Krish and Kavya

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Bedding a girl was never an easy task. Like everything else it required perseverance and hard work. In that sense, in that sense alone he was a workaholic.

She let out moans of pleasure when he laid his lips all over those long beautiful neck.

“Ah ah…..ah” sighed, Kavya.

His hands made its way up,from her waist ,finally reaching those milky bosoms. He could feel those erects nipples through her clothes in the palm of his hands. She, for her part, placed her hands over his crotch. She lingered her hands over there caressing his sex bone through his jeans.

The bulge in his pants left the pant tight, making it tough for her to unbutton it. He unzipped the back of her chudidhar, as slow as a cat before it pounces on its prey. His prey’s every response told him that it wants to be devoured very badly. He undid her chudidhar; Unhooked her bra; Loosened the strings of her pants, leaving it to slide to the ground through her legs. Finally he lifted her and threw her on that duplex double bed. He undid that only piece of satin clothing left, leaving her dressed canlı bahis the way the day she was born.

She spread her legs readily, revealing her bushy love hole. It was a gesture of invitation to him. Advancing to his vulnerable captive, he kissed her breasts and licked her already erect nipples. She could not help letting out a moan. Neither of them spoke the whole time for it was left for their bodies to do it. Being a football player, he knew that one had to do lots of foreplay in order to finally score the goal. None of the spots in her body was left unkissed. Her vagina oozed it’s juices in response to all his touches. She has had sex before but this one was totally out of the world.

Previous guys who all banged her, seemed to do it for their own pleasure but this one felt like she was a celestial queen being served. His manhood seemed to make its way slowly into its other half.

“Ah ah…oooh..ooh..haaa.. Fuck me krish..krish” she moaned wriggling in pleasure.

He increased his pace followed by slow humping. Experienced bastard knew everything.

After bahis siteleri a marathon of humping of about 10 minutes he exploded inside her. Warm gelly liquid flowing inside her added to the already overwhelming pleasure. She had little care about pregnancy for she had consumed seasonale, the birth control pill.

Krish got up and strolled to the bathroom, discarded the cum filled condom and came back out from the bathroom dressed.

The stud took a paper and wrote his mobile number and went leaving it in the bed while she still laid lying in the bed watching him. Having reached the bedroom door he turned to her and winked and he left the room.


It’s been a longtime that he stroke his cock. His balls, probably, were overflowing with cum.

After a long day, he couldn’t help but to slumber. He closed his eyes and soon went to sleep.

Kavya, slowly lowered herself to his crotch. The sight of her bare body being close towards his abdomen aroused his dick. That naughty seductress unbottoned his pants and pulled bahis şirketleri it down with her mouth. She bit his boxers and pulled it down revealing his dick. His cock sprung out viscously, attacking her face. She wasted no time. As soon she saw his erect men membrane she took it in her mouth eagerly. It seemed like she was waiting this moment for a very long time.

Bobbing her head front and back, her hands played with his balls. She tasted his precum, oozing out from his dick. She immediately stopped everything and looked him in his eyes. His eyes were literally begging.

“Oh!! Come on sweet heart” he begged her. When you hold a man by his balls he doesn’t have much choices.

She resumed her pursuit. She liked her control over this pretty stud. The warmth of her mouth was enough to make him cum. He exploded his huge load inside her mouth. She swallowed it all without a spill, like it was a holy water. She then licked clean the head of his cock.

He felt some wet liquid near his crotch area. He realized he had had a wet dream but nevertheless he remembered all the events happened in the dream. He thought of masturbating with those mental images in his dirty mind. To his surprise he received a text from an unknown number.

“Do you fancy a blowjob

– love Kavya”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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