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You text me one foggy morning at 5 am.

“I’ll be on a 4 hour layover at LAX. Can we get together for lunch?”

(Some quick reworking of my day…) then: “what time?”

“Flight gets in at 11.”

“… Sure.”

You give me the necessary airline info, and I snow my way out of work.

The next 5 hours are torture. Waiting wondering wishing and … Waiting.

Fighting the traffic on the 10 and 405, I slide into the pick-up lane at LAX and find you waiting with a backpack slung over your shoulder, wearing 501 jeans and a button down blue shirt (which brings out your eyes). You smile, wave and step over to open the car door. As you slide in, I greet you with an awkward leaning-over-the-console-hug which feels very safe and friendly.

“Wow, so good to see you!”

You reply, “You too… Thanks for rescuing me from 4 hours of boredom.”

“Where do you want to go? Are you hungry?”

“Later… Let’s drive up the coast and see what looks good,” you suggest.

The conversation continues as I make my way out of the LAX maze and over to the PCH. I learn you are on your way through to Phoenix for a job interview tomorrow, and we talk about the kids. It’s funny how the struggles we have are almost identical. All at once you reach over and take my hand in yours. “Jen…” you whisper hoarsely, “are you really going to make me ask?”

I squeeze your hand, smile at you and pull my hand away.

I pull into a parking lot on the ocean side of PCH and shift into park, kill the engine and turn to face you. Our eyes lock and I lean in, pulling your face to mine to kiss you, finally.

As expected, the chemistry is perfect and sparks fly as canlı bahis we deepen the kiss. Your lips fit mine perfectly, your tongue darts in to taste me and I’m swept up in passion. My hands trail from your jawline down to your collarbone and flatten out to slide down your (rock hard) abs before resting on your waist. Your hands tangle in my hair as you hold my face still kissing me with an intensity I’d long forgotten. The mysterious responses all over my body from this one kiss are amazing: my nipples harden, my panties dampen, my heart races and it’s as if the surf is pounding in my ears. My hands find your belt and seek to loosen it.

You break off the kiss to look around, survey our surroundings. It’s the parking lot of an upscale seafood restaurant which opens for dinner at 5. No one is around, and the parking lot is deserted. The windshield looks out over the ocean, still shrouded in fog, so much so that in fact my car cannot be clearly seen from the road, so ensconced are we in the fine mist. You smile at me and shift the lever to ease your seat back. Grimacing from some residual shoulder and back pain, you find a comfortable spot and draw me over you. It’s a bit awkward in your lap this way, but you are able to pull me down into a full body press and continue kissing me, your hands free to roam my body. Sliding your hand along my thigh and up my dress, you grab a handful of my tush and squeeze.

I squirm, needing fewer layers of clothes between us. “Let’s get in the back…” I suggest, opening the door and slipping out. The back seats of my Nissan Xterra are folded up, leaving a wide cargo area. Having just returned from a camping trip, I luckily still had blankets, sleeping bahis siteleri bags and pillows back there. “This is so perfect,” you remark, and I blush. Perhaps subconsciously I had wanted to prepare for this possibility. Climbing in the back I direct you to take your shoes off and undo your belt and the buttons of your pants.

“You don’t happen to have a condom, do you?” I ask. Now it’s your turn to blush as you sheepishly produce several packs from your jacket’s pocket.

We resume kissing and fondling and you slide my dress up and over my head. Now clad in only a bra and panties, I feel very exposed. My hands go to my tummy, still soft despite losing weight and strength training. You take my hands away and say, “Stop. You’re beautiful.” And you kiss from my breastbone down to the elastic band of my bikini panties, which reach just below my hipbones.

Returning to my collarbone, your kisses burn like fire as my whole body responds. “Mmmmm.” You murmur in my ear, and it sounds like a purr. I can feel you, hard against my thigh, pants half undone. I slide my hands across your back and down, slipping the jeans further off. You roll over and remove them entirely, as well as your boxers, taking the opportunity to look around the lot again.

Still very much alone, the mist has turned to rain and it begins to ping gently on the roof of the car. I squeal with delight and pull you closer to me, kissing your mouth with renewed enthusiasm and passion. “She does like the rain…” you whisper into my mouth, and I smile, feeling your hardness press against my panties. “One of us still has too much clothing on…”

In the darkening light, gloomy from the weather, I almost bahis şirketleri feel safe to strip entirely, but I ask you to close your eyes. You reluctantly acquiesce, your expression clearly mocking me for the request. Once naked however, our warm bodies pressed together, both of us forget our inhibitions and we begin to move, touching, stroking, kissing… licking, spreading, probing… My legs wrap around your waist and the head of your penis presses against my folds.

You roll off, saying, “Just ONE quick moment…” And I hear the sound of a wrapper tearing. You sheath your cock and return to me, settling your hips comfortably between my legs. We fit so well together.

“Where were we? … Oh yes…” Warm soft and wet contrasts with your hardness and you easily penetrate. “Damn you are tight…” you growl, rotating your hips and delving deeper.

“You’re perfect…” I say as I press my hands on your low back, massaging the tension away.

By now the rain is coming down in sheets around us, thundering as it pours. We are the only two people on the planet.

Electricity is running through your body and you kiss me hard. You kiss my neck and slide in to the hilt… You back out and move back in, nibbling my neck and up to my ear. Shivers run down my spine and I clutch at you, my legs tightening around your waist. Moving faster, I moan in your ear, “yes, baby…”

You’re possessed, your body moving with mine.



I’m moving with you, crying out, “oh god yes!”

Tremors run through me as my orgasm unleashes and electricity pulses through my brain. Your body tenses, you are so close, I can feel it… You push in as far as you can go, and your body unloads.

I moan in your ear, “yes, yes, yes…”

Spent, we lay in each other’s arms listening to the falling skies, the rumbling thunder and the cracking lightening. It is a perfect afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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