Jake and Toby Ch. 02

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FYI – No Sex In This Chapter



A few times a year the hospital sends eighteen people on a retreat, this time I was picked to go and I was glad to hear that Janice was also picked, so I will not be completely bored. They send us to this cluster of three cabins that the hospital owns. We are supposed to go through trust and team building exercises.

The morning that we were supposed to leave, I picked up Janice from her home to head to the hospital to meet at the van’s that the leaders will be driving to the cabins. I parked and we took the elevator to the top of the parking structure to meet with the others at the vans.

Janice and I were talking as we were walking across the parking level to the vans, and I stopped. Leaning next to one of the vans was, Mr. Sex on Two Legs, Toby was still my wet dream. I couldn’t believe that I was going to get to spend a week with this man, wow. Wish it was a week alone with him and not with sixteen others plus the three leaders. Janice was talking to me when she looked over and didn’t see me, she looked back at me and saw my expression, than she looked at what I was staring at and smiled. She walked back to me and pulled me forward and laughed at me. “Honey, just ask him out, what are you waiting for?”

“Maybe a sign that says: Yes I am gay and I am available.” I responded.

“God you are funny, Jake, you just need to ask him that is the only way you are going to know. But for all it’s worth, I know he is gay and I told you this before.”

“Please tell me you asked him?”

“I will if you would like, would you like me to ask if he would like to go out on a date with you?”

“NO, please don’t embarrass me like that.”

“Whatever Hon, let’s get over there and get in the van, I am tired and want to sleep.”

We walked the rest of the way pulling along our suitcases and when I got closer, I saw Toby smile when he looked my way. John Michaels stepped forward, “Ok, everyone is here, so let’s load up, I have you all divided up into teams already, so here is schedule of events and your teammates.”

John handed out a folder to each of us and I opened mine and found out that Janice wasn’t on my team but Mr. Sex on Two Legs was, is it fate? I took my suitcase to the back of the van and then went around to climb in. Everyone had taken all the fronts seats and I had to climb to the back of the van. Toby climbed in after me and had to sit next to me, God I hope that I can keep my body under control.

We greeted one another and then he slouched in the seat and leaned his head on the back of the seat and fell to sleep. I decided to try to get a bit of sleep as well, I knew it was going to be a six hour trip to the cabins.

A few hours later I started to wake, I felt so comfortable, at first I didn’t know where I was until I opened my eyes and saw the seat in front of me, the seat was in front of me, I wasn’t looking over it as I was when I first fell asleep. I realized that I had leaned over while I was sleeping and laid on my side, and the cozy pillow that I had under my head was Toby’s thigh. Oh my god, I had pretty much laid down in the man’s lap and I didn’t even get to enjoy it because I was asleep. Then it dawned on me, I am still laying in his lap and the embarrassment started to come to me, how do I get out of this situation?

The only way was just to sit up and hope that he was still asleep, I put my hand on the seat to help ease myself up and when I sat completely up he was smiling at me, damn, guess he was awake. “Sorry, I didn’t realize that I leaned over in my sleep.” I whispered to him, as I looked around everyone in the van was asleep except the driver thank god.

“No problem, I didn’t mind it at all.” He responded and smiled at me, I just looked at him, god can this man be real, could he possibly be gay, god do I wish he was.

“May I ask you some questions; you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” I asked.


“Why did you move here, you move from sunshine to the gloomy northeast?”

“I was actually trying to leave behind some of my past, or more like giving up some of my past, so it didn’t keep returning.”

“Too personal of a question I take it.”

“No, just not sure you want to know the truth.”

“Try me.”

“I was leaving behind my boyfriend or I should say ex-boyfriend.” He looked over at me to see if I had a reaction, I didn’t have an outward reaction but I was screaming on the inside, yes, yes, yes. “I kept taking him back and I decided it was time that I stopped torturing myself.”

“Been in that boat before too, but I didn’t have to move across the country to do it though.”

“Yeah I was probably over doing it, but it was a good change, plus I know that Jack will not move across the country to ask for me to forgive him and take him back, at least I hope. I have a damn soft spot for him and I was hoping that with this move I will be a little stronger to deny his return.”

“How long have you two canlı bahis been together?”

“Too long, I meet him when he moved to my high school when I was a senior and he was a junior. We were in drama and choir together.”

“Drama and choir?” I said.

“Yeah I was the odd guy, I was the captain of football team and I liked to sing so I join choir and drama. What no one knew was I was gay, I didn’t come out until after I graduated. But Jack caught my eye, and he knew right away that I was gay, I still don’t understand gaydar.” He laughed. “Maybe that is why I always let him come back after he would cheat on me and move in with the other guys for a few months. Because I never knew if the guy that I liked was gay or not and I was always too shy to ask.”

“I have the same problem.”

“Same problem.” It was his chance at feeling a little awkward.

“I am gay too and I always end up falling for the straight ones, except this time.” I said it before I was able to stop myself.

“What was that Doc?” He was smiling but I think he wanted confirmation of what he just heard.

“Nothing, just was saying my gaydar doesn’t work either.” Someone started to stir in front of us and I looked down, I don’t go out of my way to tell people that I am gay either so I didn’t really want to continue this conversation when others could hear.

“Do you have any other questions?” Toby asked.

“Maybe later.” I lowered my voice. “I don’t like talking about my sexual orientation in front of too many people, sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, I don’t either.” He responded back in a whisper.

I turned and sat against the window and looked at him, god did I like looking at him. We just rode in silence the rest of the way to the cabins. When we arrived, the leaders lead us into the cabins and told us that we have to double up in a room that there are only four and they were getting their own. There was two women in our group and four men.

“Come on Doc, let’s see where we will be sleeping.” Toby stated as he followed the other two guys down the little hallway.

“Oh hell no, we are not going to sleep in this room.” Stated one of the other guys, as they moved on to another one, then to the last. “This is much better, good luck guys and girls.” They said with a laugh.

Toby walked into one of the other rooms and I came in behind and he stopped and I almost ran into him. There in the room was one queen size bed. “Well, it least it is not a full, then we would get a little more familiar with one another.” He chuckled and sat his suitcase on the floor on the far side, than he looked up at me and asked. “Which side do you prefer?”

“This side is fine, thanks for asking.”

There were no exercises that we had to do with one another the first night, just get to know one another. I have seen some of the other four in our group before, but I didn’t really know what parts of the hospital they worked in. We sat around in the living area of the cabin and talked, ate sandwiches that the leader had made and were drinking with one another.

We had to decided how we wanted to divide up the duties of the cabin, who and when they cooked, and we all decided that we would clean up after one another. We all had a nice time getting to know one another that night and then we all headed to bed. I was relaxed until I walked back into the bedroom and realized that I had to sleep in the same bed as my walking wet dream.

I went over and opened my suitcase and pulled out some pajamas and turned to walk out of the room to the bathroom and Toby was standing in the doorway smiling. “What?”

“Nothing.” Toby walked over to his suitcase and pulled out some shorts. “I don’t normally sleep in anything, so I am glad I have some shorts.” Oh god I wish he wouldn’t have said that, I moaned and walked out.

When I returned, Toby was already laying in the bed reading his tablet. I was taken aback by his naked chest as he laid on the bed, he legs and waist was covered by the blankets but his chest was remarkable. He had a six pack and the v line that dove down to where the covers cover his waist, god he looked so hot. “You are staring.”

“Sorry.” I said as I finally gathered myself to set my clothes down over my suitcase and sit down on my side of the bed after pulling the covers back so I could get in. “Do you need the light?” It dawned on me that I didn’t turn the light off.

“No, but I can get up and get it.”

I laid back and Toby got up and wow, when he stood, the shorts were oh my god short and he just strolled out the door, I assume to the bathroom. When he came back he turned the light off and walked to his side of the bed and got in and said goodnight. It took me a bit to fall to sleep but once it I did, I had wonderful dreams.



Waking up the next morning, I was confused with my surroundings, I was holding someone, and I was in an unfamiliar bed. It was nice, warm and there was a little bit of morning light coming through the window. I felt bahis siteleri the person push back at me, I felt their ass rub against my morning hard on. Then it came to light where I was and who I was with.

Sometime in the night Jake and I started spooning one another, and he was now grinding his ass back against me. Oh my god, do I just start touching the man that I have been wanting for the last couple of months. I threw caution to the wind, I held him tight against me and he moaned.

I kissed the back of Jake’s neck and he froze, he stopped grinding his ass back on my cock. I must have brought him the rest of the way out of the haze of his sleep. I pushed it and slide my hand along his arm down to his hand. “Good morning, I am not going to say sorry for waking up holding you because I am not sorry.”

“Oh?” He stated.

“Are you possibly interested? Or do I back away now and we forget that we woke up holding one another?” I asked.

Jake turned over in my arms, he looked at me in silence for a minute than he leaned toward me and kissed my lips. That is all it took and I was on him, I kissed him with fury, I wanted in his mouth, I wanted to taste him, all of him. I kissed him and was touching everywhere I could, I had one hand in his hair and the other hand was roaming over his body.

Then there was a knock at the door. “Come on guys, you are wasting the day.” We could hear the person walk down the hall to the next room and knock.

I bent down and kissed him once more before I released him and turned over to sit on the edge of the bed. “Come on Doc, let’s get out of this bed before we can’t and make everyone in this cabin uncomfortable.” I smiled back at him when I got up and reached for my jeans, clean underclothes, a t-shirt and headed out of the room to the bathroom, hoping that I was the first one to make it there.

Ten minutes later after showering and dressing I came back to the room a little more relaxed, I had to whack off in the shower. Having my wet dream in my arms and not knowing it all night long, shit I was hard. It will be interesting what or if anything happens with the Doc.



Oh God, oh god, oh shit, what just happened. Toby wants possibly a relationship with me, he smiled and left the room. Why can’t we be alone right now, shit I would give anything to be alone right now with him. But he was correct we need to get up, hopefully this day will go by quick I would love to go for a walk with him later.

What am I doing I need to get up and start getting ready to start my day. I grabbed up some clothes and walked out and realized there was a line for the bathroom, so I just turned towards the kitchen hoping that they have a coffee maker. I was in luck John was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in his hands and motioned to the counter. “Thanks, I was hoping there was some.”

“Sorry Doc about having to sleep in the bed with another person, I have told the hospital that they should get two singles in each room but they rent it out and they don’t want to put couples off. So hopefully you and who you rooming with Toby.” He looked at me for confirmation and I nodded. “Are getting along ok?”

“So far and I don’t mind sharing the bed, it isn’t like we are touching, it is a queen size bed, would be a little different if it was only a full size.” I smiled, really wishing it was a full size.

“Well you are different, everyone else was complaining last night, from the other cabins, thanks for being so nonchalant about it.”

“No problem.” I drank my coffee and in walks Toby, I smiled and then looked down at my coffee cup, not wanting to look to anxious. He just went over to the coffee pot and poured him a cup and walked back out of the kitchen, once he was out the door he looked back and motioned for me to follow him.

He had gone back into the room, when I opened the door, he was waiting there and took my coffee from me and sat it on the dresser. Then he turned back around, stepped to me, put his hands gently on each side of my face and kissed me. “If we get done at a reasonable time tonight would you like to go for a walk with me?”

“Yes.” Is all I could get out before he was kissing me again.

“God I wanted to do this ever since the day I saw you in the car next to me.” Toby said when he pulled back from one of the many kisses he was giving me. “I need to get away from you or I am not going to be of use today.” Toby smiled, leaned in for another kiss and then opened the door and walked out.

The day went fast, the groups were separate for most of the day and then in the evening we were brought all together around fire pit. We were able to enjoy one another’s company and Janice pulled me to the side. “Doc, you have been smiling nonstop what is going on?”


“Yeah and pigs fly, you are too happy.” She noticed that I was looking towards Toby and he was looking at me for a few seconds. “Are you two sleeping together?”

“WHAT? NO! Well, yes were are, he is my roommate bahis şirketleri but we aren’t doing anything yet.”

“Yet?” She just looked at me.

I smiled, “He kissed me this morning.”

“Details, you have to tell me details.” I told her about what happened, and she was smiling the entire time. “Why don’t you go sit by him, Hon?”

I told her that I would later that I didn’t want to draw attention to us, she just shook her head and pulled me over to a seat near the fire. Everyone was talking and laughing, we were enjoying the fire and it was getting a little chilly, a few people had gone in for bed. I looked around and couldn’t find Toby, it made me sad for a few minutes because I thought that he may have forgotten about going for a walk.

Janice was talking to me when he walked up with my jacket in his hands, he had his on as well. “Thought you were probably getting a little cold too. Janice would you like mine?”

“Oh no, I was about to get up and head in myself, if you would like my chair, please sit Toby.” Janice got up and pulled Toby to sit next to me and headed off to her cabin with a laugh.

Toby chuckled when she pushed him down in the chair, there wasn’t too many people left around the fire and it was dying down. John asked us if we wanted anymore wood on it and we both told him no that we were going to head in in a bit. John went to the cabin and it left just a few around the fire, Toby leaned over and asked if I wanted to go for a walk, I agreed and we headed off towards the beach.

Once we were far from the fire he turned, kissed me, took my hand and we walked down the beach a ways, than he asked if I wanted to sit down. There was not a soul around and we were siting hip to hip and he had his arm around my back.



Oh my god I can’t believe I am sitting here on the beach, holding the Doc, if you would have asked me a week ago, hell a day ago, I would have denied that he would even be interested in me, I thought he was straight.

“May I asked you some more questions Toby?” The Doc asked.

“Yeah, anything you would like.”

“I would like some clarification on few things, before I even start anything with you. I know you aren’t asking me to be your boyfriend of anything right this second, but I don’t want to invest if you are going to take your ex back. So basically if he showed up here tomorrow would you take him back?”

“You want honestly?” I looked at Jake, he nodded his head. “I don’t know, I do love Jack and I probably always will, but at this point in time I don’t want him back. That is why I left everything and moved here, I want a fresh start, I would like to find someone that would be good for me, good to me. Not someone who see me as safe, Jack see me as that. He would cheat, if I caught him, he left and moved in with the person he was cheating on me with and then when that went south he would come crawling back to me and I was stupid and opened my heart back up for him.”

“How interested in me are you?”

“Jake, when I looked over at you, my first day here. You were in your car, staring at me as we were sitting at the stop light. I wanted to get to know you than, but as I told you before, I am shy and I was afraid that you were straight.” I moved so I could look at him as I was talking to him, I wanted to look into his eyes so he knew I was telling the truth. “Doc, I would like to give this a try, I would love to get to know you to see if we are compatible. I will be honest here, I have only been with one guy all of my open gay life, it was Jack but I don’t want him back. I am hoping if I really found someone and they make me truly happy that if he did show up here, that I would be able to refuse him.”

“How long were you two together?”

“Twelve years, minus every time he left me, so probably really closer to ten or less. As I said before I was stupid and kept taking his ass back, I know I was safe for him but he in a way was safe for me.”

“How was he safe for you?” Jake asked, he looked a little worried.

I laughed, I really never put words to this before. “He knew me, I knew him, and so he was my security blanket if you will. He was never gone more than two or three months from me, so it literally didn’t give me time to get over him before he was at my door begging me to take him back. I was his doormat and I know it, I just couldn’t help it I loved him.”

“When did he leave this last time?”

“Six months before I came here, so now eight months.”

“Have you heard from him?”

“Nope, so maybe this time he has found happiness, and I hope that I can find mine.” I responded.

“I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say I am not scare he won’t show up here tomorrow. Toby I would like to get to know you, I would like to see if we are compatible as you had said.”

“So what you want to do here, Doc?”

“To show me you going to take this serious, court me.”

“Excuse me?”

“Court me, woo me.” Jake smiled. “Let’s take this slow.”

I smiled back at him. “Ok, that sounds like a plan. But we have a problem.”

“What is that?” Jake asked.

I laughed. “We are already sleeping together.” He got on his knees, crawled up to me and kissed me.

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