Jan Ch. 2

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After my encounter with Jan at the Beach we decided that we would become a couple, but not in the normal sense of the word. Jan did not want a relationship but only a sexual relationship. She was worried about our age difference, she being 47, and I being 23. This was fine by me the only problem that needed to be worked out was were do we come together, she had a house but had two children living with her, her daughter Diane age 18, and son Jeff age 20. I on the other hand shared an apartment with a roommate. The only solution was for me to get my own apartment. I started my search for an apartment right away because I wanted to get into that pussy again as fast as possible.

I found an above the garage apartment that was right in my price range. The next day I had an appointment to go and see it. I arrived at a large home that looked like a small estate. The house was a large brick colonial home, the garage was set back in the yard about thirty feet and looked about the size of a small home. The complete back yard was surrounded by a eight-foot privacy fence. I went to the front door and rang the bell. The face that answered the door was a knock out, she was blond, about five foot eight, and had a tan that I just know was an all over tan.

“Hi, I’m Belinda, you must be Johann” that voice was a husky voice that did not match her appearance. Belinda led me to the apartment via the house and back door. As we walked out she told me that her and her husband Jim had wanted to rent that above garage apartment for about a year now, but had never found a person that they would be comfortable with renting to. She asked me about my job, my education, and my family. I felt very comfortable talking to her and I answered every question truthfully.

We went out the back door and up the stairs to the apartment, I finally took a good look at Belinda, She had on a pair of short shorts that did not cover her ass checks, her ass is a little large but wiggled really nice from side to side, her tits are small, she has a figure that would be called pear shaped, small on top and large on the bottom. All in all she is an attractive women in her yearly 40s. She showed me the apartment, and I liked it. I asked her if I could have it and she said she would talk to her husband Jim and call me back later that day. Belinda called me about six that evening Beylikdüzü escort and told me the apartment was mine and I could move in any time.

That Friday morning I took off from work and moved into the apartment. At about five that evening Belinda and Jim came up to the apartment to welcome me. Jim is about six foot two, dark hair, about 200 pounds, around his late forties. They invited me to have dinner with them, I had to decline and tell them that my friend Jan was coming over later to visit and she was bringing dinner with her. Jim said that was ok and that we could get together another time. As they left I noticed that Jim had put his hand on his wives ass, I felt a little bid of jealousy for I wanted my hand to be there.

At six I heard a car pull up, I went out to stand on the stairs and saw that it was Jan, I also noticed that Jim and Belinda were looking out a window watching. Jan must have known that we were watching because she put on a show. She did not get out of the car but slid out. First came her legs, her skirt ridding high above her thighs showing all those legs and showing a batch of darkness between them. The black skirt she had on was just long enough to cover her cock pit. Next came her top, a see through blouse with no bra on. From were I was standing I could see her tits and nipples so I knew that Jim and Belinda could see them also as they were closer.

She got out of the car, then turned bent over to reach back into the car, as she did that her skirt rode up on her ass showing that she was wearing nylons not pantyhose. She stretched into the car and I knew that Jim and Belinda could see right up her short skirt and see that tight round ass of hers. Jan came out of the car with a large purse and a shopping bag. She looked up and saw me and smiled “I hope I’m on time”, she said. It did not concern me if she was late or not as long as she was here because I wanted her real bad. I knew that Jim who had a much better vantage point then I did of her had to have a hard on, because I did.

I went down the stairs to help her with the bag she had. I took the bag as she tilted her head and said “I hope you like what you see”. I told her that she looked like a knock out babe, she just smiled and went up the stairs with me behind her watching that ass of hers wiggle.

I put the bag Beylikdüzü escort on the kitchen table, turned around, and Jan was in my arms. She put her arms around my neck, pushed her pelvis into my crotch and kissed me, mouth wide open our tongues did a dance around each other. I felt her tits pushing against my chest, her nipples were hard against me. She raised one leg behind me and pulled me closer into her. I let one arm drop to her ass, with her leg raised her skirt had rode up to her waist and I felt skin, no panties. My hand went to those ass checks, sliding up and down, running my fingers into her ass crack, teasing her asshole with my index finger. I could feel the heat start to rise in her pussy as she pulled me even closer to her.

My dick was hard, pushing against her, I could feel her pussy lips opening and closing against me. She was moaning those little happy sounds into my mouth. She dropped her leg back to the ground, backed up from me and said “fuck, I’m hot as hell, I have been thinking of nothing but your dick all week.” She had a glassy eyed look and her nipples were poking out. My hands went to her tits, lifting them, massaging, and then pinching the nipples. “Suck them, bite them” she said. I undid her blouse quickly and my mouth went to her super hard sensitive nipples, I licked them, first one then the other, flicking them with my tongue. My teeth nibbled on them, as I did her hands pushed my head harder into her tits. I started to bite them, none to gently, she moaned “yes, yes” her nipples were swollen to the max, they were now about an inch long and they way Jan was breathing I knew that they were very sensitive.

My lips went around the left one and I made it as wet as I could, I then did the same with the right one. I continued to suck on one then the other and ran my right hand down to the bottom of her short skirt. Slowly my hand went up her skirt, going past her stockings, I could feel the heat of her pussy. She spread her legs as wide as her skirt allowed her to spread them. I felt the bottom of her pussy lips, she was wet with juices, my index finger pushed against her pussy and entered it. My thumb went to her clit, rubbing it back and forth as my finger went deeper into her pussy. Her pussy was milking my finger, tightening and loosing around it. She was so wet her juice was running Escort Beylikdüzü down onto my hand, she let out a long moan and just about collapsed, if it was not for my hand on her crotch she would have fallen.

“Fuck, Fuck, I’m cumming”, she moaned, I felt her juices really start to flow. I bit down harder on her nipple. I felt her cunt contract then slowly opened and she squirted her pussy juice on to my hand. She screamed “Oh shit” as her cunt contracted and opened again to let forth with another stream of hot pussy juice. I had to hold on to her because she was losing her balance as she shot another stream of cunt juice down my hand. Jan straightened up and looked at me and said “that was one hell of a cum, thanks.” I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. I sat her on the toilet, got a wash cloth and made it wet with warm water. I kneeled in front of her, spread her legs and cleaned her. As I ran the wash cloth over her clit she shuddered a little. When I got done she said thanks and asked if I could leave her alone to get her-self back together.

I went to the kitchen and took out the food she had brought and heated it up. In a few minutes Jan walked in and she looked as good as when she first got out of her car. We eat, had a few glasses of wine and just talked about everything. After about an hour of talking Jan asked if I would like to watch a porn movie. I said yes.

Jan went to her purse and pulled out a movie. “You get it ready to play, I’ll be only a minute in the bathroom.” I set up the VCR, but it took Jan longer then one minute in the bathroom. The wait was worth it. When she stepped out of the bathroom my mouth fell open. She had on black stockings held up by a black garder belt, over that she had small red panties. On top she had a red see through bra. Her feet were covered with red two inch high heels. Her face was made up to perfection , her lips covered with a very bright red lipstick. This women oozed sex.

As she walked over to the couch were I was sitting her hips were swinging in that sexual way that some women have, her tits were bouncing up and down. I only had two thoughts, one how much can a women carry in her purse, and two will my dick bust out of my pants? She sat next to me, I could feel her heat. She looked at me and said “why don’t you put on something less constricting.” I went into my bedroom got undressed and put on a pair of silk boxer shorts. When I came out Jan looked at me and said “dam, you look good enough to eat, but lets first watch some of this movie.” I sat next to her as she turned on the movie.

To Be Continued…

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