Lady Alicia’s Arousal Ch. 4

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Chapter 4: Intrigue upon Intrigue

With all that had occurred the previous afternoon with Jenny, Alicia had forgotten to read her mail and it was the arrival of the postman yet again which reminded her.

Picking up the previous days letters from the hall table she quickly ran through them. There was one official looking one addressed for her own attention, several for Sir Charles and just one in the current delivery for herself. It was obviously a card and on opening it found a Dinner invitation from Lt Colonel and Mrs Gregory Fellowes to attend at Marston House at 7.30 for 8 on the 21 June. RSVP and penned underneath were the words Understand Sir Charles in the States, if he should return, he also invited. It took a few moments for Alicia to realise who the Fellowes were, then the penny dropped, of course, the they ran the Bloodstock yard for the general. An impish smile appeared on her face as she wondered if Jenny would be invited, probably not just being a stable ‘lad’. Pity, might have met Rufus, she thought

After opening the official one she uttered the words “Oh my gosh” and quickly ran up to her room.

The letter was a follows:

Downey Valley Road LIPPSON.
18th June

Dear Madame,

EFFECTS OF SIR HENRY BOGGS-NORTON Bt. (deceased). As you are aware, your late father, Sir Henry Boggs-Norton (Baronet), entrusted his last Will and Testament to these chambers, although at the time of his death he was domiciled in Australia. We were bidden to hold back on certain facts regarding his effects until we received further information. That information is not to hand and we should be gratified if you would attend at these chambers at 11 o’clock in the forenoon of the 20th inst.

Yours faithfully

Ivor Hardon.

Glancing at her watch Alicia noted that she had plenty of time to change and drive over to Lippson, the small town where she had been born. This latest communication from the solicitors canlı bahis was highly intriguing. Her father had been in his 80’s at his death, her mother having predeceased him, he had gone to Australia shortly afterwards. His whole estate had been left to Alicia, as far as she knew.

Her mind was taken away from the problem by a stealthy movement from the direction of the old coachman’s room. Then she recognised Gwen Allardyce followed by Billy Barnes, and smiled to herself. ‘Hmm’ she thought,’ little later than usual, hope they don’t get caught. Lucky Gwen, only a year younger than me but getting fucked much more frequently. I wonder if Billy fucks anyone else on his milkround?’

As she idly considered the sexual activities of her housekeeper and the milkman another movement attracted her attention. Someone was creeping out of the apple store next to the coachman’s rooms. As far as Alicia knew that building was in a greater state of disrepair than the room she had allowed Gwen Allardyce to use for her nefarious deeds.

It was then she realised just who it was exiting the Tom Allardyce, Gwen’s son. ‘What was he doing there?’ Alicia wondered,then a thought struck her fertile mind.’God, is he playing at being a voyeur, in his case quite literally, a Peeping Tom with his own mother. Is he getting some kind of thrill watching his mother being fucked, or, Oh God No, is he spying on behalf of his father, the ploughman?’

Alicia decided to investigate as soon as she returned from her visit with the solicitor.

Arriving just two minutes before the appointed hour she was immediately conducted to the office of Mr Hardon. After being made welcome Alicia glanced around and noticed a large brown leather portmanteau in the corner. Mt Hardon led her over to it. Its age showed and the leather was scuffed and deeply scored but nevertheless it was in good condition.

Hardon handed Alicia a key and unlocking he removed some documents from a drawer. he obviously knew what they were.

Inviting Alicia to be bahis siteleri seated he advised her that the contents of the trunk were hers in their entirety but the letter he had removed had to be read to her and other documents handed over afterwards. Hardon opened the letter and began to read.

“Dear Alicia,

Goodness knows how old you will be when you read this but old enough not to be too shocked with your old father, I hope.

A few months after you were born – “Oh Dear M’Lady, your father’s language gets a little. well er more than a little, earthy, not to say obscene, I dont quite know what to do. I ought to let you read it for yourself but my instructions are quite clear, I am supposed to read it to you.! Er. shall I continue?”

Alicia inclined her head. ‘Yes please’

“er, a few months after you were born I was fucking a young woman from the village. She had told me one evening in the pub that her old man couldn’t get it up any more and her cunt was crying out for a good fuck. naturally I was only too pleased to oblige. Your mother was not ready to give me anything and when she was ok she preferred going to bed with that friend of hers from school, never did understand what fun there was in feeling each others tits and cunts. Anyhow, Alicia, I got the woman in the club, you know, pregnant. She told me not to worry, her old man was always wanting a fumble after having a few and even believed he had her on occasion so that is the way it stood. I always manged to let her have money directly but she died before your mother. The daughter had gone away for a while but I believe she returned and got married. So my dear, you have a half sister, try and find her and if she is a bit of a brass, y’know, no better than she should be send her a few hundred quid anonymously. However, if she is a fairly decent woman, like her mum haha, try to make friends and allow her to improve her life.

All I know is she is called Gwendolyn and her mum was Dorothy (Dot) Briggs. You will find a copy of her bahis şirketleri birth certificate in the trunk and also Hardon holds some bonds and shares in an Opal mine. You are quite a rich girl. By the way, Your husband visited Australia two years ago didnt he? Didn’t like him one bit. Too devious and although as you know I love other women he not only fucks all and sundry, he treats them like dirt too. Take care

Your loving father,


PS Gwendolyn’s mother always referred to me as Tom to stop tongues wagging, although she herself was rather partial to a wagging tongue if you understand me.

Obviously extremely embarrassed Ivor Hardon replaced the letter in the envelope, he then handed the other documents to Alicia.

“Now, Countess, if you will permit me to suggest I will ensure that funds are made available to you as and when you require them. I can also ensure you that this is confidential to just the two of us. Should anything happen to me my own Will shall ensure that one of my partners is made aware of the confidentiality of today’s events. If anything should happen to you and you prefer someone else to benefit then I suggest we make a Will as soon as possible.”

In a daze, Alicia thanked him promising to return in a few days but in the meantime she need to assimilate all she had been told.

It was a relief to reach the house and straightway she was reminded of the task she had set herself. She parked the Bentley in the yard and making sure no-one else was around she entered the Apple store.

The stairs were quite rickety but it was obvious that someone had made them safe. On the top floor she could see that the store was visited frequently. There were girlie magazines on an old sofa, Glancing at a couple of the pictures Alicia could see they were absolutely pornographic. On a small table there stood a small pile of a dozen magazines, having such titles such as “Mum is my best friend” “Family Fucker” Mother knows best” and one that really surprised her. MANS BEST FRIEND IS MUMS LOVER”

Looking round she noticed a hole about two feet up from the floor. Peering through it she saw that she had a very clear view of the mattress in the old Coachman’s room.

To Be Continued…

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