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This story is like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have. It’s sort of like those old time radio shows where you have to use a lot of imagination. Although this story should have enough facts for you to use your imagination to fill it in.

I like the constructive criticism comments I get back from readers because I learn from them. The slash and burn anonymous comments will be deleted as soon as I see them because they are meaningless and a waste of time both yours and mine.



My wife Jazmine, who is commonly known as Jazz, is a good-looking woman. No, I’m not bragging when I say that. In fact, that statement has been confirmed by more than a few guys who have told me she is a solid 9, or when she is done up a 10. She is so good looking, she is in demand as a bikini model and that’s what she does to earn extra money.

Jazz is 5’5″, 115 lbs, 24″ waist and 34″ hips and very shapely tight ass. Her breasts are a nice firm 34C with nipples that when stimulated, become rock hard and extremely sensitive to the touch. Believe me it doesn’t take much to stimulate those nipples either. She has cute facial features with a mouth that can suck my cock for hours, smooth Caribbean colored skin, and her shiny black hair falls to the middle of her back.

Jazz is impulsive which means she is always surprising me with some of the things she does. I never know when the devilish side of her will come out, but when it does it usually is entertaining. Also, she has always liked being the center of attention. To be the center of attention, she is a big flirt and not shy about her body at all. She is always looking for complements on how she does something, or how good she looks, plus she constantly uses her flirting ways to get those complements. She seems to thrive on male attention, and flattering comments about her body always make her horny. When we first met, I didn’t know how to take her attention seeking, but now I don’t mind, and actually relish it, because I enjoy the results those comments have on her in the bedroom.

Our sex life has always been active, and Jazz is multiple orgasmic and she is willing to try just about anything. Lately the two of us have been doing a few kinkier things to spice things up in the bedroom. A couple of those things were to include some sex toys and roll playing in our bedroom antics. Over several months our imaginary role playing has progressed to her being used by groups of strangers who enjoy her womanly charms. Role playing like that really seems to get her off, and her orgasms are more intense.

I soon found that another big turn on for her was she gets off big time sucking my cock while I had a couple of dildos in her ass and pussy. Another plus was the action with my cock and two dildos naturally got her wondering what three real cocks would feel like instead of the toys.

Her wondering about multiple cocks ignites fires in her, also those talks give me an immediate hard on. I have even told her I would like to watch her get it on with other guys with all her holes full of cocks. She would always reply, “We have to do that one day just so I can experience it.”

Her knowing I would like to watch her being used by other guys is a turn on for her. I was sure it was something she was hoping one day would happen. I know I sure would like to see it materialize. That fantasy hadn’t happened yet, but it was a fun turn on for the two of us, and I knew if it ever happened I would gladly let it happen.

With that information, I will get on with the rest of this tale.

We lived in a nice rural development with big lots where it was hard to see in your neighbor’s yards. The privacy was nice and it felt like we had the whole world to ourselves. We had bought our house when one day we happened to be driving by and saw the open house signs. We had been thinking about getting a house so we had a look. The house was a lot bigger than we needed, but the price was below dirt cheap because the last owner’s estate wanted to unload it. So, we jumped on the deal.

We had been living there for a couple of years and had decided to change a few things. The closets in the master bedroom were small, as was the connected bathroom. We figured if we eliminated a spare bedroom next to our bedroom we could get a lot bigger bathroom and bigger walk in closets, so that’s what we were doing.

My brother was a contractor and was doing the work for us. Things were going along great but with the bathroom torn apart we had no shower or tub. The other washroom was just a half bath, with no tub, so it was nice to have good neighbors that offered to let us use their pool and hot tub on their back deck for those days we needed to soak and get cleaned up.

Our renovations were just about finished when a long weekend came. My brother took his family camping so it would be another week before he finished our place. That weekend casino oyna I spent the Saturday working in the yard while Jazz had been out with her sister shopping all day. When the two of them got together they always finished off the day with a few wines which inevitably turned into usually having too many. That day was no different and when Jazz got home she was feeling the effects of the wine. That was Ok with me because when she got happy, she got horny.

When the sun set, we were feeling gungy so we phoned Roy and told him we were going to use his pool and tub. He had no problems with it so Jazz and I donned our swim suits and grabbed a bottle of wine and headed over.

Jazz was wearing a black string bikini that couldn’t get much smaller without her being indecent, and she also had a see-through cover wrap on over that. As we hopped into the pool I looked through the sliding glass doors into to Roy’s rec room. I observed he was entertaining and there were a few guys standing by the glass door looking out at us. I knew the only reason they were doing that was they were checking out Jazz’s hot body as she frolicked about.

We swam for a bit then took the cover off the hot tub and got in to have a good soak. The water was relaxing. We drank the wine and did a bit of playing around and after we finished the wine, we were both horny so we decided to head for home. We had plans of heading right to the bedroom for a good workout but when we put the cover back on the tub Roy stuck his head out the door and told us to come in and join them in their party. I looked at Jazz her to see what she was going to say and she was looking at me and told Roy, “We are tired and want to get home.” That was her way of saying she couldn’t wait to get in the bedroom.

Roy then said, “Aw come on, just for a bit… Have a drink with us?”

Jazz looked at me and reluctantly said, “All right just one, but I’m not dressed for meeting people.”

I was feeling mischievous and wanted a chance to show off Jazz, so I playfully told her. “Sure, you are. You wore that outfit to the beach just two weeks ago, and nobody complained, lets join the party.”

We followed Roy into the rec room and there were five other guys sitting there. Jazz’s body turns heads and can make men dream of sexual delights with her, so it was a natural thing that the guys in Ray’s rec room would all check her out as she walked in. I noticed there were a more than a few comments whispered between some of the guys and after the whispering, there were a few chuckles. I was sure I knew what the guys were thinking.

Roy introduced us to Dan, Earl, Al, Bob, and Charley. Jazz looked around and asked, “Where’s Jane I thought she would be here.”

Roy explained, “She had to go help at her mothers for the weekend so that gave me the chance to have the guys over for a video day. Sit down and I will get that drink for you. Whiskey on the rocks is what you usually have, isn’t it?”

Jazz agreed and I went to help Roy at the bar.

Roy’s rec room had three love seats arranged in a U shape in front of his big screen TV. When I looked back the guys had made room for Jazz and she was squeezed in between two of them on one love seat.

No sooner than we came back with the drinks than one guy who I found was named Dan pulled out a baggie and rolled a couple of big joints. Those were passed around and it seemed like Jazz always had one in her hand as the guys kept passing them to her.

I could see that combined with the wine she had consumed; the pot could lead to fun for me when we got home. The combination of pot and alcohol always kindled fires in her that are hard to extinguish. The last time she got carried away with smoking pot, her vibrators and dildos got a real work out after she drained me.

“Hey Roy,” the guy sitting to Jazz’s right said. “Start up the tape again, that movie was just about over and I want to see it finish.” The rest of the guys were in agreement.

Roy said, “I wonder if it is fitting with having Jazz here and all.”

Dan who was sitting on Jazz’s left piped up then. “She looks like a big girl and I think Earl was right, we should finish the video, besides we’ve all been waiting to see the finished results of this movie after all your cutting and trimming on it. If she doesn’t like it she can always close her eyes.”

Roy grabbed the remote and hit play and we immediately were looking at some chick getting air tight fucked by three guys. Jazz’s eyes got so big I thought she was going to have them pop out of her head. She was so surprized she spilled her drink on her beach cover up. Roy immediately told her to take it off and he would rinse it and throw it in the dryer.

Jazz stood up and removed the cover up and the guys saw her only dressed in that skimpy black string bikini and believe me the movie was forgotten and comments about how sexy Jazz looked filled the room. Those comments from the guys were the things she liked to hear and she had a big smile on her face and was giggling as she did a little pirouette showing off canlı casino before she sat down.

As she sat back down there were comparisons of her body to the woman in the videos body and I could see she was happy the comments about her body being better looking than the woman in the video was. I saw Dan and Earl were lightly brushing their fingers on Jazz’s legs, and she didn’t seem to notice.

That was when the woman in the video started to really make a lot of noise as the action of the airtight fucking, picked up. Jazz looked back at the screen and realized the woman was Jane, Roy’s wife, and our good neighbor. The kicker was the guys fucking her were the same guys that were sitting in the same room as us.

Jazz quickly looked around at the guys then over at Roy and blurted out, “Holy cow! Is that really your wife Jane, and are these here guys fucking her? What was she thinking letting that happen?”

Roy paused the tape and looked over at Jazz and told her, “Yes, that’s Jane and these guys all right. What you see on the screen is the result of a lot of fun we all had doing one afternoon.”

Jazz exclaimed, “You got to be kidding… I wouldn’t have thought Jane was the type of woman that would get gangbanged. Just how did this start?”

“Well It started one day when we had a few couples over and we watched a porn tape where a woman got gangbanged. Jane and I both thought it would be something to expand our bedroom fun, so the next week we had these guys over and tried it. We had so much fun that first time and afterwards Jane was asking when we all could get together again.”

Jazz interrupted, “What was that you said…First time… You mean you have done this more than once?”

“Yeah, Jane loved all the attention and the hot cocks so much we have continued to enjoy the fun times whenever we can all get together.”

Roy in a jesting voice added, “You should try it some time. Jane thinks it’s the most exhilarating thing she has ever done… Why I bet even you would really get a lot of thrills doing it. A woman that looks as sexually erotic as you should really enjoy it.”

Jazz thought for a few seconds as she absorbed this information then surprized me when she said, “So, you really think I’m sexy. That’s a nice thing to say. Thanks”

Wow! Jazz had changed her demeaner so fast it amazed me. She was back in her playing the crowd to get attention mode. Going from being astonished about Jane’s actions to fishing for compliments in just a second. She then asked, “Why do you think I’m sexy?” The guys realized she was playing with them and quickly fed her ego by telling her how well she was put together. Well that brought a big smile to her face and made her sit up a little straighter.

Bob again asked to have the video turned on again and Roy hit the remote.

Jazz was intently watching her friend Jane being pleasured by these five guys and asked, “Is Jane really being fucked by Al and Charley while she sucks Earl off.”

Dan replied, “Yes, the sex that day lasted two hours and was a lot of fun.”

While they had been talking Dan and Earl had been getting less discreet about how they were touching Jazz and were openly caressing her legs so their hands were sliding from her knees to touching her bikini covered pussy on each stroke. I was watching her and I could see she was so engrossed in the action on the video she didn’t realize her body was instinctively reacting to the stimulation of both the video and the caresses.

I just had to wonder to myself if maybe tonight was the night she would fulfill our shared fantasy of her with multiple men. The more I thought about the possibility of it happening, the harder my cock was getting.

Things suddenly escalated when Earl boldly asked Jazz, “Are those tits of yours natural? They sure look like they are a nice size and perfectly shaped.”

Jazz having her concentration on the video broken looked at him grinned. In a sultry voice, she said, “Why do you ask? They are absolutely real, and I’m proud that there are no implants needed to make them this way.”

“Wow real ones! How about showing them to us. I dare you” Dan stated.

Jazz giggled and I watched her as she taunted the guys by saying, “Well I don’t know. What makes you think I should show them to you?” That got comments about how firm they looked, and if they were indeed real she should be proud to show them off etc.

“Well I am proud of them,” Jazz then looked at me and said, “Honey these guys like my boobs, should I let them see them?”

I could see she was she feeling very relaxed and buzzed… not to mention horny as hell having so much male attention. I wanted to see how far things would go so I told her, “It’s up to you dear, do whatever you want.”

Dan was getting anxious to see more of her and stated, “Jazz if you are shy, how about just showing us one of those tits of yours.”

Jazz had that devious smile she gets when she is teasing and timidly pulled one side of the top of her bikini down and let the guys examine one tit then covered kaçak casino up again as the guys started praising how good that tit looked.

That naturally got Charley to ask, “Do both tits look the same? Are they a matched set? Let’s see them both so we can compare them.”

Jazz was openly laughing as she said, “They match and to prove it here look at this.” She then stood up and lifted her bikini top up to her chin displaying those firm tits of hers to everyone as she strutted around giving everyone a good look. That seemed to be the signal for everyone to group around her. Dan said, “You have incredible tits?” Bob added. “They are amazing!” Earl just had to sneak in a feel, which Jazz didn’t shrink from. Of course, if Earl had a feel, then Dan had to grope the other tit. Earl and Dan were feeling her up, so the rest of the guys joined in to.

The next thing I noticed was her top had been untied and was on the floor leaving her topless. I just couldn’t believe I was watching my wife standing there topless, with her hands behind her head letting anyone who wanted molest her. Not only that, but she was giggling like a school girl as it happened. They continued to make comments about how firm her tits were, and how hard her nipples had gotten, with the odd comment about how sexy her body was. Her nipples were now being twirled between fingers and tugged on, which Jazz loved and she was relishing every moment of the groping that she was receiving.

Everyone had their turn to molest her firm C cups and the next thing you know someone told her to bend over the coffee table so they could check out her ass to see if it was as firm as her tits.

The coffee table was moved into the center of the room, covered with some cushions off the sofa and Jazz gamely bent over the coffee table displaying that firm ass of hers. As that happened, I looked over and saw that Roy had a video camera in his hands and was videoing the action. I made a note to myself that I was going to have to remember to get a copy of that tape.

Being in the middle of the room the guys quickly surrounded Jazz and since that bikini bottom had worked its way into the crack of her ass there was lots of grabbing her ass cheeks, the odd slap was added to them and at the same time her tits were still being assaulted. Jazz was clearly enjoying the attention and was cheerfully wiggling her ass back and forth teasing the guys more.

It only took a couple of minutes until the bottom of her bikini disappeared and all the guys were molesting anything they could touch. That soon led to Bob’s hand between her legs aggressively rubbing back and forth on her pussy.

Bob told all the guys, “Her pussy is wet already, I think she really wants this to happen.”

Jazz had been listening and said, “Oh yeah. If you guys want to do me like you did Jane, go for it, because it looks like fun and I’m ready.”

I had a raging hard on watching this and when one of the guys asked me if what they were doing was OK. I figured there was now way anyone in the room was going to stop anything, and there was no way I was going to stop things, so I told the guys to have as much fun as she could take.

Jazz was moaning as fingers were inserted into her wet pussy. That’s when the guys started to take off their clothes revealing their hard cocks. Jazz had a smile on her face and was laughing when she said, “Oh look! Are these cocks all for me. How nice.” Every one of the guys were rock hard. After she said that it only took moments before Bob’s hard cock replaced those fingers in her pussy. Jazz wasn’t complaining in the least, and was pushing back as he entered her pussy with his cock.

I could see she loved the attention and for these guys she was the only thing they wanted just then. She opened her mouth as Al’s cock was offered to her. Seeing her being spit roasted was a big turn on for me, and Roy was moving in close with his camera catching all the action.

I could see the TV as I watched Jazz in action and saw Jane was being spit roasted just like Jazz was. It was as though they choregraphed the action to be simultaneous in their movements. Al pulled his cock out of Jazz’s mouth and Charley offered his eight-inch cock to her and she greedily sucked it in, giving him the blow job of his life. At the same time, Bob pulled out of her pussy and was replaced by Dan. I knew it is nearly impossible to pound her too hard from behind, but Dan was doing his best to give her an intense pounding.

All the guys were pacing themselves and when they started to get close to coming they would pull out and let the next guy have a turn. Roy passed off the camera to Al and took his turn fucking my wife as Earl had his turn with Jazz’s mouth. This action went on for what seemed like forever.

As Al and Earl pulled out of her Jazz looked around and said, “Who’s going to fuck me next? Bob told her he was next and was laying on the floor. She got up and straddled him and then lowered her pussy over his cock. With her in the cowgirl position she slowly started moving up and down with Bob’s cock sliding in and out of her. As Jazz got up to top speed Charley exclaimed, “Look at her tits bounce!” Her tits were indeed bouncing around and they looked like they were going to fly off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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