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It began with a scientific breakthrough in March 2022. Scientists discovered the exact genes in the body and locations in the brain that when expressed or activated made people into greedy assholes and selfish, bigoted cunts.

From there the next step was logical, and was secretly taken the following spring. One virologist developed a virus, airborne, 100% infectious, with a two-month delay before symptoms appeared in which it could spread, which eliminated ONLY the genes in the body and attacked ONLY the locations in the brain which turned people into greedy assholes and selfish, bigoted cunts. The virologist, who taught at a university featuring many international students, then released the virus into the air of the campus one week before spring break.

Nature took care of the rest. Every student, professor, and worker on the campus was infected with it. When spring break hit, the international students all went back to their home countries. The American students scattered throughout the US, most of them heading for the spring break hot spots and some of them heading for home to see their families.

Within three months, everyone on the planet except for a few Inuit and a couple of tribes in Darkest Africa had been infected. But no one knew what was happening. Sure, it was really weird that all the billionaires (except for a few who were known for their charitable impulses) and the 20 million non-billionaires who were the most selfish ordinary people on the planet had all suddenly passed away (autopsies showed massive brain death, making the body unable to function.) As to WHY that had happened, not a damn clue. And the virologist who started the whole thing, his job done, converted all his assets to cash, donated it all to Medecins Sans Frontieres, and quietly died of “natural causes” in his sleep.

People did notice the effects, though, even with the cause unknown. The world became a lot nicer of a place. Humans were working together to help each other, not acting like selfish jerks anymore. Laws were passed and policies and decisions made by governments and businesses to help people. With the absence of bigotry and greed – permanent, as the virus had actually destroyed the genes responsible, making it so they couldn’t be passed on by sexual reproduction – hatred vanished from the planet. Humans began collectively thinking long-term.

[30 years later]

I was part of a collective. We were working to build a new group of houses in what had formerly been known as the state of Utah. (With all humans now working together for the common good, the concept of individual countries and individual Sinop Escort states within a country had been discarded 20 years back. I was 5 at the time: it was one of my first memories.)

After a long morning of work, I sat down on a bench to eat lunch. Working next to the Bear River was nice, but the high altitudes were telling on all of us. The Uinta Mountains towered over our heads. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The countryside seemed to have been carved by primeval forces. There was a stark grandeur to it.

One of my co-workers joined me on the bench. Her name was Rose. She was six months older than me, having just celebrated her 26th birthday a week before. She had red hair, pretty blue eyes, an oval face with a charming smile, and a toned body with muscular legs. Her chest was firm and decently large, as near as I could tell.

“Hi, Ken.”

“Hi, Rose.”

“You’re a good-looking fella, you know.”


I was five-foot-eight, which made me two inches shorter than Rose. I was slightly stocky, but had no excess fat. My legs weren’t as muscled as hers: my strength was in my arms and upper body. My brown har and brown eyes made me an ordinary person. Nothing particularly stood out.

“Yes, you.”

“I’m glad you think so. You’re gorgeous and could have your pick of anyone. I’m just nondescript.”

“Let’s say I picked you, would you say yes to a date?”

“In a New York minute.”

“How does Saturday sound?”


What was even more terrific is that since there were a few thousand of us, we finished the houses we were working on by Friday evening. Now the next team would move in and install the electricity and piping and suchlike in the houses. They were for the Guardians, a group of 30-to-35-year-olds whose job it was to make sure the newly minted adults had their fun in a controlled environment. Want to get drunk? One of the Guardians would host and make sure you were all right. Same with trying marijuana. Nervous about getting involved in a relationship with a fellow newly minted adult? That makes sense, you’re both 18. A Guardian or two would help guide the two of you.

Anyway, Rose and I headed back to our own houses. We lived in what in the 1960’s would have been called a “commune”, but now was just the usual way for people to live. Her room was two buildings over from mine.

I met her the next day in the field. We chatted pleasantly and walked through the crop. It was already up past our waists: in a couple of months it would be ready to harvest. I felt very comfortable with her.

“Shall Sinop Escort Bayan we watch the movie?”


Today’s movie was one from the early 1990’s. It was about a homeless man being tricked into being the prey for a group of rich hunters. There was no such thing as homelessness, rich people, or hunting anymore.

“How did people live like that? That sort of society…”

I looked at her. “I don’t know.”

Rose gave me a smile. “Since sex is strictly for pleasure now…”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“I’m attracted to you, like I said a few days ago. You’re attracted to me.”

“Why not? We have known each other for years.”

True. We’d been in the same group of newly minted adults and had then resided in the same area. We’d worked together for five years now, although not for money. There was no such thing as money anymore.

We went back to her room. We slid off our robes (everyone wore robes now: they were comfortable and easy to work in.) The chemistry between us was wonderful, and we climbed onto her bed and kissed. She was a good kisser: her tongue happily explored my mouth, and mine did the same to her mouth.

That bit about sex being strictly for pleasure? True, too. Every woman had her eggs harvested as soon as she hit puberty: if she desired a child, she indicated with who, and his sperm was collected and mated with her egg. The child was given to the couple once it had been incubated: that prevented all sorts of complications involving having to go through an actual pregnancy.

I kissed my way happily down towards her breasts. They were even larger than I had thought.

“Back in the days of bras, these would have been called a D cup.”

“They’re stunning, dear.”

I slowly ran my tongue through her cleavage. Her arms gently went around me.


I kissed my way slowly up from the base of Rose’s chest to her nipple, then took it in my mouth. I then repeated the process with her other breast. She made pleased sounds. I suckled gently on her nipple, and she shivered.

“I see you like this as much as I do, Ken.”

My six-and-a-half-inch cock was indeed standing at full mast. Rose rolled me onto my back and shifted her position.

“Let us pleasure each other.”

She swung her body around and lowered her pussy onto my face. Simultaneously, she leaned forward and her tongue licked my cockhead.

“I like how you think, Rose.”

She responded by wrapping her lips around the tip of my pole. I licked along her slit, tasting her juices. They Escort Sinop were divine. She pressed herself more firmly downward, and I slid my tongue between her folds.

Her tongue traced over my cockhead in a delicate pattern. My pole twitched as she teased the tip. Then she slid her mouth downwards, taking more of me in. I responded by licking her with greater intensity.

Her fingertips rubbed softly against my ball sac. I could feel my balls slowly filling as she stimulated me. I placed my hands on her perfect ass and gently groped her in response.

She moaned and slid her mouth all the way down, letting her tongue slide up and down along my shaft. I maneuvered a finger to her clit and began brushing it, using as delicate a touch as I could muster. She pressed her body downwards more firmly and tightened her legs instinctively.

Her fingers responded by stimulating me more intensely. I drove my tongue deeper inside her and lapped with great energy. Her thighs locked around my head as she approached climax.

I continued to lightly inch my fingertip against her clit. That set her off. She shuddered as she flooded my face with her nectar. I gulped down as much of it as I could. Her body thrashed and her legs locked in place.

When she regained control of herself, she climbed off me. “That was awesome, Ken. Want to make love to me now and finish inside me?”

“I would like that very much.”

“Go for it.” She lay on her back and spread her legs. I positioned myself between them, then eased my cock into her.

“Being inside you feels wonderful.”

“I know,” she grinned. “And you seem to like it too.”

I moved slowly at first, letting us both get adjusted, then established a smooth, steady rhythm. Rose’s body moved with mine. I leaned forward and kissed her.

She wrapped her arms lovingly around me and held the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and continued making gentle love. Her legs wrapped around my hips.

“Keep going, Ken. That feels great.”

I continued steadily pumping my cock into her box. She began squeezing me with her internal muscles on every thrust, trying actively to drain my balls. I kissed her with more intensity, and her tongue responded by snaking around sexily inside my mouth.

I held her against me more tightly as I approached climax. She could sense my legs tense and she worked her pussy around my throbbing pole.

She hit climax first, locking her legs in place. Her body thrashed and her box spasmed. Her lustful cry way muffled by our intense kiss. That set me off and I gave her what she wanted, shooting jets of my cum into her.

We untangled and lay next to each other, recovering slowly. When we could speak again, Rose smiled at me. “That was exactly what I wanted. I think you should spend more nights with me here and we can do it again.”

I kissed her. “You have a deal.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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