It was in the Cards

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Day One


With that ominous warning, like a peal of thunder before the apocalypse, disaster struck.

A Tsunami of white wine and ice cubes flooded the table, inundating our only set of playing cards.

My sister was never the most graceful, once she had a glass or two of white wine in her.

Stone cold sober, she was one of the most graceful people I knew.

She is almost as tall as me, blonde and slender. Her athletic body, trained and trimmed for years and years, she was always in full control of everything. So much, that when alcohol entered the picture, she was almost the opposite.

Not that either of us drank any alcohol at all, in ordinary times. But these times, being in lockdown away from college. Stuck in our parents house for more than two months now, and for the last month, we had no internet. Nothing to keep us sane, except daytime TV, which we loathed, each other, and our old stash of board games and a single worn deck of playing cards.

So yeah, we were getting a bit stir crazy, so we drank some wine to remain sane. The lack of regular training had also softened Kaitlyn ever so slightly. It bothered her, I knew. But from my perspective, it wasn’t all bad. It added a little more femininity to her, not that she wasn’t feminine before, but she was a little too fit. A little too little body fat made her seem almost masculine.

She was getting a free ride at college, due to her athletic prowess, which she didn’t really need. Our parents were diplomats, so we had plenty of money. But it was a point of pride to her, that she was making her own way, and she had hopes of going to the olympics some day.

For now, I was just hoping we could salvage the cards.

We had churned through the old board games pretty fast, and had agreed that they were very well designed to suit ten year olds. But we found them too simple.

So, instead, armed with an old book full of hundreds of card games, and our single deck of cards, we had taken to playing cards every night, betting chores to make it interesting.

And drinking wine. Don’t judge.

Kaitlyn rushed to fetch kitchen towels, while I tried to scoop up the cards before they were too soaked.

Roughly half an hour later, I looked at my watch, and declared: “time of death: twenty past eight, pm.”

The cards were not salvageable.

They were old and worn, and had drunk in the wine even faster than we did. They were warped in dimensions I thought only existed in theoretical physics.

“There HAS to be another deck of cards somewhere in this house!” Kaitlyn said, and I bobbed my head in agreement.

“Yeah, with all the junk mom and dad picks up when abroad, there has to be something somewhere. maybe in one of their carry on bags… or maybe something in dad’s office. He keeps the strangest things in there.” I added.

“Alright, I’ll check the bags and mom’s dresser, you go rifle through dad’s stuff.” Kaitlyn decided.

I quickly agreed, definitely not wanting to go through mom’s stuff, there was no way I was going to risk finding some of her more personal items, of the sort that might scar my fragile psyche for life.

Besides, dad’s office, cluttered as it was, was stuffed with all kinds of fun stuff. We usually would not go in there, as it was his home office, and being a diplomat, there might be sensitive stuff. But this was an emergency, and its not like I would be looking at any papers, just going through his drawers and the knick knacks he got as memorabilia and presents from other diplomats.

His office, with its dark wood paneling and overstuffed leather chairs looked like the place that should reek of cigar smoke, but it was always smelling faintly of pine and sandalwood.

I started going through the shelves with various junk, but it was mostly figurines and plaques from various nations.

As I worked my way around the place, and eventually got to the desk, in the middle drawer, behind a box of cigars, that dad would never smoke, was a box that looked very much like a deck of cards.

It was a little larger than an ordinary deck of cards, and had very pretty artwork on the back. I feared it was some silly tradable card game deck of some sort, but as I pulled the cards out of the box, it was most definitely playing cards. I would have said ordinary playing cards, but they looked way too fancy to be described like that. It looked like it had been lovingly and painstakingly hand crafted. But in the end, it was still playing cards, just fancy as heck.

There was even a user manual in the box, but it was in a foreign language. Looked to me like it might be Polish or Romanian or something like that.

Leaving the manual on the desk, I took the spoils of war with me, and went to inform my sister of our victory.

She was rifling through our mothers panty drawer, as I entered the master bedroom, and as I entered she slammed the drawer shut, as if she were a four year old, caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She was looking a bit flushed, adiosbet yeni giriş more so than the pink tinge wine always gave her.

I silently thanked my stars that I was not the one who had to discover the secrets of our mother.

To quickly banish that thought from the both of us, I held out the cards.

“I found these in dad’s office. They are pretty quaint, but beggars can’t be choosers, I am sure they will do just fine!”

“Right, a minute sooner would have been fine. But let’s get out of here, and back to our game. I believe I was about to con you into doing all my chores for tomorrow.”

Always the cocky one, Kaitlyn had no lack of confidence in her ability as a gambler, although her success rate meant she was the one who had to do most of the chores. Or would have, if I didn’t help her anyway, since I would just sit around being bored, if I wasn’t hanging out with her anyway.

I only made her do enough of them, that the bets still had some sort of meaning.

Back in the living room we made sure the table was nice and dry, before breaking out the new cards. Until either our internet was restored, or the total lockdown was eased, these were the very last cards we were likely to find.

Resuming our game, I dealt us new hands, and my sister’s poker face being what it was, it sure seemed like she was very happy with the cards she had been dealt. She even declined to swap any, so either she was stepping up her bluffing game, or she had the best hand she had had all night. Maybe all week.

“Alright, dishes tomorrow, laundry, AND I raise you dishes the rest of the week! Think you can handle that, Kiddo?”

She often called me Kiddo when she was being extra cocky or playful, or just wanted to remind me that she was the first born, and therefore extra wise and knowledgeable. She was almost two years older, after all, that had to count for something. In her full twenty three years of living, she had clearly accumulated vast knowledge beyond the likes of me. Even if I usually got the better grades in all things knowledge related.

“You can bet your sweet ass I do, wise and venerable sister of mine.”

Yeah, the wine was getting to me, I never had any experience with drinking alcoholic beverages before this lockdown, so don’t judge me.

“Okay, it’s a bet! Read them and weep!”

With that, and more flourish than was strictly necessary, she put her cards on the table.

“Queens over kings, like they should be. Full house!”

Her triumphant expression made her look exceedingly pretty.

It was almost a shame to shatter it.

“Who needs kings, when you have aces?”

I put down my cards, one at a time.

Two of clubs. Ace of clubs. Ace of spades. Ace of hearts. Ace of diamonds.

“Four of a kind, I believe that means I win!”

I must have forgotten to breathe or something, or maybe it was the wine.

But for a few seconds, it was like reality hit a major lag spike. The lights seemed to dim, and a shiver ran through my soul.

Then I guess the lag spike settled, and reality ran smoothly once again.

Kaileys face looked stunned, then puzzled, then she seemed to reach a decision.

“Alright, I guess that means I have to do dishes for a week, as well as laundry tomorrow, and that you now own my sweet ass.

So what are you going to do with it?”

The what now?

Uh yeah, I guess I had made that snarky remark about her betting her sweet ass, though that was just banter. We did that all the time. Poker without money involved is super boring, if you don’t have banter.

“What am I going to do with your ass?”

“Well, it’s your ass now, technically. though it’s still attached to the rest of me, but I guess we will have to figure out how to work around that. You did win it fair and square.”

I figured it must be trying to one up me, to get back at me. Like the other night when I accidentally belched, and she proceeded to chain belch, until I practically begged her to stop. Sometimes she just has to go the extra mile to make me uncomfortable. Especially if she had just lost a bet she was sure she was going to win.

Alright, if she wanted to play a game of one up man ship, then I guess I could beat her in that game too. I was on fire tonight!

“If it’s mine, I guess I could give it a good grope, fondle it fondly, as it were…”

I moved as if to grab her ass, trying to make her react. Make her flinch first, and lose the game.

“Fondle away, I say, just be careful not to stray. It’s only the ass you own, the rest is mine, so don’t get any ideas.”

Okay, she was not flinching, so I proceeded to stroke her but gently. She only turned her ass towards me to make it a bit easier for me. Her yoga pants really did nothing to hide the shape of her very nice ass.

Maybe it was the wine. Maybe it was because she was the only woman I had looked at in more than a month. With the internet out, I didn’t have the luxury of easy access to porn. So it had become increasingly adiosbet giriş difficult not to notice how gorgeous my sister had really become.

She might think she was getting out of shape, but I thought her shape was looking just fine.

A few ounces of extra body fat did wonders to increase her femininity, and it was obvious to anyone but her, that she was still one very fit woman. The very picture of a battle ready valkyrie, if you threw her in some chainmail bikini and a few bits of fur.

So for once I did not flinch. I just kind of shrugged, and went for it.

Gently, just kinda stroking and patting her butt, expecting her to call it quits any second now.

Trying to elicit a reaction from her, I stepped it up a notch, starting to knead her buttocks, marvelling at the firm, supple, soft sensation. As entranced as I was, part of my mind registered that my pants were getting very tight.

The only reaction I got from Kailey so far, was that she pushed her butt out more, giving me as easy access as she could manage, without falling on her face.

“Watch it mister, that’s more like the hip and less like the butt, so don’t you stray any further.”

Fair enough, she was right, I was losing control a bit, tempted almost beyond measure by her feminine flesh. I had to remind myself that she was my sister, and that I was only trying to make her flinch first.

But clearly groping her butt was not going to cut it.

I would have to step it up a notch.

“In that case, maybe you should back on over here and give me a lapdance. Then you are in charge of making sure you only rub your butt against me. That should be fine, right?”

She rolled her eyes at me, but nodded her head and said: “yeah, I guess that’s acceptable. I’m going to be needing some music though. Hang on!”

She spent maybe a minute finding the perfect song on her phone, and put it on. I think it was some sort of K-pop. We did not share the same taste in music. Mostly because I was never all that into music. I would tolerate it if it was there, and never miss it if it wasn’t.

In this case, I guess it did give her a nice rhythm to move to.

Music on, she started her performance, clearly having a bit of fun with it, throwing her golden hair around, then turning around, she straddled my lap with her ass firmly planted in my crotch.

Where I was already pitching a tent fit to hide an entire bedouin camp.

That did nothing to stop her. I had expected that she would stop shy of actually grinding against her little brother’s all too obvious boner.

Instead she was grinding against me to the music, like a stripper on her third line of coke.

I wanted to touch her, to put my hands on her, but I was being mindful of her “only the butt” rule, so there was no place for me to really put my hands, with the way she was moving her butt in figure eights on my lap, alternated of her clenching and unclenching her buttocks against my aching erection.

Instead I was forced to grip the chair with all my might, and try to maintain the balance for the both of us, as her vigorous movements threatened to cause us both to fall over.

I would like to say that I had the willpower to resist this clever torture, or that she flinched and called it all off.

But neither of those are the truth.

As the piece of music seemed to be tapering towards an end, and she once again entered into more of a clench unclench routine, I suddenly erupted.

My orgasm came suddenly, with almost no warning. I came suddenly, a torrent of cum shooting straight into my boxers, soaking through the material and into the material of my sweatpants, instantly making a huge wet spot.

I could do nothing to hide it. Even if she was not very aware of my hardon between her buttocks, my entire body seized up in ecstasy, and I could only hold on for dear life, and try not to moan any louder than I had to.

She kept grinding, through all of my orgasm, and once I had resumed breathing again, she slowly wound down.

“That was a lot faster than I figured it would be. I hadn’t even needed to line up that extra song on the playlist. Would that be all the use you have for my ass for now?”

I was unsure what to say to that. She hadn’t flinched. Technically, neither had I.

So I had to come up with something to keep the ball rolling.

“Yeah, uh, that’s fine for now. But I am going to require that sweet ass of yours to rub against me as often as is practical. And preferably naked. In fact, why don’t you show me your naked ass right now? If it’s mine, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

She gave it a moment’s thought.

“Yes, of course you can look at my ass, naked or otherwise, as much as you like. But only the ass. So, let me just change out of these yoga pants, and into something more suitable. Be right back!”

As she walked upstairs, I noticed the ass of her pants were dark with moisture. I didn’t think I had cum enough to soak through her pants too, but it adiosbet güvenilirmi sure was a good thing she was going to change them, before it got awkward that my cum was soaking through my sisters pants.

This was already crazy enough.

She came back, wearing a very short skirt. One that would look just perfect at cheerleading practice, but would ensure that she would be flashing with every gust of wind.

She positioned herself right in front of me, then bent over slightly with her ass towards me, and pulled the skirt up, exposing her naked ass to me.

I was getting hard again, even with the mess in my pants.

I reached out, grabbing each cheek genty, kneading them. The feeling of her skin so soft against my hands. Kneading them exposed her puckered little star to my gaze, and looking at it, at her soft feminine naked butt, was waking up a hunger in me. A need.

I was not going to flinch.

I was NOT going to flinch.

Having gone this far, I could never live it down, if I was the one to flinch.

“I never knew you had such interest in my butt, Kiddo, but I guess I should’ve guessed, the way you have been looking at me the past month or so. Don’t think I haven’t noticed.”

I could almost feel myself blush, I had to play it cool, or she would think she had won our little game.

“I don’t know about that, but of course, now that I own it, I am going to play with it a lot. It IS a very sweet ass, after all.”

“Don’t get too carried away with your planning, I am going to want a chance to win it back, you know.”

“I guess that’s fair.” I agreed. “But let’s leave that for tomorrow night, first I have to enjoy my winnings a bit, and besides, we still have some more wine to polish off.”

“True, and we still have to watch tonight’s movie too. My choice if you remember. And it’s going to be Groundhog Day again.”

Kaitlyn grabbed the wine pitcher, and I grabbed her ass, and we walked into the den, to observe the routine we had gotten into, finishing the night with one of the movies in the family collection.

A collection that had not seen much new material since the advent of streaming. But with no internet, we had to make do.

The movie was very enjoyable. Not so much because I hadn’t already watched it a hundred times, but because every so often, Kaitlyn would remember my request, and made sure to rub her bare ass against me.

Once, when she had to go get some more ice, she gave me a brief little lap dance, her naked butt dry humping my now aching boner.

I was kept constantly rock hard by her sexy ass, and the knowledge that I could fondle it all I wanted.

Several times, she had to move my hand, when it strayed to areas she felt was outside my domain, even warning me once that if I did not make a good faith effort to keep to the boundaries of our bet, she would declare it null and void.

That got me observing the boundaries pretty religiously for the rest of the night, that’s for sure.

At some point the movie ended, and I think neither of us really noticed at first.

I was busy gently caressing Kaitlyn’s naked butt under the minimal covering of her skirt, almost but never quite touching her most sensitive spot. I was taking plenty of liberties already, directly touching her anus felt like it would take our game out of its innocence. Sure, I had cum due to my sister’s lap dance, but that could be excused. We were both fully dressed. It was just a silly game.

At some point she cleared her throat a little. The quiet sound shattered the intense silence like a peal of thunder, shaking me out of my reverie.

“I have to pee.” she said.

“Fair enough, fair enough.”

I reluctantly withdrew my hand from where it rested over her crack.

As she stood up and went to the bathroom, I was fairly certain i saw a few drops of moisture run down her thigh.

It would seem I was not the only one getting affected by our little game.

I could win.

I could make her flinch!

When she came back, we agreed we had better call it a night. We were both plenty buzzed on the wine, and while I am sure I could’ve spent hours more playing with her butt, it didn’t seem my lazy caresses were going to make her flinch if they hadn’t already.

I had just barely gotten comfortable in bed, when the door opened, then closed behind my sister as she entered. There wasn’t any light to see, but we were the only two people in the house, so who else could it be?

“Sis, what are you doing?”

“I’m here to rub my naked butt against you, as you told me to earlier.”

Well, she had me there. She was determined to break me, but I would not be broken, so instead I told her “Sure thing sis, that’s right, I almost forgot.”

She slipped under my covers, and proceeded to scoot her butt against me, pulling up her long t-shirt that she usually slept in, to ensure her naked butt made full contact.

With my own very naked crotch.

I always sleep in the nude, she would have been aware of this. So she thought she could maybe break me, if she joined me when I was naked in bed. That I would tell her to not rub her naked butt against me after all.

Instead I made sure to be the big spoon, as she shoved her butt into my crotch in the role of little spoon.

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