Lady Next Door Ch. 02

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Dear Reader: The first story generated over 100,000 hits and so many requests for a sequel that I had to give in. I hope you like it as much as the first one.

I still cleaned Mrs. Johnson’s pool each week. She was the lady next door, and two months ago she taught me how to fuck. Wow! When you’re a horny eighteen-year-old and an even hornier forty-five year-old teaches you how to fuck you are very grateful indeed.

I was also grateful because she taught me how to get into the pants of my girlfriend, Susie. Susie was the best-looking gal in school and she was going to the same college I was in the fall. And she had great tits.

But Susie wouldn’t even think about fucking until Mrs. Johnson showed me how to eat pussy. Gail, Mrs. Johnson wants me to call her Gail, explained that if you know how to eat pussy, gals will become very friendly.

She showed me exactly what to do with my tongue using that big, loose pussy of hers. That’s when I discovered that pussy tastes just like anchovies. Ever since that first time, whenever I have a Caesar salad I think about eating pussy.

Gail told my Mom that she was twenty pounds too heavy and twenty years too old, but I loved those twenty pounds because a lot of it was in her big jiggling tits and I could grab handfuls of fat on her belly and butt. And when you’re in the saddle nothing much matters except the pussy you’re pounding and that horny old bitch really liked to fuck!

When I think about it now it’s funny. But it wasn’t funny then, laying there with an aching hard on, trying to follow the instructions of a naked forty-five year-old bitch with her heavy thighs spread wide and her big, hairy pussy gaping open, and me, with my face buried between those thick wet lips, trying to figure out where I was supposed to lick her with my tongue to make her cum.

Gail showed me how though. Then she told me how to get Susie’s cherry – putting my dick into her while she was having an orgasm from me eating pussy. I remember her saying that there was not a woman alive who could say no in the middle of an orgasm.

I used half a dozen rubbers fuckin Susie that weekend – it was all I had – and I could have used more. Damn! That was good pussy! Fresh and young and eager and tight and wet!

Well, that was almost two months ago and since then I’ve been fuckin Gail most afternoons and Susie on the weekends and eating a lot of pussy. But Susie had to go visit her grandmother for a couple of weeks and when I told Gail she started asking questions.

“You told me that Susie’s best friend is a gal names Janice, right?”

I nodded and Gail continued, “Girls tell their best friends everything they do, so Janice knows all about you fucking Susie. And I’m sure Susie told her how good you are at eating pussy.”

“Oh my God!” I said. “Girls tell each other things like that.”

“They talk about things like that all the time. Now that Susie’s out of town you can bet your ass that Janice is gonna want you to eat pussy.”

“Oh my God!” I said again. I was having trouble believing this but Gail had always been right about all the other sex stuff she taught me.

“But Janice is Susie’s best friend!” I said.

“When it comes to getting your pussy eaten,” Gail continued, “best friends don’t count. If you eat her pussy Janice will fuck your brains out!”

I found all this hard to believe, but the next day I saw Janice at the mall and she was real friendly. She was wearing short shorts and a tank top with no bra. I guess I stared at her tits like I usually did. Janice had really big tits.

She invited me to her house and I remembered that her mother worked at the hospital. Janice and I would be alone. Shit! I thought. Gail’s right. Janice wants to get me in bed.

When we got to her house Janice said, “Come up to my room, I want to show you something.”

That “something” turned out to be her tits, which she popped out of her tank top so fast it was like magic.

Ever since I started dating Susie, I had given a lot of thought to Janice’s tits, especially when I jacked off – which I had done every day before Susie started fuckin.

But for once my imagination had failed me. Her tits were even bigger than I had imagined and they were pure milky white compared to her sun-tanned shoulders and belly. Her nipples were pink and big and as I stared at them they rose up in tight, hard knobs as big as the tip of my thumb.

“Like ’em?” Janice asked with a smile, shaking her shoulders so her tits bounced back and forth. “I’ve watched you stare at them a lot when you thought I wasn’t looking.”

Then she smiled and threw her shoulders back to make her breasts stand up and out even more. She was almost as big as Gail but without the mature sag of 45-year-old tits. They were firm and did not jiggle like Gail’s did when she moved.

“Wanna see the rest of me?” Janice said with a giggle.

All I could do was nod helplessly. Janice dropped her short shorts and then hooking her thumbs in the sides bursa escort of her pink bikini panties she slipped them down and kicked them off to the side.

Then she posed as suggestively as any calendar nude. I just stood there and stared and felt my dick start to get hard. She had looked sexy in those short shorts but I liked naked much better. She had me – she was in complete control.

“Bobby,” she said sweetly, “Susie has been telling me about how good you eat pussy. Why don’t you get undressed and we’ll get in my bed and you can show me.”

I slipped out of my things and when my jockeys came down my dick popped out like a spring and pointed up at an angle. Janice walked over to me and took it in one hand and lifted up my balls with the other.

“Nice,” she said. “Very nice! Susie said you had a big one, although I have no idea who she compared you to since you’re the first guy she ever fucked. I’ve seen three or four and you’re way bigger than they were.”

Every nerve in my body said jump the horny bitch, but suddenly I heard Gail’s voice almost like she was right beside me, whispering in my ear. “Settle down,” the voice said, “when you eat pussy the first time you’re not having fun, you’re working. You’re trying to find her sweet spot. You’ve only got a few minutes to do it – so do it right.”

I slowed down and acted much calmer than I really was. The bitch had surprised me and I had to regain control of the situation. I took her hand and led her to bed. She laid on her back and spread her legs – feet on the bed, knees in the air. I tried to remember everything Gail had taught me.

I got down between her legs and, supporting my weight with my hands, I moved up and started sucking one of her erect nipples. I sucked lightly, first one and then the other and then I moved my tongue slowly down to her belly button and tickled it, then moved my tongue down to her bush. Janice had a thick, curly haired, brunet bush.

I worked slowly and her breathing began to get heavy. I traced the margins of her bush with my tongue and then moved my tongue down to that sensitive spot between the bottom of her pussy and her anus and tickled it. Janice began moaning softly and moving her body in response. I kept saying over and over to myself that I wasn’t playing I was working.

Then I moved up and started tickling her clit lightly with my tongue and working up one side and down the other. She had a much bigger clit than Susie – almost as big as Gail’s – and it was as hard as a pencil. Her pussy lips were dripping wet now and hanging out. This bitch was no virgin! She’d been fucked – fucked a lot!

She had a bigger pussy than Susie and I checked all of it out. I watched closely to see how she moved and listened to the noises she was making. It’s hard to keep control of yourself when you’re working on a beautiful, naked bitch for the first time, especially when the bitch is as horny as Janice was.

I kept hearing Gail’s voice telling me that I wasn’t having fun – I was working. The fun comes later when you own her – when she’s yours and you can do anything you want to do to her.

I could hear Gail’s voice in my ear, “Do it right and you’ll own the bitch.”

Then suddenly I found it! At least I thought I did. It was on the right side of her clit almost at the end. I moved elsewhere for a moment – then back again briefly and got the same reaction.

Was this the place she put her finger or her vibrator when she masturbated. Hell! Did she even own a vibrator? Probably not. I had wasted a lot of time. I better check it out again to be sure. Gail had made me practice searching till I found her sweet spot and I had also found Susie’s, so I knew what I was looking for.

I went back to that spot a third time and she spread her legs wider and started pumping her hips gently and moaning softly. This better be it! I’m gonna give it a try, I thought, and I began to work very gently on that spot. I put my hands under her ass and lifted her up with one hand under each cheek, spreading her pussy wide. I was in control now!

Did she like it gentle or hard? Fast or slow? I kept adjusting what I did with my tongue to match her moans and movements, keeping control with my hands holding her ass where I wanted it. Finally I found what she seemed to like best. I rested my chin between those dripping pussy lips and began serious work on her clitoris. She started making noises – words I couldn’t understand. I HAD the bitch now!

How the hell I kept control of myself I’ll never know. But I did and I remembered all the techniques that Gail had taught me. Shit! I thought. I’m gonna own this pussy and just as I was thinking about what I would do with her, she groaned loudly, her whole body started to tremble and she began pumping her hips wildly.

I could feel her pussy start to contract in an orgasm so I shoved two fingers into her to give her something to contract down on and that pussy just grabbed my fingers and squeezed like a strong hand. She humped and bursa escort bayan her orgasm lasted well over a minute – about the same as Gail’s and Susie’s. Damn that felt good on my fingers! It’s gonna feel even better on my dick. Gals get real helpless when they start to cum.

I eased her ass back down on the bed and moved her legs together. Then I moved up beside her and kissed her gently on the neck as she panted for air and rested for a couple of minutes. Give her a few minutes, I said to myself, and she’ll be ready to fuck.

Then, her eyes still closed and speaking softly, she said, “I never ever imagined it could feel like that when I laid in bed and played with my pussy. I fucked three guys and didn’t cum. Two guys ate my pussy and it was so lousy I pretended to cum to make them stop.”

Then she opened her eyes, got up on her elbow and looked me in the eye.

“Susie told me you were good … but I never had any idea! I’d read about it, of course, but still … I had no idea!”

My dick was hard and throbbing, so I got up, wordlessly, and picked up my pants from the floor and took out my wallet. Then I got a three-pack of rubbers out of my wallet – always prepared like a good boy scout.

“Here let me do that for you,” Janice said eagerly, jumping up from the bed and getting on her knees in front of me. Those big tits were bouncing as she moved.

She opened the package and rolled a rubber up on my dick like she had done it many times before. Pulling me into bed she spread her legs again and smiled.

“You sure as hell earned this piece of ass,” she said laughing. “It’s all yours. Have your fun!”

But I was not gonna fuck her for fun. I heard Gail’s whisper again in my ear. “Fuck ’em right! Remember where her spot is. Move your pubic bone to rub it. Gentle or hard – whichever way she likes.”

Gail had said, “Make a bitch believe she’s gonna cum when you fuck her and she always will. And then, when she’s sure you’ll always bring her off, that pussy will belong to you and you can fuck her as much as you want any time you want.”

“But remember! Always bring her off first. Then once she has her orgasm you can pound the bitch any way you want to – that pussy is your personal property.”

Janice had a looser pussy than Susie. I guess those three guys had stretched her out or maybe she played with her pussy more than Susie. Of course her pussy was nowhere near as big as Gail’s.

I followed Gail’s instructions and Janice had a second orgasm as powerful as her first. Then I just pounded hell out of that pussy, filled that rubber up with my load, and rolled off to one side, panting.

Without a word Janice took my flaccid pecker in her hands, milked me down, and gently removed the condom without spilling a drop. Then she tied a knot in it and hung it over the head of the bed with the cum-filled end hanging down obscenely. She handled that jism-filled rubber like an expert.

“That’s one,” she said.

We rested a few minutes and I had high hopes when Janice went down on me and started sucking my dick. She got me hard but she didn’t do it very well – nowhere close to Gail’s technique – and I didn’t cum, so I handed her the second rubber.

She put it on me and I enjoyed a second piece of ass, better than the first one, because now I knew exactly how to bring her off. I gave her an orgasm just like before and then I had my fun. She tied a knot in the second rubber and hung it over the head of the bed next to the first. This bitch had obviously handled a lot of jism-filled rubbers!

“That’s two,” she said.

Afterward we lay in bed and talked for a long time about everything you could imagine. Janice told me about fucking three guys – all the time hoping they could bring her off. She brought ’em up to her room, got naked, and fucked each one several times over several weeks without having an orgasm. She’d been fuckin for six months.

“They didn’t even try to give me pleasure!” Janice said angrily. “They just used my pussy to cum – it was just … just … vaginal masturbation!”

She laughed. “Yeah that’s it. Vaginal masturbation!”

Then she got serious. “You don’t fuck that way. You know where to rub me to make me feel good and you did exactly that, didn’t you? You fucked me for ME. For MY pleasure.”

I nodded. She laughed again.

“Then after you made me cum you just pounded me the way you wanted to. You had your fun, but you held back at first to make it good for me, didn’t you?”

I nodded again.

“And when you ate pussy you tickled me everywhere till you found my spot – the spot where I always use my finger in bed at night – and then you brought me off gently, working on that spot, didn’t you?”

“You’re not supposed to figure it out so easy,” I said, laughing.

“But I did! Where the hell did you learn to do that? I’m sure your Daddy didn’t teach you that. That’s hands on stuff! And it sure as hell wasn’t Susie! Who taught you?”

I bursa merkez escort must have looked uncomfortable or guilty or something because Janice pressed her argument further.

“I’m right,” she laughed. “Somebody DID teach you to do that! Who was it?”

I took a deep breath and closing my eyes I let the air out very slowly.

Finally I said, “The lady next door.”

“The lady next door?” Janice almost shouted. “How the hell did you … I mean … Oh shit! Tell me about it. Please! Tell me!”

What the hell, I thought. Why not?

“She’s forty-five years old and divorced and horny as hell and I clean her swimming pool once a week. Her name is Gail. And it … well … it just happened. She taught me how to fuck and how to eat pussy and how to get into Susie’s pants – I mean exactly what to do to Susie each night until I finally fucked her.”

Janice started laughing. “I wondered why Susie fucked you! She always said she was gonna stay a virgin till she got married, but now she fucks like a mink.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Oh my God!” Janice continued, laughing. “You knew exactly what to do. You were just following Gail’s instructions on how to please a girl. Jesus! And it worked. You popped her cherry.”

“Gail said to eat pussy till her orgasm started and then move up and slip it in. Gail said no gal in the world could say no in the middle of an orgasm.”

Janice laughed louder. “So she was humping when you rammed that sausage home?”

“She was humping big time,” I said.

“Shit! She probably popped her own cherry,” Janice said. “She got to be a real uppity little bitch claiming she was gonna stay a virgin when all her friends were losing their cherries. It’s funny to think you got her so horny she just lifted her ass up and popped her own cherry.”

Janice chuckled at the thought.

“Are you still fucking Gail?”

I nodded. “Of course, several afternoons a week. She needs it and I’m grateful to her for teaching me stuff. She told me that when I got to college I was gonna have pussy standing in line.”

“Well,” Janice chuckled, “you’re gonna have this pussy standing at the head of that line. Jesus! I wish every eighteen year-old guy got lessons like that. Those guys I fucked were clumsy and dumb and didn’t care about my pleasure.”

Then she paused for a moment in thought, then, looked up at me.

“I didn’t suck your dick very well, did I? Tell me the truth!”

I nodded.

“And Gail makes you cum real quick when she sucks you off?”

I nodded again. “My dick starts to tingle right away and I cum in a little over a minute. I even looked at the clock once because I was so surprised at how quick it was. She always blows me first because she says it slows me down and she has more fun when we fuck.”

“You think she might teach me how to suck your cock?”

“She might. Gail says each pussy is different but all dicks are alike, so if you learn to suck one you’ll know how to suck ’em all.”

Janice laughed, a loud musical laugh and said, “Blowjob queen! That’s what I’ll be when I get to college – the campus blowjob queen.”

I laughed with her and then handed her the third rubber.

“You bastard,” she chuckled. “You really ARE gonna have pussy standing in line. The way you eat pussy! Gail’s right! Once a gal’s felt that talented tongue you own the bitch.”

“And you know how to fuck too,” she continued. “Hell! I’ve already had three orgasms and here I am eager to spread my legs for a fourth one! No other guy has given me even one! Not one! I’ve never wanted it like this from a guy before. I’m your bitch now! You got me hooked!”

When I left her bedroom there were three jism-filled condoms hanging obscenely from the headboard of Janice’s bed and Janice was one happy, giggling, well-fucked bitch.

The next afternoon I called Gail and then took Janice to Gail’s house. She met us at the back door laughing.

“This must be Janice,” she said.

“This is Janice and she did exactly what you said she would do. You were right! Susie told her all about me and Janice wanted to find out for herself.”

“And now,” Gail said, “I’ll bet that Janice wants to find out some other things for herself. Don’t you Janice.”

Janice laughed. “You’re absolutely right Mrs. Johnson,” she said, “I wanna learn how to blow him the way you do.”

“Call me Gail. Come in. You both need to loosen up a bit.”

She poured each of us a double vodka in orange juice and we sipped our drinks slowly.

“How many dicks have you sucked?” Gail asked Janice.

“Four counting Bobby,” said Janice.

“Did any of ’em squirt their juice?”

“No,” said Janice. “I just sucked ’em for a while before they fucked me. Bobby says I’m not very good at sucking cock.”

“And, except for Bobby,” Gail said, “none of ’em knew how to fuck. Right?”

“Right,” said Janice. “But Bobby knew what to do to please me. He brought me off before he had his fun with me. The other three only cared about their own fun.”

“You’re lucky,” Gail said. “Guys think with their dicks and most guys don’t know how to fuck. And they don’t really care about the woman underneath them. A lot of gals don’t learn that for years.”

“Vaginal masturbation is what I call it,” said Janice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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