Laura’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 05

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It was March and the weather was horrible. Three days of snowing, and their road had been closed for the last two days so neither of them had been able to go to work. Mike didn’t mind at all because it was just two more days they could spend the entire day and night making love.

He hoped that the weather would be better next weekend because he had something special planned for Laura. He had told her that they were going to go up to the Casino in Mt. Pleasant and spend the night. She was looking forward to that trip. He also had a surprise for her that he was eager to give her on their trip next weekend.

The week went by quickly and it was time for them to leave for their weekend up to the Casino. Mike had already placed some things in the truck early that morning without her knowing it. These were going to be part of her surprise and he didn’t want her knowing about them yet. He placed their bag into the truck while she locked the house up. It was a good 2-1/2 hour drive up in good weather and he hoped the weather up north was as good as it was down here when they left around 10:30 that morning.

They arrived at the Casino hotel around 1:30 and checked into their room. He had booked them a room with a hot tub in the suite and a king sized bed. They unpacked then went down to the Casino to gamble for a few hours before having dinner.

Laura never played anything but the nickle Keno machines when they went to the Casino. Mike liked to play a little blackjack before playing the slots so he would take Laura to her Keno machine and leave her there while he went to play blackjack.

Before playing blackjack he went to the truck to get the other things he had hidden in there and took it up to their room hiding them in the dresser. He went back down to the Casino and played blackjack for a hour before going over to see how she was doing on her Keno.

He was amazed that she always started out only playing two numbers building up her credits then she moved on to three, then four, then five if she had more than 400 credits. She never played more than five numbers and every time they had gone to the Casino, she always won more than she had spent.

She had just won a jackpot on five numbers for $65.00 when he showed up, she was so excited and was now more than $120.00 ahead having won another five number jackpot earlier. He would play the nickle slots behind her or close to her until a machine next to her would become available for him. Fifteen minutes later the woman sitting next to her left and he was able to play on the machine next to her.

The machines she played on were called Star Makers and they offered a dozen different games to play, one being Keno. Mike would always play poker but this time he decided to give her Keno a shot. Before they left at 6:30 to go have dinner in the Casino restaurant they had both won a jackpot. She had won another five numbers and he had lucked out and won six numbers on his third bet. Their winnings had more than paid for the cost of the room, the gas and they would still be ahead by $80.00.

They ate dinner then he told her he was in some desperate need of some loving and they headed for their room. They took a shower and Mike made love to her in the shower as he washed her body. After the shower he handed her the red gown he had bought her and asked her to wear it.

Laura knew when he handed her the gown that he was going to tie her up and her body was already getting excited over the thought of what was in store for her. She hadn’t remembered him packing the things in their bag so she guessed he had secretly packed them in the truck before they left that morning.

Before she put the gown on Mike had rubbed her entire body with a lotion he had brought with him. It was some type of peppermint lotion that he had bought at some health food store. It was very cooling on the skin and smelt wonderful as it warmed her skin as it soaked in.

Mike had her lie in the center of the huge bed then tied her up as he normally did when they played this way. Just before putting on the blindfold he kissed her deeply arousing her with his kiss.

“We are going to have a wonderful night honey, I promise you,” he told her as he slipped the blindfold over her eyes. He let his hand slip inside to fondle her breasts, playing with her nipples Samsun Escort and teasing her as he kissed her passionately. He slipped a finger into her pussy and began a very slow finger fuck, arousing her quickly.

“Shit!….Hang on honey I forgot to get a bucket of ice. I’ll just get dressed and run down to the ice machine and will be right back, ” he told her getting up from the bed.

Laura could hear him dressing then heard him grabbing the ice bucket from the bathroom before hearing him opening the door. She didn’t remember seeing a ice machine when they came to their room and thought it might be on another floor of the hotel. She figured he had been gone for five minutes or more before she heard him opening the door and coming back inside.

“Did you miss me honey,” he asked her?

“You know I did, I’m glad your back though, it was kinda of freaky lieing here tied up alone in here, ” she told him.

“Well your not alone anymore pet.” He leaned down to kiss her deeply, letting his hand roam inside to her breast, teasing her nipple. “Hang on honey let me get undressed again,” he told her.

Laura could hear him undressing, then she felt the bed give under his weight as he moved beside her again. She felt his hand move softly and slowly inside the top of her gown, moving the silk fabric to the side exposing her breast to him. Just the thought of him sucking at her nipples made Laura wet and aroused.

His tongue lapped at her nipple making it firm, then she sighed in contentment when her nipple was sucked. His tongue felt harder against her nipple and she found this very arousing. He moved to her other breast and gave that nipple the same treatment. Laura was on fire and could feel how creamy she was getting already. He sucked harder at her nipple, then felt his finger enter her wet pussy.

He took his mouth away, ” you love this don’t you baby?”

“You know I do.”

“I’m hungry for a taste of your pussy babe.”

Laura felt him move until he was between her legs, she felt his fingers pulling her pussy lips further apart as his tongue entered her pussy, diving in deep. Then she felt his tongue press hard against her clit, rubbing it hard and fast. In the back of her mind something told her something was different with him tonight. Then the thought left her as her body gave way to the pleasure he was giving her.

She felt his finger slip inside as his tongue pressed and lapped against her clit. When he sucked her clit into his mouth, she again had a feeling something was different. He sucked and licked at her clit furiously, his tongue pressing hard agaisnt it now and then. He had never quit ate her this way before but she was enjoying it. She was close to coming now and just wanted to feel that first release.

She came within a couple of minutes. Before she could come down from that high, she felt him move and kneel between her legs, he lifted her legs a bit and his hands felt different on her as he did so.

“I’ve got a great surprise for you now honey. Your going to love this honey as much as I will.”

Laura felt his cock just barely touching her slit, pressing slowly in. When his cock first started to press inside her she stiffened right up. “Michael”…she said nervously.

“What is it baby?”

“This is not you,” she said nervously, still stiff as a board.

“Honey I bought a cock extension, slightly bigger than me and I know you will enjoy it babe. Just relax honey and enjoy it. I want you to enjoy this as much as I will hon.”

Laura relaxed upon hearing his explanation. As he pressed further into her, she caught her breath. He must have bought a huge fucking extension was all she could think because it felt like a baseball bat might feel if she tried to stick that up inside her. His strokes were slow, easing a little further into her every few seconds. Each stroke took her breath away as he went deeper inside her. With each stroke he pressed further inside her. Her pussy was becoming used to this new size and the pleasure was beginning, causing a huge arousal in her.

He pumped her pussy at a faster pace now, each downward stroke taking her breath away as he filled her snatch with the extension he had on. She thought it must be something expensive because it felt damn real inside her. There was no feeling Samsun Escort Bayan of fake hardness and it felt smooth and warm inside her.

“Come for me Laura?”

He was fucking her hard now, she could feel his balls slapping hard against her ass with each stroke. She was breathing hard, her pussy being pounded by this huge sex aide he had bought, she was going to cum in a matter of seconds. Just as she reached the pinacle he pulled the blindfold off letting her see the stranger who was fucking her hard and fast.

Shock registered just as she climaxed. It was a very powerful climax for her, added by the fact of seeing a stranger fucking her just as she was ready to cum. He was a tall man, she could tell that immediately. He had a full beard just like Michael did, neat and trimmed well. The only differences between them were the height, as Mike was only 5’7″, Mike had black hair peppered with gray, and this guy was as blond as she was. She figured he might be older than Mike, yet younger than she, but both he and Mike had firm well toned bodies.

He was still pumping her pussy as she was taking this all in. Mike had leaned down to kiss her taking her mind off the stranger fucking her. As soon as his lips left hers she started to speak. Before she could get anything other than saying his name out, he latched onto one of her nipples and began sucking. Laura was immediately lost in the pleasures she was getting from both men.

“Ummm babe this is so sexy and such a turn on watching him fuck you with his huge cock,” he told her as he began to untie her arms then her legs while the man fucked her.

As soon as she was untied the man lifed her legs pressing them back into her chest driving in deeper but slower. He leaned down to kiss her and at first she moved her mouth away, no one had kissed her but Mike and she was not sure she wanted him to.

“Laura please let him kiss you honey?”

The man reached for her face gently turning her face back to his, and kissed her softly. His lips were very soft, and he was every bit as good of a kisser as Mike was. He kissed her for a long time, and Laura was enjoying his kisses very much.

“My turn, my friend,” Mike said taking the strangers place. Mike rammed his cock hard into Laura, wanting to fill her pussy with his cum. He had been setting this up for months and was so turned on after watching him fuck his sweet Laura that he needed to cum badly.

Laura noticed that the man was wearing a condom, and she felt much better knowing that Mike had seen to her safety. She felt Michael stiffen just as he came. She loved to feel his cum gush inside her and she came right after him. As soon as Mike had finished, he moved to eat his cum from her snatch. The stranger leaned down to kiss her again, as his fingers played with her nipples.

She felt Mike’s finger enter her ass, probing slowly. He dipped his finger into her pussy getting it wet with his cum then inserted his finger back into her ass finger fucking her ass.

“Get on your hands a knees honey,” he said pulling her up and turning her around. He let his tongue lap at her ass before again sticking his finger inside her. The stranger was now stroking his cock slowly, watching Mike finger her ass. Mike pressed his cock to her ass and began his slow invasion of her ass with his cock. He had remained hard even after coming, that was how much he was turned on by the guy fucking his woman. In about 3 minutes Laura’s ass was stretched enough for her to enjoy his fucking.

Mike pulled out a few minutes later pulling Laura back against him as the stranger laid down on the bed beside them. ” Sit on his cock honey, so we can both fuck you.”

Laura felt the excitement grow wet and hot thinking of how this was going to feel having two men inside her at the same time. She did as Mike asked and straddled the guy, taking his cock deep inside her. Mike pushed her forward until she was laying on the mans chest so he could enter her ass.

The man was sucking on a nipple as Mike entered her and began fucking her ass hard. She had never felt anything so wonderful, with each pump Mike was pushing her hard against the other mans cock, she could feel both men’s cocks surging inside her and she came quickly. Mike got her off twice more before the both of them Escort Samsun came.

All three of them were soaked in sweat, and breathing hard from their climax’s. The first thing Laura noticed was how much cum was inside the man’s condom as he stood up and headed to the bathroom. They heard the shower being turned on and a couple of minutes later Mike headed her to the shower as well.

They all got into the shower together and both men took turns washing her body. When they got out of the shower Mike poured them all a drink and suggested they get into the hot tub, to relax a bit.

“Laura this is Tom by the way,” Mike introduced them smiling as he did so.

“It’s my pleasure Laura,” Tom told her smiling as he leaned forward to kiss her softly. “I’ve been looking forward to this for months and the wait was worth it.”

Laura knew she was blushing and now that she was not being sexually aroused her being naked was making her even more nervous and shy and she tried to cover herself with the water by sitting low in the tub.

Mike recognized how she leaned down further into the water and knew it was because of her shyness about being naked with someone. He had already told Tom of her shyness and of her likes and dislikes so he to was aware of what she was trying to do.

Laura assumed they were done with the sexual games after they showered and was somewhat surprised when Tom moved over closer to her. He reached around her turning her towards Mike and started massaging her neck and shoulders. Mike leaned over and kissed her softly, “does that feel good babe?”

“Yes,” she replied.

Mike slipped his hand down to her legs pushing them apart so he could get his finger into her pussy. She could feel Tom’s cock pressing into her backside and realized their play time was not over as she had assumed.

“I would like to watch you suck Tom’s cock honey.”

Tom stood and faced Laura. Laura leaned forward and wrapped her hand around his already firm cock. She let the tip of her tongue gently and slowly caress the head of his cock, teasing him with her tongue. She took the head of his cock slowly into her mouth sucking gently. Tom sucked in his breath and let a low sound of pleasure escape his lips at her touch.

She took him a little deeper into her mouth sucking gently on each up stroke of her mouth. He had placed his hand on the side of her face moving her hair to the side so he could watch her. Laura reached over towards Mike and took his cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke him as she sucked on Tom’s cock. Both men were now making sounds of pleasure and that turned Laura on full blast.

Mike stood and suggested they move to the bed. He tossed the big heavy towels on the bed to soak up the water off their wet bodies. He had Laura get on her hands and knees so he could fuck her from behind while she sucked Tom’s cock. The men switched places a few minutes later and now it was Tom fucking her from behind.

“Oh god honey that feels so good and is so fucking hot watching Tom fuck you,” he told her breathlessly. “Baby, Tom agreed to be tested for any diseases before we made plans to do this and he is clean. That’s why he’s not wearing a condom now. I want him to shoot his load all over your tits when he’s ready to cum so we can both lick it off you baby.”

Laura had already figured out that Mike had made sure Tom was safe, he would never let anyone fuck her who wasn’t. A few minutes later, Tom had her get onto her back, lifting her legs up to her chest again so he could fuck her from the front as he was close to having his climax. As soon as he was ready to shoot his load, he pulled out of Laura and shot huge amounts of cum all over her chest and stomach.

Both men licked every last drop of his cum from her body, then took turns eating her pussy into a climax. Mike fucked her till he came and then let Tom eat his cum from her full pussy.

Tom was as quick as Mike was to recover after coming, for the next two hours the men made sure Laura was well and truly satisfied. It was around 2 in the morning before Tom left their room. Laura was exhausted and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

As Mike closed his eyes, he had visions of what tomorrow was going to be like. He was going to tell Laura in the morning that they would be staying another night. She would probably think that he had more plans of he and Tom fucking her and she would be partially correct in her thinking. He fell asleep with a smile on his face knowing that Laura was going to experience yet another kind of pleasure tomorrow night……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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