Kissing Cousins Ch. 01

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James had a thing for his cousin’s daughter. Megan was very pretty, with gorgeous eyes, cute dimples and an attitude. Perhaps it was her attitude that turned him on. She had always been rebellious. She wore heavy eye makeup, had lots of tattoos and she had a kid when she was still a teenager, though she’s in her mid-to-late twenties at this point. Or maybe it was because she was a little plump, but in just the right way. She had big tits, creamy white skin, and thick, chubby legs – completely different from the women he usually jerked off about. It was nice to jerk off to someone different once in a while. Or perhaps it was the kinkiness of her being his second cousin. Whatever the reason, he wanted her.

What he didn’t know was that Megan wanted him as well. He was always very sweet to her on Facebook. Always. He made her feel attractive, and happy. And wanted. He ‘liked’ many of her selfies and just when she needed it most — he’d give her a nice compliment.

In the late summer of 2016 she lived three or four hours away from him, but he had a close friend nearby. And he took his wife and kids to visit his buddy’s family on the Thursday. On Saturday, he went to see his cousin Dave, who was up visiting his family. Dave was Megan’s dad. After a day of drinking, James took his family to a hotel, and then after they were settled in, he left and rejoined his cousin.

They drank into the night and he had a good buzz when Megan appeared. She had been at the club and her daughter was with her ex’s parents on that weekend.

James’s eyes lit up when he saw her. She was wearing the skimpiest black dress. Her tattooed arms were exposed, as well as the beautiful, creamy white skin of her cleavage. At the base of those big tits were three cute freckles that always drew his attention. Such great tits. His heart pounded each time he glanced at them, which was often. Her dress barely made it to her legs, with her thighs almost completely exposed. She had a small – tiny – apartment down the street and around the corner from her grandmother’s house there, but she sat up with Dave, James and Dave’s wife Jen.

James couldn’t take his eyes off of Megan. He tried to be subtle, but if Dave was paying any attention at all he would have noticed. But his cousin was too drunk to pay attention, and Jen was in and out of the room too much to catch on.

Megan’s eyes were gorgeous. Her smile flashed dimples that he had always found very cute. James continued glancing at those three tiny freckles at the base of her cleavage. And he couldn’t stop casually looking down at her bare thighs. When she sat down, her dress went dangerously high. It seemed like only shadows hid her panties from view. Every time he thought he could get away with it his eyes locked on the shadows between those luscious thighs. His heart pounded at the very thought of what was between those thighs.

He wanted to be alone with her, even though he knew they couldn’t do anything. He just… wanted to spend some time with her. But he knew that he could never wait for Dave to pass out – Dave could go all night. So James gave up at a little after two o’clock, and made as if to call a cab.

“Cab? Why do you need a cab?” Dave asked. “It’s four blocks! Just walk!” he laughed.

“Where are you staying?” Megan asked. James told her. “Yeah, that’s just a few blocks. My place is on the way, you can walk me home.”

And just like that, James was alone with his second cousin. The hotel was two-and-a-half blocks from her apartment. As they walked, they talked and he mentioned how he enjoyed the song she wrote and posted the video on Facebook. She smiled, blushing. Then he commented that he’d like to hear her play it sometime. She suggested that he come into her apartment and she would play for him. Suddenly he was following her down the stairs into her basement apartment – alone. And she was wearing the tiniest dress possible – almost like a nightgown it was so skimpy. They sat down on the couch together, talking for a few minutes and drinking bottled water. Then Megan picked up the guitar.

As she lost herself in the song, James lost himself in her voice. Those cute dimples appeared as she sang. And because she was off in another world, he could gaze freely at her cleavage and her thighs. He could see so high up the inside of her smooth legs that his heart thundered in his chest. He was dying to kiss her there. As her voice filled the air he couldn’t look away from her inner thighs. What did she look like down there? What was her scent? How did she taste? He was losing control. Swallowing, he watched her fingers strum the guitar – her fingernails were painted black, matching the toenails on her bare feet.

When she finished the song, she set the guitar aside and looked at him nervously. He just shook his head.

“That was so beautiful.” He said softly. Megan broke into a big smile and threw her arms around his neck, squeezing him tight.

“Thank you!” she said. He put his arms around her and ran Escort Esenyurt his hands up and down her warm back over her thin dress.

“I’m just telling the truth.” He said. She squeezed him tight and spoke into his shoulder. He was conscious of her ample breasts squishing against him as they embraced.

“Thank you. You’re sweet.” She was more than a little drunk, and she had a thing for James for quite some time. A teenaged crush that stretched into her late twenties.

James was getting hard in his shorts, and that would be embarrassing. So he loosened his embrace. Megan took the hint and she loosened her hold as well, pulling back a bit. Her hypnotic eyes looked at him, face a mere two inches from his.

“You’re a very sweet guy.” She said softly. Yeah right – he could think of nothing else at that moment, other than what was between those luscious thighs. Sweet? Far from it! He wanted to kiss her, but couldn’t bring himself to. But neither he couldn’t look away. Her deep blue eyes were beautiful. Hypnotic. And she tilted her chin, just a little, towards him. Those full lips were tempting. Too tempting. He moved forward slightly. Megan gave him a gentle kiss, her lips moist and soft. “Thank you.” She whispered. His heart was pounding. Their noses were nearly touching. The kiss could have been friendly, had she not kept her face there. Those eyes…

He gave her a kiss, just as innocent. Just a little one. But combined, the two kisses were far from innocent. Knowing this, they kissed a third time. Their lips lingered and pressed harder, sucking just a little. He briefly sucked her upper lip and then kissed her again. They opened their mouths at the same time and her tongue brushed against his mouth.

James grew fully erect in his shorts at the sensation of her tongue teasing against his lips. His arms were still around her and he ran a hand down to her soft hip over her dress. His tongue touched hers, tentatively. Then Megan squeezed her arms around his neck and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth, sighing. He sucked on her tongue and pushed his into her mouth. The second-cousins kissed hungrily as he ran his hand down to the outside of her leg. Her skin was smooth and cool. Her tongue rubbed against his and he tasted her saliva. She let out a gentle sigh. He kissed her harder and was surprised when she used that momentum to fall slowly back onto the couch and pull him with her. He was straddling her leg as they kissed, but she squeezed it out from underneath him, getting her legs around him. Her short dress was hiked up even higher and he couldn’t help but press his bulge against her thinly-defended treasure.

“Mmmmm…” Megan’s sweet voice moaned as her tongue danced deep inside his mouth. She brushed it across his throat as he ground against her. Their lips smacked loudly and their heavy breathing echoed through the quiet room. She planted her feet on the couch and was writhing up against him. He pressed harder, remembering the thighs that he was between. He remembered how badly he wanted to kiss the inside of those soft, creamy white thighs. He sucked on her nimble tongue and she purred again.

His dick was ready to burst through his shorts as he rubbed against her, writhing and grinding. She exhaled into his mouth, her nimble tongue still dancing as their kissing increased in passion. The room echoed with the sounds of their kissing as her tongue snaked deeper. He wanted to eat her out badly. He couldn’t stop thinking about those thick, flawless thighs and wondering how her treasure tasted.

James kissed her cheek and Megan arched her head back, closing her eyes. So he kissed her neck, sucking on the warm flesh as she panted beneath him. He kissed down her chest to her cleavage. He kissed where her three freckles rested at the bottom of her left breast. His heart fluttered as he thought about the way he stared at those freckles earlier. He kissed them again before moving lower. As he kissed up the swell of her breast, he reached down in between them and placed his hand on her pussy over her panties. The cotton was soaking wet – and very hot. He could clearly feel the pussy lips beneath. They felt nice and thick, and he rubbed his fingers up and down over the thin material.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed above him. Her eyes were still closed as he tickled a finger up and down over her panties on her slit, manipulating her labia. He was kissing her breast along the top of her dress, teasing both of them. Moving before he lost the courage, James slid down the couch until his face was where he was dying to put it all night – between Megan’s thighs.

The strong scent of her horny pussy wafted into his nostrils. He breathed her in deeply and he became dizzy with arousal. He could see that her panties were black as he leaned forward and kissed her slit over the material.

“Unh!” Megan grunted sweetly in her high voice. She bent her legs at the knees so that her feet hovered on each side of his head and she kept her legs wide Escort Avcılar open for him. Now he could clearly see her creamy-white flesh all around her panties — dangerously close to her slit. Putting his hands on the sides of her ass, below her panties, he leaned forward and kissed the top of her leg just beside her panties. He kissed and briefly sucked the smooth flesh, tongue briefly licking. He tasted her skin and it was wonderful. He breathed in her scent again and his heart pounded with lust. He turned and kissed the same spot on the other leg, just beside her panties. His hands pushed her dress up even higher, giving him full access.

Heart pounding, he breathed her in again — he couldn’t get enough of Megan’s scent. Leaning forward, he placed his mouth on her pussy over her panties. He sucked her petals, along with the wet cotton, into his mouth. Her taste was strong – and different – as he held her in his mouth along with her panties.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed. He licked the wet cotton, tasting her some more. Then he released her before sucking her lips and panties back into his mouth. She moaned again, a little louder. Releasing her, he placed his mouth over her and started eating her over her panties.

“Ohhhh gawd…” she gasped. She planted her feet on the couch and started subtly writhing up into his face, her breathing growing deeper. He clearly felt her thick petals move about in his mouth as he manipulated them through the cotton. Closing his eyes, he rubbed his face back and forth, savoring the moment. She hissed, briefly squeezing her big thighs against his head before opening them again. He released her and gave her pussy a kiss over her underwear. Heart pounding, James grabbed the crotch of Megan’s panties and slowly eased them out of the way. White, shaved skin was exposed and he realized he was holding his breath. And then the pink, plump lips of her vagina were freed. They were pressed together, quivering, and her intoxicating scent was suddenly stronger. He softly kissed her petals and she hissed. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top. Her taste was potent, but delicious.

“Ohhhh…” Megan shivered. Her flavor was strong and she was very wet. James gave her labia a gentle kiss right in the center. The thick petals remained pressed together, trembling a little after the brief contact. He sucked and released her slit and she gasped, bucking. Her taste remained in his mouth. Tongue snaked out, he pressed it underneath her slit and slowly teased it upwards, nudging her clit.

“Ohhhh gawd…” she moaned, eyebrows raised as she looked down at him. Kissing her slit again, he grabbed her panties. She raised her ass off the couch and allowed him to slide her panties down her smooth legs. ‘Wisp!’ She pulled her feet out of them and he tossed them on the floor. As he bent between her legs, she spread them wider, hiking her dress up a little more. Her pussy was all his. He slid his hands underneath her naked ass and grabbed onto her big, soft cheeks. He squeezed them as he gently kissed her slit and loved the way her petals shook. He kissed it again, tenderly. Then he pressed his mouth against her cunt and slowly slid his tongue inside her steamy vagina. He heard her moan sweetly as intense pussy flavor surrounded his tongue. He rubbed his face against Megan’s crotch as he twirled his tongue around inside her. His hands squeezed her bum, his fingers getting into her crack a little. Closing his eyes, he savored the moment, rubbing the tip of his tongue back and forth against the roof of her vagina. This was Megan’s cunt, and he had the honor of sticking his tongue into it. He loved the way she tasted, and he loved the way her loose, round belly hit his nose when he leaned forward. He wiggled his tongue inside her.

“Ohhhh…” She sighed again as James dragged his tongue out of her and pulled her nectar into his mouth. He drank her fluid and sucked on her pussy lips as she writhed against his face. He stared at the thick, pink petals that were pressed together. He kissed her slit right in the center. Putting his mouth over her pussy, he gobbled her up and she moaned, softly. Her big thighs squeezed against his skull as he held a mouthful of her tasty petals and sucked. His tongue licked up and down the silky flesh and he rubbed his face back and forth. Releasing her slit, he wiggled his tongue against the bottom of it and she hissed, tensing up. He squeezed her ass again as he licked up to her clit. He sucked her button into his mouth, trapping it.

“Unh!” Megan moaned, wincing. But he released her and licked the length of her slit again. She shivered, moaning again. Her thighs briefly squeezed his head before opening back up for him. He eased his tongue back inside her vagina and slowly twirled it around, as if he was making out with it. Easing his tongue out of her, he pulled her cream into his mouth. He gave her slit a loud, lustful kiss. Tongue snaking out, he licked from the bottom of her labia up to the top. She gasped, jumping. He did it again and got the same reaction. And again. Briefly sucking her thick petals, he stretched them outward until they slipped free.

“Ohhhhh…” she purred. He put his mouth over the top, sucking her button.

“Unh!” She squeaked in a high voice. Holding her clit, his tongue started gently wiggling up and down over it. She began writhing against his face, subtly at first.

“Ohhh gawd…keep doing that…” she muttered, eyes closed. He started lapping at her tiny clitoris, licking faster and faster. She started bucking against him. His strong hands held her bum as he tongued her nub.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she whined, her pussy rubbing against his face. Her high-pitched voice was incredibly sexy. He licked her button as fast as he could, his hands squeezing her cushy cheeks, trying to hold her in place. She was bucking off the sofa frantically, but he moved his face along with her. Then her thighs suddenly squeezed each side of his head.

“UNNGH!” Megan grunted, cumming. Her hands pulled his face against her, crushing his nose as her legs continued to squeeze. His tongue clearly felt the tiny nub as he licked as quickly as he could. She bucked upward so hard that he had a hard time staying with it, but he managed. His hands squeezed her ass harder, trying to slow her as he tongued her clit. “UNNNNN…Ahhhhh!” she gasped, pushing his face away roughly, unable to take anymore.

She lay before him, gasping for breath, eyes closed. Her legs were open and her thick, pink pussy lips were parted slightly. James undid his shorts and shoved them and his underwear down. His hard cock bounced out. Still wearing his shirt, he crawled on the couch between her open legs. He laid down on top of her, pressing the length of his shaft against her slit. He was astounded by the amount of heat emanating from it.

Megan opened her eyes and turned to him, lips searching. He kissed her and her tongue shot into his mouth hungrily. He sucked on her tongue as he started writhing against her, rubbing the length of his rigid member along the sensitive lips of her treasure. Their lips smacked loudly as her tongue explored his mouth. He rubbed his tongue against hers. He wanted inside her badly. As he writhed downward, she writhed upward for a brief moment the top of his penis felt the magnetic heat of her entrance before slipping away.

“Mmmm…” she purred, her tongue dancing faster. He tasted her saliva as their tongues teased. He felt her grind higher and again her entrance touched his tip. This time it had a bit of suction, nearly pulling him inside. Their frantic writhing caused him to slip away. She exhaled loudly, her tongue pushing on his throat. He couldn’t take it.

Breaking the kiss, James lifted up and grabbed his manhood. Megan remained passive beneath him, her legs open and her feet in the air, hovering. He placed the head of his cock against her quivering slit and slowly ran it down to her entrance. The heat there was intense, and he circled his member around it slowly. She let out a trembling sigh and pure lust was in her eyes. Her legs seemed to open even wider. He knew he shouldn’t do this. If he was going to back out he needed to do it now. He needed the strength to stop. But Megan looked up at him sweetly, eyebrows raised as she looked at him pleadingly. Her hot pussy seemed to grip the very tip of his manhood. She had such beautiful eyes.

He pushed forward and felt her vagina open up and suck his thick head inside. She sucked in her breath, wincing as her entrance clamped around the top of his penis. She was very wet though, and he pulled back a little and thrust hard. Inch after inch of James’s penis slid into Megan’s snug vagina. Her entrance was even tighter and it slowly glided down his pole, sucking more of him inside until his groin pressed against her. He shuddered. Her pussy felt incredible – the heat that enveloped him was intense, especially deep.

“Ohhhhh…” Megan purred sweetly. She had a beautiful voice. Her tight entrance squeezed him around the base of his dick as they looked into each other’s eyes. Holding himself up and grinding his groin against her, James tore off his shirt and tossed it. Every inch of him was surrounded by the heat of her body. She was looking up at him beneath lidded eyes. He caught himself staring at her pretty face. He kissed her softly. They looked at each other again, his dick still not moving as it remained sheathed inside her. She tilted her chin and he kissed her again. She opened her mouth and her tongue snaked out. “Mmmm…” she moaned.

Their tongues slowly danced in a loving, passionate kiss as he remained unmoving inside her. He felt her legs slide around him and squeeze, holding him close as their tongues slowly danced. Her hands caressed up and down his back as he ground against her, poking his manhood deep and keeping it there. As her tongue rubbed against his, he felt the heels of her feet dig into his lower back. James never wanted to move. He was actually inside Megan! He wanted the moment to last forever. Sucking on her tongue, he pushed himself into her, really grinding as if to express years of lust in that one gesture.

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