It’s Time Ch. 08

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It’s early as I lift my head looking toward the clock, only two in the morning. I can feel the warmth of your body against mine as I stretch. I smile moving over my lips as I look at you in the glow of the city lights. This weekend couldn’t have been more perfect. I knew that the time would pass quickly and it has. My fingertips run along your chest, making small little circles as I just look, becoming absorbed in you, in the moment.

I move slightly, beginning to kiss a path down your chest here my fingers just were. After each pressing of my lips I look up to see if you’ve moved but as of yet you are still adrift in sleep. My smile then turns wicked as I move to your hips and slowly pull away the sheet. If you could see my eyes you would see the desire and hint mischief in them.

I look, not touching your cock, just watching. You know how I love to watch. Its as if even in sleep you know and I can see you length begin to grow. My mouth starts watering, needing yet another taste of you but I hold off for just a little longer. I run the tip of my index finger along the underside of your cock, then up and over the tip. My hand, so small and delicate, wraps around you. Its then I hear you moan and smile as I look up at you. Your eyes haven’t opened yet, I can only image you are dreaming, thinking that the pleasure you feel is imagined.

My hand moves slowly, feeling you grow and respond. My eyes are fixed, locked on the sight of it. I moved my body as your legs have opened, lying between them. My tongue darts out and wets my lips. Then ever so slowly my head moves to the tip of your cock, savoring each moment. I lightly flick the head with my tongue then let my lips settle around your still thickening cock. I can hear you louder now, your breath catching as I watch your eyes open to see me. My lips wrapped around your cock, blue eyes looking up at you as I begin Sinop Escort moving over you, taking you deeper into my mouth.

“Yes…” you raggedly whisper.

I continue, not moving any faster, taking my delicious time and bathing your cock with my lips and my tongue. Sucking, drawing you in deeper, moving you closer to that glorious release you’ve begun to crave. My hand is there running along your thigh, cupping you, feeling you tightening, knowing how much closer you are. Your hands move into my hair, spreading it, enjoying the feel of it covering your body. I love the feel of your hands guiding me, moving my head onto your cock. Over and over, picking up speed, your hips moving off the bed know, coming into my mouth.

Then it hits, your fingers tighten in my hair, not hard enough to cause pain but enough that I can feel it. I swallow, taking all that you give me, milking you for more if that’s possible. Your body is tight and shuddering as it falls back down. With one last kiss I leave your semi hard cock and kiss my way back up your body.

“Amazing,” the words slip from your lips as you kiss me.

I think we could spend a few hours just kissing. Our kisses explore one another, tease and take. The little nibbles and bites making me shudder in your arms. It’s almost like being devoured by a simple kiss. If only the kiss were that simple though. “I don’t mind waking up like that,” you say with a smile as we look at each other.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t. I just couldn’t help myself,” I tell you biting my bottom lip.

I move to the side of you, your hands run along my side, over my hip. Just your touch alone sends chills over my body. You can easily feel the goose bumps rising on my skin. You look at me and I see the laughter in your eyes.

“You know I’m always complaining about the cold,” I say with a giggle.

“I think Sinop Escort Bayan I can keep you warm,” you tell me.

“Think hu?” I say edging you on.

“Let’s just see shall we?” is all you tell me.

Your lips move to mine, pressing against them, opening them for your tongue. Your hands are still moving, caressing, touching. Those lips move, nipping at my bottom lip before moving down my neck. The heat of your breath already warms me as you begin. Little bites, nips along my collar bone follow. My hands clench into the sheets, already so aroused from just moments ago. Your eyes find mine and I can see the wickedness in them.

Your lips find my breasts, first the left then the right. Nipping and gently biting at them until I cry out for more. Your teasing is slow; my body is lifting, wanting more of its own accord. I can feel your fingers moving along my stomach, your tongue following. Your fingers pull at the navel ring in my tummy, my voice catches and I whisper a please. It’s all I can manage as you continue the torture.

“Open for me,” you tell me.

Without even needing you to finish my legs part, giving you ample room to go between them. You body moves, the roughness of your chest grazing my mound as you move and I arch into you, wanting to feel that again. You only smile and move farther down. Your finger moves, pressing lightly along my slit, opening my body up for you.

“So wet already lover,” you whisper.

My response is a nod, as I feel you move your long finger inside me. One first then a second adds to the pleasure. I’m whimpering, wanting more when I feel your tongue against my little nub. I gasp, so sensitive. You don’t let up though, you move against my clit, teasing it as my one hands moves to your hair. Your fingers move harder, faster, creating a perfect rhythm with your tongue. My hips lift, arching, Escort Sinop wanting more. My body strung so tight wanting to let go and then it hits, crashing over me in waves as I cry out. My voice fills the room as I feel you pushing me through my climax.

Then your body is covering mine, your lips on me and I taste myself, my sweet essence. Your cock is nudging, wanting inside as I move my hips to accept. I can feel you filling, taking over and stretching me for you. My nails gripping you as you move inside my already sensitized body. Each thrust so utterly perfect, hitting that sweet spot that has me panting, crying out for you.

“Come for me lover. Let me feel you on my cock,” you whisper in my ear, the heat of your breath making mine catch.

My body tightens, my hips pressing around you, wanting to hold you inside. The walls of my pussy holding, clamping around you as you hear your name from my lips. The sweet nectar of my body flows around your cock, the spasms becoming too much for you. You can’t help but let go and come apart.

Our voices mingle, our cries of joy filling the room as we fall together in the bed. The rapid rising and falling of our chests matched as we lay there, collecting ourselves, our thoughts. We new we had a connection, that our desire, out passion would be this way. I catch myself wondering if I could get enough of this, of touching you, watching you, having you watch me.

“That was … wow … amazing,” you say looking at me.

“Yes it was, yes you are,” I wink at you.

We both laugh and smile at each other. Our lips meeting, lightly kissing, touching. My fingers start making little circles on your chest as they had when this dance begun. I sigh before looking over at the clock. Only a few more hours until we’ve got to get up and make our ways to the airport.

“I think we both need a little more sleep,” I hear you whisper.

I nod and let my eyes drift closed listening to your breathing. My hand stops, just resting against you. A soft, small smile falls over my lips as I think how right you are when you say amazing. It’s my last thought before I drift off…

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