Jennifer Ch. 12

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Chapter XII: Burning Ring of Fire!

Dan was also feeling the heat as he and Jennifer slowly made their way through the crowd of kids. Instead of feeling jealousy, he was feeling pure excitement as he watched boys and girl’s running their hands over Jennifer’s body as she walked. And, of course, the fact that he was getting his own share of female hands running over his crotch as he walked didn’t hurt matters.

This was obviously a group that enjoyed sex purely for the sake of sex. A number of the kids were stark naked as they brushed against one another, and more than once he noticed a young girl on her knees…sucking a cock…sometimes two and three…and sometimes even a girlfriend. More than a few kids had spread blankets over the sand and were fucking in every conceivable position. The kids that stood around them were either making comments on technique, or getting themselves aroused at the sights. But just as many were focusing on the action around the fire, peering over each others shoulders and jostling for a better view. Dan couldn’t believe how many kids had shown up tonight!

His cock had been hard since they started their walk, and, as they finally reached the front of the circle, he felt as if it was going to rip through his shorts. He thought about taking his shorts off…letting his hard-on bob in the wind like so many of the other guys, but before he could decide, he felt a pair of hands reaching around his waist just as he and Jennifer positioned themselves in the front line.

They played over his belly as he felt the body of a woman press against his back. Looking over his shoulder, he saw the outline of a gorgeous, dark-haired girl smiling back at him.

“Hi there…” she giggled, her white teeth flashing in the firelight. “I hope you don’t mind…” she whispered, pressing her naked breasts against his back. “But my boyfriend is kind of busy right now…” Dan sighed, unable to grasp what was happening, as he felt the girl unsnap the button on his shorts and slowly slide her hand inside. He moaned as he felt her wrap her fingers around his cock as she ground her pussy against his ass.

“That’s him right there…” the dark-haired girl whispered, her hand begin to slide up and down his cock. Dan followed around the circle until he spied a handsome, well muscled boy standing within the circle. His hands were clasped behind his back in a nonchalant manner, but the expression on his face was anything but nonchalant. Dan immediately saw why.

In front of him, on her knees in the sand, was Shannon. She was naked except for her sandals, and her long blond hair swayed in time to the movement of her head. Her lips were wrapped wetly around the long cock of the boyfriend of the girl who had her hand around his own cock. Dan felt his heart begin to beat faster as he tried to take in everything that was happening.

He marveled at the abandon with which Shannon was sucking this boy’s cock. There was no pretense of giving slow head here. It was obvious that she was doing her best to draw the cum from his balls as quickly as possible. Already, her chest was shiny with semen, and there were three guys with huge hard-ons waiting in line. Obviously the party had begun!

The girl behind him, who’s face he still really hadn’t seen, kept whispering in his ear. Her hand on his cock was driving him crazy, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Shannon’s cocksucking.

“Shannon’s a real legend at Rangeview…” the girl whispered, pulling Dan’s zipper down with her free hand. He groaned as she pulled his cock out into the night air. Her voice seemed to have a little edge to it, but her hand on his cock countered his thoughts.

“All the boys dream about her…” the dark-haired girl continued. “Even my boyfriend. They all want to feel her suck their cocks… There’s a story going around Rangeview that she sucked thirty cocks…one right after another one night. Right here…right on this beach. That’s why she’s a legend at school… They all think that she’d the queen of the cocksuckers…god…your cock is so hard…so fucking big…”

Her hand began to stroke Dan faster. Dan reached low behind him, keeping his eyes focused on Shannon as this stranger jerked him off. His fingers felt her naked skin and moved higher. Her felt the warm patch of her pubic hair, and he realized that she was naked. He moaned and slid his hand higher until he felt the wet lips of her pussy. She paused in her stroking as Dan slowly slid his middle finger between her lips and into her pussy. He heard her sigh as he began to fuck her, and her hips began to move.

“Oh…yeah…” she hissed into his ear. “Fuck it…fuck me with your finger…Aaahhh….yeah….”

Dan smiled and obliged her, turning his attention back to Shannon as the girl began to stroke his cock once more. Shannon was leaning back now, letting the boy slide his cock in and out of her mouth as she cupped her tits in front of him. Her eyes were dreamy for a moment, then opened wide as Dan watched her cheeks balloon outwards. casino oyna He knew from her expression that she was receiving a mouthful of semen from the boy. Her face was angelic, glowing in the firelight as she let the boy shoot off. When a thin river of cum escaped her lips, running over her chin, she opened her mouth and laughed.

The crowd surrounding Shannon groaned as one as they watched the boy withdraw his long cock from her throat and lips. Thick tapioca-like cum began to spill over her lips before she tilted her head back further, capturing it inside. Smiling sexily at the boy, Shannon slowly closed her lips and swallowed, making certain that everyone could see her ingest the thick jism.

Again the crowd groaned it’s appreciation, then the next boy in line stepped up to Shannon’s face. She smiled brightly and opened her lips, letting the boy first rub his wet cockhead over her face before sliding it deep into her mouth.

The young boy who had just come stumbled into the crowd, his arm around another girl. Dan heard the dark-haired girl sigh.

“He’s such a slut…” she said, resignation in her voice. “But then, so am I…I guess that’s why we get along so well…” Her hand continued it’s movement up and down Dan’s shaft. He was torn between the sight of Shannon’s oral gang-bang, and the feeling of the young girl’s hand on his cock. Finally though, his cock won out. Turning slowly, he faced the girl, for the first time realizing how erotically beautiful she was. Her smiling face was framed with long, straight black hair and accented with the sexiest eyes he’d ever seen. They seemed huge, with long dark lashes. Her face was that of an angel. A sexual, fuckable angel. Dropping his eyes, he took in the rest of her. Inch long nipples thrust out from a pair of perfectly formed breasts. Her belly was flat and smooth, and her long legs seemed to go on forever. His eyes widened as he took in her beauty, making her smile. Dan slid his hand over her belly, feeling her shiver under his touch. She smiled again, and widened her stance as he moved his hand between her legs and through her sparse pubic hair. The girl sighed and stepped closer to him as she returned her hand to his cock, stroking it slowly as she rubbed it over her mound.

“I’ll bet you’d like Shannon to suck you off, wouldn’t you…?” she teased, smiling at him. Dan returned her smile, letting his hands roam over her tits.

“She already has…” he answered with a smug grin. “On the way over here. She’s a friend of mine.”

The dark-haired beauty looked at him with admiration. “Well…” she whispered, “then I guess you wouldn’t even think about letting me…”

“Letting you what?” Dan teased back, playing her game. She grinned glad that he was smart enough to recognize the game. Her mouth began to salivate as she realized where they were headed with their conversation.

“Letting me suck you off…” she purred, stroking him faster. “Letting me suck your hard cock until you fill my mouth with cum. Letting me swallow your cock into my throat…then swallow your hot..thick…cum…” Her other hand moved up to cup his balls as she whispered in his ear.

Her voice was shaking as she heard her own words. She was obviously getting as turned on as Dan was. “I’m pretty good, you know…” she continued, as if thinking that Dan might be having second thoughts. From the throbbing of his cock in her hand, she had a feeling he was interested, but she also saw that he loved to hear her talk dirty to him. Just like most boys. She’d once made a boy come in his pants just from talking this way to him. He was pretty upset, but she thought it was one of the most exciting things she’d ever seen.

She began to pull him towards the rear of the crowd, but Dan hesitated. He turned to try and find Jennifer, finally seeing her talking with Tracy. The two girls were laughing as Tracy whispered something into her ear, then Jennifer turned to him. With a grin and a wave, she turned to follow Tracy into the circle of firelight.

Dan had a moment of doubt, almost running forward to drag Jennifer back to the van, but he knew she’d be angry with him. As she moved out of sight into the crowd, he turned back to the dark-haired girl who was waiting patiently for him.

Actually, she was waiting with a cock in her hand. She was looking in his direction, but her hand was moving rapidly up and down the hard cock of a boy who looked even younger than her. The boy began to shake and she looked down as a long geyser of semen shot from the head of his cock.

This was crazy, Dan thought. This girl was waiting for him so she could demonstrate her cocksucking abilities, but couldn’t help stopping to jerk off a stranger on the way. Crazy!

The girl smiled at the boy, casually wiping his cum on his shirt, then walked up to meet Dan.

“He was so hard…just standing there…” she chuckled, “I couldn’t resist…” Taking Dan’s hand, she led him to the edge of the crowd, then sank slowly into the tall beach grass. Dan stood over her, watching intently canlı casino as she writhed in the grass, her hands moving over her nubile young body. She smiled up at him as she let her legs spread wide and slipped her hand between them. Her smile faltered a bit as she slid two fingers inside her pussy, fucking herself in front of Dan. She came quickly and hard, her entire body convulsing as she finger-fucked herself. Dan’s cock throbbed mightily as he watched her come.

After a moment, she relaxed, although she kept her fingers inside her pussy. With her other hand, she motioned for Dan to lie down with her. He smiled and sank to his knees, watching her breasts heaving from her recent exertion.

“I prefer to jerk off before I suck a boy off…” she panted, “I hope you don’t mind…” She smiled as Dan shook his head. “By the way, my name is April…”

“Dan…” Dan said, taking the hand she offered. April smiled and leaned forward, kissing Dan passionately as he tongue moved into his mouth. At the same time, she drew his hand down to her pussy, letting him feel how wet she was. Dan sighed as his fingers slid inside her. Her pussy felt like a furnace, it was so hot. He began to fuck her with his fingers as the two of them stared into each others eyes.

“Yeah….” April hissed, “Like that… uhhnghh… fingerfuck me… oh… fuck… Dan….”

Dan couldn’t believe how hot this young thing was. He inserted a third finger inside of her, eliciting a long wail of pleasure from her. Dan smiled and leaned back on his haunches, letting his eyes roam over April’s body as he fingered her. He was anxious to feel her mouth on his cock, but he was thoroughly enjoying getting her off again.

April’s hips were moving up and down against his fingers. As she raised them high in the air, Dan grinned and pushed the tip of his little finger against her tight asshole. April’s eyes opened wide and she held her hips high. She smiled sexily at Dan as his finger worked against her tight bud. He felt her muscles relax as he pushed, and his finger slid inside her, her tight ass muscles flexing against it as if trying to draw it deeper.

With three fingers in her pussy, and a fourth in her tight asshole, Dan began to rub her clit with his thumb as he pushed his hand in and out of her. Each time he pushed his fingers deep, April pushed her hips back against him. Her pussy was so wet that he felt he could slide his entire hand inside her! He grinned at the thought of fist fucking this young thing, but her moans of pleasure told him she was more than satisfied with his present configuration.

April was grinning wildly, staring into Dan’s eyes and rotating her hips as he pushed his fingers in and out of her.

“Ooohhh….” she hissed, “I love your finger in my asshole…Oooo…like that…yeah…fuck my ass with your finger….so fucking good….fuck me…hard…” Her smile was radiant as she spoke. Dan’s cock was throbbing, sticking out from his loins like a fence post. Her words and mannerisms were so erotic and exciting, her big eyes so bright and full of pleasure, he could imagine coming right then and there, without having her so much as touch him.

Following her direction, Dan began to slam his fingers in and out of her, drawing his hand almost all the way out, then sliding inside her with a force that made her breasts bounce. As she writhed beneath him, Dan moved his ring finger lower, allowing it to join his little finger in her asshole. April groaned low in her throat and raised her hips higher, urging him onward as he fucked her with two fingers in each hole.

She was still smiling, but her eyes were closed again. Each time she exhaled it came out in a moan.

“Oh…do it…do it..doitdoit…” she sighed, “I love your fingers….I love them in my asshole…oh fuck…I’m going to make you come so good…I’m going to suck your hard cock…..suck you off until you come in my hot mouth….oh fuck…fuck!”

Dan grinned as he felt April come on his fingers. Her entire body was shaking and he could feel her pouring her hot juices over his hand. He increased his thrusting and returned his thumb to her clit as she let out a long low wail, then collapsed in the grass, her chest heaving as she panted her satisfaction. Gently, Dan caressed her wet pussy, rubbing her cum over her lips and ass. The smell of her cum filled the air, and Dan lowered his face to her crotch, inhaling the aroma as his tongue snaked out to taste her.

April moaned as she felt Dan’s tongue sliding up and down her slit. She couldn’t believe how sexual this stranger was…how much he enjoyed pleasing her. Most all of the boys she knew simply wanted her to suck them off, to feel her swallow their cum. A few guys reciprocated for her blow jobs, either eating her, or giving her a hand job, but this was something completely new to April. She’d never met a boy who so thoroughly enjoyed licking her pussy. Dan’s tongue pushed deep inside as he sucked her cum. She could hear him sucking and swallowing as his face pushed into her.

April kaçak casino felt her muscles tighten as she came again. She could feel her pussy filling with cum and she smiled as she heard Dan’s welcoming groan. The slurping noises increases as he drank her flow, making her come even harder. Leaning forward, she tangled her fingers in his hair, pulling his face closer as she rubbed her pussy against his face.

Finally, unable to take any more pleasure, April fell back into the grass, panting heavily from the exertion of her orgasm. Dan cleaned the last of her cum from her pussy and looked up at her smiling at the satisfied look on her face. This girl was definitely a hot one, he thought. He watched her calmly, savoring the taste of her cum in his mouth, until her eyes opened.

April stared up at the full moon as her panting slowed and her breathing returned to normal. She was still very excited, though. And she still planned on sucking the cum from this boy’s balls, but she wanted something else first. Sitting up, she moved closer to Dan. She could see his hard-on clearly in the moonlight and reached out to wrap her fingers around it. Dan groaned at the feel of her touch and April smiled.

“Your cock is so hard…” she said sliding her fist up and down his shaft. She stared at his cock, marveling at the size of it and wondering if she could do what she wanted to. Looking up into Dan’s lust filled face, she ran her tongue over her lips.

“I want to feel you inside me.” April whispered. She felt Dan’s cock jerk in her hand and smiled. “I want to feel you in my ass….” Again, Dan’s cock jerked in her hand and she swore she could feel it get even bigger than it already was. She grinned knowing that the idea excited him.

“I can tell you’d like that…”, she teased, stroking his hard-on. “You’d like to slide your hard cock inside my ass, wouldn’t you…your big cock in my little asshole….fuck me there….Mmmmm….I’d like that too…I want you to fuck me in the ass, Dan….”

Dan’s eyes were closed as he listened to her whispers, but he was beginning to breathe heavily. April smiled and lowered her head into his lap. Dan groaned as he felt her lips close around his cockhead, then felt the velvety warmth of her mouth surround his cock.

“Aahhhhhhhh…!” he sighed as he felt her lips push into his pubic hair. April had engulfed his entire cock in one smooth, sucking movement. At once, he knew why she was so popular at Rangeview. April’s lips smiled around Dan’s cock as she heard him groan, and began to move her mouth slowly up and down his pole. The singlemost reason for her love of cocksucking was the reaction she received from boys. It was the same reason she’d learned to tease so well. She loved the feeling of power and pleasure.

She sucked Dan’s cock with masterful expertise until she could feel his hips begin to move. Slowly she pulled her lips off him, and leaned back, smiling into his eyes. She didn’t want him to come in her mouth just yet….

Without a word, she turned her back to Dan, getting on her hands and knees and raising her ass in the air. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled sexily and let her hips sway back and forth. Her message to Dan was loud and clear and he knelt behind her, his hand stroking his cock as he moved forward. April moaned low in her throat as she felt him run his cockhead along the length of her lips, teasing her before proceeding. They both began to pant as he rubbed his cockhead from her clit to her asshole again and again. Along the way, his head dipped between her lips and soon her entire crack was covered with her juices.

“Do it…” April breathed, looking back at him. Dan tried to smile back at her but his excitement allowed only a grimace as he pressed his head against her tight hole. April groaned and leaned her face against her arms, concentrating on letting her muscles relax. In the past, she let a few boys fuck her asshole, but never had she felt a cock as big as Dan’s inside her. To be honest, she was a little nervous. And very excited…

The slipperiness of her juices made it easier for both of them. Dan pressed ahead gently. He actually had to concentrate to keep from shooting off right then, he was so excited. The heart shape of April’s smooth ass in the moonlight was incredibly erotic.

They both groaned as Dan’s cockhead began to spread April’s tight hole. He began to fuck back and forth with tiny, short strokes, allowing her to adjust to his size before proceeding. April relaxed again, and Dan could feel her ring open to accept him. He pushed slightly and felt his cockhead slide into her ass. April grimaced, but pushed back to meet him, urging him deeper.

“God, you’re so fucking big…” she rasped, Oh…fuck…!”

“Do you want me to stop…?” Dan panted with true concern.

In answer to his question, April pushed her ass backwards, forcing two inches of his cock inside her. Both of them groaned again at the new feeling. “I said I want to feel your cock in my asshole….” she gasped, beginning to rotate her ass against him. “I want you to fuck me with that thing!” Her excitement was growing even more intense. As soon as she felt Dan’s big cockhead push inside of her, she knew she could take his cock.

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