Jealousy: Part 3

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It was two hours before the wedding and Ben and I haden’t seen eachother all day, the suspense was killing me. But according to

tradition the bride and groom can’t see eachother for a full 24 hours before the wedding, UGH!!!

Laura, my maide of honor (and ex-girlfriend, yes at one time Laura and I were a thing but now JUST FRIENDS….AND completely

STRAIGHT!), was standing behind me curling my hair. I decided to go with a curled look for my wedding just becuase it looked

cute, I also got extensions, they were adorable.

Denise, one of my bride’s maides, did my make-up. I decided to go with a simple look instead of looking like a barbie. So all she

did was aply a small amount of foundation (tan), eye shadow (white), eye liner (black), lip stick (red), and blush (light pink).

After all of my make-up was applied, I slipped on my white, strapless, Vera Wang wedding dress and poured a glass of Grand

Cuvee Brut Champagne (Im not 21 so dont tell), after about two glasses of wine I decided to stop so I would actually remember

my wedding. Only 10 more minutes.

Carly, my little sister (and another one of my bride’s maides), stood by the door texting away on her iPhone 4.

“It’s time!!” She scream after she read a text from the preacher (who was our Aunt Ashley).

I was so nervous, I could barely stand. We opened the door and headed down the white hall that was decorated with mirrors and

red roses. We reached the big double doors that, on the other side, awaited my future. Aaron and Luke (Ben’s 2nd cousins)

opened the doors and I walked through them holding onto my father’s arm.

I made my way up the isle, Ben looked amazing, I smiled at him, no turning back now. I arrived at the end of the isle and stood by

Ben, the ceremony began.


It was a traditional ceremony, but I won’t bore alsancak escort bayan you with the details so lets just skip ahead to the honey moon. We went to the

Bahamas, and man what a night.

Ben and I arrived at Shannas Cove Resort around 8 P.M., as soon as the door shut Ben grabbed ahold of me and tossed me onto

the bed. He immediately took off my after gown (which was a simple black and red dress that went to my knees) and flung it

accross the room, he nearly ripped my black strapless bra off of my body followed by my panties. I peeled his shirt off sending

the buttons in numoruos directions. Then I slid his pants and Futurama boxers off.

I made my way to his enormous cock and started stoking it, I kissed the tip then began to suck on it, I deep throated his dick

without so much a a single gag, I then laid on the bed and let him climb on top of me. He began to lick and bite my nipples while

cupping my perfectly rounded breasts in his hands. He then slide down to my pussy and began to rub my swolen clit with his

thumb, while fingering me with his index finger.

I let out a soft moan while running my fingers through his hair and I urged him to taste my suculant juices. He took the not so

subtle hint and began to devour my pussy. He stuck his tounge in and out of my pussy, while (still) rubbing my clit with his thumb.

“Do you wanna try something?” he asked me as he lifted his head.

“What do you have in mind babe?” I asked back lifting my head so I could see his face.

He smiled and sat up, “69?”

I smiled back and nodded, this is something that we had never done before, there was no particular reason why, we just never got

around to it. So I watched Ben as he layed down on the bed and climbed on top of him, I began to again suck and jerk his 10 1/3

inch cock up and down while he ate my pussy.

After about 2 minutes of escort alsancak us both jerking, sucking, and licking each other, Ben let out a “Ahhhhh!” as he began to cum in my mouth. I

put my mouth over his dick and let his cum flow into my mouth, he squirted his cum straight to the back of my throat and it went

straight down my esophagus and into my stomach. I returned the favor by cumming straight into his mouth, he instantaneously let

my cum pour into his mouth and down his throat only to land in his stomach.

It was amazing and I intended on having alot more fun tonight. So I rolled off of him and repositioned myself on top of his

magnificent body, and straddled his cock. I began to ride him like a roller coater at an amusment park, and trust me I was amused.

“Harder baby….thats it..yes!” Ben exclaimed holding onto my hips and thrusting deeper and deeper inside of me.

He grabed ahold of me and layed me on the bed and positioned himself at my entrance. He thrusted his enormous cock into my

pussy and went completely balls deep. I was in Heaven, I moaned and yelled as loud as I could without attracing any attention to

us from another guest but what can I say he was wild.

Just then their was a knock at the door, WHO THE HELL COULD THAT BE? Ben instantly jumped off of me and ran to the bathroom

to grab a robe so he could open the door. I covered my body trying not to reveal any of myself to anyone other than my husband.

Just then Ben opened the door to a security guard.

“Is everything alright?” the guard asked.

Ben laughed and I began to blush, “Yes, everything is fine sir, my wife and I are just having a little fun.” he said with a wink.

I was so embarrassed, so I just waved and began to laugh. He smiled and realized what we were doing. That was when he leaned

in and asked Ben if he had ever thought of “sharing” his wife with another man. alsancak escort Ben at first looked surprised, then looked intrigued.

He smiled and shook the mans hand and he intoduced himself as Andy.

Ben walked over to the bed and sat next to me, “Babe? This is Andy, and we are going to have a threesome.” he said with a smile.

I just looked at him for a while, and honestly I was kind of pissed but then got used to the idea of being plowed by not one, but

two guys….and I liked it. I got up and went over to Andy and started to undress him, I slowly raised his shirt to reveal his tanned

muscular body. Followed by his shirt was his pants and plain pink (yes pink) boxers. I got on my knees and started to blow my

new friend. I sucked the tip of his dick while jerking him off closer to the base. I then began to deep throat this humongous cock

that I had never even seen.

We made our way to the bed where we were accompanied by Ben, they both began to suck on my nipples, I threw my head back

and let the pleasure flow through me. Ben layed me on my back and climbed back on top of me, and started to pound away at my

pussy, he said over his shoulder, “Don’t be shy dude, she likes it hard and rough, but treat my baby good.”

At that Andy came up and lifted my ass off the bed best he could, without disturbing Ben, and started to butt fuck me. He grabbed

ahold of my legs and repeatedly pounded his rock hard meat into my soft, firm ass. This time I was screaming even louder and was pretty sure that I had already came twice. It was exhilarating, being fucked by two men at the same time was a dream come true.

Ben let out a “Ahhh….FUCK!!!” and Andy let out a “FUCK!”

Both men pulled their cocks out of me and stood their stoking them, I got up and knelt down on my knees and began to stroke Ben and Andy’s cocks. I began to jerk them off harder and harder until they both released a load of cum into my face…and they did. I licked the sides of my lips and wiped the cum off of my face with my hand and began to lick it clean. We all layed on the bed…what a night, I never thought that my honey moon would go anything like this.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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