his waist and pulled him back onto my cock. With each stroke, more of my cock found it’s way into him. With one last push, my cock was all the way in him and my balls rested on his ass.

“God, that feels on good. Love me, Sean. Fuck me.” He said laying his head and shoulders down on the pillow. His ass was in the air and my cock was fully embedded in it. I pulled back a little and pushed forward. He groaned as I began to slowly fuck him. Each time I would start gebze escort taking longer strokes. My cock head was soon at the edge of his asshole before I pushed it back into him. My fucking was making a sucking sound. Each time my balls slammed against his ass, my body and his ass made a wet slapping sound. He began to mumble, “Fuck me, oh fuck me.”

I was fucking him pretty hard. I was so fucking hot that I wanted to cram my cock fully into him. His ass held my cock and I knew I was not going to last very long. He was pushing back against me as I fucked him. The room smelled of sex and sweat. My nipples were hard and my face was wet with perspiration. I held onto his waist, which was also damp from our lovemaking. I reached around and tried to stroke his cock. “No, I want to cum from you fucking me.” He said reaching back and pushing my hand away. “Just keep fucking me.”

I began to take slow long strokes in and out of his ass. He began pushing back more and more. Soon he took over the speed and just fucked back on my cock. I let him fuck me with his ass. His actions began more erratic and his pushes short and more powerful. He was grunting as my cock slid in and out of his hot ass. “Oh oh….” He groaned and slammed his ass back on my cock. Soon my cock was barely going in and out of his ass. He was just doing small pushes. I assume his was letting my cock press against his prostate. Sweat ran down his ass, thighs and my cock and thighs. He began to quick jabs and then groaned. He was cumming. He kept pushing back as his cum shot out his cock and onto the bed. “mmmmmmm,” he moaned as he continued to cum. That set me off,

I grabbed his waist and began pounding my cock in and out of his hole. “Yes, cum in my ass.” He said. I slammed my cock into his loose wet hole and I felt my balls tighten. I pressed deep into him and my cum filled his ass. Each time I pulled and pushed, my cum spurted into him. My cum made his hole wetter and my cock easily slid in. I continued fucking him until my legs were weak and my cum had stopped flowing. My cock slipped from his ass. I looked at his used hole. It was open wide and my cum leaked out. I drew a finger up his crack and pushed my cum back into his loose hole. Martin fell forward and lay on his stomach. I moved up and lay beside him, dropping my arm around his back. I leaned over and kissed his sweaty neck.

“I loved fucking you. I loved your ass.” I whispered into his ear.

He turned his head towards me and smiled. “You will never know how wonderful that felt.”

“Oh, I think I will.” I said running my hand down his back to his ass. I drew my finger up his ass crack and spread my leaking cum over his butt. He rolled over on his back and pulled me to him. He pulled my face to his and kissed me. His tongue found mine and we began to make out. I pulled away and said, “You know, we are going to stick to these sheets.”

“That’s ok, I want to feel my cum and yours all over me.” He said reaching back and feeling his sticky ass. “You know, I felt your cum in me. It was warm. It got me hot thinking you were filling my ass with your hot cum. And when I came from you just fucking me….wow, that was so intense. I want you to fill my mouth with your sperm to. I want your cum in every opening I have.”

His words were so fucking nasty and my cock stirred. I snuggled closer and lay my head on his chest. “What ever happened to those drinks you were going to get?” I said with a smile.

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