Jenifer Comes of Age Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

Chapter 4 – Marie and Chet –

Author’s Note: This story contains group sex, and both female and male bisexual sex.

I’d like to thank my editor, 69writer, for his expert editing and advice.

This chapter can be read on its own, but you will have a much better understanding of the story and characters if you first read chapters 1, 2, & 3.

Jen Ripens –

Jen’s slut card was getting filled rather nicely she thought. She had only been at college a few weeks and she already had her first threesome with two men, and another threesome with two women. Jen was wondering lustfully what would be next. She had never done anything anal she thought to herself, as her rectum tingled just thinking of it. An orgy would be nice, she imagined.

Jen saw Steve a lot, and sometimes for a fuck; and if John had come in the room, they would have let him join too, but John hadn’t timed it right again, as of yet.

Steve mentioned to Jen, he had made John into a suck buddy. Jen’s eyes went wide and she said, “Tell me how you managed that.” Steve told her about that first night and how conflicted John was about it after.

Steve told Jen he didn’t want to push John into anything, then added, laughing, “But John keeps coming over to my bed with this hard on in his hand whenever he is horny. He has done it a couple a times now since that first night. I don’t have to initiate anything.”

Jen lost in thought for a few minutes, then says, “We almost have enough people for an orgy.”

“How do figure that?” Steve asked.

“We have John, Trish, Ellen, you and me,” Jen replied.

“Five barely makes an orgy. You’ll need a few more for a proper orgy,” Steve said.

“Besides, where would we have this orgy, in a dorm room? Yeah that would work,” Steve added sarcastically, but with a smile.

Steve thought for a few moments and then said, “Hey, there is this older guy in my theater class, a trust fund baby, he’s a perpetual student. I heard he and his wife are swingers.”

“How old?” said Jen, looking at Steve questioningly?

Steve answered, “Oh, not that old, just like, late twenties, maybe thirty. He helps out in the theater department, but he is not a professor or anything, not even a student teacher, I’m not sure he even works for the school. He is kind of hot, you might like him, and I heard his wife is hot too. His name is Chet, I guess that’s short for Chester, but I never asked him.”

Jen said “Why haven’t you tried to get into their bed?”

“I don’t think he swings that way, from what I heard he likes to bring other women home. Rumor has it he has gotten a few female students to their love nest. Maybe you could seduce him Jen? He has a house near campus, you could convince him to have your orgy at his house,” Steve laughed.

“You don’t think I could seduce him?” Jen questioned with a smile and poked Steve in the ribs.

“Oh, I’m sure you’d have no problems,” Steve replied. “Come by the theater tomorrow at 4:00, I’ll introduce you.”

The next day Jen showed up at the theater at 4:00 P.M. as Steve had suggested, and the last class was still in session. The professor was working with some students on stage. Steve, off stage, saw Jen come in and motioned for her to come around back stage. It was a casual environment, the professor didn’t care if other students popped in and out as long as they didn’t disrupt the class. He encouraged a broader campus participation in the theater group; he always needed bit actors for the plays the theater arts class put on. Jen came around back stage and stood next to Steve; they watched the action on stage.

“That’s Chet,” Steve motioned with his hand at a man on a ladder working on some lights.

“Yeah, he’s cute,” Jen whispered.

Chet soon came down off his ladder and was just standing back stage surveying the entire theater, wondering what else needed his skillful hands. Steve led Jen over near Chet and decided to make a little noise to get his attention. He started giggling and chatting with Jen, he knew that would engage Chet.

Sure enough, Chet came over and whispered, “Hey, keep your voice down or take it outside.”

“Sorry,” Steve whispered and then left Jen’s side smiling. Jen stood there next to Chet as they both looked on stage.

“What play are they working on?” Jen whispered to Chet.

“‘Cat On a Hot Tin Roof’,” Chet answered.

Jen chatted with Chet quietly in the back stage corner about the play, the actors, and the theater; anything to keep Chet engaged.

It was a Friday, and after class on Fridays the theater class usually met at a local pub just off campus for a few drinks. Steve invited Jen to join them. At the pub, Jen flirted with Chet a little, but didn’t want to seem too obvious, so she split her time with Steve and the others.

Jen thought she needed to do something to get chet’s attention; so she moved back close to Chet and purposely spilled some of her drink next to him. “Oops,” she casino oyna uttered.

Chet, got some napkins and helped her clean up the spill. While kneeling next to Jen wiping the floor, Chet said to Jen, “Your boyfriend Steve is a nice guy, everyone in class likes him.”

“Oh, he is not my boyfriend,” Jen replied. “He’s just a friend; we’re sort of fuck buddies.”

Chet thought to himself (This could get interesting) and said to Jen, “How is it you are sort of fuck buddies? You either are or you’re not.”

Jen replied, “Well we are, but we’re not exclusive or anything. We’ll hookup whenever we’re not otherwise entangled with others,” She said smiling wryly at Chet. “A lady likes to keep her options open,” Jen added coyly.

To which Chet inquired, “How open are your options these days?”

Jen smiled and said, “I’m always open to new experiences, my motto is: try it all.”

Chet felt his penis stiffen at Jen’s last comment . He thought Jen would make a nice addition to his bed; he was sure his wife Marie would like Jen too. Chet looked at Jen seriously and said, “My wife and I like to experience new things also, I’m sure she would love to meet you.” He raised one eyebrow and cocked his head a little with a gesture of, “You following me?”

Jen moved her hand to Chet’s leg and let her fingers lightly stroke his leg above the knee as she just smiled; Chet got his answer.

“Tell you what, give me your number, I’ll talk to Marie and set up a time we can meet for a drink and get to know one another.” Jen gave Chet her number and soon the group broke up and everyone went their separate ways.

A few days went by and Chet called Jen. “Hi, Marie would like to meet you. What are you doing Friday evening?” Jen told Chet she had no plans and she agreed to meet at the pub for a drink. Chet mentioned, “If things went well they might go out for some sushi.” Jen didn’t know if sushi was a code word for sex or actually dinner?

Friday came and Jen wanted to look sexy. It was a warm autumn day and it was supposed to stay warm throughout the night. Jen dressed in a skimpy summer dress; the dress she had gotten from Lisa as a going away present. The top of the dress was plunge cut and made of a shear fabric. Her breasts were really out there on display. The dress was a short mini cut, coming to just below her pussy, and her legs looked long and luscious. She thought about going without panties, but with that short a dress, she thought better about it and put on a thong. She didn’t want to seem too slutty, even though she was hoping things would get slutty.

When Jen arrived at the pub, Chet and his wife were already sitting at the bar talking to the bartender. Jen walked up to Chet and said, “Hi, I hope I’m not late, I couldn’t find this place at first. I asked a man on the street for directions.”

Chet said, “No not at all, you’re right on time.” Chet then introduced his wife, “Jen this is Marie, and this is Jen.”

Marie extended her hand to Jen and smiled as Jen took her hand. Chet moved over one bar stool and made room for Jen between Marie and him. Jen sat down and Chet ordered her a drink. Marie had black hair and chalk white skin with blue eyes. She was not heavy, but soft and feminine, with ample breast and ass.

Marie made Jen feel welcome right away and complimented her on her dress. They made small talk; Marie inquired about Jen’s classes and such. Marie told Jen about her own days at the college and how she had met Chet, and so on. Chet could see things were going well. If Marie didn’t like a girl Chet brought around, she was cold and looked uninterested; this was clearly not the case with Jen. In fact Chet was taken aback by just how quickly Marie warmed up to Jen, they were going on like they were old friends. After a few drinks, Marie announced she was hungry and asked Jen if she would like to join them for some sushi. Jen still wasn’t sure if she was being invited to dine or if sushi was a euphemism for pussy; either way Jen was hungry for it and followed the couple out the bar and down the street. A few doors down was a sushi restaurant and they walked inside and got an L-shaped booth in the back corner away from the other diners. Marie slid in and motioned for Jen to sit at the L next to her. Chet sat next to Jen so the three were close to one another with Jen in the middle.

They ordered hot sake and some sushi and continued to chat. Marie giggled and touched Jen’s arm openly, she stroked Jen’s arm lightly as she drank her sake and ate. Jen pushed her knee over to Marie’s knee and reached a hand under the table to stroke Marie’s leg. Chet was telling them of the play he was helping to produce with the theater group, all the gossip about the students, and which female students he thought was hot.

The three of them all knew why they were there, there was no need for pretense. If they all liked each other, they would wind up back at Chet and Marie’s house in their bed. They finished their sushi and ordered canlı casino another round of hot sake. Marie didn’t like to rush things, she enjoyed savoring the moment, and they had all night. Marie found Jen’s hand under the table on her thigh and she took her hand and interlocked her fingers with Jen’s; their fingers played and danced with each other under the table. Chet moved his hand under the table to Jen’s other leg and started stroking her thigh.

Marie let go of Jen’s hand and reached for Jen’s thigh. Both Chet and Marie were working their hand up opposite thighs toward Jen’s snatch. When Marie’s fingers started dipping into Jen’s thong, she found her husband’s fingers were already in Jen’s pussy from the other side. Marie smiled at Chet, then leaned over and kissed Jen, not caring they were in a public place. Chet got a little excited over that kiss and said, “We better get out of here.” Chet paid the bill and the trio left for the couples’ house.

Once inside the house, Marie took Jen’s hand and led her to their bedroom, while Chet went to make some drinks. Marie sat on her bed, then pulled Jen onto her, the both of them fell back to lay on the bed in an embrace. They kissed passionately, and Marie ran her hands down Jen’s back and over her bum. Jen’s short dress hiked up as she lay down, the cheeks of ass were exposed, her thong not covering them. Marie loved ass and massaged and kneaded Jen’s ass cheeks, occasionally dipping a finger into her thong and making contact with her anus. Jen had never had an anal experience and she was wondering if she would like it, “I might find out tonight,” she thought as she kissed Marie. Jen’s hands were busy massaging Marie’s breasts through her blouse. She unbuttoned Marie’s blouse slowly as the two continued to explore each others mouth with their tongues.

Chet had come into the room with drinks. Seeing the action on the bed he put the drinks on the night table next to the bed and took a seat in the dressing chair facing the bed. He pulled out his cock and began stroking it lightly as he watched the show unfold in front of him. Chet loved to watch women have sex with one another, it was his favorite, both in porn and real life.

Marie had pulled Jen’s thong aside and now had a finger encircling her little brown hole. Marie’s other hand slipped into the front of Jen’s thong and found her clit. Jen had completely unbuttoned Marie’s blouse and was pulling it open exposing Marie’s bra. Marie’s bra was shear and barely there, Jen reached around and unclasped it, then pushed her bra up and out of the way. Marie’s breasts now exposed to Jen’s hands, she kneaded them and played with her nipples. The two girls never broke their kiss while their hands got to know one another. Finally Marie broke the kiss and sat up to remove her open blouse and bra. She was wearing pants, so she lifted her hips and slipped her pants off; she wasn’t wearing panties. Marie helped Jen out of her dress and thong, both girls were now naked. Chet removed his clothing and returned to the chair to continue stroking his cock.

Marie pushed Jen down on the bed, spread her legs and dove into her pussy. As she lapped at her pussy, she stuck her middle finger into Jen’s vagina getting it nice and wet. Marie then moved her wet finger back to Jen’s anus and started ever so slowly inserting her finger. Jen tightened up at first, she had never had anything up there before. Marie lifted her mouth out of Jen’s pussy and told her to relax her ass hole, she’ll enjoy it. Jen relaxed her rectum and Marie’s finger went in a little farther. Chet and Marie loved anal sex and Chet was aware of what Marie was up to. This excited him all the more and soon he climbed on the bed and dove his tongue between his wife’s ass cheeks. Marie, feeling Chet back there, lifted herself onto her knees exposing her ass and pussy to her husband. Chet licked first her ass hole, then her pussy from behind. Chet then settled on Marie’s ass hole with his tongue while he finger fucked his wife from behind.

Jen started to cum as a result of Marie’s expert tongue on her pussy and a finger up her ass. Jen was building into her wave, bucking her pussy into Marie’s mouth. At Marie’s other end, Chet spit on Marie’s exposed asshole and reached for the night tables drawer. He pulled out a condom and started to open it. Even though Marie kept herself clean, and she had an enema earlier as she got ready for tonight, Chet liked to use a condom whenever he had anal sex, it kept things clean so he could just pull off the condom and stick his dick somewhere else without worrying about anything. Chet lubed his condom covered cock up and began working it into Marie’s back door. From Jen’s position she couldn’t tell if Chet was in Marie’s ass or pussy? He looked a little high up for pussy, she was thinking. Marie moaned and turned her head back toward her husband and said, “Fuck my ass you bastard, fuck it hard.” Jen knew then what Marie was getting.

This new situation sent Jen into orbit, she was kaçak casino riding her orgasmic wave now, one after another, her head flailing side to side with each new pulsation. Marie was unrelenting with her tongue, and had worked two fingers into Jen’s virgin ass. She had also reached her other hand to her own clit and began working her clit and pussy while her husband pounded her ass. This was Marie’s favorite position, to be fucked up her ass while eating pussy and playing with her clit. She exploded into an intense orgasm. She needed to move her mouth away from Jen’s crotch while letting out a series of moans and whimpers as her climax played out. Chet pulled out of her ass, pulled off the condom and stuck his cock into his wife’s pussy from behind. He stroked his cock in and out of Marie’s pussy long and hard, he wanted to cum soon. Jen turned herself around and slipped under Marie, into a 69 position; she licked Marie’s clit while Chet fucked her from behind. Marie tried to lick Jen’s pussy some, but was too wrapped up in another orgasm. All of a sudden, Marie bucked wildly with passion as her climax reached a crescendo. As his wife came hard, Chet also blew his load. He let loose in her spurt after spurt of cum deep into Marie’s pussy. As he pulled out of Marie’s pussy, some of his cum dribbled out of her cunt and into Jen’s mouth. Jen lapped at Marie’s cunt cleaning up Chet’s juices. Chet rolled over on the bed spent. Marie, also spent, collapsed and rolled off Jen.

Jen lay there fingering herself, she had several orgasms while Marie was eating her, but she was nowhere satiated yet. Marie got up to go to the bathroom, and Chet moved between Jen’s legs and began eating her. Soon Marie returned to the room, she was wearing a strap on dildo. The dildo was a trainer size, a little smaller in circumference than the girth of Chet’s cock. Marie motioned to Jen to get up on her hands and knees. Jen knew what was coming and she was both excited for it and a little apprehensive at the same time. Marie lubed up the strap on and positioned the head of the dildo at Jen’s rear hole. Chet got under Jen to lick and play with her clit. Marie pushed slowly, but steadily; she met resistance from the virgin hole, but she persisted. She told Jen to relax her anus, make it big. Jen did her best to open her hole, and soon the head of the dildo slipped in past her rim. It hurt at first, but the pain soon subsided into pleasure as Marie slowly worked her cock into Jen’s ass. Chet’s tongue was lapping Jen’s clit, and he reached up and worked a few fingers into her pussy. Marie pulled out and lubed up the strap on again, then returned it to Jen’s ass. Marie was an expert at breaking in virgin asses with a strap on, she had conquered about a dozen holes, and had perfected the process. She would start slow and gentle, then, when she sensed pleasure building in her subject, she would become more forceful. She pulled out often to re-lube and re-enter, this kept things from drying up, but also broke the virgin ass into the penetration part, which was the hardest part to get past for newbies. Jen was loving this new sensation, she began to ride another wave. These orgasms were different, she was being stimulated by so many new sensations as the dildo moved in and out of her ass. Her clit was on fire and Chet kept his tongue on it; bathing, lapping, licking, and tweaking it with his tongue. Chet slipped a couple of fingers into Jen’s pussy and found her G-spot while he continued to tongue her clit. Jen’s waves became deeper and longer, she rode the wave up, orgasm after orgasm, until she climaxed in one big long quaking orgasm that shook her uncontrollably to her core. She collapsed on top of Chet, screaming, “No more, I can’t take it.”

Marie pulled the strap on out of Jen. The plan was to have Chet fuck Jen’s ass with his cock next, but both Marie and Chet realized Jen was spent, better to wait for next time, and there would be a next time.

Marie took a fancy to Jen, and Chet was happy with that; they invited her back every weekend for a threesome. A few weeks had gone by and during their time together they asked Jen about her other lovers, they knew she wasn’t exclusive with them, Chet knew of at least Steve. Jen told them her stories of Trish and the nude model Ellen, and the threesome with Steve and John. These stories excited Chet and Marie, and usually led to someone getting horny and the three of them would wind up in bed again. One night, Jen mentioned she would really like Marie and Chet to meet her other special friends for a get together. Jen said she would really like to experience an orgy, and she asked Marie and Chet if they had ever been to an orgy. They had, and the two of them told her of their orgy experiences. Chet and Marie had been to two orgies previously; however, they’ve never hosted one themselves.

Marie thought about it for few minutes then pulled Chet aside and asked if he would be up for hosting an orgy with Jen and her other lovers. Chet thought it was a great idea. Marie then said to Jen, “You know Jen, we could make that wish of yours come true. Why don’t we host an orgy here at our house? You can invite your other lovers and Chet and I might even invite a few of our special friends.”

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