Kate’s House Hunt

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I was looking for a new place to live. I had one week left on my tenancy agreement and having left everything to the last minute I was getting desperate. Hunting for a new home was much harder than I’d anticipated: I’d seen three rooms already that evening, in different parts of the City, and they were either damp, falling apart or the size of a shoebox. I had one more place to see and I really didn’t want to have to spend another evening traipsing through the streets of London looking for a dream home that didn’t exist.

I found my next address and rang the bell. The landlord answered the door. “Hi, I’m Alex” he said. He was tall, a few years older than me; rather rugged-looking and seemed friendly enough.

“Hi Alex, I’m Kate.” I took my cue and entered the house. He showed me around the communal areas; kitchen, living room, shared bathroom. They were all clean, tidy and homely; so far so good. We found plenty to chat about and I even felt like he was flirting with me a little. He walked behind me as we ascended the stairs to the 2nd floor and I was sure he was catching glimpses up my skirt. Not that I minded, I was starting to feel quite attracted to him. Since it was the height of summer I had dressed light. I wasn’t wearing tights; just a pair of pumps, a cute denim skirt that scraped the tops of my knees and a pair of flowery-patterned satin knickers underneath. I was glad that I’d chosen my favourites that morning, if he really was checking them out! I was also wearing a light cotton blouse, with the top few buttons undone, and a balcony bra, so my cleavage could make a subtle appearance from time to time.

It was a good-sized bedroom, with a double bed and nice furniture, overlooking the quiet garden. Perfect!

“There were 2 rooms advertised, but the other one was taken earlier today.” Alex explained. “It’s a little more rent than the ad said – £700 a month including bills”.

“Oh, that is more than I expected” I said, struggling to hide the disappointment in my voice. “I really love the room and I’d like to be able to take it, but I’m not sure I can stretch to that – my budget is £600. Also, I don’t get paid until next week, but I really need to move before then”. I was trying my best to flirt in an attempt to appeal to his softer side. I gave him the doe-eyes and teen porno slightly puckered my lips.

Alex paused for a few seconds “You do seem like you’d really fit in here and I want to get the room rented fast. Perhaps we could come to an arrangement.”

“Great!” I said, “Anything at all, I would really love to live here. So, what sort of arrangement are you thinking?”

“Well…” said Alex, thoughtfully, “I’ve been single for a long time and it will be really nice to have such an attractive young woman around the place… But I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold back from wanting to do all sorts of… things… to you if you were to live here. So here’s the deal: If you move in, you help me satisfy my sexual urges and I’ll reduce your rent accordingly. What do you think?”

I was a bit taken aback. I’d been flirty in the hope that Alex might negotiate with me on the rent and the date of my first payment. I’d run with his suggestion of an arrangement because I really did want to live in his house and I was intrigued by what he was going to suggest, thinking that it might involve extra housework or something. But hearing him being so blunt about his sexual needs was unexpected! I felt my cheeks flush as I realised I’d been staring at him with my mouth open, in stunned silence, for at least 30 seconds, which was feeling like a really long time. I quickly pulled myself together.

“Well…” I said, with a sly glint in my eye, “will you be wanting a deposit?”

The smile that spread across his face answered that question instantly. I started undoing my blouse, button by button, revealing my ample cleavage, as Alex stood and watched. I could see a large bulge emerging in his trousers. With my shirt completely undone I eased my feet, one by one, out of my shoes, looked up at him, tucked my hands up under the back of my skirt and then wriggled out of my knickers, letting them drop to the floor while my skirt remained in place; all the while maintaining direct eye contact with Alex. In my peripheral vision I could see that his bulge had grown and was twitching under his trousers. I moved half a step closer to him and gave him my most seductive look. All of a sudden, he stepped towards me and put his hand up my skirt, feeling for my soft flesh. He let his fingertips tricky masseur porno glide over my smooth lips before gently easing a finger between them, sinking it through the fold, separating my soft skin and feeling for my clit.

“Take off your bra” he said, and I did as I was told; slowly slipping my blouse off my shoulders and letting it fall, before reaching around and undoing the clasp, dropping my bra by my knickers on the floor. My nipples were solid and my large breasts were firm; aching to be touched. He started stroking them with his free hand; gently pinched my right nipple, twisted it between his thumb and index finger and then leaned in to kiss me. His stubble was a little rough on my chin, but his lips were soft on mine and his probing tongue explored my mouth.

As he was kissing me he traced circles around my clit with his fingers, making my pussy pulse and my juices start to flow. He unzipped my skirt and encouraged it to drop to the floor, leaving me completely naked; then he picked me up with his arm around my waist and lifted me over to the bed.

He laid me down, kissed my breasts and nipples, worked his way slowly down my stomach and then started licking me; first teasing his tongue between my lips and then, as he pushed my legs apart with his hands, spreading me wide before him, he eased his tongue up inside me as far as it would go. He thrust it into me over and over, before working on my clit; licking, kissing, sucking and flicking over it with his tongue.

I was making all sorts of noises; groaning, moaning, squealing with delight in response to all the different sensations he was lavishing me with. Next, he slowly pushed a finger deep into my hot, wet cunt and explored me from the inside, while still licking over my clit and sucking at my lips. He added a second finger and then a third, and finally pushed four fingers inside me, stretching me open, preparing me for what was to come. He used his other hand to undo the zip of his trousers and he eased his cock out. It was hard and wide and the length of his hand.

He pulled me down the bed until my pussy was at the edge, so he could fuck me while he was still standing up. He put the tip of his cock against the wet entrance to my vagina. “Are you ready türkçe alt yazı porno for this?” he asked.

I nodded, smiling and feeling myself dripping and throbbing with anticipation. He very slowly began to push himself into me. My pussy is tight, even when my juices are flowing, but he worked it in carefully and gently. When it was an inch in he pulled it back out, letting the evidence of my excitement drip down his shaft before starting again. He pushed it in – half way this time, before starting to thrust. My flesh was being stretched and it felt amazing. I had never been so full of cock before. He thrust his length in until I could feel his balls banging against my skin. He fucked me harder and harder, holding my legs wide with his hands and watching my whole body rocking to his rhythm; my breasts bouncing up and down and my face contorting in ecstasy.

I raised my hips to alter the angle of Alex’s entry and felt his cock rub against my g-spot. My whole body automatically tensed, trying to hold onto that feeling, which, in turn, must have made me grip tighter to his cock, as he let out a gasp of pleasure. I could tell he wasn’t far from coming and I was starting to edge. I relaxed a little while he kept thrusting into me, harder and deeper, over and over, until his groans got louder and faster. He slipped his hands round under my thighs and reached for my hips. All of a sudden he sped up his movements to twice the speed and I knew there were only a matter of seconds before he would climax.

I reached down to my clit, which was soaking wet, and lightly touched myself. My labia was so sensitive I knew it wouldn’t take much to spark my orgasm. I waited for a few seconds, until Alex’s grip on my hips tightened, clearly beginning to shoot his load inside me, and then I slid my fingers over my swollen flesh. The combination of sensations from his cock pushing against my g-spot, while I gently pressed my fingers against the nerve endings in my clit, moving them almost imperceptibly, sent me into an intense orgasm: Heat surged up through my body and washed over me, followed by the most glorious chemical rush coursing through my veins. I held onto the high for as long as I could; it felt like I lay there for several minutes, enjoying every second, before slowly climbing down and letting my body gradually relax.

Finally, I looked over at Alex and giggled. He had a huge grin on his face; he was clearly enjoying watching me completely bliss out in front of him.

“Does that work for a deposit?” I asked.

“I think” he responded “I’m going to really enjoy having you here”.

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