Keeping Everyone Waiting

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Lila looked out toward the audience, the golden highlights in her dark hair shimmering in the overhead lights. She looked like a star as she took her bow, her costume highlighting the slenderness of her waist. Her hands raised up, waving to the crowd as the cheers met her smile in a glorious union. They loved her. They truly loved her!

The crowd threw flowers and stuffed animals on stage for Lila, which she gathered in her arms. She held them tightly as each actor took their turn bowing for the audience during the curtain call. The crowd screamed the loudest for her, and she took her final bows. The curtain fell. It was back to her solo life again. The loneliness saturated her as she walked to her dressing room to pack up her belongings. This was the last night of the tour, and they were finally back home in Hollywood.

Lila didn’t know where she would go from here. She lovingly packed her costume into her rolling suitcase, then tucked all of her fan mail into one of the pockets. Lila took down her hair and dressed in her street clothes. Her hair fell down in cascading tendrils of dark brown and golden highlight, which she swept back behind her shoulders as she took one last look around. She didn’t know when she would be cast in a play again. Usually, she was in movies or commercials, but she loved live theater more than all that. She would have gladly traded her silver screen fame for a chance to do live theater every day.

“Are you going to the party, Lila?” she heard a voice from behind her. It was Lynn Clendenning, a famous actress who mostly did Broadway tours. She was much older than Lila, although Lila wasn’t sure of her actual age. She had the kind of career Lila had always envisioned for herself before she landed the face wash commercial that had changed everything. Lynn’s smile was contagious. She had the lightest blonde hair, and her eyes were a shade of sea green that made Lila envious.

“Yes, of course! I just need to pop home and slip into my red dress. I forgot to have my assistant bring it here, and she’s off duty now.”

“Well, I can accompany you if you like,” Lynn offered. “I have everything I need in this bag,” she pulled the handle on a rolling suitcase that was embossed with a very expensive brand name logo.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that. People are waiting for you.” Lila felt herself flush. She had no idea why she suddenly felt shy around Lynn. They had been working together for almost two years by then.

“People are waiting for you too! They will wait for us, and we will make a grand appearance together. It’ll be quite the showstopping entrance!” Lynn laughed conspiratorially and placed her hand on Lila’s arm. Lila felt a sensation that she had never experienced before. She felt a chill work its way up her arm and to her neck where it tickled her ever so slightly.

“Okay. I was just about to leave. My driver is waiting for me at the back entrance.”

“Let me call my driver and tell him to meet me at the party,” Lynn agreed, and they walked side-by-side with their phones to their ears until they reached the back entrance where a line of vehicles waited to pick up actors. They were cut to the front of the line since they were the most famous stars.

Lila allowed Lynn to climb into the backseat first. She had a traditional Limousine, nothing fancy. She knew plenty of other stars who had much more extravagance, but she didn’t like to draw too much attention to her wealth. Lila raised the partition that separated Lynn and her from her driver.

“Wow, this is a really classy limo!” Lynn remarked as she looked around. “I love the privacy we have here in the back. Now we can talk about all our co-stars!”

“You want some shrimp?” Lila asked Lynn as she opened a tiny refrigerator to reveal individual bottles of sparkling mineral water and a small, covered platter of cocktail shrimp.

“Wow, sure! I’m starving! You got any booze in there?” Lynn smiled deviously.

“As a matter of fact, I do.” Lila opened a console to reveal another refrigerated compartment filled with bottles of champagne.

“Wow, you are fancy!”

Together, they opened the shrimp and champagne and began to gossip about their co-stars. Lila felt an ease with Lynn that she had never felt with anyone before. Lila was almost twenty-seven-years-old, but there were still a lot of things that she had never experienced. Lila had never been in love before, and she had never really been in love. Lila wanted to, it’s just that all the men that she had met turned her off. There was nothing about them that she found attractive.

Lila was confused as she leaned in to hear Lynn’s opinion about one of their co-stars, Andre Parr, a man who had been heavily flirting with Lynn and Lila.

“He’s so…clueless!” Lynn complained. “If I wanted a man, I could easily find one.”

“You don’t want a man?” Lila asked. This was news to her. She thought that she might be the only woman that wasn’t into men.

“Oh, honey. I thought you knew I was a lesbian. I figured that out when I casino siteleri was about your age. How old are you now? Twenty-something?”

“I’m twenty-six,” Lila explained. “I don’t want a man either.”

“I knew it!” Lynn laughed heartily as if congratulating herself for picking Lila out as a lesbian.

“You knew it? How?” Lila asked, blushing slightly.

“You always look so annoyed when he hits on you. Plus, I was feeling something between us,” Lynn paused dramatically to look deep into Lila’s questioning eyes, pointing first to Lila and then to herself.

“You were?” Lila whispered, her heart pounding. What Lynn didn’t know was that Lila had never been with a woman before. She hadn’t exactly been looking for one. Lila was confused about her sexuality and wasn’t sure if she was into women. One thing was for sure, she wasn’t into men.

“Yeah. Don’t you feel it?” Lynn leaned closer to Lila. Lila’s heart pounded as her hazel eyes met Lynn’s sea green ones. Lila felt something. There was a pang of nervousness and then a cloud of fear and worry. Lynn’s hands reached up to pull Lila closer. Lila stiffened, unsure of what was going to happen. Lynn gave her a nasty smile, the kind of sexy smile that both terrified and intrigued Lila.

“I do feel something,” Lila said softly.

“Try this,” Lynn whispered as she went in for a kiss. Lila had never kissed a woman, and yet it felt much more natural than when she had tried kissing men. Lila was dizzy as Lynn’s tongue found its way into her mouth. She let it happen for a few moments before she began to kiss Lynn back. Her fear and insecurity were finally melting, and for once, she was able to fully let go.

Lynn’s kisses awakened something inside of Lila, summoning the sexuality from her body in ways no one else had ever been able to. She surrendered to Lynn as she began to remove Lila’s clothes until she was completely naked.

“Wait! What are you doing?” Lila asked, alarmed.

“I’m going to lick your pussy for you. You’ll like it.”

“Maybe we should wait until we get to my house?” Lila’s voice quivered with fear.

“No, you need this now, baby. Trust me.” Lynn assured her as she crouched down on the floor between Lila’s legs and helped her out of her clothes. Lila’s heart was pounding, but for once, it wasn’t anxiety that was driving her. She was aroused, the hormones coursing through her veins until she was shaking with anticipation. Lynn parted Lila’s legs and placed her tongue expertly on Lila’s clit. She didn’t do much more than kiss and caress Lila’s pussy with her mouth, but Lila had never let anyone go down on her before, and she was afraid to tell Lynn this. Lila knew that at age twenty-six, she should have had more sex and so she tried her best to pretend that she had done all of this before. Lila gripped an armrest with one hand, and a seatbelt with the other as Lynn worked her magic on Lila’s pussy. Lila tried her best to stifle the screams she was emitting as Lynn explored her pussy with her expert tongue.

Lila was in shock as the pleasure flowed through her, radiating down her legs and into her feet. She could feel it in her chest, her nipples taut and pebbled. It was in her brain, where neurotransmitters were firing signals of pleasure that told Lila that Lynn was everything Lila had been looking for. She looked so sexy in between her legs, looking up at her. Lila felt a pang of longing, a release of her fear. She had never felt so comfortable with someone. Maybe this was where she belonged. Perhaps she was a lesbian. Lila came, thoughts of Lynn’s tongue on her pussy passing through her, feelings of letting go giving her the freedom she needed to finally find release. Lynn didn’t stop flicking her tongue over Lila’s clit. Lynn held Lila’s legs open as she frantically tried to give Lila an orgasm.

Lila’s whole body began to buck and shake underneath Lynn. Lynn knew what she was doing. She didn’t stop. Lynn held Lila down, forcing her to cum hard. Then she did it again. Lynn loved that she was making Lila cum. Lila Flowers was one of the most famous actresses of her generation. Lila had gained popularity from a single appearance in a face wash commercial that had launched her career. Then she had landed a string of roles on mainstream television. Then came the movies in which Lila played opposite some of the most famous actors in Hollywood. She was a versatile actress with a cloud of mystery surrounding her.

The headlines always pegged Lila as secretly having sexual relationships with the leading men from her acting gigs. Still, now that Lynn knew she wasn’t into men, she wondered how many women Lila had been with. The way that her body responded to Lynn’s tongue was telling, but not saying enough.

“Lynn! Lynn, stop! We’re at my house.”

“Please tell me you’re inviting me inside,” Lynn wiped the pussy juice from her mouth with the back of her hand without thinking as Lila pulled her clothes back on.

“Yes, come inside,” Lila waited for the driver to open the door for them. Lila grabbed canlı casino the bottle of champagne on her way out. Her driver pretended he hadn’t seen anything, but when Lila’s eyes met his, she could tell that he’d seen more than she had intended. The partition that separated her from her driver was mostly opaque, but not entirely so. Her face burned hot with embarrassment. “We’ll be right back,” she told her driver.

“Yes, Miss,” he said politely, but she could tell he was fighting back a smile. She keyed into her house with her thumbprint. All of her staff had gone home hours ago, and they were on their own. “Alexa, turn on the lights,” Lila called, and the house lit up.

“I love your kitchen,” Lynn exclaimed as they walked through it to get to the part of the house with Lila’s bedroom. The kitchen countertops gleamed with white marble, and the light reflected off of stainless-steel fixtures.

“Thank you, I designed the whole thing myself, well, with the help of the architect and contractors.”

“This house is huge.”

“It’s only 9,000 square feet,” Lila shrugged. It wasn’t as big as most of the other mansions in Hollywood.

“That’s huge!” Lynn laughed, not wanting to talk about her tastefully sized home in Westlake. She wasn’t as commercially successful as Lila, but she didn’t care about that. She wanted more of Lila’s sweet pussy all over her face. “Where is your bedroom?”

“This way!” Lila called, and she ran ahead, giggling as Lynn followed. Lila took swigs from the champagne bottle as they made their way to the stairs, hoping it would give her the courage she needed. They ran up the stairs until they finally reached Lila’s bedroom at the end of the hallway. Lila paused to catch her breath before she opened the door. She knew what was about to happen, and she was ready for it. Lila wasn’t feeling sick like all the other times with men. She remembered the fear and was happy that she wasn’t feeling it now.

“Wow!” Lynn remarked as she looked around Lila’s bedroom suite. Lila had decorated it in bright florals and white. It was the kind of bedroom that had never felt a man’s touch. There was a floral print comforter with brilliant peonies in pink, yellow, white, and red. A white fur rug that was probably fake (real fur was a sin in Hollywood) sprawled before a cozy fireplace. A pristine, white couch filled a vast sitting area, and just beyond that, Lynn could see an immense closet. There were plenty of windows with a view of the city. The curtains were sheer and white, the sashes matching the bedspread perfectly. Fresh cut flowers were placed on the white oak nightstands. A few candles that emitted a vanilla scent burned on a window seat. “It’s like you knew I was coming! Look at the flowers and candles!”

“My personal assistant likes to set the mood for me each night when she leaves.”

“I know…I know. There’s no way you could have known I was coming over here,” Lynn said seductively. Lila was aroused by the hint of sex in Lynn’s voice. For the first time in her life, she was excited to have sex with someone instead of terrified and disgusted.

“I want more of you,” Lila whispered loudly enough for Lynn to hear.

“Come closer, then. Come, give me a kiss.”

Lila took the few steps forward until she was pressed against Lynn, her lips just inches from Lynn’s. She could feel Lynn’s breath mingling with hers as she leaned in until her lips met Lynn’s. She felt a chill creep up her spine and spread to her brain where the pleasure was intense in ways Lila had never experienced. Every kiss brought more joy until Lila was shaking with her craving for more. She knew she wanted to eat Lynn’s pussy and try out being a lesbian, but there was a fear that she wouldn’t do it right and that Lynn would be displeased. She feared losing Lynn already, and they weren’t even in a relationship.

“Stop thinking, Lila,” Lynn encouraged her.

“What?” Lila asked. “How did you know I was thinking about something?”

“I can just tell. A woman of my age has enough experience to know these things. Is there something bothering you?” Lynn asked. “Is it me? Am I too old for you?”

“Oh, no! Lynn! That’s not it at all. It’s just that… I’m embarrassed to tell you something I think you should know.”

“Just tell me. I promise I won’t be upset, whatever it is,” Lynn was still holding her close, and their mouths were still inches apart. She kissed Lila again, making Lila’s legs so weak that she could barely stand.

“I…I’ve never been with a woman before. You are my first woman. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right guy, and it never occurred to me that I was a lesbian. I mean, I thought about it, but I wasn’t sure. I’m so sorry. I’m sure you don’t’ want to be with a newbie…” Lila’s voice trailed off as she realized that she needed to shut up and see how Lynn was taking this news.

Lynn smiled patiently. “Don’t worry about that, Lila. This is our secret. No one needs to know. We can just have fun, and it doesn’t have to mean anything. It’s just sex, kaçak casino okay?”

Lila considered this. She knew that Lynn was trying to placate her and that Lynn probably thought that meaningless sex was what she wanted, but it wasn’t. Lila wanted love. She wanted all the things that she had never been able to have, and yet here she was doing things all wrong, yet again. Lila was rushing into a sexual relationship with Lynn when they should have been taking things slower. It’s just that Lila didn’t want to wait. She didn’t want to miss out any longer. She had feelings for Lynn, and what had happened in that limo had changed her.

“I don’t want just sex, Lynn. I…I want to have sex with you, yes, but I want more than just sex. I want to know you. I want to love you.” Lila’s eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry if all you want is sex. I’m just not built like that. I’m not the kind of person who can have sex with someone and not feel things.

“So, you’re saying that you feel things?” Lynn’s perfectly manicured eyebrows shot up inquisitively.

“You are making me feel things I’ve never felt before, Lynn.”

“Those are just orgasms, Lila!” Lynn laughed, and Lila laughed with her. Lynn leaned in and kissed Lila gently, hoping to reassure her.

“You know what I mean!” Lila cried playfully.

“Come here,” Lynn pulled Lila to the bed, and they both sat on the beautiful, floral bedspread. “Listen to me.”

Lila’s young eyes looked up into Lynn’s older ones. There was a wisdom there that Lila found attractive.

“I feel things for you too, Lila. I’ve been trying like hell to get your attention for two fucking years!” Lynn laughed nervously. “You finally gave me the time of day tonight.”

“I…I didn’t realize.” Lila shifted her body nervously.

“I know. You’re clueless sometimes. Now, let’s get you out of these clothes so I can show you exactly how I feel about you.”

“That sounds so dirty!” Lila said with a playfulness that made Lynn smile. She honestly had been waiting almost two years for this moment. She watched Lila undress and was aroused by her nervousness. She loved that Lila was so worried that she wouldn’t be enough. It showed that she cared about Lynn, and of course, Lynn loved that.

“Your body is spectacular,” Lynn grabbed Lila and pushed her back onto the bed as she took off her own clothes. She parted Lila’s legs and inserted a finger into her pussy. Lynn had fucked a lot of women over the years, many of them her co-stars, but none of them turned her on the way Lila Flowers did. She leaned down to kiss Lila as she feverishly fingered her pussy. The sounds of joy and pleasure that Lila emitted made Lynn want to give her the biggest orgasms possible.

“Oh, my God! This is so good!” Lila screamed, and they were both shocked when Lila’s pussy came hard enough that she actually squirted. The bedspread was wet, and Lynn was satisfied with herself. Lila lay in a puddle of her own mess, a smile permanently fixed on her face. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

“I’m glad you approve, Lila,” Lynn gave her a nasty, sideways grin that made Lila horny all over again.

“I squirted all over my bedspread!” Lila said, but she didn’t sound mad about it. She looked impressed with herself and with Lynn.

“There’s going to be a lot more of that tonight!” Lynn announced.

“I want to try eating your pussy,” Lila said boldly, shocking herself. She had never been eager to try new things sexually. She had always been shy, nervous, and reserved in the bedroom. She realized as she looked at Lynn’s body that she was insanely attracted to her. Lynn was so gorgeous for her age that Lila wondered if she had undergone plastic surgery. Her breasts were full and perky, and she had a definition in her abs that indicated she had a personal trainer.

“Have you ever gone down on anyone before?” Lynn asked, even though she was already confident that Lila had not.

“No. I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing, but I want to try. Maybe you could coach me?” Lila was certain that she could pull this off. She was an actress, and she had always faked everything with acting in her life. If she was scared, she just acted as if she wasn’t. If she couldn’t do something, she would just do it and pretend like she knew how. This would be no different. She was determined to give Lynn the kind of pleasure that she deserved.

“I can coach you.” Lynn made herself comfortable and watched as Lila confidently took her position between Lynn’s legs.

“You have a beautiful pussy, Lynn,” Lila touched her tentatively. She explored Lynn’s pussy with her fingers. Lynn watched, letting Lila enjoy her first time eating out another woman. Lynn remembered her first time. It was with an older woman as well, and the thought of it made her more aroused.

Lila’s pointer finger was now inside of Lynn, and she liked how Lila felt around, trying to see what felt good for Lynn and what didn’t. Lila bent down and added her tongue to Lynn’s clit. Lynn’s body began to jump beneath Lila’s, and she wasn’t faking it. Lila had really found the right combination of pressure with both her finger and tongue. Lynn’s moans grew louder as Lila added a second finger. Lila flicked her tongue over Lynn’s clit the way that Lynn had done to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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