Large Lifestyle Ch. 09 – Blackmail

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After having a one of a kind sexual adventure with Carol and Jessica, Rick fell asleep in their living room. He woke up two hours later to find the girls still asleep, facing each other and holding hands. He looked at the clock and saw they could afford to keep napping for a little before anybody needed to consider getting dinner.

Rick woke Jessica up gently, startling her at first and walked her to her bedroom. For her part, Jessica apparently couldn’t stop herself from looking down at his dick, gently grabbing it and stroking it a few times before shaking her head, walking inside her room and shutting the door.

Walking back into the living room and thinking about how good Jessica’s hand felt on his dick, which caused him to think about how amazing it was to fuck both her and Carol, his dick naturally started to swell a little bit. He didn’t bother to wake Carol up, just gently picked her up and carried her to her room and placed her in bed. Then he returned for their clothes, shut the bedroom door and joined her in bed.

Rick curled up next to her, placing his crotch against her butt and wrapping his arms around her as he fell asleep again.

Jessica woke up in her room and looked at the clock, seeing its red letters say that it was after 6 in the evening. Her first thought was wondering why on earth she had slept so late. Then she remembered being up late with Jake getting good and fucked. THEN she remembered coming home and finding Carol in the middle of being wildly fucked by Rick.

Holy shit, she thought. Did I really fucking do that? She closed her eyes and remembered what it felt like to have Rick fuck her harder and harder, with Carol and three other friends watching her as she rocketed through several orgasms. She had looked right into Mary’s eyes when a massive orgasm swept over her, she couldn’t imagine what Mary was thinking, but Jessica had wanted to make it clear that this wasn’t just a show. She wanted Mary to know, to feel it deep inside her, that Jessica really was having a massive orgasm on the dick that was inside her. She had wanted Mary to feel jealous that Carol and she both were getting fucked like that.

Holy shit, the video. Who knew how many people had seen that by now. Is that something Mary would be broadcasting everywhere, or would she just be sharing it amongst a few of their friends, more and more as the news of what they had seen earlier in the day spread through the campus. Or, at least amongst the people they hung out with.

She remembered how glorious it felt to have Rick erupt inside her and pictured herself on camera getting fucked while Carol ordered him to breed her and she begged for his cum. She felt herself getting wet.

She looked at her phone and saw there was a flurry of messages, from girlfriends and from Jake. Oh Jesus, she wondered if Jake had found out about what she did. Found out that she had gotten fucked by some other guy just a few hours after he had also fucked the daylights out of her. She felt like such a slut… but she also kind of liked it.

She checked the messages from Jake first, who for now at least didn’t seem to know anything. She read the few texts he had sent her throughout the day, which consisted of saying hello, letting her know that he believed their time together had been amazing, and asking her if she wanted to get together for a movie or something tonight. She texted him back that she was sorry she hadn’t replied earlier and that yes, she would like to get together if he was still interested.

Then came the messages from her girlfriends.

“OH MY GOD, who is that guy?” – Katie

“Jesus Christ, you two are sluts… how big was he?” – Stephanie

“How long has this been going on for? You and Carol never mentioned threesomes before?” – Latosha

She had messages from a dozen girls from their school. Jesus, had Mary shown the video to everyone? Was she just talking about it? Did she show it to everyone or did she send it to everyone? God damn, she didn’t really want a video of her floating around the whole campus, but that’s just the way things were nowadays. She had once taken her top off at a party, not even all the way, just down to her bra, and within two days every guy she knew had a copy of it. Jessica imagined she’d kinda be OK with people just seeing it, but everyone having a copy of it and watching her getting the daylights fucked out of her and having a massive orgasm, available to watch whenever they wanted? That was a bit much.

She immediately texted Mary to find out exactly what she was telling and showing people. Most of the other messages she just responded with a relatively simple, “lol… just a crazy morning over here. Ttyl.”

Mary responded, “I haven’t shared it with anyone. I told some people and showed a few of the girls, but no one has it on their phone except for me.”

Thank god for that. “Thank you. Please don’t share that video with anyone. That’s just a little too intense to have copies flying around campus. I’m not a porn star lol.”

Mary: “Are you sure? Your eyes rolled illegal bahis into the back of your head and you were covered in sweat. That guy was really fucking you.”

“Yea it was uhm… well, like I said. Intense. But Carol and I both would appreciate that if you deleted that video. It’s a story worth telling, I know that and expect that. But I don’t think either of us want that video out there. Or maybe send it to Carol and me and then delete your copy. I’d like to see it for myself lol.”

Mary: “Oh I’ll delete it… but I want a shot at the title.”

“You want what?”

Mary: “I want to fuck that guy. Like, really bad. I can’t stop watching him. I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like the way he was fucking you.”

Uh oh. “I don’t think I can make that happen Mary.”

When Rick and Carol woke up that evening, Jessica had left the apartment. They made dinner themselves while Carol responded to a similar set of messages that Jessica had dealt with earlier.

“Oh boy, you caused quite a stir this morning,” Carol said.

“I’m sorry babe. Do you uhm… regret what we did? Everything was just so intense and in the moment.”

Carol held his hand and said, “No. I don’t regret what we did. It was amazing. You were amazing. It’s just, well, when those other girls saw us, that’s what’s causing all the commotion. Everyone wants to know what the hell that was all about. I’m just telling them it was a one time thing.”

“Probably for the best. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of it. It was incredible, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to try and recreate that with Jessica. She just happened to walk in at the right time I guess.”

Carol laughed… “Yea. I’m sure you’d turn us down if we tried to get you to do that again, right.” Carol laughed. She knew fucking two gorgeous college girls was high up on every guys fantasy moments. “Like you said, right place, right time, but probably not something we should recreate. I’m kinda hoping that now you’ve gotten over the hump that you’ll be able to cum for me without another girl helping me blow your mind. Whatcha think?”

“I sure hope so babe. I want you to be the only one in my life like that.”

“Oh yea? You think I’m special?” Carol pressed her body against him as he was putting away dishes and put her hand on his crotch. “Oh look, hard again. What is it with you?Don’t you ever stop thinking about sex?”

“Well. I mean sure. I only think about it every few seconds or so. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. You just make me want you baby.”

Just then, Carol looked at her phone and said “Oh Jesus.” Her head was shaking back and forth and she looked like she was on the verge of laughing or crying. “This crazy bitch.”

“What’s up?”

“I was afraid of a few things but this wasn’t on my list. Mary, the girl that filmed us this morning, is trying to say that she hasn’t shared the video with anyone. But she wants you.”

“What are you talking about.”

Carol held the phone out. “She wants to fuck you. She’s been texting me saying she’s never had it like that before and can’t stop thinking about you. Jessica sent me some screenshots of her conversations to Mary where she is saying the same thing to Jessica. I can’t believe this.”

Rick thought about Mary, picturing her wearing the tight pants and tank top she’d been wearing when she barged in on them and how they hugged her body in all the right places. His cock twitched in his pants as he considered the reality that this Mary girl couldn’t stop thinking about him and what he was capable of doing to a woman’s body.

“I mean, Carol, we don’t have to do anything. She’ll get over it.”

“Maybe. I’m worried she’ll share the video out of spite if we say no. Having a crazy story going around is one thing but I don’t want that video getting out. We need to think about this a little. See if we can think of a way to appease her.”

“Appease her by doing what?”

For her part, Jessica was just getting out of a movie with Jake. They had made out a little during the movie, but now that she was sure Carol was awake she was texting her about what Mary said to her earlier about wanting to fuck Rick.

“Is everyone ok?” Jake asked.

“Mmmm hmmm.”

“You just seem a little distracted.” Jake said, taking her hand. “What’s going on?”

Jessica took a deep breath and led him over to a bench overlooking the mall on campus. “I’ve been wondering how I was going to tell you this all night. Or if I was even going to tell you. But I don’t think I can avoid it. We just know too many of the same people and I’m afraid you’ll decide I’m a bad person. Especially if you hear about it from someone else. But I definitely felt something special last night. So I feel like I have to tell you now before it’s too late.”

She continued before he could say anything. “So I woke up at your place and you were gone. I loved having sex with you, Jake. It was, well. It was awesome. I woke up feeling horny and wanting your body. But, I had to leave and you were at work. Soooo I illegal bahis siteleri went home. And I walked in on something rather unexpected.”

Jessica flashed back to the scene of walking into their apartment, seeing Rick thrusting into Carol just as an orgasm rocketed through her body. Her cheeks flushed at the thoughts of what happened after that.

“So there they were. Having sex in our living room. And believe me when I say, it looked intense. I went to my room. But, I could still hear them. I could still… feel my needs. I wanted that. I wanted to be fucked. I’m sorry. This makes me sound so bad. God I’m such a slut, I’m sorry. But look. I don’t regret what I did OK. I hope it doesn’t make you hate me. But, the experience I had was… well. It was incredible. Anyways, I’m sorry. But I let her boyfriend fuck me. I… I fucked her boyfriend. And then Mary walked in on us and recorded us and I’m just worried the tape is gonna get out and everyone is gonna think I’m a bad person and I’m sorry, but I’m not a bad person. I just like sex. A lot. And I wanted it and I took what I wanted and it was incredible.”

Jakes eyes had gotten progressively wider as she told her story. Jessica continues a little longer. “If you can give me another chance, I’d uhm. Well. I’d like to have more sex with you. Like, a lot more. I had an amazing time with you. And I definitely felt something special. If you’re uhm… willing to give me a shot.”

Jake hadn’t been expecting that to be what she told him. And it was a little shocking to find out that just a few hours after he’d fucked her that she’d hooked up with her roommates boyfriend, apparently in full view of other girls.

But, he recognized that the way they’d gotten together wasn’t exactly the most… conservative way that it could have gone. And despite his ego being a little confused about Jessica needing to have sex again so quick, he also knew that the fact she was here with him now, asking for his acceptance, must mean she was telling the truth about enjoying their time together. He had been feeling a little sex crazed himself since he’d left her, and if he had walked in a sexually charged scene like she had, he might have taken advantage of it himself.

“Are you saying you uhm… want to have sex again?” He asked as innocently as possible.

Jessica laughed and said. “I’m saying let’s go get some coffee and just see where the night takes us.”

Carol woke up in the middle of the night. She looked at the clock as it read 2 am. She and Rick were in her bed, naked, of course. She could feel his body wrapped around her, his soft cock pressing into her butt. It felt amazing.

They hadn’t had sex that night. She was feeling too sore from all the earlier activity since he’d gotten into town. Thinking about it now, she could hardly believe how well and truly fucked she’d been since he got here. She took this relatively alone time, being the only one awake, to assess things.

She was deeply concerned about what Mary might do. She had continued texting and FaceTime calling Carol and saying that she wanted to fuck Rick and that was her price for deleting the video. She wouldn’t take no for an answer. Carol tried appeasing her by saying maybe Mary could see Rick naked or maybe she could touch his dick a little. Carol had even suggested that Rick could jerk off in front of her. But Mary was insistent that she wanted to get fucked the way Jessica had been fucked.

How had it come to this? In less than a day she and Rick had two threesomes with two different women and now a third woman was demanding Rick rock her world. Would it really be so bad? She’d already let Rick fuck that Lacey slut and Jessica. Would one more before he left in a couple days be so bad?

She remembered how she felt watching Rick plow into Lacey. She felt proud. Proud that she had control over a man who was such a sexual being that he could sexually blow the minds of two women at the same time. Proud knowing that he loved her, but also proud to be subservient to such a man. She remembered telling him to take what he wanted, to fuck Laceys ass if he wanted and do whatever he wanted to her. Then there was more of the same with Jessica.

She was impressed with him, fucking the shit out of Carol and then having plenty of energy left to rock Jessica’s world too. She thought about watching him as he took possession of Jessica’s body and how much she enjoyed the site, how she massaged his body and his balls while he took Jessica for everything she was worth. She remembered telling him, on camera in front of her friends, to breed that slut. To use her body. She remembered briefly fantasizing about Jessica getting pregnant from being used by Rick. Remembered fantasizing about herself and Jessica both being pregnant from being used as cum dumpsters by Rick.

But somehow, the times with Lacey and Jessica had felt like they were in the heat of the moment. That somehow made the outrageousness just seem like something that happened. Now, she was being asked to come up with a plan where Mary was going canlı bahis siteleri to have sex with Rick. She tried to imagine what it would be like if they agreed to what Mary wanted.

As polite as he was being, she knew Rick would definitely embrace the idea of him being with yet another girl. He’d been fucking her brains out since he got into town, but the only time he came was when he was fucking another woman in addition to her, with both of them acting like huge sluts and begging for his dick. Taking their bodies. Possessing them. She thought about the look on his face when he was fucking Lacey and Jessica. Yes it was a look of pleasure, but also determination. Satisfaction. He was determined to give those girls a thorough fucking. He loved it. He wanted it. What if he needed it?

She felt Rick stir next to her and he briefly woke up and said, “Are you ok?”

She gently squeezed his hand. She must have woke him somehow. “Yes I’m ok.”

Still half asleep, Rick closed his eyes again and said, “Love you babe.” Within a minute his breathing had changed and she could tell he was asleep again.

She felt his soft cock pressing against her body while she lay there and imagined it engorged and Rick fucking Mary into oblivion with it. Imagined Mary cumming all over his dick when he told her to. He liked telling girls to cum, she realized that he enjoyed holding power over them. Not just the novelty of fucking a different girl, but he enjoyed telling them what to do, how to move, forcing them to take his dick however he chose to give it to them and then taking his sperm. He wanted that power over them.

But, as she examined everything, she realized she enjoyed the power over these other women too. She enjoyed giving them permission to be used by Rick. In a way, she controlled their pleasure, their bodies. She told Rick what to do, whether it was fucking them in the ass, cumming inside them, using their bodies for his breeding stock. Would she enjoy the same type of power over Mary? After all, she’s asking to get fucked just like Jessica was fucked. Well that included Carol calling the shots.

She imagined Rick pushing his big dick into Mary, grabbing onto her tiny waist and fucking her, bringing her to the edge of orgasm, and then imagined herself stopping Rick, leaving Mary on the edge, making her beg for it to continue. She liked the thought of all of this.

She reached for her phone and texted Mary.

You up?

A few seconds later Mary responded, “I am now.”

“You can have what you want, with a few ground rules.”

“OMG yes. What rules?”

Carol thought for a minute.

“Number one, he gets to use your body how he wants. What he wants, he gets. If he wants a blow job, he gets it. If he wants to fuck your ass, he gets it. If he wants to spank you, hard, he gets it.”

Mary: “please oh god that’s what I want.”

“Number two, what I say goes. If I say stop, you stop. If I tell you to bend over and shut up, then you’d better bend over and shut up. What I say, goes.”

Mary: “uhm. Ok. Sure. Within reason I mean I’m not going to let myself be put into a dangerous situation.”

“Number three, no birth control of any kind.”

Mary: “Well. I haven’t had a boyfriend in a while so I’m not on birth control right now.”

“No birth control of any kind. No condoms.”

Mary: “Well. I mean. I don’t want to get pregnant or sick. I don’t even know this guy.”

“He’s clean. No condoms. No birth control. You said you wanted to get fucked like Jessica, well this is what you’re asking for. Raw sex, a massive load inside you, and the risk. You are gonna be his slut. Sluts don’t use condoms. Take it or leave it. You either want my boyfriend to give you the best sex of your life, or you don’t. Choose now. Tell me what you want. I will show him your message and let him make the final decision on whether or not to go through with this.”

Mary: “Ok. I accept. I want your boyfriend to fuck my brains out and I want his cum so deep inside me. I want him to use my body for his pleasure. I want him to fill all my holes and treat me like a dirty slut. I want his cum in my mouth, my pussy, I want it to cover my body. I want him to degrade me. I want that dick to abuse me. Please let me have it.”

After her last message, Mary also sent her a picture of herself standing naked in a bathroom, her tits and ass on display. The picture was followed by another text saying “Show him this.”

Wow. Mary was really going for it. She had half expected Mary to back out once she said yes. She debated waking Rick up and talking to him. But decided to let him sleep. He’d earned it. Whether or not she was going to be able to get back to sleep was another question. She decided to text Jessica.

Jessica heard her phone buzz and lifted her head off the coach. She and Jake had fallen asleep watching a movie. Frankly, now that she was awake, she realized she was a little uncomfortable as she had fallen asleep in an awkward position. She slid out from the couch, careful not to wake Jake and got herself a glass of water before grabbing her phone. She looked at her phone and saw a picture message from Carol. She opened the app and saw that Carol had sent her a screenshot from a text message conversation Carol was having with Mary.

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