Izibela’s Rude Awakening

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Big Tits

Thoughts of him touched my restless dreams after he went to work. He had abruptly woken me before leaving for work, grabbing my hair in his fist and yanking my head back so that he could stuff his soft dick into my mouth. I pulled away and moaned struggling in my half consciousness to wake up. Even half asleep, I knew what was about to happen, I swirled my tongue around his salty head, tasting his dried piss and cum from the night before. His cock jumped in my mouth from the attention, before he pulled my head back harshly, delivering a solid crack across my cheek, forcing a scream of shock and pain from deep within me, before he shoved his semi-erection back between my trembling lips. My mind tried to wake up, my restricted breathing was labored as I fought to control the pain where he pulled my scalp from my head by my long auburn hair. He growled at me not to move and I obeyed. He held my face pressed against the base of his cock with his balls crammed against my chin, while he ripped open the front of my sheer black night gown. The chilly air against my large tits forced my nipples to harden into thick hard nubs begging to be touched. I always go insane when my nipples are played with, so my pussy pulsated wildly as he reached to touch me, but the unexpected pain I felt when he dug his fingernails into my hard nipple was agonizing. My body stiffened in pain and I screamed around his cock he was still holding in my mouth. I pushed against him struggling to breathe and escape the sharp pain of his nails sinking into my flesh. He pulled out of my mouth; twisting my face to the side his palm found my sore check and struck it with brutal strength over and over until he had my body convulsing in uncontrolled sobs. My face was on fire.

He pulled my head back then and opened my mouth with his other hand squeezing and yanking on my lips, then shoved his fingers down my throat gagging me. He cracked my sore check again while he called me a whiny whore because I couldn’t hold back the tears that he roughly smeared with my spit over my burning face. He finger fucked my throat smiling wickedly while I gagged and coughed up thick slimy spit. Suddenly he pulled his fingers out and aimed his cock into tire escort my mouth and said, “Swallow.” Immediately, hot yellow piss hit the back of my throat. I was startled by the speed of his release which caused me to choke on his stream, splattering piss all over my face and pillow. He delivered a harsh smack to my exposed tit causing me to splash again. It was strong morning urine and hard to swallow as he filled my mouth full, but I did swallow again and again as he watched me. I felt the warm throbbing in my pussy and clit I tried to pull his fat dick into my mouth to suck him dry, but he refused to allow me to move. My neck was aching from being held back so long and my face and exposed breast were throbbing from being hit. He was taking longer between mouthfuls now and I was moaning for more. A disgusting pig, I begged to drink his piss and get off from it. Shame filled me, but I opened my mouth wider and waited eagerly. He rubbed the head against my lips pissing slowly into my mouth and letting his delicious golden juice drip down my chin, and then he pulled his cock from me and emptied the remainder of his bladder onto my face and tits. I was thrashing and ripping my own hair from his fist trying to get my mouth wrapped around his cock. Now hard and looking so tasty, I wanted that hard cock inside my piss soaked mouth. I was moaning and writhing on the bed, my pussy was soaked and my mouth watering.

That moment of crazed desire was insane bliss; I was out of my mind at that moment. He knew I would have done anything he had told me to. He dragged me by my hair toward the end of the bed. I scrambled as quickly as I could to relieve the pain from my head that hadn’t had relief since he first touched me. His face looked angry and focused and it sent a shiver down my spine. Once off the bed, he bent me over the edge of the bed and while still yanking my head back with his fistful of my hair he guided his cock to my asshole pressing it against my dry hole.

I cried, ” No, no, no, not dry!” His other hand covered my mouth quickly, then using my head as leverage he thrust his full length into ass as I cried out against his hand. I clenched my asshole torbalı escort tight, trying to keep him out, but he fucked me savagely with his huge dick, ripping my asshole open while still pulling me back by my hair so he could hit me hard across the face when I had the nerve to complain. I began to lose myself in the pain; my face stung, my head ached where my hair was still being pulled tight, and then there was the brutal rhythm of his cock tearing in and out of my asshole. Yet, through the pain I felt a pleasure begin to spread through my body and knew that my slutty body loved the pain, loved it enough that I was going to cum soon from being used like a whore. My screams turned to moans and I reached between my legs and fingered my dripping cunt. I loved feeling his cruel cock against my fingers as I fucked myself. Finally, I couldn’t take it and began to rub my hard, swollen clit quickly while yelling for my ass to be fucked harder, for him to hurt me. I begged him to screw his bitch like an animal. My clit swelled and I rubbed it hard as my body convulsed while I got my ass pounded. He finally released my hair. He wrapped his hands around my neck squeezing while he kept fucking me. I couldn’t make noise. Breathing and rubbing my clit were the only functions that mattered. A dizzying lightheadedness took me over and my body grew closer to release. I needed to cum more than breathe and as if he knew he hands grew tighter. I couldn’t rub my needy clit anymore, but it no longer mattered.

A muffled scream escaped my lips as an orgasm ripped aggressively through me. My body violently clenched and lurched again and again. I felt his cock pushing deeper and and stretching wider against my raw, burning asshole. I heard his breathing get faster and harder, his hands squeezed and released my throat, while he shot his hot cum into my ass soothing its rawness and calming the pain.

He dragged me to the floor. I struggled to move my aching body to kneel before this man that I worship. He told me to lick his cock clean. While I inhaled our mixed scents, I licked and sucked him clean of his cum and my ass juices. I rubbed my face into his wet slimy cock and urla escort balls whispering to him that he had made me such a cum whore! He bent down over me and slid two of his fingers into my ass scooping out his cum and brought it to my lips to feed it to me. I eagerly ate every drop off his fingers, licking and slurping like a starved dog, as he continued to scoop his cum from my filthy ass and feed it to me. When he was done he pulled me to my feet, shoved me on the bed and walked away without a word, leaving me feeling used like a common whore. I crawled over to my pillow and nestled my face into my piss soaked pillow. I reach down between my legs and gently fingered my throbbing, raw asshole, occasionally sucking the wetness from my fingers before returning them to my ass. I fell back to sleep while lovingly fingering my abused asshole, breathing in the scent of his cool piss as it soothed my swollen check. I never heard him leave for work.

Hours later I was restlessly waking from dreams of being used and hurt by my lover. Peyton’s 6ft solid frame, his dark hair, and intense dark eyes were with me in every dream as my mind dwelled on his body, his fat cock, full lips; the way he touches me. These abusive dreams stayed with me as I started my morning. My check was pink and warm and my asshole burned, but for the most part I was feeling content. But, I grew restless as the morning continued. I checked emails, ate breakfast, planned dinner, and did some laundry. Yet, I was always aware of the burning of my ass and the growing need of my pussy.

I took a shower to try to relax, spending extra time washing and shaving my pussy clean the way he likes it and slowly washing my sore asshole. I tenderly washed my breasts, slowly stroking my hard nipples wishing he was there to touch me. After my shower, I gently rubbed lotion in my skin tenderly touching each place he left me bruised or damaged. I couldn’t stop thinking of him as my hands wandered tenderly over all my most sensitive places. I needed his hands to roughly touch me and I couldn’t think of anything else anymore. I sent him a text and asked him if he would cane me later. I want to hurt at his hand, to feel pain that only he can inflict upon me. I want him to make me scream. I could function somewhat again after he said yes and will continue my day now. I know I am his slut and toy. I know that he will punish me later and this brings me peace. What is wrong with me needing to be abused by him like this? I need this, need him.

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