Juniper’s Butt

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Juniper Johns was annoyed that her mother had forbidden her to get her breasts enhanced. For f-sake, she was thirty-four, not a child and her mom knew that!

The slightly feisty Miss Johns was 6 ft. 2 in. and had a skinny butt and small breasts. No guy would look at a female with those stats and that was the reason why she was not married or engaged. Prospective husbands want tits big enough to wrap around their woody and big butt cheeks to hold on to for performing bent-over anal and mothers knew that although they’d deny it.

The blue-eyed streaky blonde knew that her first name, her awkward height, skinny backside and unflattering hand-sized breasts meant guys seeking a bride failed to consider her seriously. And she was tired of her mother saying as if she knew everything, ‘Keep relaxed darling and avoid building a reputation for putting it around; one day your boat will come in’.

She sighed thinking half the town knew she put it around. Some fifty guys had docked fully and at least another hundred had managed to dip a finger or two and many others probably would have falsely claimed to have rung Juniper’s bell.

She’d recently tried a female who didn’t like men, thinking a relationship with a woman might be superior to sex with any guy. But the bitch had attempted to bury her hairbrush up her unsuspecting lover anally, brush end first. That was another short relationship down the drain.

Home alone JJ, who was deputy promotions manager of the National Tourism Industry, inserted a butt plug and escaped boredom by lying on her bed reading, moving her ass rapidly whenever reaching sexy bits in the romance novel. She was sad and lonely, an unfulfilled woman.

She was unaware her boat was about to come in.

On Monday Juniper was called to the office of the CEO and asked would she visit two resorts and stay at each one on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights as a secret inspector to assess service levels and eavesdrop for customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction comment.

“Yes sure Milly. What’s involved?”

“The two resorts have tied in final judging for our title of Resort of the Year and the sponsor requires an outright winner and has suggested we send in a secret assessor.”

* * *

Juniper signed in under her real name but whenever asked what she did as a job she said she worked in her mother’s dress store, which was true, because she often filled in for her mom on Sundays as manager.

The first resort was first-class, on the edge of a mountain lake and the variety of things to do beyond the resort property were awesome, but Juniper decided to ignore that what lay beyond the boundaries of the property, concentrating instead on in-house amenities, service and perceived guest satisfaction. She stayed at the Blue Mountain Foothills Luxury Resort from 11 am on Friday, the advertised book-in time to find that he room wasn’t ready. And by the time she left on Monday morning she’d recorded few hiccups and the people she’d conversed with rated the establishments highly for its standard of service and range and condition of its amenities.

The following weekend she went to the West Coast to a larger and very pricy resort.

Again her room wasn’t ready at the advertised time.

Jack Orlando was studying Juniper’s trim butt when she unconsciously put a hand behind her and smoothed the think wool-jersey skirt of her high-fashion suit to create a perfect ‘over the butt’ contour.

The day manager’s dick began inflating and he was about to hurry away when he heard the guest say, “I’m disappointed my room isn’t ready.”

“I’m sorry Miss Johns but we are fully booked with not a comparable room to spare because we have a big wedding here tomorrow.”

“Well please record…”

“Miss Johns please excuse me but I heard you express dissatisfaction. I’m Jack Orlando, duty day manager. Dianne would you please issue Miss Johns with a two-night complimentary stay here any time with an expiry date of three months from today. Ask your supervisor to sign it. Please enjoy your stay with us Miss Butt, er Miss Johns.”

“Thank you kindly Mr Orlando,” she smiled and turned back to the receptionist.

Jack had this great urged to run his hand over her butt.

Christ she was tall and probably gave him two inches, er in height, and he’d noticed the cute boobs rather than like the big floppies of many of today’s younger women with everything enhanced including having flesh trimmed from their knees. God some of them even have pussies that smelt like proprietary mouthwash.

Later that day Jack approached Juniper and invited her to join him for a drink later but she said no thank you stiffly, thinking she must not be diverted by kindness is making this important assessment of the establishment.

“Some other time then?”

“Perhaps when I return on my complimentary.”

He turned away looking disgruntled and gave her quite a start when she spotted his partial erection. Jeepers Juniper, she thought, thinking that could be a first guy unknown to her to become horny over her.

She Tekirdağ Escort wrote down the name Jack Orlando.

Juniper was scrupulously fair in her assessments and submitted her judging for all-round excellence the Western Sands Marine Edge Resort 84 points out of 100 and the Blue Mountain Foothills Luxury Resort 81 points.

“Yes no resort is perfect and this does indicate just how close those two establishments vying for the top spot really are,” said Milly, Juniper’s boss after studying the score sheets. “I’ll give these sheets to Mrs Knowles, convener of the judging panel, and it’s up to her to make the final decision.”

Mrs Knowles released a statement to the media that the National Tourism Industry’s annual award to its choice of the country’s top resort was Western Sands Marine Edge Resort.

* * *

A little over two months after her first visit to the Western Sands resort, Juniper booked in for Friday and Saturday nights and gave the number on the complimentary chit.

“Thank you Miss Johns,” said the booking clerk who responded to the note on the computer record immediately the phone call ended.

“Oh Jack, a Miss Johns has booked in a complimentary. There is a note for you to be contacted when she books.”

“A Miss Johns, that doesn’t ring a bell. What’s her first name?”


“You mean Juniper. Yes I remember, about six-two, cute breasts, magnificent butt.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh it’s just me day-dreaming Tracy. Thanks.”

Juniper booked in at 11:00. Not only was her room ready but she’d been upgraded to a suite and she was escorted there with VIP treatment.

The room was almost presidential grade with flowers, two big bowls of fresh fruit, four current fashion magazines and a complimentary bottle of champagne with a letter attached.

She untapped the envelope and placed the wine in the fridge and after looking at the view out across the bay and along the beach in both directions, opened the welcome to the resort letter. It included a hand-written note: ‘You promised to have a drink with me last time you were here. Jack Orlando, duty day manager at your last visit. Oasis Bar, 6:15 this evening’.

How nice she thought and then blushed, remembering Jack was the guy about her age who’d stared at her and he sported a partial erection.

“Oh yes, how nice,” she giggled.

Juniper entered the bar at 6:30 wearing something in gathered white with spaghetti straps, scooped very how neckline and a hemline that rose both sides from the rear to meet no more than six inches below her groin. Even the women were looking at her and she recognized Jack as the guy who stood from a bar stool and saluted. She confirmed an erection wasn’t showing and, at the very moment she looked, Jack’s hand brushed over it as if to command, ‘Stay down boy’.

Yes well guys tended to be over-excited at first meeting and after that they were already becoming indifferent, at least to her. Perhaps she lacked sex appeal and needed something to increase the odor of her pussy?

“Hi Jack,” she said.

He didn’t move to kiss her and so she kissed him and was wearing a perfume the store sales assistant had assured her sent guys horny.

“Hi. C-can I touch your butt cheek?”

God she was in trouble if he were addicted to butt.

“Yes,” she replied without indicating encouragement.

Oh fuck, she sighed, feeling her endorphins running riot, triggered by his palm running softly down her flank, just the once. He’d accomplished that so casually that the sexual gesture appeared to pass unnoticed by other people.

“Champagne cocktail?” he invited, pulling out a stool for her.


He ordered while appearing to adjust his pants at groin level.

“Are you married or spoken for Jack?”

“No, absolutely not.”

“Then I guess you are lining me up for a sex tonight?”

Two females beside him giggled and Jack said manfully that he didn’t take things like that for granted.

“If she turns you down try me,” one of the two women said and the second one also looked interested.

Jack did the best thing by ignoring them and their drinks arrived and he and Juniper began conversing good mannerly and the two nearby women lost interest in them.

When the women were called to their table Jack sighed in relief and said, “Am I correct in thinking part of your reason to return here to see me?”


He looked pleased and then frowned, “When you were last here was it to do with the award we are given as the country’s top resort for this year?”

“What do you think?”

“I’m suspicious, that’s all.”

“Well I’m afraid I cannot comment.”

He grinned and said he now had the answer he was seeking.

Later he invited Juniper to join him at dinner and she accepted and they went arm in arm behind the waitress to their table.

He asked when they settled, “Have you ever married?”


“Why not?”

“My boat has failed to come in.”

He laughed and said that was a strange comment but when Tekirdağ Escort Bayan pressed he agreed the meaning was clear in the context she used.

“And you?”

He said his problem had been there had been too many contenders, mainly pushed by his parents.”


He laughed and said she was direct and refreshing.

“So you are facing continuing on as a bachelor?”

“I feared that but then that changed.”

“Oooh please tell me. Who is the woman that’s done it for you?”

He looked at her quizzically and then when noting she was waiting for his reply said, “You have no idea have you?”

“Jack I know no one that you know so how could I have any idea of Miss Big Tits who’s hit you between the eyes with them.”

“I don’t like overly large breasts.”

“Oh sorry and that just goes to show I know nothing about you apart from…”

Her mouth fell slack.

He stared and said, “Go on.”

“W-when I first encountered you here you began developing an erection just from looking at my butt.”

“Actually not only your butt but my dick decided to focus on that.”

“But why Jack? Men virtually ignore me.”

“Well many will feel intimidated by your height. Others will favor big butt ladies. Some require big breasts to wrap about their dicks.”

“How extraordinary.”

“What is?”

Juniper smiled and said, “What you just said was how I explained to myself why my boat hadn’t come in.”

Jack sighed and said, “Well what do we do about this?”

“Tonight we wallow in sex and tomorrow I go home and that will be the end of it.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes Jack, can’t you see you have been attracted to me, unbelievably I’d say, by my slim-line butt. That is no basis for a relationship and for your information I’m thirty-four and have only ever had anal sex twice. So my interest in feeding your fetish is not high.”

He smiled handsomely and said gently, “And you have other physical attributes that attract me, you are openly direct, I can tell you are well educated and you hold down a good job.”

“How can you say that?”

“I searched and found the last time you were here your bill was paid on a verified card number and when I had that traced I found it was in your name to an unlisted account that our credit check facility established was an account operated by the National Tourism Industry Association. They checked the association’s website and found details about you, your CV, everything.”

“You dog, you questioned me about my possible connection with the tourism award without disclosing you already had solid information about my employment by the association.”

“Hey steady on, you had operated here incognito. Wasn’t I entitled to ask the questions to have you admit your true ID?”

“Of course not, no way. In fact…”

She sighed and apologized for calling him a dog and behaving a little preciously during this second meeting. “My deception and your milder deception means we are all square.”

Jack nodded and said he accepted that point.

JJ then appealed, “Could you please keep my identity with the association as a secret inspector to yourself? It’s the first time we have used the method because you and another resort were judged to be so close and our sponsor demanded we produce an outright winner.”

“Okay I promise no disclosure. I trust we can continue on as a couple interested in each other?”

Startled by that statement, JJ said pragmatically, “I don’t see why not but it seems rather futile because we are separated by considerable distance.”

“We should deal with that problem later. Let’s really enjoy this evening and, as you suggested, wallow in sex.”

“Did I really suggest that?”

“You know you did.”

“Oh, fancy that.”

Almost two hours later, the couple entered JJ’s suite, buoyed by the expectation of cavorting in a robust union to hopefully both achieve climatic and almost heart-stopping ecstasy.

JJ kicked off her shoes and Jack removed her dress and panties and only glanced at her braless breasts before he gently turned her around. His right hand glided from just below her waist to mid-thigh, his eyes glistening as his palm traversed the ever so feminine curve of the most glorious butt he’d ever stroked.

Jack’s eyes closed and, for the first time ever, he accepted his fetish was a gift rather than an anathema.

Caught in the silence, aware Jack was locked in a moment of lasciviousness, Juniper’s eyes widened in surprise as a non-ejaculatory orgasm flickered into her groin.

That shared period of profound intimacy lasted less than a minute but nevertheless enjoyed by them both.

But it was not quite over. Jack bent down and kissed that glorious curve just as JJ, aware of her feeling of eroticism, touched gently inside the front of her top lip to trigger a ripple of orgasms, a skill she’d discovered by accidents during years of solo bed play. It was something she’d never reveal to anyone. She knew it only worked during a peak of sexual arousal. What astonished Escort Tekirdağ her was just how soon into this sexual encounter it had occurred but then she’d thought several times that evening that Jack would finally get to stroke her bared butt to feed his hitherto suppressed desire.

Juniper appreciated having a lean butt because that translated into a smaller dress size and it fascinated her that Jack might even believe he loved it. Gee was that sick or what was it? She decided it was okay for Jack to focus on her butt. No one would have to be told of his interest in her, possibly his only interest but he had yet to visit her pussy.

Another thing yet to be discovered was would he believe having anal sex with her would be unacceptable, akin to sacrilege? Conversely, he might confine himself to anal sexual action to intensify his butt worship if his interest was indeed that intense. Then again perhaps Jack wouldn’t stick around, that soon his fetish would transfer to another butt?

Oh dear.

Jack licked her butt.

Oh god!

She shook holding back her laughter but laughed loudly when Jack inquired had she just had an orgasm.

“No,” she smiled. “I’m surprised you know about orgasms, you being male?”

“Oh I learned from mom,” he said airily.

“You’ve had sex with your mom?”

“No,” he smiled. “I’ve not had sex with mom. Have you?”

“I’ve never met your mom.”

He grinned and said he meant her mother.

“No. So you asked your mom what was an orgasm and she explained the three types.”

“Modern knowledge has extended definition of types to eleven to my knowledge but that figure may have increased to fourteen.”

“Why did you say fourteen?”

Jack said without hesitation, “I had to think of a number higher than eleven.”

“Oh of course and smart thinking. Do you prefer dry orgasms to wet ones?”

“Um are we going to have sex?”

His eyes narrowed.

“Ah yes, of course. This is what we are here for,” he said, sliding a sneaky hand down her butt.

She didn’t think an answer to her question required further elaboration.

He undressed and when she sighted his impressive erection JJ touched the inside of her top lip and delightful mini-explosions were triggered.

“You’ve turned very red.”

“Have I?” Juniper countered. “Perhaps I was wondering why you have an erection and we aren’t capitalizing on it?”

“Bend over and touch your ankles.”

“What so you can stare at my butt?”

“No so I can bury mu dick in your pussy.”


She spread, bent over and held her ankles, opening up to him.

“Your anus looks stretched a bit.”

“How you know I haven’t just removed a butt plug?”

“Oh good one. I know nice women like you don’t go in for toys.”

Juniper gushed into a wet ejaculation solely on this vocal stimulation. As Jack pushed in he said, “Gee your pussy is wet.”

Feeling like wringing his neck, she reached back and squeezed his balls and he yelled and panted, “Jesus I’ve cum.”

“You asshole,” she scolded, feeling some of it run down the inside of a thigh. “You should have been using a condom.”

“Why, it wasn’t requested.”

“You should accept responsibility for doing the right thing.”

“I usually do but since when has having sex involved responsibility?”

“Just push back in and get going,” Juniper cooed, knowing she liked nothing better than sex with a guy who could simultaneously maintain a meaningful verbal encounter. “So mommy didn’t explain to you how to control premature ejaculation?” she said to begin the debate.

* * *

Juniper awoke at dawn to find Jack on top of her attempting to push in his erection.

“Let me have a pee first.”

“Good morning,” he said cheerfully.

She replied with a yawn and returned and pulled her legs back to rest them against her ears.

“A gorgeous butt,” he grinned.

“Aren’t you tired?”

“No excessive sex seems to energize me.”

She groaned and he tapped the head of his dick against her vulva as if door knocking.

“You’ll have time to clean up after this and have a quick breakfast,” he said, penetrating her carefully. “I’ve booked our cart for 7:15.”

“I don’t feel like playing golf this early.”

“I plan to stop beside the lake after we finish the ninth to have coffee and sex.”

“Oh great, then I’ll come.”

“Hopefully so will I. Mother taught me about always retaining gas in the tank.”

“Your mother sounds a good sort.”

“Yes and you can judge for yourself. You are lunching with them in Private Dining Room B at 1:30 today for the interview.”

“I’m not having your parents interview me as to my suitability to have sex with their son.”

Jack grinned and said then she shouldn’t talk to them about sex.

“It’s a working lunch. They’ll be interviewing you for the position of deputy general manager of this resort. They own the controlling interest in this resort. Dad will look at your butt and say ‘She’s hired’ but mom will need convincing you are suitable to be my chief assistant.”

“But you work as duty day manager?”

“I know this sounds confusing but my title is general manager. I choose to work twice a week as day manager to achieve closer interfacing with guests and staff.”

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