Just One More Time

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He should tell her now.

It’s over.

He couldn’t keep this up for much longer. Glances in the office. Secret encounters. “Working” back late. Locked doors. Lying to his wife.

No, he couldn’t do it any longer. He would have to tell her.

After this.

The last time.

It’s over.


She was leaning over the desk. She was fully dressed in her work attire, but he had lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside. His cock was in her and he could look from above and watch it. He was fully dressed too, his cock poking from the front of his pants.

He looked down at his cock entering her warm, moist pussy. There was moisture building up around his shaft. Her moisture.

She was always wet. She loved it. She was insatiable. Not like his wife.

He slowly pumped his cock in and out of her. Her forearms rested on the table and she was comfortable. He was always gentle with her despite her willingness for rough play. She was nearly sixty after all, but she was beautiful. Her hair was blonde and it suited her. She was tanned, but subtly, not like most people of her age who had picked up wrinkles and leathery skin from the sun. Her skin was soft. He’d felt it often.

His cock rhythmically pumped her. He wanted to prolong it, savour it, because this was the last time.


He held both cheeks of her arse in either hand and kept slowly pumping her. His balls were hitting her lips and he ground his pubic bone into her arse every time he thrust into her.

He looked at her legs. She had beautiful legs. She looked so good. Why couldn’t his wife look like this? She was nearly thirty years younger than his PA, but she didn’t care about herself anymore. The fish had been landed, so why bother, her girlfriends would say. As if marriage meant letting everything go.

She could look like his PA if she tried. She had once. Looked exactly like her.


Then he wouldn’t have to do this.

Fuck his PA.


With his PA.

For the last time.

No more.


He kept pumping into her. At the end of each stroke, he pushed his cock in a little further and then left it there for a few seconds. Savouring her moistness. Feeling her arse on his belly, his cock ready to explode.

He couldn’t explode though.

She would want more.

She always did.

She would want to suck his cock.

Swallow his cum.

Drain him.

She knew him well. What he liked. And she liked it too. That’s what made it so good for him. He was comfortable. He worked with her every day and met her often socially. It gave them unlimited opportunities. He loved it when they sat together at functions. Their thighs casino oyna could press together. They could lean into each other and whisper. No one suspected a thing. The nature of their relationship was that they were constantly together and much of their interaction was confidential and required trust. He was the CEO of the biggest software company in Australia. He had to trust his PA.

With everything.

Her hand would sneak under the table and rest on his thigh. Then it would creep along until it was sitting on his cock. The lightest of movements would get him hard. She would leave her hand there, resting on his ever-hardening shaft. When he could take no more, she would lean over and announce discretely, but loud enough for all to hear, that he should make that call.

That call could be anything. To his wife. To the States. It didn’t matter. He would leave the table. Wait. She would follow him. Then anywhere would do. A toilet cubicle. A cleaning cupboard. Even behind a tree. She would get down on her knees and suck his cock. Finish him in minutes. Relieve him.

He loved her. He loved what she did.

But not anymore.

It was over.

He regained his focus. They didn’t need to speak. He knew what she wanted him to do.

Reluctantly he pulled his cock out of her. He was covered in her juices and he was careful not to get it on his pants. She turned around and adjusted her clothing. No one would be able to tell she’d just been fucked from behind. His hard cock stood out from his pants and she knelt down and licked it clean.

She kept her eyes on him while she did it. Then she reached up and unbuckled his belt, all the while licking on his cock. His wife never did that. Get on her knees.

Lick him.

Suck him.

Love him.

Like this.

When she’d unbuckled him, she unbuttoned his pants and gently pulled his trousers down. She looked at the chair behind his desk.

He sat down in the chair and leaned back. She followed him and knelt down between his legs. Her face was inches from his cock and he could feel her warm breath. She wordlessly took his cock in one hand and ran her nails along his scrotum. Gently.

He closed his eyes. He thought of his wife, but her face morphed into the one inches from his cock. He opened them again to look at her.

Might as well enjoy it.

It’s the last time.

She cupped his balls in her warm hands. She was breathing on his cock now. Her tongue flicked out and licked the precum oozing out of the head. It felt electric. He wanted to shoot now, on her face, but he wanted to wait. Wanted it to last.

The chair squeaked as he leaned back further to give her better access. He wanted to see his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. canlı casino He wanted to see her face being fucked.

By his cock.

She opened her mouth and slowly lowered it over him. She’d done this hundreds of times. He’d felt it hundreds of times. But it always felt the same.

Like a warm bath for his cock.

She stopped moving. Her mouth was full of him. He felt safe. His cock felt like it was wrapped in a womb of warm amoebic fluid. But it was her mouth.

And it felt good.

For this one last time.

She waited there, here tongue resting along the lower part of his shaft. Cradling it.

Slowly, she started to move. At first she just flexed her tongue along his shaft. Then she started to gently bob. As she moved up and down, she reached around and grabbed his hands from either side of the chair and placed them on her head.

His mind wandered as his cock was expertly massaged by hands, mouth, tongue and throat. He didn’t feel guilty. He’d been fucking her almost as long as he’d been fucking his wife. He wouldn’t need her if his wife was more….like her.

But it would need to end.

He would try again with his wife.

This was the last time.


His cock felt like it was being smothered in velvet. Her head was bobbing up and down and with each descent, she took him in deeper. Pretty soon, he’d be reaching her throat. He was close to coming, but he wanted it to keep going forever.

It was their last time, after all. She didn’t know that.


But he would tell her.


Fuck it, he thought, I have to come, last time or no last time.

He grabbed her head more tightly and pressed her down onto his cock. He was impaling her face, using her mouth for his pleasure. Her blond hair trailed over his belly and one of her hands continued cupping his sack. The pressure he exerted on her head meant that there was little travel in her sucking, but it meant that his cock stayed in the warm, moist recesses of her throat.

Every time she tried to raise her head, he pushed her back down and he could feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat. He started to convulse and he knew that his release was near.

She sensed his urgency and forced her head down even further and kneaded his balls.

That did it for him.

“I’m fucking coming,” he said quietly.

She nodded and gently squeezed his nuts. She moaned. He knew what it meant. Come. Shoot your cum into my mouth. Now.

He pressed hard on the back of her head and she gave herself to him completely as he fucked her mouth with his final thrusts.

He then pulled her head up so that he could shoot into her mouth without gagging her.

The first jet felt kaçak casino like the ultimate relief. He thought it would never end. The pulsing of his cock continued and he felt like he was pumping litres of cum into her.

“Fuck,” he yelled as he continued to pound her face. Her chin was pressed against his balls. It almost hurt, but he couldn’t stop thrusting. Her tongue continued to massage him and she sucked to match his spurts.

He could hardly bear it.

Eventually, he had nothing left and, as he pumped the last dribble into her mouth, he let her head go. He leant back in the chair and folded his arms behind his head. The screen saver was blinking at him, but he didn’t care. Fuck, he didn’t give a shit at all.

She didn’t come up. She stayed with her head in his lap and sucked his cock clean. Then she took it out of her mouth and licked clean the head and shaft. A final lick and nibble on his nuts confirmed she was finished and she rocked back on her knees and looked up at him.

The phone in the office rang.

Fucking hell, who’d be ringing now?

He looked at the caller Id.

It was his wife. What did she want?

He picked it up.

“Hello?” he said.

“Hi, it’s me. Do you know when you’ll be home?”

He looked down between his legs. She had his cock in her hand again and it was getting hard.

“Not sure,” he said. “It shouldn’t be too long. Do you need anything?”

Now she was placing her mouth over his cock again. Just the head was past her lips, but her tongue was working the end. He was almost fully erect again.

This had to be the last time.

“Well, you need to be home soon. You know mum and dad are coming for dinner.”

Fuck, her mouth felt good. His cock was almost fully in there again and her head was bobbing slowly.

He imagined it was his wife….

“Sorry…,” he said, “What was that?”

“Mum and dad are coming for dinner.”

She had a grip of his shaft and was sucking on his cock head like a lollipop. He watched her as he talked to his wife. Lick. Suck. Lick. Suck.

She was smiling at him.


Last time….

“Oh, yeah right, your mum and dad,” he said. “I knew that. I’ll leave soon.”

It felt so good. He was ready to come again, but he had to get off the phone first.

“Is mum still at work?” she asked. “You might as well bring her straight here.”


His wife hung up.

His PA looked up at him while his cock slid in and out of her mouth.

He dropped the phone on the floor and placed his hands on the back of her head.

“Better hurry,” he said.

She nodded her head and sucked his cock with more urgency.

“I hope you’re still hungry,” he added.

She kneaded his balls and managed a smile even though her mouth was crammed full of his cock.

He smiled down at her and fucked her mouth.

“I’m driving you to my place for dinner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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