Layla and Alex Ch. 01

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Layla is a slut, period. She loves sex, any kind, especially anal. She doesn’t keep men around for long because they just can’t seem to keep up with her very high sex drive. She has even scared some men away with her sexual requests. Lonely and depressed Layla decided to sign up for a special dating site where people with high sex drives can meet people with the same sexual desires! This is where Layla met Alex and this is really where our story begins when the two decided to meet up and express their very sexual desires to each other…

Alex is a total hottie. He is the epitome of masculine. He is a whopping 6 foot 4 inches, long and lean body with lots of nice muscles, tan, dark hair, and clear green eyes, he is pretty much an Abercrombie and Fitch model waiting to be discovered! He is 22 years old and in college in California studying to be a doctor. His main hobby is football and he is the captain of his college team. All the girls want Alex and all the guys want to be him… Layla was so lucky to meet him.

Layla is walking sex. She is a petite 5 foot 2 inches, nice toned and tan body, short black hair, and light blue eyes. She looks like a pixie, just totally adorable and men love her because she looks so innocent! She is 20 years old and she goes to college in Las Vegas and is a sexy, slutty cheerleader. She is so wild she has even tasted her fellow cheer mate, Kelly… who we will talk more about later.

Layla first met Alex in Las Vegas when he picked her up where they were headed to one of the hottest dance and drink clubs in the Las Vegas area.

Layla had just finished getting ready she pulled on her new sinfully high Christian Louboutin heels and looked in the mirror smiling, Alex would not be able to resist her charms. She was wearing a skintight orange tube dress that had a black belt around the middle to cinch her waist. She didn’t have big boobs, just cute and perky 34 B’s. However her ass was a different story, Layla has a HUGE ass. It was so nice she was constantly getting it pinched by anyone and everyone. She turned in the mirror and slapped her ass making it jiggle a little and she grinned, Alex was going to die.

All the sudden the doorbell rang, Layla quickly went downstairs straightening her dress and smoothing her hair and she opened the canlı bahis door smiling sultrily, immediately her mouth dropped, this man was gorgeous! He was like a Greek God! He was wearing a pair of tight A&F jeans and a black Oxford shirt with the top buttons undone. Layla quickly closed her mouth as she watched him take in her appearance he was smiling like… “Yeah I’m fucking you tonight…” That made her so hot immediately reached out and kissed him hard on the lips not even saying hello first.

Alex not missing a beat dropped the flowers he had in his hand and picked Layla up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. They kept kissing hard on the lips and eventually started licking and biting like sex- starved teenagers. Layla had her hands buried in Alex’s hair and she was using her tongue to explore his entire mouth while he did the same to her. His hands were massaging her ass and she was in heaven… she loved to have her ass massaged. He pulled away for an instant and asked quickly, “bedroom?”

Layla giggled a little and pointed up the stairs and to the left. He ran with her up the stairs while she sucked on his neck and kissed along his ears whispering nasty things to him like… “I can’t wait to fuck you… and I bet your cock is huge.” He was so turned on she could already feel his huge prick right at her pussy which was covered in her juices she was so wet.

Alex threw Layla on the bed and stripped down to his boxers, which were making a tent shape from his hard prick. Layla growled a little in her throat and motioned for Alex to come to her with her fingers. Before he got there she stopped him slowly with her hand and smiled wickedly. Layla unzipped her dress and let it slip to the floor, underneath she was completely nude, no panties and no bra… she left her heels on and then sat back on the bed with her legs spread wide and motioned downwards at her very wet cunt.

Alex grinned and dove for her pussy with his mouth and fingers. Layla screamed in pleasure as Alex fingered her juicy cunt hard and his mouth lapped at her clit like a dog. She moaned and started to rub her small nipples rolling them and pulling them hard. Alex wanting to be adventurous started to add more fingers into Layla’s very wet cunt. Layla understanding leaned back on the bed and spread bahis siteleri her legs even further and felt as Alex’s hand slide into her juicy cunt stretching and filling her to the max.

He started to pump in and out of her pussy while he still lapped at her clit. He took his other hand and rubbed two of his fingers inside of Layla’s wet hole and he slipped them into her huge ass. Layla came right then, screaming and moaning as her body shuddered and shook while Alex continued to pound in her pussy and ass and lap at her clit. After her body stopped convulsing he slowly pulled his hand out of her pussy and his fingers out of her ass… he stood up and licked his fingers smiling then said, “I’m Alex.”

Layla giggled and leaned up saying, “I’m Layla.” He kind of moaned as she sat up. She looked at him confused. “You are just so fucking beautiful… and your pussy, wow… you taste like heaven.” Layla blushed and crossed her legs and motioned to his very noticeable hard on. He laughed and smiled… “Your turn…” Layla smiled wickedly and tore his boxers she pulled them down so fast. She pulled him close to her and immediately pulled his length into her mouth. He had a huge dick probably one of the biggest Layla had ever seen or tasted… it was 9 inches long with a 3 inch girth. Layla could feel her cunt tingling at the thought of his huge rod jamming into her.

She was a pro at sucking… I mean she had already sucked her entire football team at college! She curled her lips around her teeth and used her tongue to lick the head, one hand to pull at his base, and the other to grope his huge balls. She was in heaven. His dick was so meaty and thick and it tasted perfect… a little salty and a little sweet. She pulled him closer with her hands on his ass and started mouth fucking his dick deep throating his huge length every time. Alex was moaning and his hands were holding onto Layla’s petite shoulders as she went faster and faster face fucking his dick. She could feel his huge length swell in her mouth and she knew he was about to cum… she slowed down a little and used her hands to pull on his balls and rub them gently. He pulled out of her mouth and Layla leaned back with her mouth open as he drenched her face, chest, and stomach with his cum.

She giggled and took her bahis şirketleri hand and wiped some cum of her nipple and licked it. It tasted incredible. She licked some more. Alex lay down next to her on the bed and sighed in pleasure. “Wow you’re good at that…” Layla smiled and leaned over and kissed him hard on the lips. He pulled her little frame onto his big one and kissed her cum covered hair, lips, eyes, and nose.

Alex stood up and picked Layla up again and pulled her into his arms and kissed her roughly, she wrapped her legs around him knowing what was coming next…

Alex was still rock hard and he wanted more. He wanted Layla’s cunt lips sucking on his huge prick milking his cum out of him. He lifted her ass up and slammed her little body onto his huge prick. Layla screamed in pleasure and a little bit of pain. He pushed her back against the wall and he put one of her legs over his shoulder and fucked her pussy hard. His huge balls were smacking her hard on the ass making a nice sex sound. Layla was so turned on and so was Alex.

He had her pinned against the wall and he was fucking her like no tomorrow. He was starting to sweat from holding her up and ramming his huge cock into her perfect pink pussy. Layla could feel her walls contracting around Alex’s dick… she was a quick orgasm and she wanted to hold it out but she couldn’t. Alex was forcing his dick into Layla because she was getting so tight. He could see her adorable faced scrunched up in pleasure and then she came hard. Her juice dripped down hers and his legs and didn’t stop. He was so turned on by her orgasm he came almost instantly after she did. Her pussy got tighter milking his dick for every last bit of cum and he let it all inside her ramming her tiny body with his huge dick.

They both stayed there panting. Eventually Alex walked Layla over to the bed and sat her down gently and kissed her hard on the lips. She fell back onto the bed in after-orgasm pleasure enjoying the last bit of tingles that crept along her body. Alex lay next to Layla and cuddled her against him. “So when are we going to that club…?” Layla laughed and couldn’t believe that they hadn’t even made it out the door yet. She then remembered that they would be meeting Kelly there. Layla stood up and pulled Alex to the shower with her. “We have to go… there is someone I want you to meet… and I know you will enjoy her company as much as I do.” Alex smiled curious and followed Layla to the bathroom ready for whatever else was to come that night.

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