Just Teasing Ch. 17

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After the brief break in Fiji with Julianne, I got back into gym work seriously. Sally was miffed I’d been away for almost a week at short notice. She knew I was working at the country club on Saturdays and she was finding it hard to compete, as the clientele at the gym was not as rich as at the country club. Sally asked if I was comfortable doing my gym workout routine in a tighter pair of shorts to emphasize my hefty package, producing a pair of shorts that was sized small. Up until now I’d been subtle about it, but even Kaye had at times suggested wearing a snug fitting stretch pair of shorts.

A few days later I walked out of the changing rooms with a loose fitting longish shirt and the shorts Sally had given me. She smiled as she saw me, the outline of my shaft fairly easy to spot and the size of my ball bag now very obvious. One thing Sally had said about these shorts was not to wear them on days when Linda, the lady in charge of signing up new members, was around the gym. Apparently she was a little prudish. This turned out to be another setup on Sally’s part, she didn’t like the fact I was working at the country club, this was an attempt on her part to get me turfed out of the gym.

Several gym sessions in the tight shorts and Sally was enjoying the looks I was getting from the ladies. I’d checked with her at the start of today’s session whether Linda would be around, and since the answer had been no, I felt safe to do my workout in my tight shorts. I was getting to like this actually, especially after my holiday in Fiji where Jules and Simone had so publicly jacked me off. So to me walking around the gym with my cock and balls more or less on display didn’t feel that odd….

Half an hour into my session I get a tap on the shoulder from Linda, and she’s looking rather miffed. “My office, now please,” she said sharply, and I quickly head off towards her corner office. Now Linda would have been late thirties or early forties, part Maori and part Samoan, tall and well built, not exactly slim but in pretty good shape. Sort of what you’d expect from a senior gym supervisor I suppose….

Her office door closed and she started off calmly, “what the hell do you think you’re doing parading around like THAT?” Her voice rose as she spoke the sentence.

Feigning innocence at first, I just shrugged my shoulders and looked at her, my cock actually growing a little and twitching at the same time. I was getting excited as this older woman was starting to tell me off!

“You should be ashamed of yourself walking around my gym dressed in those shorts young man. Most of the ladies here are old enough to be your mother and you’re walking around with a salami stuffed in your shorts…..talk about false advertising….” Linda growled as she let off steam.

For several minutes I just let her rant and rave, becoming ever more aroused at the way she was waving her arms around, making her tits jiggle and watching her skirt rise as she waved her hands up and down. I know it was wrong, but this woman looked hot to trot, and my cock was slowly extending, making for an ever more lewd display. I had to make a decision, as for the first time in a fair while I was presented with a woman I really wanted to just fuck hard, right now, instead of some arranged screw where I was the hired cock… Thinking on my feet, I waited for her to stop talking.

“So what have you got to say for yourself then Nick?” she finally asked.

“Not much Linda, but I’ll make you a deal….you think I am guilty of false advertising?” I started to say.

“Damn right you are white boy!” she snarled, making me ever more determined.

I just smiled and waited once more for her to calm down. “Wanna bet?” I asked.

“Bring it on!” she snarled, getting angry once more.

Again, I just paused long enough for her to calm down. “OK, here’s the deal, if I have something in my shorts that doesn’t belong you won’t see me in this gym again. BUT, if you’re mistaken…I get to fuck you, right here, right now….” I said slowly, watching her get angry but not saying anything for a few moments.

“Cat got your tongue huh?” I teased her.

A smile spread across her face and I think she was so sure of herself. “Oh yeah baby, I’ll drop my knickers and hike this skirt up so you can do mummy from behind,” she laughed softly as she bent over her desk and looked over her shoulder, mocking me.

“Just the way I like it,” I calmly said. I remained as calm as I could, but my cock was now getting harder, and I just wanted to bend Linda over her desk and fuck her hard and fast.

“OK, deal, so drop those casino oyna shorts Nick,” she said, now calm and breathing slowly.

Peeling off my shirt first, she just grinned softly as she saw the outline of what she thought was fake. As I peeled my shorts down my thighs and my cock swung free I heard her gasp something along the lines of oh crap…

Stepping out of my shorts, now standing in her office wearing just my gym shoes I felt momentarily unsure of myself. This lasted only seconds as Linda walked to the door and flipped the lock, took two steps to her desk and true to her word hiked up her skirt and wriggled her knickers down her thighs. She didn’t need to invite me; as soon as her knickers were at her knees I was there. Linda grasped the shaft and gently eased me into her pussy. Feeling her getting juicier on each stroke, I soon had my shaft coated in this prim and proper woman’s lube, my nuts tapping against her clit.

The music from the gym easily obscured any moaning and groaning we did, and I leisurely fucked this so-called prudish lady, holding her hips and pumping her cunt full of white cock. The contrast between her coffee coloured skin and my tanned white cock was hot, her thigh high cream coloured stockings only adding fuel to the fire. Feeling her hands grasp my ball bag, nails gently digging in and her face looking over her shoulders urging me to fill her snatch soon had me blowing my wad. I pumped my nuts empty into Linda, keeping my dick deep in her and just letting my white seed fill her dark fanny. Pulling out, a big blob of cum dropped from her soaking hole. Some smaller globs of cum ran down her thighs and soaked into the stocking tops as she remained leaned over on her elbows for a moment.

“Damn!” is all that Linda said as I used my shirt to dry my cock and got dressed again.

“So am I still a gym member?” I asked just before I opened the door.

“Ah yes, sure Nick,” Linda mumbled; now standing upright and looking at the blob of cum on the floor right between her shoes.

With that I walked out and resumed my workout, it was only a few minutes after I’d cum in this married MILF’s snatch that I started to tremble. This was easily one of the most daring things I’d done in the last two years, something that could have gone wrong so easily. It was also a good way to get back at Sally, who had tried to set me up. I never filled Linda in on what Sally had done, nor did Sally do any more referrals for me from gym members. It was now basically the country club that provided me with generous ladies, the gym now being truly just a playground.

Linda wasn’t nervous at having me fuck her in her office every now and then, she relished the fact I was just a naughty little boy that loved to dick older ladies. Being discreet and leaving her to pick when helped of course. She was much like Kaye, enjoying a quick hard fuck bent over at the waist. The gym was on the third floor of a mall, and she even had me fuck her on the fire escape one night, same method as usual. She liked nothing better than to bend over, hike up her skirt, pull her knickers to her knees and be shafted from behind, hard and fast! Just a hot MILF that didn’t get enough cock at home really…

She didn’t know it of course, but Linda referred a gym member to me who was frustrated at home, much the way she herself had been. Melanie worked for a bank, had an on and off boyfriend, lived in a flat with another lady her age (early thirties) who was getting bonked supposedly day and night and Mel was feeling left out.

At the gym, Linda introduced me to Melanie and we worked out together a few times before I asked her out. Mel liked the basic routine of dinner followed by a movie; I guess this would give her enough time to suss out whether I was worth taking home? Dinner was nice, at a place I picked given that I had a few bucks to spare nowadays. Melanie seemed pleased at the quality of the restaurant. The movie was so-so and after maybe half an hour I tried my luck kissing Mel.

She responded willingly, probing with her tongue and letting me freely run my hand over her body. Gently cupping her breast, she sucked on my tongue, and then probed hungrily as I caressed a nipple. The top she had on was hard to get my hand under without being too obvious, so I ran a hand up her thigh instead. Softly and slowly gliding my fingers under her skirt I rubbed her thigh as her hand was already cupped around my balls. She didn’t muck around!

As I worked my way up her thigh, hearing her breathing faster, she rubbed my now growing dick thru my pants. Taking a firm grip around the shaft canlı casino I heard her catch her breath briefly, not knowing for sure whether this was because she was assessing the length of my shaft or my finger now sliding between her pussy lips under her knickers…. Yes, I don’t move slow either when it’s obvious the lady is in heat!

I had to stifle a giggle as Mel unzipped and unbuckled my pants in the movie theatre, taking my engorged cock and now openly stroking it. The theatre had maybe two dozen people in it, most of them in front of us, so I wasn’t overly concerned that this brunette was jacking me off. I was surprised however when she sat on my lap, trying to fuck me here and now! Taking charge I stood up and led her to the exit, hiding my cock and zipping up before we got out the door.

“Best we take you somewhere quieter young lady,” I suggested gently as I took her by the arm and led her to the car park. We’d parked on the top floor and as I got to my car, Melanie pulled me into the darkened corner and began kissing me once more. It was obvious she wanted to get serious here and now. Her tongue probed hungrily into my mouth, her hands trying to unzip me and grope me… Taking charge once more, I lifted her onto the front wing of my car, reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers down and off. Unbuckling and unzipping I had my cock out in the breeze in no time, Mel just barely able to wait for the moment my throbbing member stabbed her hot sex. Her fanny was red-hot and soaking, my knob slipped easily into her, taking a few shallow strokes lubed me up and I soon had my full length inside this hot brunette.

Hearing noises coming our way, I lifted her off the car, taking her arse cheeks in my hands and taking two steps back into the shadows I kept slowly pushing myself into her juicy snatch. Mel bit me on the neck as my shaft and hands held her body up, now harshly impaled right to the balls as the approaching couple walked past us and got in a car parked two up from my one. “Cool, you don’t panic easily huh?” she groaned as I put her arse back on the car’s front wing and began pumping her juicy slot in earnest.

“Not normally m’am, why do you want me to come to your work and fuck you in your office?” I cheekily asked as I continued to pound her tight cleft.

“Hell yeah, how about tomorrow?” she responded as she lay back, now putting her ankles over my shoulders and letting me take full control.

I just grinned in the soft light and fucked her until she came. Taking her off the car I bent her over the bonnet and took her from behind, just the way I like it, skirt up over her arse and now taking her hips firmly I rammed her full of cock. With balls slapping against her clit, she came just before I did, and as she stopped shuddering my dick twitched and spewed a sticky load into her greedy fanny.

“My, I don’t normally do this on a first date mister,” she said in a little girl voice, brushing her skirt down and making herself look presentable. “Can I have my underwear back please sir?” she asked, keeping up the little girl voice.

“Nope, I’ll bring it for you tomorrow, just tell me where,” I said firmly.

Melanie seemed startled by this, but gave me a business card with address on it. I drove her home and she hopped out without giving me a kiss, just saying over her shoulder that she’d see me tomorrow sometime.

I looked at the business card and thought about whether I should be so bold. Heck yes, why not? The next day, just before 10am I walked into the bank and found I had to go to upstairs to the department where my new brunette friend worked. Melanie Randwick was manager of business accounts and I was asked whether I had an appointment. The lady at the first floor reception desk laughed when I assured her that I did not have an appointment but that Ms Randwick would be expecting me anyway. Giving her the large envelope marked private and confidential with Melanie’s knickers from last night, now folded flat, seemed to appease the lady as she walked me to Mel’s office.

To her credit, Melanie only looked surprised briefly as the receptionist handed her the envelope I’d given her and let me in. “Hi Nick, please take a seat, and thank you Stephanie,” Melanie said calmly as she closed the door behind the receptionist. I thought I heard it being closed and then locked, two separate sounds anyway.

“So you’re keen to follow thru Nick?” Melanie asked as she walked around her desk slowly, letting me look at her long legs, stocking clad, encased in three-inch square heeled ‘I wanna be taken serious’ shoes. Her skirt reaching barely below kaçak casino mid thigh, her shirt showing more cleavage than I expected to see in a bank.

“Game if you are,” I said as calmly as I could, but now rather keen to plough her juicy fanny….

“OK,” Melanie said, now walking in front of me and placing her feet shoulder width apart. Taking this as my signal, I got up and watched as she hiked up her skirt whilst I unzipped my suit trousers. The little skank had on stockings and suspenders but no knickers! Her cunt looked swollen and dripping wet! She must have been really looking forward to this I didn’t want to let her down…

She looked over her shoulder as I nudged my knob between her juicy lips; she never even bothered to assist. Mel knew I’d find my way into her wet slot easily enough and she leaned over her desk as I pushed my pulsing and throbbing cock up her slippery love canal. Three strokes and I had my tool completely buried up this banker babe’s cunt.

Mel began talking as though I was customer, talking about deposits and withdrawals, interest rates etc, while I held her hips and occasionally threw in a question for her. I had hardly a clue what she was talking about most of the time; all I wanted to do was make a nice big deposit in her bank vault.

“OK sir, almost time for my next appointment,” Melanie said at one point, at which she began rearing back at me with vigour, thus making it clear she wanted to get on with it. Holding her at the hips, just like last night, in fact barely twelve hours earlier, I soon blew my load into her soaking pussy. Withdrawing and getting decent again, I watched as Mel opened the envelope and put on last night’s dirty knickers. “This will keep me going till tonight when you come around for dinner Nick,” she whispered, not pleading, but playfully fluttering her eyelashes at.

Barely fifteen minutes later I walked out of her office, said good day to the stiff receptionist and walked out of the bank with a big grin on my face. This was getting to be fun….

That night I went to Melanie’s place for dinner as she’d suggested. Arriving a few minutes early, she let me in with a devilish glint in her eye. I must admit I like it when a woman cranks up the naughty dial! Now wearing a loose fitting knee length sleeveless dress, Melanie led me to the dinner table and without any drama had dinner. Her flatmate would be home later, so Mel kept a plate for Becky and put it in the microwave. The glint came back after Mel had cleared the table, something she wanted no help with. I watched her work swiftly; loading the dishwasher up and then making her way back to the table. As I was sitting back in my chair Melanie sat herself down on my lap, facing me and started kissing me gently.

“Now for dessert….” she whispered between kisses. Feeling her grind down on my dick, tits now pushing into me, her tongue diving into my mouth….yep I agreed with her choice of dessert. Her little girl voice came back; acting all surprised when my cock swelled up quickly, she wasted no time rubbing herself up and down it though. Settling back briefly, Mel reached for my pants and unbuckled and unzipped me, easily getting my shaft to stand up, stroking me as she smirked.

She looked into my eyes, raised herself up and hiked her dress up, placed her fanny over my cock and slowly sank down onto me. My cock slipped into her damp folds, her eyes open wide as she impaled herself, soon having me fully inside. Brushing her dress back down, you couldn’t even tell her cunt was stuffed full of cock. Mel even commented on how nobody could tell she was being a rude little girl, now sitting impaled on me…. The slow pace at which she now moved up and down it seemed for a while as though she was hoping her flatmate would come home whilst she was astride me, no luck for her though. I’m not sure that would have been an easy situation from which to recover.

Melanie enjoyed how I could stay hard for a long time, telling me repeatedly how she loved the way my shaft splaying her pussy open felt oh-so delicious. The little girl voice returned as her fanny milked my cock, Mel now barely rocking back and forth as her orgasm approached. Sitting still, her cunt drenched my cock, balls and pants too! After she hopped off, suddenly she wanted me to go home, not that she said so directly. The numerous lame excuses for her wanting to have an early night were obvious enough.

Taking the hint I left Melanie to it, left her my number but I never heard from her again. I did try and call a few times, but when I was told by her flatmate she was off on her honeymoon I quickly worked out that I’d been used once more. This should have been obvious from the start, women using me just for my cock and willingness to please them.

Time for some serious studying and focus on career…

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