Juicy Lucy Is A Birthday Girl

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June in southern Missouri was hotter than usual: every day a sweaty sauna. The whine of traffic on Interstate 55 was a steady buzz in the background of the truck stop, and in spite of the air-conditioning, the waitress’ t-shirt bore two large sweat rings as she moved between the table. Lucy Lewis and Henrietta DeLaponte were sipping huge glasses of iced tea, fanning themselves as they could. They were heavy women, Henri much heavier than Lucy, and both suffered in the heat. “Damn, it’s hot,” Henri exclaimed, rubbing her frosty glass on her chest.

“Damn straight,” her friend replied. “Wish’t it’d cool off. June always like this here?”

“Naw. It’s usually nice and not too hot. Al Gore may have something after all.”

Lucy shook her head no. “Chubby old prick ain’t got nothin’ right yet.”

A middle aged, t-shirted trucker with a long pony tail and cut off sleeves entered and took a seat at the counter. The waitress moved slowly over, offering coffee, to be met with a chuckle of ridicule. “Got any plans for t-night?” Lucy asked.

“Dunno. Guess Billy’s comin’ over for my birthday.” Henri smiled broadly. “He ain’t been home much the past coupla months. You know where he’s been?”

“Might have an idea,” Lucy said with feigned innocence. “May have seen him a time or two.”

“You’re an insatiable whore, ain’t ya Juicy Lucy?”

Lucy took a sip of her tea. “He’s been around a bit, but not all the time. Think he’s hanging out with a buddy of his.”

“Buddy? Didn’t know he had a buddy.”

“Calls him Ponyboy.”

The dark haired woman thought for a moment. “Oh, Harold, Harold Laroux. Yeah, he’s a bright kid, don’t know why he didn’t go to college. Lives by hisself, his mom died a coupla years ago. Got an awful lisp. Messes around with all kinds of mechanical stuff, computers. Billy used to pick on him when they was in high school. Guess they buried the hatchet.”

“Yeah, kids change after a while. Said they was workin’ on something special.”

Henri’s eyes blinked. “Oh no, that may be trouble. Maybe they’ll blow each other up and we’ll be free of them.”

“Now, now, Henri, hasn’t Billy behaved himself better lately?” Lucy said, shaking her head in disappointment. “Been more respectful, easier to live with?”

“Yeah, but that’s cause you’re givin’ it to him nice and regular. Ain’t showed his poor Momma any affection since that evenin’ in your basement.”

Lucy laughed. “Maybe he’ll do something nice tonight for your birthday.”

“Oh yeah, I think not,” the larger woman sniffed. “It’s your birthday, too, and I’m sure he’ll give you the big wiener instead of me.”

“What about his friend Ponyboy?”

Henri laughed. “That’s kid’s a geek, probably don’t have a dick bigger than a Vienna sausage. Pimples, no hair on his face. Skinny as a post, probably fall in if he got between my legs ‘less he had a board tied across his butt.”

“Hmm. They got something in the works. Maybe they’re working on a car.”

“That might be. Billy’s always wanted to be a mechanic, and Ponyboy’s into tinkering, too.”

“There you go, Henri. Billy’s fixing up a car just for you, gonna give it to you tonight.”

“I know what you hope he give you for your birthday tonight. You haven’t been much fun since you’ve been getting it regular.”

“Never knew how that felt before. Hope I don’t lose it, I love getting fucked and sucked every night.”

“Wish’t I could get someone to do that for me.” The trucker gave them a strange look and Henri blew him a kiss, which made the man turn his attention to his waitress again very quickly.

Lucy looked at her watch. “Gotta wait till 6:00 to go home, but you’re invited to come along.”

“Me? Really?”

“Yeah. Billy said he had a surprise in store for both of us.”

Four hours later, it was cooler in Lucy’s basement. The women stood wearing fresh t-shirts, shorts and flip flops, while the two young boys were dressed in shorts that went to their knees and nothing else. Harold Laroux was a skinny kid of medium height, his torso flat and skinny, his legs thin; he looked more naked than if he wore no clothes with his scrawny, hairless frame. Billy DeLaponte was taller and chunkier, with some strength lingering in his once pumped arms, a small hairy belly hanging over his waist. With as much flair as he could manage, he whipped a bedsheet off a device and said grandly: “This is my gift to both of ya, Lucy, Mom. It’s a spanking machine.”

“Spanking machine?” Henri asked dubiously. The boys had rearranged the furniture in Lucy’s playroom: the prie-dieu/tit press was turned around and faced a strange, wheeled contraption. The lower section had a screw that lifted the top shelf up and down, the top was a circular contraption full of gears and pulleys with a flexible, open topped arm with two screws. casino siteleri In the arm was a thin, black cord. The machine was connected to a laptop set up on a small table facing away from the center of the room toward the stairs.

“Yeah, a sthpanking machine,” Harold replied liquidly. “It moveth up and down by a program so it don’t hit th’same place twice, less I thet it up that way. I kin let it work random, or I kin program it to follow a pattern. Kin put th’whip in here, or a paddle, or all kindza things.”

“Need to work out a few attachments and perfect the programming, but it’s something to make you happy” Billy continued. “You can put anything you want in its range and it’ll whip it.”

“Workth better if I scan the target inta the computer. Then I kin map out the whole sethsion. Vary th’ thrength as well as location.”

Lucy walked around it and looked it up and down. “Interesting. Got an interestin’ way to give a girl a birthday spanking. Show me how it works.”

Harold tapped out some commands, and the top slowly rotated around before pausing opposite the restraint. Then it whipped forward with fearsome quickness, making a loud swish in the air that made the women blink. The bottom screw rotated downward and the top snapped around again. “Nice,” Henri said. “Got some ideas of my own. Gotta give me a birthday spanking, too. Well done, Billy, Ponyboy.”

“How come they call you Ponyboy?” Lucy asked.

The boys said in unison. “Don’t ask.”

Billy stepped forward and gave Lucy a huge kiss on the lips, before turning and giving his mother a peck on the cheek. “Happy Birthday, girls. Who’s first? Lucy?”

“I’m fine with Lucy goin’ first,” Henri murmured. “This is kinda scary, but I might like it. Wanta watch it in action first.”

“I got no problem with tryin’ it out first.”

“This is how I figured it out for you: I’m gonna tie your tits and put a couple of nice tight clamps on your nipples, and dangle some weights.” Billy said evenly; Lucy shuddered and smiled. “Then I’m gonna bend you over this and let it do its work. You don’t have to worry about Ponyboy; he’ll be looking the other direction and so he won’t see you naked. He’s kinda scared of that, anyways. Whaddaya say?”

Lucy took a deep breath and looked at Billy with lust in her face. “Love it. Best present ever. Let’s get going. Scan my butt.”

Harold took a small unit in his hand with a glowing line. “If you put yourthelf right where you’re gonna get hit, this’ll work.” Lucy stood in front of the tit trap, putting her hands on top of it. “Ready? This won’t hurt at all.” He moved the peripheral all over Lucy’s ass methodically, recording its contours through the thin fabric. When he was done, he unplugged it and went back to the laptop. “It’ll take a little while to load, so you kin git ready, Miz Lewis.”

“Lucy, please call me Lucy. Guess anybody who scans my butt can call me Lucy.”

The skinny kid nodded. “Luthy. Billy’s got th’rope and stuff. Let me know when you’re ready.”

Lucy moved over to the side of the room where Billy peeled her shirt off, releasing her huge churns. The nipples perked up right away, and she kissed Billy on the lips for a long open mouthed moment before putting her hands over her head. Billy worked quickly with a long piece of red rope, making a rope bra for her tits that held them up. “They’re getting young and perky again,” she murmured. Then he sucked her nipples again until they were rock hard before putting two small vise grips on them, from which he hung two sets of fishing weights. Then he pulled her shorts down, exposing her huge, pebbled ass for punishment. She moved over and took her place before the implement. “I’m ready.”

Harold was still fussing with the keyboard. “I’ll thet the range from 2 to 6. Goeth ta ten, but that cuts blue jeans, so we better not go that high.”

“I did that to him,” Billy said smiling.

“Yeah,” Harold said, rubbing his backside. “If ya wanna go higher than 6, let me know and I kin reprogram it on the fly. It’ll thlow down and thpeed up, sometimes hit ya twice in the thame place. Ya won’t know what’s next.”

Lucy took a deep breath, making her blubber jiggle and the weights rattle. “Ready. Let it go anytime.”

Harold punched a button and the machine whirred again. They waited a long moment, then the whip traversed the circle, landing on Lucy’s white skin with a snap and drawing a yelp from her. The program started slowly, with several seconds between the lashes, then it increased in speed and intensity. Lucy writhed under the kiss of the whip, moving back and forth, making her bound, weighted breasts wobble and sending strange dull rhythms through the room. Henri put the tip of her thumb in her mouth, her eyes gleaming, her eyes feasting on the grid of red marks appearing canlı casino on her friend’s rump. The boys high fived and Billy did a little dance of victory off to the side, while a small, sly smile appeared on Harold’s lips.

The machine in operation was hypnotic, whirring and purring to itself, occasionally lashing out. Harold watched the computer screen closely, where a 3-D replica of Lucy’s butt was being marked by lines just as her flesh was. Billy put his hand on Lucy’s shoulder and brushed her hair back away from her sweaty face.

For five minutes the program ran, turning Lucy’s backside into a honeycomb of angry red marks. When it was over, Harold punched a key and Billy brought a silk robe out for Lucy to wear. “Don’t think you’ll be able to sit for a while,” Henri observed. The front of Billy’s pants bulged forward dramatically. “I think he likes it,” she said, pointing to her son’s erection. “Can you take care of it, Lucy, or do ya need help?”

Lucy’s eyes were closed and she walked in a daze. “Come upstairs and fuck me, Billy. Fuck me right now, from behind. Don’t wait.”

“Yes, Ma’am, right away,” Billy said, guiding Lucy up the stairs and out of sight.

Henri went over to Harold, who was starting to disassemble his station. “Going somewhere, big boy?”

“Ah, no, I gueth not,” he replied, his hands shaking. “Didn’t know if. . .”

“Oh, I want a go at this wonderful machine. It’s my birthday, too.”

“Thwell. Go over there and bend over. You want me to scan your butt, too?”

“No,” she said, shaking her head. “I want you to whip my tits.”

The boy shook his head. “Really?”

“Really, really. I’ve been in this device before. I want you to load my tits into this thing and set your love machine going.”

He looked at the tit press, then at the machine. “Okay, I gueth. I’ll thet the range a little lower. Get ready.”

“You gonna scan my boobs?”

There was a sudden gasp, and the boy shook his head. “Huh?”

“You gonna scan my boobs so you can set the machine to do this right?”

He paused, his fingers twitching. “Yeah, thure, right.”

She whipped up her t-shirt, and took off her huge, custom made bra. Her breasts were bigger than Lucy’s, swinging gently from side to side, her huge nipples erecting almost immediately. He looked around and gasped, bending over with his hands over his groin in a fig leaf position. “Never see a woman’s tits before, kid?”

“Thure. Lots. All th’time,” he blurted out quickly.

“Ever see tits like this before?” Turning slowly back and forth, she presented her breasts to the boy, moving the nipples within an inch of his face.

Harold’s face screwed up in aversion. “No, no, no. My God, I’m tho embarrathed.”

“What’s wrong, Harold?” She turned him toward her and looked down. A huge bulge was straining against his shorts, lifting the leg of his shorts. With a quick motion, she pulled his waistband down, her eyes growing huge. “What do we have here, Sweetheart?”

A gigantic cock met her eyes; it was the largest she’d ever seen, either in person or on a website. “That’s why they call me Ponyboy, the boys thaid it belonged on a horse. None of th’ girls ever wanted to date me, everybody teased me when I got an erection. Every time I got a horny thought was tho embarrathing.”

She licked her lips. “Ponyboy isn’t good enough, you is a Stallion. My God, it’s over a foot long and as thick as my wrist. Ever measure it?”

“Yeah. Fourteen, fifteen inches. Didn’t measure how big around.”

“Can I touch it?” He looked at her in disbelief for a moment, then barely nodded. She touched it gently and it quivered. “The head’s too big for my hand,” she said, closing her palm over it; the Levianthan roused itself to full extension and bounced when she let go of it. Turning her head, she peered at the base: “Your ball’s as big as pool balls. Son, you got a future in movies if ya want it.”


“You could be a star. Never mind, you’re gonna be a star tonight if I have anything to do with it.” Both her hands stroked the monster; it responded by popping veins and leaking at the end. “I’m gonna give ya some motivation. Honey, you’re such a birthday present: Momma couldn’t ask for better.” Puckering her lips, she kissed the end and started licking her way around the huge bulb. “Never had a blow job, either, huh?” He shook his head weakly, lost in sensations he never had before. “You musta been saving up that sperm for a decade. Let it go, sweetheart, let it go. Don’t worry, Stallion, you’re gettin’ a ride for sure tonight.”

His breath went into overdrive as she started licking and sucking. Her hands fondled his testicles and moved up and down the shaft. The long years of celibacy betrayed him quickly, as he shot a huge load of semen all over her face and chest. kaçak casino She sucked as much as she could down, bringing stray strands to her mouth, and licking the head afterward to assure he was fully emptied. Smiling, she looked up at him and he touched her cheek. “I’m sorry, Mrs. DeLaponte, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to do that to you. I never knew.”

“Henri, Stallion, Henri. Always call a woman who’s sucked your dick by her first name. Thank you, Stallion, I love it. Thanks for shoot a load all over me.” She kissed the knob, licking it and making it quiver. “Now I think you can get down to business, right?” He nodded, and she smiled again. “Then scan my boobs into your computer. Wait, let me get them into this thing first.”

“You sure you want to do that?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, lover, you’ll get to play with them.”

She showed him how to open the tit trap and they squeezed her gigantic mammaries in. They started swelling right away, and she encouraged him to feel them as much as he wanted, squeezing the big buds, licking and sucking the huge saucers, tracing the contours. Then he brought his scanner over to record her shape for his program, his hand trailed after the scanner, lost in rapture of the sensation of her tit flesh. A few keystrokes and it was ready. “How far do you want to go?” he asked.

“Huh? Oh, put 5 at the top until I see how it feels. Start with a good one. And watch this time.”

The machine whirred dramatically, and snapped around, leaving a red mark on her bound globe. She took a big sniff through her nose and nodded, and it hit her again. “Yes, yes, oh what a birthday present. Ouch. This is the best ever, shit! I hate the waiting, let it happen again, c’mon, c’mon, speed it up, yeah. You gettin’ hard again, Stallion. I think I see some. . .yeeow!. . life come back to him. My God, wow, oh that’s so good. I love the pattern. This turn you on, Stallion?”

He sighed. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. Aw shit, it’s sensational. Sicking your nipples was so wonderful, biting the tips, my God, I can’t help myself.”

Henri winced as two sharp blows connected with her flesh. “Your lisp is gone.”

“Really. Wow.”

“Wow, wow, wow, three in a row. Jack off a little for me, son, get that donkey dick ready for me. Long break? C’mover here, I want you to fuck me ‘fore it’s over.”

“Fuck you? Really?”

“Yeah. Come around behind and feel for yourself.” He circled around behind her, reaching between her legs for her slick lips. “Ow! Put a couple of fingers in there, wiggle them. Yeah, I could fuck that dick, Ow! When you’re ready, stick it in. I’ll make a man out of you, Stallion.”

Tentatively, he put one finger after another into her canal until his whole hand was in up to the wrist. Smiling, he stroked himself with his other hand and was almost immediately ready for action. It was a little awkward to line up, but he was young and agile, and was able to slide three quarters of his astonishing endowment into her willing cock chamber. “My God, I’ve never done this before.”

“You’re so precious, Stallion. Ow! Ow! I’ve never been this full, Ow!, this is wonderful! Work it, work it, pump me, please. Yeah, yeah. This won’t be the only time we fuck, Stallion, I’ll teach you how to be a lover. Damn! Fuck me quick while my tits are still getting whipped, ride me like a dog.” He went into overdrive immediately, stroking twice to the machine’s once and before long they were both howling in ecstacy.

“Seems like they’re havin’ a good time downstairs,” Billy said as he rode Lucy on her bed upstairs. The weights hanging from her clamps were jangling fiercely as they worked through the humid night, sweat dripping from their bodies. “Your butt really hurts, don’t it?”

“Yeah, Billy. Feels good.”

“You could use that thing on your tits, too.”

“Yeah, Billy. I know. Tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll still work on them for you. Glad Momma sounds happy.”

“I. . .think. . .you. . .had. . something. . .up. . .your. . .sleeve. . .all. . .this. . .time. . .Billy,” she blurted out as he pounded her swollen ass, fucking her doggy style.

The culmination of their loving overtook them and they collapsed on the bed. He undid her breast restraints and weights, and they lay panting next to each other on the bare sheets. When he was able to breathe, he went on: “I knew Ponyboy from High School, he’s got a bigger dick than most of the horses I’ve seen. We used to snap towels at it and throw rocks when he took a piss outside. It came to me a couple of months ago when I had the idea of building the whipping machine that Ponyboy’s dick might be what Momma’s always wanted to play with. I caught her one night with her whole hand up her cunt. So I set him up, and Momma did the rest.”

“Well, I don’t know about her, but this is my best birthday ever. Thanks, Billy.”

He kissed her long on the lips. “You’re welcome, lover. I could fuck you all night long.”

“Give me a while to catch my breath and you’re on. We’ll call in sick tomorrow morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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