Larry’s Awakening

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Bikini Babes

This story is completely fiction. All the characters, and events, came out of the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental, and was not the intent of the author. There are no persons in this story under eighteen years of age.

My name is Larry. It was a hot summer day in Los Angeles. When it is hot in LA, the temperature soars well over one hundred degrees. No humidity, but plenty of dry heat. More like being in a furnace, rather than being in a tea pot like the wet East Coast heat. I was born and raised in California’s high desert. So I was used to the dry heat.

Earlier this summer, I had graduated from high-school and now I came on my own to LA looking for work. There was no hope at all of finding a job on the high desert. Right now, my chances did not seem good here either; there were simply no jobs to be had.

My savings were getting down to almost zero and I was surviving by taking day jobs where ever I could find them. And living down on skid row in $10.00 a night rooms. For a while I wasn’t doing too bad. The foreman on a construction site took a liking to me and gave me 5 days work at $12.00 an hour cleaning up the mess on a building site. But that was over a week and a half ago. So I was back wandering around the city, looking for another job.


Her name was Lee-Ann, she was in her mid 40’s but she still had the face and figure of a much younger woman. Her breasts were larger then average, about a ‘C’ cup, Still firm, with no sag at all. Her nipples were about a quarter inch long and as hard as little pebbles. Her hips and bottom were well formed and her legs still had a sexy smooth taper with no hint of cellulite

Right now Lee-Ann was horny, she had an itch between her legs that she needed scratched right now. It wasn’t a man she craved, or at least not a man her own age. She wanted someone much younger. A boy 18 to 20 would do nicely, a young man that she could dominate and force to do her bidding. You see, Lee-Ann had a thing for young men with nice cute tight asses. She wanted to be in complete control, and a hard bodied young man would be easier to manage than someone older. She always enjoyed that; whether they enjoyed it made little difference to Lee-Ann.

She stood in front of her bedroom mirror, admiring her nude body. She ran her long sharp finger nails down her sides and stretched like a cat ready to begin her hunt. First though, she will have to put on her hunting garb, something to really attract her game. She opened her lingerie drawer and took out some black lacy panties and matching bra, and sheer nylons — she had bought these things at Frederick’s Of Hollywood for just this sort of thing. In her closet, she selected a white semi-transparent blouse. And a short soft blue skirt. After doing her makeup and hair, she was ready to prowl.


Lee-Ann drove along Santa Monica Blvd. until she spotted a nice looking young man sitting at a bus stop. He was in his late teens. He was cute but he had a sort of shy look about him. To Lee-Ann, he would meet her needs nicely.

She pulled up in front of the bus stop, rolled down the passenger window and called to the boy. “Hi, would you like a ride?”

Larry looked up and walked over to the car. “Yes, thank you,” he smiled and got into the car.

“My name is Larry,” he said politely. He was trying not to stare at the woman’s breasts through her sheer blouse.

“I’m Lee-Ann,” she smiled, pulling away from the curb. She wanted to know certain facts about Larry before she started her seduction. So she made small talk. “Do you live around here Larry?” she asked.

“Not really. I’m here looking for work. I come from a small town on the high desert.” Right now I’m living in a small rent-by-the-day room in the skid row area of town.” “Oh dear,” Lee-Ann said sympathetically. “Isn’t that a very dangerous place for such a young boy like you? How old are you anyway?”

Larry looked across the seat at her and said, “Oh, it is just temporary until I find steady work. I’m 18, almost 19, so I’m not really so young.”

Lee-Ann looked over at Larry and smiled like a cat who caught a mouse and was going to play with it before she finally devoured her prey. “Yes, you are right. 18 is not too young at all. After all, you are of legal age and free to make your own decisions.” She reached down and rested her hand on his upper leg, only inches from his crotch.

Larry casino oyna looked down at Lee-Ann’s hand. It was moving ever so slowly higher on his leg. This was making him very nervous, even though the feel of her searching fingers was arousing to the boy. Except for one time when he felt the budding breast of a high school date, this was the second and most erotic experience of his young life.

“Have you found a job yet?” asked Lee-Ann. A sly smile on her lips.

“No, not yet,” he said, “I just finished 5 days work on a construction site, but now I’m looking for something else to do.”

“Well then, maybe I can help you out. I have a few things I would like you to do at my house. Are you willing to do anything I tell you for money? I can pay you about $20.00, an hour if you are willing,” she smiled at the hidden meaning behind her statement.

“Oh thanks,” Larry said. “I’ll do anything you say for that kind of money. What is it that you want me to do?”

“Why don’t we drive over to my place? We can discuss your duties there.” She gave his thigh a squeeze and put her hand back on the steering wheel.


They arrived at Lee-Ann’s house about 20 minutes later.

Larry thought it was a nice little house on a double lot. It was set back away from the street, surrounded by trees and bushes. She pulled her car straight into the garage and closed the door, against nosy neighbors.

“Come on in,” she invited and held the door into her kitchen open for him.

Larry walked into a bright and clean kitchen. Everything was in its place.

“Let’s go into the living room,” she said, and he followed her through the arch into a spacious living room.

All the furnishings looked very expensive. Like the kitchen, everything was neat and in its place.

Lee-Ann pointed to the couch and told Larry to have a seat and make himself comfortable. She went back into the kitchen to make some cold drinks.

Once she was in the kitchen and out of Larry’s sight, she filled two glasses with ice and Coke. She made herself a Diet-Coke and Ice and put just a small shot of booze into each dring before taking the drinks into the living room, and sitting down beside Larry, on the couch.

Larry took his drink and gulped it down.

She was pleased to see that he never seemed to noticed the extra alcohol added to his drink.

She thought to herself that the drink she gave him would not harm him or even make him drunk, in the true sense of the word. The booze would merely weaken his will power and make him very subject to any things she may ask him to do. She knew that very soon now he would be hers, to obey anything that she demanded of him, no matter how depraved.

Larry sat there beside this strange woman and wondered why he was there or where “there” was, for that matter. Who was this woman that was sitting beside him looking deeply into his eyes, and touching him in such a pleasurable way? Her hand was on his cock and she was stroking him through his clothing. His cock was starting to grow harder by the second and it felt so wonderful with her soft fingers gently touching and caressing him.

Lee-Ann moved closer to her young soon to be lover. His eyes were clouding over nicely. Soon he would be her sex toy, that she could use for countless hours of pleasure. He would be her loyal slave, doing for her all the fun and nasty things that she could never get a man to do for her. She thought bitterly, men are such selfish creatures. They always wanted a woman to do all sorts of degrading things for their pleasure and most of them would never dream of returning the favor. No, never again!. This time, she would teach him to first give her all the pleasure she craved and then, if he pleased her, she would in turn give him pleasure for pleasure. Sex on an equal basis. What in the hell is wrong with that?

She started to unbutton her blouse, agonizingly slow, one button at a time. She pushed herself in close to Larry’s face. His nose was only inches from her chest. She was really enjoying this seduction and intended to drag it out for as long as possible. She spread the blouse open, with Larry looking at her black sexy bra. Lee-Ann shrugged the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Now she unhooked the clip in front of her bra, letting her breasts spill out into Larry’s face. “Do you like Lee-Ann’s tits baby? Maybe you would like to suck and lick them while I start to undress you, my pet,” her voice was husky canlı casino with lust and she pulled him by the ears unto her hard nipples.

Larry moaned in response and started licking and sucking on her tits like a starving baby.

Lee-Ann was beside herself with wild crazy lust. It had been so long since she had taken advantage of a young vital boy like this. She couldn’t remember ever having such animal urges as she felt now. This one, she just may keep, or at least until she tired of him. She practically tore his shirt off and was tugging at his belt buckle and zipper. Reluctantly she pulled her breast away from his hungry mouth. After tearing his shoes off yanked his trousers down his legs and threw them on the floor.

Now that Larry was totally naked, Lee-Ann stepped back to admire her work. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at him. He was just beautiful: his body was that of some sort of Greek god and his face was so innocent it looked like a child’s face. Good thing he was over 18, she thought.

She pulled off her own skirt, nylons and panties so that she was as naked as he was.

She reached down and pulled on Larry’s hand until he was on his feet. Then she led him to her bedroom. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs. While she looked up at his body she started to finger herself.

Lee-Ann knew that Larry had no experience whatsoever about sex. She would have to teach him everything. What a great pleasure that was going to be. She just couldn’t believe her luck. Here was a beautiful young boy and no one had ever touched him. She would be his first. The one he would never forget.

“You see what I have for you Larry,” she said in a hushed voice. “Mommy is going to teach you how to be a man. When I’m finished with you, women will flock to you. I will teach you all the little secrets about what a woman wants, what a woman needs.”

Larry stood there beside Lee-Ann’s bed. His cock was as hard as steel and stuck out from his ball sack 9 to 10 inches.

Lee-Ann looked at his cock and was eager to feel it in her pussy, but not yet. First she wanted his tongue down there between her legs and later other places too. She wanted to take her time and make sure he learned his lessons well. She was looking forward to this and she wanted to drag it out and enjoy every second of his attentions.

“Larry, I need you to do something for mommy. You will, won’t you?” She asked.

He nodded, still very confused and not really knowing what was happening to him.

“That is a good boy, baby, come down here and start by licking mommy’s thighs.”

Larry crawled onto the bed and worked his way up until his head was between her soft thighs.

“That’s it, sweetheart, tease me with your tongue a while. First lick one thigh and then the other. Keep doing it until I tell you to start licking my wet pussy.”

Larry was amazed at how warm and soft Lee-Ann’s thighs were; when she closed them around his face it was like being held in a velvet prison.

She reached down and ran her fingers through his hair. She cooed like a dove while he pleased her with his tongue. “Now Larry, lick my pussy. Run your magic tongue between the lips.” She toyed with his ears as she gently guided his mouth where she wanted it.

“Oh ,ya baby, lick me good. Push your tongue inside, baby. Do you feel that little hard bud near the top?”

Larry nodded and pulled back just a little to examine it. “Yes, I see it Lee-Ann. Do you want me to lick that too?”

“Ya my sweet, sweet boy I want you to lick it good and suck it too but do it gently not too rough.”

She was pushing and humping herself into his face. Poor Larry was getting soaked from his neck and chin up to his eyes and forehead. Her dew was sweet and tasty and Larry wanted all that he could get. One minute she was flowing into his mouth, and the next she was like a crazy woman and she actually squirted into his eager mouth.

Larry was really learning fast. This was his first time, and already he was giving her the best oral sex she had ever had. She had cum 8 or 9 times already and a big one was getting ready to blow. She wrapped her hands around the back of his head and pulled him in tight against her pussy. Then her thighs closed locking his head like a vise. She screamed when the over-powering climax took her. Finally exhausted, she fell back on the bed totally spent; she just couldn’t take any more until she regained some of her strength.

When she pushed him kaçak casino away, Larry looked up at her confused and a hurt look on his face. “What did I do wrong,” he almost cried.

Lee-Ann looked down at his distraught face, “Oh honey, you didn’t do anything wrong, you were magnificent. Come up here so mommy can kiss away your tears.”

He crawled up beside her and she held him in her arms like a child. “Oh honey, you were wonderful.” She kissed his face and started licking up some of her own juices. “Honey, no one had ever given me so much pleasure as you just gave me. How could you think anything was wrong?”

Larry smiled happily. He was delighted that he had pleased her. After all, she was teaching him all these wonderful secrets and he wanted to please her in return.

She cuddled him into her arms and reached down between them and started to play with his penis while it got even bigger, thanks to her teasing fingers. “Mmmmm!!! you have such a handsome cock,” she cooed into his ear. “If you have never felt the unbelievable pleasure of putting in inside a woman’s pussy, we are going to change that tonight.”

Larry was moaning and trying to pump his cock into her pleasure-giving fingers. So many new and wonderful things were happening to him with this woman –his senses were on overload.

Lee-Ann was aroused once more and this time she was going to have his first cum. I was an unspoiled gem and this was the moment of truth. She had to have him now!!

Lee-Ann rolled over on top of Larry and straddled his waist. “This is it baby, mommy is going to make a man out of you.” She lifted herself up off Larry and, reaching down holding his shaft, she teased herself by moving the head back and forth over her pussy lips. Then slowly, very slowly she lowered herself onto his penis. Oh, he felt good inside of her. She used birth control and she really had no fear of him having VD or Aids. This one she could enjoy bare back. The feeling was so much better that way than when her lovers wore condoms.

Larry had a look of wonder on his face when he felt her warm wet insides. He had never imagined that anything could feel like this. Her teasing fingers had been pleasurable, but this was like heaven on earth.

Lee-Ann leaned forward, looking into his eyes. She was totally turned on by the look of wonder she saw there. It was true, she thought, he really was a virgin. She was his first.

They both started grinding their hips in unison. The ride was wild and surprisingly long considering how inexperienced Larry was in love making. After several minutes, Larry gasped, “I’m going to squirt, oh my god here it comes.”

When Lee-Ann heard this she pumped her hips up and down his shaft in a blur of speed. She had already cum twice, but the third one was a real ball buster and she wanted the two of them to blow at the same time.

Finally, the dam burst for the two of them and Lee-Ann mashed her lips against Larry’s lips and the two of them burst over the mountain top and slowly floated down into the valley together.

They cuddled in each other’s arms planting, soft kisses on each other’s lips and faces, until the rapid beating of their hearts slowed back to normal.

This had been the most intense sex that Lee-Ann had ever had, and she knew that she would not want to send this young man on his way. She reached up and caressed his face. “Sweetheart,” she said, “I don’t want this to end here. I don’t see why you can’t move in here with me. You can look for work and find a good job rather then the pay by the hour jobs that you have been surviving on for the last couple of months. I have a few influential friends I know could be of help with that.

So the very next day, Larry moved in. It was less than a week before he had a good job with a future, working for a major construction company.


It has been 5 years now, and despite the age difference, Lee-Ann and Larry are still living happily together. Larry is still working for the construction company and is going to UCLA nights to work on a degree in architecture. His boss thinks highly of him and as a result of his hard work, expects him to rise quickly in the company.

This ends my story ” LARRY’S AWAKENING ” I hope that you enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did, I would very much enjoy hearing from you. I also gain a lot of insight from reading your constructive criticism. I hope that you send your comments, with a return address so I can respond. Remember though it is just fiction. Some people hold me personally responsible for the character of my characters. Give me a break, it is all in fun, none of it is real. Love you all,


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