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It was 4 o’ clock in the afternoon. The pub was empty except for a handful of people. I was polishing glasses when a beautiful woman walked in and sat in the stool front of me. She had a slender figure and chocolate brown hair with ice blue eyes and luscious red lips. I could tell she was sad and had just been crying because her cheeks were kind of pink, so was her nose, her eyes also looked puffy.

“Scotch on the rocks please,” she ordered.

Although she had obviously been crying, I was captivated by her beauty. It took a great deal of effort to avert my eyes from her to prepare her drink.

“Here you go,” I said as I passed her the drink.

She downed it in one gulp and requested another.

“Is everything alright ma’am?” I asked as I prepared her another drink.

She didn’t answer but nodded and offered me a weak smile. I felt a bit awkward so I didn’t push her any further however after a few more drinks she broke down sobbing. Even though I didn’t know her I felt really bad.

“Here,” I said, offering her a serviette.

“Thanks,” she replied giving me the same weak smile as she took the serviette. Her words were slurred. “This is so embarrassing, I’m s-so s-s-sorry,” she stuttered between sobs.

“It’s alright, you don’t need to apologise to me. If you’d like I could pin you down and tickle you?” I joked trying to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation to which she choked out a giggle,

“No, I’m fine thanks, excuse me while I wash my face in the bathroom.”

When she returned she knocked back a few more drinks and told me more about herself. Her name was Kirsten and she was a 30-year-old school teacher. She got pregnant in college when she was 20. She married the father of the child shortly afterwards and they lived together for 9 years until he cheated on her and they got divorced. She told me that today she had lost the custody of her daughter, Erika, due to the fact that her ex-husband was wealthier than her and was able to buy Erika off with expensive gifts. In turn she learned that my name is Duncan I am 27 years old and that after graduating from college I took over running the family pub.

It was now 6 o’ clock, the pub was filling up and Kirsten was completely drunk. Knowing that some of the men who frequented the bar would try to take advantage of her, I decided to give her a nudge out of the door.

“That’s it Kirsten, I’m cutting you off.” I said firmly.

“Aww” she responded with a drunken giggle.

“Is there anybody I can call? You are in no condition to drive home.”

“Call Cait sh-she will fetch me, sh-she always looks after me,” she slurred.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“My sister silly” she said as she clumsily took out her cell phone and dropped it on the counter.

I took her phone and found a Caitlin in her contacts list, I hit the call button and waited.

“Hello Kirsten, where are you? I’ve been really worried!” Nicole said as she answered the phone.

“Hello Ma’am. You’re speaking to Duncan McGregor, I run the pub McGregor’s. Your sister is here and is in no condition to drive home, would you be able to come and fetch her.”

“Yes it won’t be a problem, I’ll be there in a few minutes. Thank you for calling me and I’m really sorry for inconveniencing you.”

“Oh it’s no problem at all” I replied. “See you in a bit.”

“Thank you once again,” she said before ending the call.

After she hung up I got a waitress to hold down the fort and I lead Kirsten out the bar. While waiting I held her hair and rubbed her back while she threw up in a nearby rubbish bin. About ten minutes later a white Mercedes pulled up and a blonde woman climbed out. She looked over at us, recognised her sister and strode towards us.

“Oh my god Kirsten I’ve been worried sick. You could have at least told me where you were going.” She exclaimed as he took Kirsten’s arm for support. Kirsten could only manage a giggle before throwing up again.

“Great,” Caitlin said sarcastically as she assumed my role of holding her hair out of her face and rubbing her back. “Are you Duncan?” she asked as she turned her eyes to me, “I’m so sorry she put you through this.”

“It was no trouble at all Ma’am”

“Please call me Cait,” she replied while steadying Kirsten on her feet, “I’ll tell her to come fetch her car form the parking lot tomorrow, if it is alright with you?”

“That’s alright,” I said. I couldn’t help but feel a little glad because that would give me a reason to see her again tomorrow.

“Duncan is such a sweetie,” Kirsten sang as she stumbled forward to shake my hand. On her last step towards me she fell and I grabbed her.

“I think it’s time for a good long sleep,” I told her while steadying her on her feet.

“I agree,” replied Cait who took her arm and lead her towards her white Mercedes.

“Bye Duncan,” Kirsten sang and waved as she walked away.

I waved as they got in the car and drove off. I waited for the car to disappear from view before returning to the pub and resuming my work. The rest of canlı bahis my shift was exceptionally boring. It was now 12am, all the customers had left. I was cashing up for the evening but my mind kept on picturing the beautiful woman Kirsten. I kept picturing her lips against mine, my hands exploring her naked body. Fondling her breasts, these thoughts were getting me excited and before long I had received an erection. I hurriedly ended cash up and made my way home. I stripped and climbed in to the shower and let the hot water fall on to my body, it felt good. I fantasised over Kirsten again, I imagined she was in the shower with me, her arms were around me and our tongues were dancing together as we kissed. I imagined the feel of her breasts against my chest. I was entering her with my penis and she began to moan in pleasure. After a few minutes of the fantasies I shot my load and allowed the water from the shower to clean it up. I got out, dried off and went to sleep.

I woke up to the ringing of my alarm at 10.30am. I followed my daily routine of going for a run before returning home to shower and head off to work, stopping at my favourite bagel stand along the way.

The bar was already open when I arrived. The staff had already cleaned up and were serving a few customers. At the same bar stool as yesterday sat a woman with long, chocolate brown hair. The excitement welled up inside me as I realised it was Kirsten.

“Hello Kirsten,” I greeted her, “What can I do for you today?”

She smiled when she saw me. Not the half sad, weak smile she had yesterday but a proper ear to ear smile.

“Hi, call me Kirsty” she greeted beaming at me, “I’ll just have a coffee today thanks.”

“How are you feeling?” I enquired.

“I’m doing a lot better today thanks”, she responded, blushing slightly as if embarrassed. “I actually came to thank you and fetch my car.” She said handing me a gift bag.

“Oh it was no problem and you didn’t have to buy me a gift I said”

“It’s just something small. You were really nice to me and I appreciate it.”

I placed her gift bag (which I later found out contained a box of chocolates) behind the counter. her coffee arrived and we began to chat, she told me that she would be seeing her daughter on weekends and that although she was upset, she was going to be strong about it and not let it get her down.

“Good for you” I stated, I was intrigued at how optimistic she was.

“Thanks for the coffee,” she said. “I have to get going now. It was nice talking to you”

“Maybe you can give me your phone number and we can go out sometime” I responded, a little disheartened by the fact that she was leaving.

“Sure, I’d like that,” she said with a smile. We exchanged phone numbers and she left.

Over the next few months Kirsten and I had become good friends. I knew she wasn’t ready for a relationship so I didn’t push her into one. However, I continued to fantasise about her. We would often meet up when we were free. I had gotten to know her a lot better and we were extremely comfortable around one another.

It was a Friday afternoon and we were going to watch a movie together. I arrived at the cinema early and waited for Kirsten. She stepped out of a taxi wearing a white sundress that hugged her figure and pushed out her (what I would one day find out) 34c breasts. I was mesmerised and did not hear her greet me. She hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek, which was our usual greeting. We then joined the queue to enter the cinema. “Hey are you free on the weekend of the 6th April?” she asked.

“Um that’s 3 weeks from now I haven’t planned anything yet.”

“Well I’d like you to come to my sister’s wedding with me. She is having it out of town in the mountain region. If you come, we can book separate hotel rooms and drive up together”

“You sure you want to take me. What about what your family will think if they see you with another guy so close after your divorce?”

‘Are you kidding, you’re my closest friend and I’ll need someone in my corner who won’t judge me. besides they already think I’m a slut after I got pregnant in college.”

“Well it’s hard to argue with that logic. I’m in,” I replied.

She smiled and linked her arm with mine as we walked in to the cinema making small talk. About a quarter way through the movie she rested her head on my shoulder and took my hand. I didn’t think much of it because of how close we were as friends.

We were watching a romantic movie, there was on steamy scene in particular where the characters were naked and the actress’s breasts were showing, the actress had the same build as Kirsten, she even had brown hair. I was suddenly aware of Kirsten’s breasts touching my arm and I could smell her perfume. As the actors played out their simulated sex scene I began to imagine us as the couple on the screen. She was straddling him while he held her close and sucked on her nipples and kissed her body. She was moaning loudly and slowly riding him, he flipped her on to the bed into missionary and slowly started thrusting, bahis siteleri his hand went under the sheets and she screamed out in pleasure. I had an erection and prayed Kirsten wouldn’t notice. Thankfully she didn’t. When the movie ended I drove her home. I was feeling a little bit awkward and did not discuss the movie with her.

We arrived at her building. I got off to say goodnight. As I leaned down for her to kiss me on the cheek, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. Our tongues danced together, I grabbed her and pulled her body closer. God it felt so good, I was on cloud nine, until she abruptly ended it by gently pushing me away.

“Sorry I just can’t do this,” she replied then rushed into her building.

I stood there for a minute feeling stunned. Deciding that maybe I went too far I half-heartedly got into my car. I noticed that she had left her cell phone on her seat, muttering to myself I went up to her apartment to give it to her. I reached her door and was about to knock when I heard her moaning. Curious, I pressed my ear to her door and listened in.

“Oh yes Duncan just like that,” I heard her moan.

“What the hell!” I thought to myself. She couldn’t kiss me but it was alright to fantasise about me and masturbate. Disheartened by her complete double standard I proceeded to leave. I dropped her phone in her mailbox and went home. The whole time I was thinking about our kiss and hearing her moans of pleasure. As soon as I entered my apartment I shucked my clothes and began to masturbate, the whole time imagining her voice and our kiss.

I didn’t hear from her for 2 weeks after that. I decided maybe she needed time to think about what happened and evaluate how she really felt.

I was at work when my phone rang, It was Kirsten calling. I answered.

“Hello,” I said as if everything was normal between us.

“Hi, how are you?” she replied

“I’m good and yourself?”

“I’m fine. Are we still on for my sister’s wedding on Sunday?”

“I’m not sure that’s the best idea after what happened the other nigh-,” she interrupted before I could finish.

“Listen I’ve been thinking about that and I’m really sorry, I was all fired up from the movie and was feeling really lonely at that point,” she started to explain, “I don’t want to lose you as my friend and I really hope things could go back to the way things were.”

“Great,” I thought to myself, “back in the friend zone”. Instead I said, “What time should I pick you up?”

She breathed a sigh of relief and answered “How about 9am on Friday, I’m getting leave from work so I won’t have to miss the rehearsal dinner.”

“Fantastic, I’ll see you then.”

So I organised another bar tender to keep the pub running for me while I was away. I must admit the thought of spending a weekend with Kirsten-even as friends- was quite enticing. I spent the next few days waiting impatiently for Friday to arrive.

On Friday morning, I packed my bags in the trunk of my car and set off for Kirsten’s building, only stopping to fill up the petrol tank on the way. I picked up Kirsten outside her building, she was wearing short shorts and a tank top that hugged her breasts. Thankfully I was wearing sunglasses so she couldn’t see me checking her rear out as I loaded her bags and watched her get in to the car. On the way to the hotel we kept the conversation clean avoiding any risky topics. She told me that she and her sister were spending the next day at the spa before the wedding which meant that we had most of today all to ourselves.

3 hours later we checked in to our rooms. We had planned a hike and met at the start of the trail an hour after settling in. The trail was going to lead us to a waterfall in the mountains. I changed in to my swimming shorts and wore a t-shirt I had not planned on going hiking so I went barefoot. I met Kirsten at the start of the trail, she was wearing her short denim shorts and a lose fitting vest, I could see her bikini top through her vest, she too was barefoot.

It took us around 45 minutes to get to the waterfall, by that time we were both drenched with sweat and were dying to cool off.

“Oh my god! Its freezing in here!” she screamed after discarding her clothes and jumping into the water.

Indeed, it was cold as I could see her nipples poking her bikini, I felt an erection building up so in order to hide it I hurriedly jumped in. The water was freezing, it chilled my skin. I had barely surfaced for air when I felt myself get forced back down, I was treated to a view of Kirsty’s bikini clad vagina, it clung to her because of the water and a camel’s toe had starting to formed. This woman had just dunked me, I grabbed her by her thighs and pulled her under with me. She threw her arms around me and we surfaced together. Her face was so close to mine and her breasts were pressing against my chest. She was laughing a carefree laugh. I was in awe of her beauty, I could not take my eyes off her, it was then that I had realised that I had fallen hard for this lady. All I wanted to do bahis şirketleri was kiss her, my penis was fully erect and I was afraid she would feel it so I gently threw her off.

We spent a few more minutes in the water before getting out, we had to make it back for the rehearsal dinner after all. It was a 45-minute walk back to the hotel, the wind had picked and since we were wet, it made us cold. Kirsten’s nipples were so hard I thought they would tear holes in her bikini top. I walked behind her so I could be treated to a pleasant view of her rear in those shorts of hers. She had gotten quite a way ahead of me and I had just lost sight of her. All of a sudden I heard a scream.

“Kirsty?” I called, I was starting to feel tense. I ran along the rest of the path to find her sitting on the floor. Her face was warped in pain- Even in agony she looked amazing.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I tripped over a rock and sprained my ankle, I also think there’s a thorn in my foot.”

“Hold on, I’ll check for you,” I replied bending over and inspecting her foot. She was right, I pulled the thorn put of her foot. “We will need to wrap this in something,” I told her as I began to take off my shirt.

“Here use mine,” she said taking off her vest.

I didn’t object. She was now just her shorts and her bikini top.

“Think you can you walk?” I asked as I helped her to her feet.

She took one shaky step forward then fell. I caught her before she face planted.

“I guess not,” I remarked. With that I picked her up in my arms and walked back to the hotel. Her smooth, soft skin was a treat to my fingers.

“My hero,” She teased and rested her head in my chest. The smell of her hair sent waves of pleasure to my nose.

When we reached the hotel I carried her straight to her room, she told me that the pain had dulled and that she would be able to walk but I was enjoying it too much to let her go. I carried her to her bed and gently set her down. She moved her arms around my neck and I found myself face to face with her. Our eyes locked and this time I did not shy away. I moved closer and kissed her. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and my hands explored her back, pulling her closer to me. Her breasts pressed against my chest. Time seemed to stand still for those few moments until once again she ended it.

“We should get ready for the dinner now,” She stated somewhat coldly and not looking me in the eyes as she did so. She gently pushed me off her and gingerly walked into her bathroom.

Tired and stunned I retired to my room. I knew I couldn’t just be friends with her. I wanted more, I couldn’t be around her knowing that she didn’t want me the same way I wanted her so I blew off the rehearsal dinner and got drunk in the hotel bar.

I spent the most of the next day nursing a hangover and watching TV. I was contemplating my current situation with Kirsten. I had agreed to go to the wedding with her and standing her up would just cause her embarrassment in front of her family however being around her knowing how she felt was equally humiliating to me. Eventually I decided to honour my commitment and at 5 o’clock that evening I had showered and worn my suit and went across the hall to meet Kirsten. She was wearing a royal blue, shoulder less dress which came down to her knees in the front and ended above her ankles in the back. She wore black heals and a silver bracelet on her left arm. Her hair was down and her makeup was done meticulously. She was a bridesmaid after all, couldn’t afford to look bad-not that she could.

“You look amazing,” I told her, trying to break the ice.

“You don’t clean up so badly yourself,” she stated smiling at me.

“Well I aim to please,” I retorted winking at her. She blushed a little which surprised me because I was expecting her to be cold and distant.

We linked arms and I lead her to the bride’s room, she had a slight limp from yesterday but it was barely noticeable. We split up there and I headed to the outside area where the wedding was going to be held. It was artfully done. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the décor but I do remember that the isle was decorated with lanterns and lying on top of a bed of flower petals. The altar was made to look as if a bunch of tree branches had knotted together to form it.

I waited for what felt like ages for the ceremony would start. When it finally did and the bridesmaid walked in I had eyes only for Kirsten. I got lost just gazing at her throughout the whole ceremony. I before I knew it people around me were clapping as the bride and groom kissed and I was being ushered of to the reception area.

At the reception I sat next to Kirsten with her sister and the bridegroom. I remember being introduced to her relatives though I cannot remember their names. I was enchanted by her beauty and my heart skipped a beat whenever she laughed. To me she was the only person in the room. I remember deciding then that after the wedding I would keep my distance, to be around her but not with her was too painful. The spell was broken when the band announced the first dance. Slowly one by one, people left our table to dance until it was just us left. “What the hell,” I told myself, “May I have this dance?” I asked looking at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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